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SRA Chapter 51

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.51 : Start A Dispute

Ye You carried a big and heavy rucksack and walked on the rugged mountain road. Ye You felt that this could not be called a road at all, but a variety of irregular slopes. He basically choose places with trees to walked, because he can use the trunk, hands and feet to climb up, which can save some energy.

Ye You was not in a hurry to fight for the first place. He kept a certain speed and walked forward slowly. When he was really tired, he would sat down, took a drink and rested for a while before continuing to walk forward, so many people were already ahead of him.

It was almost in the afternoon when Ye You passed one person after another. He passed by a lot of people and those people sitting on the ground were exhausted, they wanted to stand up, but the rucksack was too heavy and their legs were soft, even if they holding a wooden stick, it can’t support them to move on.

The observing soldiers that hiding aside, saw that Ye You was carrying a backpack much larger than his body, unexpectedly he slowly became the number one. He left the male soldiers of the Medical team and the Cultural Regiment behind. They were very surprised, because Ye You didn’t look like a person with particularly good physical strength, they only lamented in their hearts that Ye You’s perseverance was really too strong.

The more Ye You at the back1Raw 叶攸越到后面; ye you goes to the back(google translate). Lit. means the more Ye You arrived/reach the back. Not sure if this typo or it might means that The more YY at the back,  the more his perseverance is(?), he was indeed completely rely by perseverance to hold on. Fortunately, when he was almost unable to hold it, he was finally about to reach the end.

Du Yao stood on the edge of the mountain top and looked down at Ye You, who was climbing up with difficulty. So distressed that he was breathing rapidly. He was trying so hard to control himself so that he didn’t went down to pick up Ye You, because there was only a small short distance left. If he went down to pick Ye You up, and be seen by the recorders of the two countries at the side, they will invalidated all the results of Ye You’s training period. He can’t do that just because he can’t stand his heartache and cause all Ye You’s hard work and effort to be in vain, if it like that then he would be too selfish.

Standing at the top looking at Ye You, in addition to Du Yao,  there was also Frank. He looked at Ye You who work so hard, he was also very distressed. He didn’t even understand why a Literary Art soldier have to be trained so hard. In the past, their Military band had never participated in actual combat training. This time it was also because the other party had Literally Art soldiers participating in actual combat training that Marshal Bunaber asked some members of their Military band to participate in actual combat training, but he don’t think this was necessary at all.

Ye You stopped to take a breath and looked up. He was so tired that his vision was blurred, but he still saw Du Yao who was standing on top. Ye You wanted to smile at him so that he wouldn’t worry about himself, but he was so tired that he couldn’t even squeezed out the strength to smile.

Ye You supported his body with a wooden stick and continued to work hard to climb up. Every step he took now was as difficult as crossing time and space.

Frank thought that Du Yao would go down to pick up Ye You, so he stood still, because no matter how unwilling he didn’t want to admit it, he had to face the fact that Du Yao was Ye You’s husband. But he waited and waited. Seeing that Du Yao was just standing and watching, and didn’t plan to go down to meet Ye You, he was very angry and felt that Ye You had married the wrong person.

Just when Frank couldn’t stand it and was ready to go down to pick up Ye You, he just took a step when Du Yao grabbed him back and threw him to the ground.

“Ah!!!” The place where Frank was beaten by Du Yao yesterday hasn’t healed yet. Now he was hit so hard by Du Yao, he yelled in pain, then glared at Du Yao and said, “What are you doing?! The one below who climbing up in difficulty is your wife! If you don’t feel sorry for her, you don’t need to pick her up. I’m going to pick her up, and you still want to stop me?!”

Get lost2The original is 给我滚远一点(Gěi wǒ gǔn yuǎn yīdiǎn); get far away for me.” Du Yao said as he looked at Frank coldly. He didn’t bother to talk nonsense with Frank. If Frank tried to get close to Ye You again, he would definitely beat him up and vent his anger that arises because of his distressed.

Frank was intimidated by Du Yao’s eyes. He was stunned for a moment. Although he was very unwilling, he did not dare to continue to do anything, because he could see from Du Yao’s eyes that he really wanted to killed him and he really dared to do it.

