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SPM Chapter 2

A genius trash

On the extreme western end of the Zhenyan continent.

Dongli State, Jiuwu Mountain.

“Ah! Who are you?”

A delicate and beautiful girl clad in luxurious clothes was knocked to the ground.

After suffering a blow to her dantian, she felt her energy rapidly depleting into thin air.

In an instant, she had fallen from the peak of a level nine warrior into an ordinary person.

The girl crouched on the ground weakly. She looked at the gang of men dressed in black who had suddenly surrounded her, wondering where they came from.

The location of her closed-door cultivation was a heavily guarded secret and apart from a few people, there was no one else who knew.

The whole of Jiuwu Mountain was enormous, but why did they choose to target her?

Moreover, why had they immediately launched a vicious attack on sight, crippling her cultivation?

Very soon, she had her answer.

“Hehe… Big sister, does it feel good to be a waste?”

With light lotus steps and the faint tinkling of bells, a young woman wearing a pale blue skirt that moved like waves slowly emerged from behind the group of people in black.

Every step she took seemed to trample upon the apex of Luo Qingtong’s heart, making her entire body tremble uncontrollably.

“Luo Xin Ning?! It’s you?! It’s actually you?!”

The girl never imagined that the person who plotted against her was the person who she had regarded as her own sister!

Luo Xin Ning, the third young lady of the Luo family, born from a concubine, in Donghou Country, had always been frail and sick from an early age.

It was Luo Qingtong who brought her along and used her resources to heal her sickly body, allowing her to practice martial arts. From then on, her talents flourished and she became a person filled with potential, second only to their own people.

Everyone had a reason to betray their clan!

Except for Luo Xin Ning!

Because everything she had was given to her by Luo Qingtong!

“Why?! Why must you do this to me?”

The young girl was unwilling to believe it.

Where had she let Luo Xin Ning down, for her to treat her so?

To seize the opportunity when she was breaking through to ambush and cripple her cultivation?!

“Big sister, if you must blame someone, you can only blame your life for being too smooth-sailing, and becoming a hindrance in my eyes!” Luo Xin Ning looked at the hunched figure on the ground who was once a peerless talent, unable to get up. An indescribable sense of satisfaction welled up in her heart.

Luo Qingtong, the eldest miss of the Luo Family.

From the start, Luo Qingtong had always been a head above her.

In terms of strength, Luo Qingtong was the best of their generation.

In terms of beauty, Luo Qingtong was the number one beauty in Dongli country.

Her beautiful face with skin as pure as snow, and a creamy jade color, didn’t need any care. Yet, wherever she went, she was still the focus of attention.

Especially those blue eyes, like two puddles of spring water, were ambilight and crystal-clear, further highlighting her beauty .

It was said that the eldest miss of the Luo family was as beautiful as a fairy, matchless in terms of appearance. One could only look from afar but not touch her.

That was indeed the case.

Even Luo Xin Ning, a self-proclaimed beauty, couldn’t help but be moved. As long as she stood beside Luo Qingtong, she would immediately turn from a gorgeous peony to a wild flower on the roadside.

The so-called national beauty was just like that.

Watching the sorry figure on the ground refusing to lose her elegant countenance, Luo Xin Ning’s jealousy was indescribable.

She took a step forward, and pinched Luo Qingtong’s chin upwards, forcing her to raise her head.

“Big sister, do you feel very helpless? What a pity, this is just the beginning.”

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