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SPM Chapter 3

An evil heart



Before Luo Qingtong could react, Luo Xin Ning had raised her hand.


With a wave, something splashed into her eyes.




Luo Qingtong’s mournful cry sounded.


When that thing entered her eyes, it immediately began to burn like a scalding piece of iron. Her vision went dark and she began to roll on the ground in pain.


Her snow-white skin was stained with dirt and mud.


Luo Qington’s hair had become a mess and her hands clutched at her eyes, where blood as black ink fell. 


“Destroying your cultivation isn’t enough… I also want to destroy your eyes!”


Luo Xin Ning haughtily looked down at Luo Qingtong who was rolling on the ground, shrieking in misery. In her clear voice, there was a cold and ruthless tone that chilled people’s hearts.


“Elder sister, don’t blame me. People who’re too outstanding will be destroyed by Heaven’s will! There are too many benefits in dealing with you! I can’t help it! If you have to blame someone, blame it on your good life! You’ve offended people who you can’t afford to offend!”


Luo Xin Ning directly to the people in black around her after she finished speaking, “I’ll leave her to you! Play to your heart’s content! But tomorrow, I must see a broken Luo Qingtong, whose chastity and dignity is ruined, at the gates of Fenglin City! Understand? “




The people in black replied confidently and many people looked at Luo Qingtong, revealing a disgusting grin.


This was the number one beauty in Donglin country!


But now, they got such a good deal!


These people in black grew excited just from thinking of it!


Luo Xin Ning didn’t spare Luo Qingtong another glance, turning around and left.


Her heart was ill at ease. 


From today onwards, the number talent of the Luo family would be her!


And all of Luo Qingtong’s glory would become hers!


As for Luo Qingtong, she would become a dirty waste without any cultivation, the shame of the Luo family.


From then on, she would have accomplished the mission that person had given her.


“Haha! Brothers, let’s have some fun!”


Watching Luo Xin Ning leave, the group of men merrily surrounded her.


At this moment, Luo Qingtong’s cultivation was completely gone, without a single shred of power. She was not their opponent at all and could only watch in despair as they came closer.


“Luo Xin Ning, I won’t let you off! I definitely won’t forgive you! Even if I become a ghost, I won’t let you off! I’ll make sure you don’t have a peaceful death!”


Watching the black-clothed men forcing her back, Luo Qingtong’s heart was filled with hopelessness.


With a ruthless bite, she nearly severed her tongue in a bid for suicide.


Unfortunately, a black-clothed man noticed.


Angered by how she dared to seek death right in front of them, he strode forward and grabbed her jaw, delivering a furious slap.


“Slut! Our brothers haven’t had our fun yet! You dare to commit suicide?”


In a fit of anger, that black-clothed man actually forgot that Luo Qingtong’s cultivation had been crippled and she had become an ordinary person.


With that palm, Luo Qingtong was sent flying


“Fuck! You idiot! What if you’ve killed her?!”


Watching Luo Qingtong fly backwards and smash again an ancient ten-man wide tree, the other men were shocked.


They angrily scolded the black-clothed man and hurried over.


However, none of them knew that the moment they ran over, Luo Qingtong who should have been unconscious under the tree abruptly opened her eyes.




A sharp and intense pressure was suddenly released from her body.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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