Ye You finally reached the top of the mountain, Du Yao just watched him walked past in front of him, and then followed him.

After Ye You put the rucksack in the designated place, Du Yao hugged him before he fall to the ground feebly.

Ye You leaned on Du Yao and closed his eyes to rest. He knew that he could finally relax physically and mentally. Du Yao was here anyway, even if he fainted immediately, it doesn’t matter.

Du Yao picked Ye You up and walked into the tent next to him.

Du Yao put Ye You on the temporary wooden bed, then took off Ye You’s pants, and covered Ye You’s body with a thin quilt. Du Yao took out a bottle of medicine and poured it into the palm of his hand, put his hand into the quilt, he helped Ye You massage and apply the medicine at the same time.

This medicine was given to Du Yao by Elder Xu. It can be used for both traumas, bruises and muscle strains, and the effect was particularly good. Because the Elder Xu said that the medicinal materials for this medicine were hard to find, so he was not willing to use it, but now he doesn’t feel distressed when using a whole bottle on Ye You’s body, as long as Ye You won’t be sore all over tomorrow.

Du Yao took off Ye You’s shoes and wanted him to sleep well for a while, but when he touched Ye You’s feet, Ye You woke up immediately.

Frank stood outside the tent and wanted to go in to see Ye You, but Du Yao was inside and he couldn’t get in, so he stood outside hesitantly. Suddenly, Frank heard Ye You groaning inside.

“Um~, no, don’t…”

“Ah~, it hurts, it hurts, lighter, ah~”

Listening to Ye You’s crying □□3Original text, Frank froze for a moment, then clenched his fists tightly, enduring the feeling of heartbreak, he turned around and walked a little further. He stopped in front of a big tree and gave one strong punch as he vented on the tree, and he cursed Du Yao was not a human being in his heart. Ye You was so tired already and he still did that kind of thing with him immediately.

Du Yao was holding Ye You’s feet tightly to prevent him from moving, and holding a silver needle in the other hand to break the blood blisters on the soles of Ye You’s feet, soaking up the blood with a medical cotton cloth, Du Yao put on medicine on him again after washing him with the medicinal liquid, and then he wrapped his feet with gauze.

Ye You couldn’t help closing his eyes□□4Also in original text because the soles of his feet were sore and itchy. He was most afraid of pain and itching. When massaged he usually only massaging his back and calves. He never massage the soles of his feet. Now his feet were injured, in the next training time, he was going to suffer, but fortunately, with the medicine given by Elder Xu, he can also healed a bit faster.

After Du Yao finished helping Ye You bandaged, he then helped him cover the quilt and let him sleep well.

Ye You hummed and acted like a baby with Du Yao. Du Yao sat down by the bed and patted Ye You on the back before he fell asleep slowly.

Ye You was the first to arrived, Ye Chen was the second, and the third to reach the end was Zhao Yu. No one has thought that the top three, was the three gers of the Cultural Regiment, and left those male soldiers behind, the three of them could be regarded as the Cultural Regiment’s face5Raw context 也算是文工团张脸了. 张脸 here is translated as face, I can’t find other words in English that can explain the exact meaning except face or reputation Orz.

Twelve people who couldn’t hold on halfway, opted out and were sent back, most of them were female soldiers who couldn’t keep up with their physical strength. Three people were forced to withdraw from training because of serious fall injuries, and their points were still cancelled.

Half of the Medical soldiers and Military band members of the Aurico country chose to quit the practice voluntarily in the middle, and another five or six quit due to injuries.

The hardest training of the Medical team and Literally Art soldiers was over. After that, they only need to do some training to rescue the wounded.

Du Yao and the others can be regarded as taking a day off, followed by intense and hard practical training.

“I think my body doesn’t seem to be mine anymore, so painful that is already numb.” Ji Wen lay on the bed, his eyes apathetic and babbling nonsense: “I don’t want to walk back anymore, just let me die here.”

“What nonsense?” Ye You said while rummaging his rucksack: “We will stay here tonight. We will not go back to our original place until tomorrow morning. It will definitely be much better after resting for a night. Moreover, tomorrow we will not going back from the original path, there is a path that is easier to walk and will be able to go back faster. We deliberately detoured the route because of training.”

