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SPM Chapter 1

“Thirty million! I want Luo Qingtong’s life!”

Within the world’s number one power assassination organisation, a sky-high bid was placed.

However, this 30 million did not attract anyone’s attention.

An ice-cold voice rejected.

“Not enough!”

“Fifty million!”

The other party was unwilling to give up and continued to increase his bid.

“Not enough!”

Still, no one turned back.

The cold voice continued to refuse.

“80 million! No, 100 million! 100 million US dollars! Is that enough?! I want Luo Qingtong dead!”

The voice grew hysterical.

The owner of the icy voice paused for a moment. When the person behind the computer thought he was going to agree, he heard the icy voice filled with scorn reply, “Sir, can please check the market price before issuing a task next time? ”

“Luo Qingtong’s head has always been at the top of the world assassination list, with a price of one billion … US dollars!”

100 million? And you want Luo Qingtong’s life? Are you joking?!

In the last assassination, their organisation had sent three experts, including the vice chairman, to kill Luo Qingtong!

Among these three people, any one of their names is enough to cause a huge sensation in their world of ability users.

Even the heads of each state must take caution for the sake of their countries.

But when faced with Luo Qingtong, they had easily lost contact with these people.

Up until now, they didn’t know yet whether those three people were dead or alive!

Since then, the price on Luo Qingtong’s head has risen to the top of the world assasination organisation’s most wanted list!

And, until now, no one had ever overtaken her position!

And no one dared accept this mission!

The reason why the price of one billion was set was simply because this amount was enough to drive an entire country crazy.

If a country on the verge of a crisis desperately needed such a large sum of money, they could probably use their national missile system to directly lock onto Luo Qingtong’s position and drop a bomb!

Perhaps, this would be the only chance for them to kill that terrifying woman!

In other words, the starting price of one billion was not an assassination price, but a country’s entire hope!

But even if a country went all out, they may not necessarily be able to take down Luo Qingtong, this evil demon!

After all, she is the only Supreme Pupillar Master in the world!

With a pair of amazing blood-red pupils, she can see almost everything in the world!

If you said that she could see through the missile’s trajectory and avoid it in advance, he would believe it!

Want to take her life for 1 billion US dollars?

If it weren’t for their customer policy, he would have already spat in the other person’s face!

But speaking of which, if their target wasn’t Luo Qingtong, 100 million could be considered a sky-high price!

Even some small nations can’t afford to take out so much money!

He wondered what Luo Qingtong did to make the other person go crazy.

While the members of the assassination organisation were wondering, Luo Qingtong was lying on the ground of a private beach in the Caribbean Gulf, looking at the sun with a bead between her fingers.

The bead was round and smooth, resembling a crystal. But the color and light reflected inside were as bright as stars.

“This is what the 51st district of country M regards as their life? It’s nothing special.”

Luo Qingtong raised her eyebrows and looked at the bead in her hand. She really didn’t know why the people in ​​country M looked at it like it was their life.

There was a 3×3 layer of defense in the 51st district. With her ability, she was nearly exposed after sneaking it.

It must be known that under her pupillary vision, that 51st district’s defence was nothing.

But under that situation, she was still nearly exposed.

How important was this bead?

Luo Qingtong looked left and right, but she couldn’t see what was so special about this bead.

The girl laid on the white sand, basking in the sunlight.

The sun rays struck the bead in her hands and refracted its colorful brilliance, highlighting her perfectly proportioned figure akin to a breathtaking muse from ancient Greek mythology.

What made others even more amazed was Luo Qingtong’s beautiful asian doll-face which was as smooth as jade. It was simply a combination of the mysterious charm and implicit beauty unique to those of oriental heritage.

But when the sharp glint in his eyes flashed and the corners of her lips curved, she instantly turned into the goddess of darkness prophesied by the westerners.

Wild and deceptive, like a flower of death in full bloom.

“Well, it’s useless.”

Unable to figure out anything from it, Luo Qingtong felt extremely bored and casually flung the bead aside with the flick of her fingers.

As the number one ability user in the 24th century, a Supreme Pupillary Master, an existence that would cause every person in their world to feel envious, Luo Qingtong had seen too many precious treasures.

In her eyes, this treasure highly regarded by the people of Country M was nothing more than a pretty little gadget.

However, no one expected that the moment Luo Qingtong raised his hand and threw out the bead that had caused the 51st district to go after her, a few lines of ancient characters appeared on its surface.

In the next second, there was an explosion and the earth shook!

Luo Qingtong’s figure was engulfed within.


The other beach-goers ran away, terrified for their lives thinking it was a terrorist attack.

However, no one noticed that the girl in the epicenter of the explosion had completely disappeared from the world.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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