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SRA Chapter 52

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.52 : Pregnant

After Du Yao gave the order that all soldiers have to returned to the previous camp two hour later, the soldiers had already begun to pack their things and prepare to return.

Although Frank was very angry, but his task was to lead the soldiers to follow Du Yao’s training process, so a situation where Du Yao and the others have returned to the original camp, but they were still here can’t be happened. So Frank arranged for soldiers to carry those who could not move.

When the soldiers of Aurico country brought their people out of the camp one by one, they were shocked when they saw that the other Medical soldiers and Literally Art soldiers walked out of the camp by themselves, wondering if these people were monsters? Why their people unable to walk even after the painkiller injection, but the other party recovered so well just after taking a rest for a night?

Not only Frank and his soldiers were stunned in shock, but even the recorder team hidden aside was very surprised. They simply couldn’t believe their eyes, then quickly took in everything they saw and recorded every details. Especially the recorders of Aurico Country, they even recorded things like how much breakfast each person ate.

In fact, the soldiers on Du Yao’s side were also quite surprised, it was just that they didn’t show it, but looked calm, as if they had known it a long time ago.

If this was not a training but a real war, those Aurico’s people who need to be carried away will become a drag on the entire army, and it was likely to cause more serious casualties. The purpose of actual combat training was to simulate all possible critical situations, and then come up with countermeasures and solutions to minimize losses.

Because there was a delay of two hours in the camp at the top of the mountain, after returning to the original camp, Du Yao cancelled the rest time and immediately began confrontation training.

The content of the confrontation training was that the two armies of both countries were going to seize the high ground.

Frank was suffocated with anger in his heart, determined to win Du Yao once, and immediately set off with the soldiers. Regardless of the soldier’s current state, he did not observe the surrounding environment. He just strongly ordered the soldiers to move forward quickly regardless of everything. At all costs, they must seize the high ground ahead of Du Yao and the others.

Lin Dong looked at Frank and the others had passed them very far. Only some dark shadows could be seen. He turned his head to looked at Du Yao and asked him with a bit of worried: “Captain, are we really not going to catch up? At this distance, we can completely catch up. If we really wait for them to lengthen the distance, it will be difficult to catch up.”

“What’s the hurry?” Du Yao said, he was eating while walking at a certain speed: “How can I eat if I run too fast? Let me fill my stomach first.”

Lin Dong thought to himself, so why didn’t you just give a few minutes to eat before ordering to start the confrontation training? But insisted to eat while walking? However, Lin Dong did not dare to complain, nor did he dare to question Du Yao’s decision.

It was spring now, the wild flowers blooming all over the mountains and plains, it was a very beautiful scene, but when Frank and the others walked through the flowers, they didn’t have the slightest thought of stopping to rest, they just ran forward desperately.

After filling his stomach, Du Yao ordered to start chasing at full speed, gradually shortening the distance between Frank and the others.

The people on both sides ran in the mountains for more than two hours. Frank looked back from time to time and saw that Du Yao and the others were about to catch up. He became even more anxious and kept ordering the soldiers to move forward quickly. With only the last distance left, they would win.

Suddenly, a gunshot sounded, as if a cut was made on a quiet canvas, and then there were continuous successive gunshots. The actual combat training of seizing the high ground, of course, will not be as simple as someone running faster in the mountains. The last team of soldiers who can “live” to seize the high ground was the key to proving victory.

Frank and the others saw that Du Yao and the others began to attack, they also evaded and fight back. Seeing Du Yao and the others getting closer and closer, Frank decided to stop advancing, and while they were still predominated over the terrain, they were going to solved Du Yao and the others first.

In the chaotic gunshots, Frank quickly concealed himself beside a big tree, and then earnestly looked for Du Yao among the soldiers below. He must “kill” Du Yao one time by himself in order to vent the resentment in his heart.

Suddenly Frank’s head was hit heavily by something. He was taken aback and hurriedly hid behind the big tree, then he raised his hand and touched his head.

Suddenly he felt a little sticky liquid on his hair. Frank was startled, thinking that he was unexpectedly was hit until bleeding, but he didn’t feel the pain?

Of course he quickly looked at the thing that hit him and immediately screaming: “Ah!!!”

The soldiers were startled by his cry, and immediately looked back at Frank and saw that he was being attacked by a swarm of bees.

“Ah!!! Save me, save me!!!” Frank yelled, running so fast to avoid the bees, and then he ran farther and farther away.