After Ye You slept and woke up, Du Yao fed him something again. He has recovered a lot. Elder Xu’s medicine was really amazing. He was only a little sore now, which was much stronger than Ji Wen and the others. But the soles of the feet still feel a little uncomfortable.

“I think I may not be able to live until tomorrow.” Ji Wen’s brain has been confused because of extreme fatigue and physical pain. He clearly wanted to sleep but can’t fall asleep.

Ye You finally found the medicine he had dispensed, then walked to Ji Wen’s bed, sat down and said, “Don’t let your imagination run wild. You didn’t give up halfway, but insisted on reaching the end. You should be proud of yourself. In the real battlefield, you have already completed the mission, how can you still think about dying? You should think about how amazing you are and have completed the mission that others have not completed.”

“Amazing, I am, amazing.” Ji Wen listened to Ye You’s words, feeling that he should feel proud, and then his brain suddenly recovered some sense of sobriety.

“Yeah, you are really amazing.” Ye You picked up the medicine bottle and said, “Look, this is the medicine my great grandpa gave me. The effect is very good. I will apply it to you and you will be fine after you sleep.”

“Really?” Ji Wen barely opened his eyes.

“Of course it is true. You see, I went to slept after using the medicine, isn’t I’m all right now?” Ye You deliberately said that the medicine was given by Elder Xu, just to make Ji Wen sleep peacefully. He knew that Ji Wen was still straining a defensive string even when he was extremely tired, so he couldn’t fall asleep.

As expected after listening to Ye You’s words, Ji Wen fell asleep quickly, and Ye You helped him apply the medicine. Although the medicine was not given by Elder Xu, Ye You showed it to Elder Xu after it was prepared, and he said that he dispensed it very well.

After Ye You applied the medicine to Ji Wen, he went to apply medicine to the sleeping Zhao Yu. Before the training started, they did not know the specific content of the training, so Ye You brought a variety of medicines, but each he didn’t bring much, and a bottle of medicine was quickly used up.

Ye You went to wash his hands, then went back to Du Yao’s tent to continue sleeping.

The next morning, after everyone woke up gradually, they heard voices of pain one after another.

After Ye You brushed his teeth and washed his face, he took breakfast to find Ji Wen and Zhao Yu. As soon as he entered the camp, he saw Ji Wen and Zhao Yu sitting in a daze on the bed, while the people on the next bed were still lying and moaning in pain.

Ji Wen looked up and saw Ye You,  he was stunned for a while, and then asked: “Did you apply medicine to me yesterday?”

“Well, I apply it for you and Zhao Yu.” Ye You put their breakfast aside, and said while eating his share.

“I said why my body is not as painful as I expected, and I still feel slimy.” Ji Wen moved his shoulders and arms and said, “Thank you, thanks to your medicine, otherwise I am just like them now. I can only lie down and grunt in pain.”

“Thank you.” Zhao Yu looked at Ye You and said. 6I think… is this the first words said by ZY in the entire arc? 😂

“What are you polite with me for? Go brush your teeth and wash your face, eat your breakfast, we will probably go back soon,” Ye You said.

“Are you sure with them like this, they can get out of bed before noon?” Ji Wen glanced aside and said.

“…” Ye You was silent.

Ji Wen and Zhao Yu got out of bed to wash, and then came back to sit in bed with Ye You for breakfast.

The person lying on the bed next to him who didn’t dare to move, saw that only the three of them were sitting and eating breakfast like the person who was okay, thinking can’t you go out to eat? Do you have to seduce us immobile people with sweet smell(of food)?

ger from the Medical team, after waking up from pain last night, took two tablets of painkillers before going to sleep, but he woke up in pain again in the morning. He just heard Ye You say that he applied medicine to Ji Wen and Zhao Yu, so Ji Wen and Zhao Yu were just alright, and he asked: “Ye You, do you still have the medicine you applied to them? Can you give me a bit?”

“Sorry.” Ye You turned to looked at him and said, “I brought a small bottle of that medicine. I used it up for both of them yesterday.”

