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SPM Chapter 20

The most toxic poison

Translator: Nyx

Editor: Nava

Luo Qing Tong raised her hand and scraped off some black liquid at the corner of her eye.

Looking at the drop of liquid, Luo Qing Tong’s pupils flashed blood red.

With her blood red eyes it was as if she would be able to cast a spell on anyone, just like a bewitching enchantress.

“Heaven Blood Grass, Twin Moon Lotus, Heartless Dragon Root…”

Under Luo Qing Tong’s almost demonic gaze, all the medicinal ingredients were identified by her, one by one.

If someone were to witness this scene, they would indefinitely cry out in surprise.

Luo Qing Tong’s eyes were so powerful that she’s able to discern the ingredients used just by looking at the drop of liquid?!

What kind of terrifying demonic power was this?

One should know that there’s always a specific method and recipe when refining medicinal items!

No matter what, these were all unique recipes.

These recipes from refining masters and pharmacists would definitely be passed down from generation to generation, thus safeguarding secrecy.

Not only normal methods, methods that were invented independently were also considered treasures among refiners!

It’s their uniqueness passed down from their ancestors that protects their prestige from the outside world!

And for Luo Qing Tong to immediately identify the ingredients with just a glance, doesn’t this mean that those unique recipes and methods were nothing to her?

In fact, that was exactly so!

That was how Luo Qing Tong stood at the pinnacle of the assassination union in the 24th century !

It was thanks to her pupillary technique that she had such a position!

Any secret formulas, medicines, weapons, defenses … under her technique, nothing can escape her gaze!

Countries and organizations around the world both fear and covet her ability!

Think about it, any kind of new weapon, drug, or something you created, with just a look she’s able to copy your formula and master the process as well!

Isn’t that terrible?

Of course, if it were the other way round and this were to be your ability, then wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Therefore, people both loved and hated Luo Qing Tong’s ability.

Her ranking within the assassination union increased as her technique became more refined.

Eventually, she achieved the highest rank, and there was no change at all since then!

“Huh! This is medicine yet it’s poison! What kind of person would do this to harm the original owner? What kind of hatred does the person harbour towards the original host?”

Once Luo Qing Tong identified all the ingredients, she raised an eyebrow.

The toxicity of the poison used against her is not only lethal, but it’s also difficult to understand!

It’s medicine, yet it’s also poison. In other words, not only does it heal, it can kill!

Any option could be commissioned by the combination of its ingredients!

As Luo Qing Tong scanned each ingredient, she formed a specific refinery arrangement to concoct a strong medicine for healing properties!

However, if one were to reverse the order of the refinery process, then it would become a very potent poison!

The same ingredients used can be either medicine or poison!

To refine such a difficult poison, the methods were definitely not that simple.

Not only does the condition of the ingredients have to be the best, but one has to also get the timing right when refining them together!

If something went even slightly wrong, then everything would fail. This poison surely wasn’t refined by a simple pharmacist!

Even if it were the godly pharmacist admired by all, he might not even be able to refine it!

How could such a powerful thing be in Luo Xin Ning’s hands?

This poison was so precious that, not to mention Luo Xin Ning, even the Tian Yu Empire would have to wait to even receive a drop of it!

Furthermore, there was more than one drop of it in her eyes!

Just who exactly is the one who wants to harm her?

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