When the soldiers stood up and looked at Frank, and were stunned that they didn’t know what to do, they had all been resolved by Du Yao.

Ye You was sitting on the ground talking to Ji Wen and Zhao Yu, when he suddenly heard a scream from a distance, and subconsciously raised his head to look into the distance.

Ji Wen heard it too, and said in a daze, “Who is this? Scream so terrible like that, anyone won’t be killed, right?”

“……It shouldn’t be.” Ye You said hesitantly.

Two more hours later, Du Yao and the others returned.

After seeing Du Yao, Ye You hurriedly walked over and asked, “How is it? No one was injured, right?”

“Our people were not injured.” Du Yao replied.

“Oh.” Ye You breathed a sigh of relief, and asked again: “Who was screaming so miserable just now?”

“Frank was attacked by bees.” Du Yao smiled and said, “This is the first time I have heard a big man who can let out such a high-pitched scream, unexpectedly even all of you heard it.”

“Attacked by bees? How could it possible to be attacked by bees?” Ye You was stunned for a moment, and then asked after seeing Du Yao’s gloating expression: “It’s you who play tricks in secret, right?”

“Could it be that in your heart, I am the kind of person that can only engages in dirty tricks?” Du Yao looked at Ye You with innocent and aggrieved eyes, and said, “Could it be that I still can control the bees and let those bees obey my command??”

“Don’t pretend to be pitiful in front of me, do you think it will work every time?” Ye You beat Du Yao’s chest and said, “I don’t care how badly Frank was stung by the bees. I’m worried that if something happens to him, you will not be able to get rid of the responsibility. If one severely get stung by a bee, it will also causes death.”

“Don’t worry, can I still let him get me implicated1 Raw is “我还能让他连累了我不成?” DY means;  it was impossible for Frank to let DY get implicated in trouble.?” Du Yao said affirmatively: “I won’t let him die in the actual combat training under my command.”

Ye You sighed and said, “As long as you don’t let people get killed.”

Du Yao said a few more words to Ye You, then walked into the tent to have a meeting with the squad leaders. Lin Dong who stood on the edge of the tent and waited for him, looked at Du Yao with admiration, and then gave a thumbs up. Du Yao ignored him and walked in directly.

After dozens of minutes later, Frank came back with the help of the soldiers, but the soldiers who were supporting him pinched their noses, because Frank was covered in black mud and exuded stench. In order to avoid the bees, he jumped into the quagmire, held his breath and soaked in the quagmire for a while, waited for the bees to leave him before climbed up.

Frank walking all the way and cursing all the way. He felt that this time was the best chance to win, but it was ruined by a colony of bees. He really couldn’t figured it out why the beehive fell from the tree, and it happened to fall on his head. How could he be so unlucky?

Frank looked up and saw Ye You standing not far away watching him. He thought Ye You was worried about him, and he became excited immediately, pushed away the soldiers who were supporting him, and strode towards Ye You. The soldier who was pushed away by him ran away with a relieved expression, breathing fresh air forcefully.

Ye You watched Frank walking towards him and smelled the foul smell on his body. He immediately pinched his nose and stepped back, and warned loudly: “Don’t come over!”

Frank stopped for a moment, and then walked forward two more steps: “Ye You…”

“Drag him a little bit away for me!” Ye You said to the soldier next to him.

The soldier immediately ran over while holding his breath, dragged Frank to a place far away from Ye You, and warned him that if he dare to go to their side again, don’t blame them for being rude.

Ye You let go of his nose and breathe in hard, but the stench just now seemed to had stayed in his nose. As soon as he inhaled, his stomach churned up and couldn’t help but vomit. As soon as he vomited, as if he couldn’t stop, he kept vomiting.

Ji Wen and Zhao Yu saw it, they immediately ran towards him, and cried out worriedly: “Ye You, what’s wrong with you? Are you okay?”

“I…” Ye You wanted to say that his stomach was upset, but he vomited again before he could say it. Seeing him vomiting like this, the soldiers next to him all gathered around and looked at him worriedly.

Du Yao heard the sound and walked out of the camp quickly. He pushed away the others, hugged Ye You and observed his face. Du Yao was anxious when he saw that his(YY) face became pale and looked very uncomfortable, he asked: “Where is it that uncomfortable?”

“The stomach…” Ye You just said two words, then he vomited again, but he couldn’t vomited anything except water.

“Hurry up and take him to the tent of the Medical camp and lie down. I will help him take a look, maybe he has eaten something poisonous.” A military doctor said hurriedly.