That ger sighed with regret.

“But I have another medicine that is very effective in relieving pain, do you want it?” Ye You asked again.

“I have painkillers here, but they didn’t work.”

“Mine have a much better effect than painkillers. The medicine I used for Ji Wen and Zhao Yu has similar effects. I plan to take it when it is inconvenient to apply the medicine. Why don’t you try?”

“Okay, let me try, thank you.”

Ye You put down the lunch box, dragged his rucksack out to open and searched. After finding the two bottles of pills, he stood up and asked the others, “Do you want them? This kind of pills is very effective in relieving pain.”

“I want.”

“I also want.”

“And I.”

“I also want.”

Ye You heard that almost every one of them said yes, so he said to Ji Wen and Zhao Yu: “You go and help them get some warm water in. This pill is a bit big and difficult to swallow.”

Ji Wen and Zhao Yu walked out with a kettle each, and Ye You went to distribute the medicine to those people.

As he walked by Ye Chen’s bed, Ye You saw his pale face, lying motionless with his eyes open, and asked, “Do you want it?”

Ye Chen froze for a moment, then nodded and said, “Thank you.”

Ye You put a pill in his palm.

Ji Wen and Zhao Yu walked in again with the kettle, took their water cups out of their backpacks, and poured a glass of warm water for each of them, and then helped them up and let them take the medicine.

Du Yao raised his wrist and looked at the time. The soldiers were about to return from training. According to the original plan, they would return to the previous camp immediately after the soldiers returned. However, judging from the current situation, they must be can’t set off before noon. Maybe he has to postpone it until the afternoon, he has to change his plan.

Ten minutes later, the soldiers of the two countries had all returned to the camp on the top of the mountain, waiting for the next arrangement.

After Ye You and the others were busy in their camps, they planned to go to the women’s camp and the men’s camp, and distributed the medicine to them so that they could return as soon as possible.

The soldiers were surprised to see Ye You and the others(JW&ZY). The three of them seemed to be completely fine. They thought, not only the top three were gers, now the male Medical soldiers and Male Literally art soldiers were still lying and unable to move, why Ye You and the others have started to move freely?

Some soldiers couldn’t help discussing it, Alger stood by and listened. The more he listened, the more confused he became. He thought it was because he was not proficient in the language of this country, so he went to asks directly. Alger was very good at dealing with people, and he doesn’t have Frank’s unpleasant feeling in him. Ger‘s existence was not a secret that can’t be told, so the soldiers explained to him that only this country has the third gender.

Alger’s face was full of surprises and complex expressions of sudden realization. He thought, no wonder he always felt that Ye You could not be a woman, it turned out that he was the third gender in the legend. He was hesitated whether to tell Frank about this matter, but on another thought, whether Frank knew it or not, it didn’t make much different, because Ye You was already married, and Ye You wouldn’t like Frank. It was just Frank’s wishful thinking.

Ye You handed the medicine bottle to Ji Wen and Zhao Yu, then walked to Du Yao and asked, “When will we leave?”

“Let’s wait and see. For those who can’t get up, the men can be helped by the soldiers, while the women are a bit difficult. They may not be able to go back even with the help.” Du Yao asked, “What happened to your two friends? How did they recovered so quickly?”

“I applied my own dispensed medicine to them yesterday. They said that although the soreness on their body has not completely disappeared, there is no problem in their movement.” Ye You said with a smile, looking at Du Yao with a look of looking for praise.

“So amazing.” Du Yao raised his hand and rubbed Ye You’s hair and said: “Worthy of being the only disciple of a genius doctor. A really clever and quick-witted genius. My vision is really good, that I saw you at first sight. I still marry you and brought you home so soon, I’m really amazing.”

“Are you complimenting me or yourself?” Ye You said as he glared at him.

“It’s mainly to praise you, and also to praise myself by the way. Who makes my vision so good?” Du Yao said with a smile.

Ye You glared at him again and said, “The effect of the medicine applied is better, but unfortunately I don’t bring enough. It has been used up, but I also brought some pills with similar effects, and they also have an analgesic effect. About two hours later, they can get down and walk around.”

