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SPM Chapter 21

Translator: Little Beany

Editor: Nava

“Things are getting more interesting.”

Luo Qing Tong laughed coldly.

This poison definitely wasn’t something Luo Xin Ning could come up with. Even the Tian Yu Empire’s Emperor may not necessarily be able to obtain such a thing.

Looks like there was something fishy about this entire situation.

It definitely wasn’t something as simple as the Tian Yu Empire’s royals going back on their engagement.

However, that didn’t matter. She wasn’t afraid of trouble, only that things wouldn’t be interesting.

Otherwise, wouldn’t there be a point in living in such a big world? It would simply be a waste of her rebirth.

There’s no way she’d let of any of those people who’d plotted against her.

“Enough, since I already know the components of the poison, it’s possible to detoxify it once I gather sufficient medicinal ingredients.”

This poison was admittedly potent for many people and once inflicted, most people might never get a chance to recover.

But for Luo Qing Tong this was nothing.

The reason why this toxin was difficult to neutralise was because most people were unable to figure out how many herbs was used to make it and its nature, as well as the sequence of orders the herbs were used.

Since Luo Qing Tong knew everything, was there even any suspense to all this?

As long as she could procure the necessary herbs to counter the effects of the toxin and follow the sequence in the correct order the poison was practically useless.

Thinking of this, Luo Qing Tong raised her hand and flicked a drop of the toxin off. She turned around and headed towards the heart of Jiu Wu mountain

Hopefully she’d be able to find the medicinal herbs in here.

A second after she left, Ye Qian Ming, who’d been chasing her the entire way, appeared.


His figure appeared where Luo Qing Tong had lingered earlier and sensed the aura which had yet to dissipate with a frown.

He was a step too late.

He didn’t know how Luo Qing Tong had managed to evade him by a close margin every single time. Even with his spiritual reconnaissance, he wasn’t able to see through this blind spot.

A mere spiritual warrior had actually managed to escape his spiritual reconnaissance over and over again.

If word got out, he didn’t know how many people would be flabbergasted.

The longer he chased her, the more he felt that this woman had many secrets.

This woman was just like a deeply hidden treasure trove of secrets. Every single time, she didn’t fail to leave him astonished.

His anger towards her had unknowingly subsided, leaving behind only a sense of curiosity.

He swept a glance over his surroundings and abruptly caught a glimpse of the toxin that had fallen onto a leaf.

“This is…poison?”

The spiritual energy contained within the single drop of toxin was extremely intense. While most people might not be able to detect it Ye Qian Ming could.

Looking at the poison, his eyes flashed darkly.

He recalled Luo Qing Tong’s eyes. Could this be the reason why?

For someone to use such a potent toxin on her, what on earth was her identity?

Unless she wasn’t a citizen of Dongli country?

That’s right. With the ability she displayed earlier, it was unlikely for her to have come from a low tier country like Dongli.

With this in mind, Ye Qian Ming’s figure flickered towards the direction Luo Qing Tong had disappeared in.

However, he didn’t realise that this slight misstep would leave him in deep regret for a long time when he was unable to find Luo Qing Tong no matter what.


Luo Qing Tong’s figure appeared within the abyss of the forest.

With her pupillary vision, Jiu Wu mountain, famed for the danger that lurked in it, was somewhere she could enter and leave freely.

No matter how powerful the spirit beasts were, she easily evaded them and avoided being detected.

The place she was heading to was a dead zone; safe but difficult for anyone to discover her.

As she moved, she continued to take note of her surroundings.

Wherever her blood-red pupils swept over, each and every strand of spiritual herb was analysed down to their age and nature.

However, what left her disappointed was the lack of a single herb that could be used to treat her eyes.

Clearly, the herbs used in the toxin were not ordinary.

Thus, finding the cure to the toxin was rare.

Even in the depths of Jiu Wu mountain, there might not necessarily be what she was looking for.

“Tsk, how troublesome.”

Looks like she had to find another way.

Thinking of this, Luo Qing Tong prepared to leave.

At that moment, something strange happened.

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