“That’s great, two hours still can wait, you helped me solve a problem, I will help you record a merit, give you some more points.” Du Yao said.

“Of course you have to give me more points. This is what I deserve. I can’t be offset just because we are a husband and wife, humph!” Ye You gave him an angry look, then turned and left.

Du Yao looked at Ye You’s back, his eyes filled with indulging smile, and then turned around to arranged other things.

When Frank learned about Du Yao’s decision to return in two hours, he immediately felt that his decision was simply unreasonable, and then rushed to find Du Yao to argue.

“Because of your unreasonable training arrangements, members of our Military band and Medical team were unable to get out of bed even after a painkiller. The same is true for your own Art soldiers and Medical team. You suddenly ordered all members to return after two hours, could it be to let the soldiers carry them back? What is the significance of such training?!” Frank felt that he had grasped a hold over Du Yao, and was ready to use the topic to criticized Du Yao and vent his grievances.

However, the detailed training plan was arranged by the person above, and Du Yao was just executing orders. Originally, this training was to test the limits of all those who participated in the training, as to make more suitable training arrangements for real war.

“How you guys going back is something you are responsible to solved. It has nothing to do with me. I just need to make sure that all my people can return. If you think there is a problem with my arrangement, then write it in the report, or wait after the training is over, you go and report it to the leaders. I have no obligation to listen to your accusations, nor do you have any right to question any of my orders.” Du Yao said very strongly, “If you are dissatisfied, you can apply to withdraw from the training, I believe your Marshal Bunaber will re-schedule a commander who is more capable than you.”

“A commander more capable than me?” Frank was the most unbearable when someone questioned his ability. He angrily asked, “What do you mean by this?!”

“Is it not clear enough? What our people can do, but your people can’t do it. Then you should find a way to solve the problem. If you can’t solve it, it is your incompetence.”

“You dare say that I am incompetent?!” Frank asked with gritted teeth and anger.

“I can or cannot say, could it be that you don’t know in your heart? Isn’t it you don’t want to admit it?” Du Yao said with a disdainful expression: “From actual combat exercises to actual combat training, have you ever beaten me once? If you feel unconvinced, in the next confrontation practice, as long as you can beat me once, I will take back what I just said and apologize to you in front of all the soldiers.”

“This is what you said, you’d better not regret it!” Frank finished speaking, turned and left in a big stride. He made up his mind that no matter what method he used, he must win Du Yao once and let him honor his words.

Lin Dong listened to the whole conversation outside. After Frank left, he walked in, looked at Du Yao and asked: “Captain, did you deliberately provoke him? You just beat him once these days, this didn’t fits your personality ah, is there any alternative?”

“A person who can’t even control his own emotions is difficult to achieve great cause. He rely on his father’s background, has risen step by step, with weapons stronger than other countries, he has won some small countries, and he really thinks he is invincible in the world.  Even if I don’t deal with him, he will killed himself sooner or later.”

“So, you really don’t plan to do anything to him anymore?” Lin Dong felt a little unbelievable. Du Yao was a man of grudges. He couldn’t be more clear about it. Previously Du Yao just looked at Frank a little bit unpleasant to the eye, but since Frank confessed to Ye You, and often looked at Ye You with affectionate eyes, he felt that it was impossible that Du Yao would let Frank go.

“Guess.” Du Yao looked at him and said.

“How could I guess what is captain thought.” Lin Dong said with a smile.

Du Yao didn’t answer his question and directly walked out of the camp.


What would happen to Frank now?!😂

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  • 1
    Raw 叶攸越到后面; ye you goes to the back(google translate). Lit. means the more Ye You arrived/reach the back. Not sure if this typo or it might means that The more YY at the back,  the more his perseverance is(?)
  • 2
    The original is 给我滚远一点(Gěi wǒ gǔn yuǎn yīdiǎn); get far away for me
  • 3
    Original text
  • 4
    Also in original text
  • 5
    Raw context 也算是文工团张脸了. 张脸 here is translated as face, I can’t find other words in English that can explain the exact meaning except face or reputation Orz
  • 6
    I think… is this the first words said by ZY in the entire arc? 😂
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