Du Yao picked Ye You up and quickly walked to the Medical camp.

Du Yao carefully put Ye You on the bed, Du Yao was worried and anxious as he watched his increasingly pale face, but he still stay calm and placated Ye You, he said: “Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

Ye You closed his eyes uncomfortably and nodded slightly.

Thinking that Ye You might be poisoned, Du Yao was distressed and nervous, especially when he thought that Elder Xu had already left, and didn’t know which mountain he had went to live in seclusion. He would definitely not be found in a short time.

The Military doctor took Ye You’s pulse with a serious expression. After a while, he was stunned for a moment, and then seriously confirmed again.

“How?” Du Yao asked nervously.

“Congratulations to you, Du Squadron.” The military doctor released Ye You’s hand and said as he looked at Du Yao.

“What?” Du Yao was stunned for a moment, and somehow did not react.

“Team Leader Ye You is pregnant. It should have been more than two months. The specific month will be known after he goes to the Military Hospital for an examination.” The military doctor said with a smile.

Du Yao looked at Ye You, and the excitement in his heart had spread from his eyes. He held Ye You’s hand tightly and said in a low voice, “We have a child.”

Ye You still couldn’t react. When he heard the Military doctor say that he was pregnant, his brain stopped functioning.

“What’s wrong? Is it still uncomfortable?” Du Yao looked at him worriedly and asked.

“I, I’m pregnant?” Ye You asked somewhat mechanistically.

“Yes, we have a baby.” Du Yao stared at him with affectionate eyes, feeling moved.

“Give him some water.” Ji Wen kept holding the kettle and stood aside. When he heard that Ye You was not poisoned but pregnant, he also breathed a sigh of relief, poured the warm water in the kettle into the glass, and then passed it to Du Yao.

Du Yao hugged Ye You, let him lean on his body, and gave Ye You a cup of water to drink.

Ye You’s throat was very uncomfortable, and he felt better after drinking half a cup of warm water.

“Lin Dong!” Du Yao called out while looking outside.

“Here!” Lin Dong strode in immediately.

“Go and contact the Military Hospital, have them send a car, and then contact my house, have them go to the hospital and wait for Ye You.” Du Yao said.

“Yes!” Lin Dong immediately turned and ran out.

“You guys go outside, too, let him rest for a while.” Du Yao said while looking at the others who was still around.

After everyone else had left, Ye You slowly recovered his sense, and then he took his own pulse and confirm the fact that he was indeed pregnant, but he was still speechless for a while. Although before getting married he has mentally prepared about the possibility of having children, but after getting married, he had slowly forgot about the matter that he can get pregnant. After all, he still subconsciously felt that he was a man, and not like a woman who would have awareness of getting pregnant at any time after marriage. So now suddenly knowing that he was pregnant, there was an indescribable and inexplicable feeling in his heart.

“We have a baby.” Ye You said with a certain tone after he took his own pulse.

“Yes, we have a baby.” Du Yao felt a little scared when he thought of Ye You’s participation in the transfer training yesterday: “Would you like to sleep for a while? The Military Hospital’s car will come to pick you up soon.”

“I’m fine. I don’t have to go to the hospital. The training will be over in a few days. I just need to be careful.” Ye You gave himself a pulse just now to make sure that his body has no problem. He think that he can presevere for few days.

“No!” Du Yao spoke to Ye You in such a strong tone for the first time: “Just think about your journey over the mountains yesterday, I feel terrified in my heart, moreover that whatever po zhen dance you did before, the practices must had been so hard. How can I rest assured if you don’t go to the hospital for a good checkup?”

When Du Yao said this, Ye You begin to had a lingering fear, he just realized how dangerous the things he had done before.

Ye You put his hand on his stomach, and his heart trembled because of fear, thinking that this child was really lucky, was tossed around by him like that, unexpectedly still staying well in his stomach, and he felt a little guilty for this child.

Seeing a look of fear on Ye You’s face, Du Yao immediately comforted: “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. The child will definitely be fine. Just go to the hospital for a check-up so we can feel at ease. Mother must have rushed to the hospital to wait for you now. After the examination in the hospital, you will go home with mother and have a good rest.”

Ye You hugged Du Yao’s waist tightly and buried his face on his chest.

Du Yao kissed Ye You’s hair and stroked his back to comfort him. He wanted to go to the hospital with Ye You, but he couldn’t leave now. This anxiety and helpless feeling made him very uncomfortable, because he knew that Ye You would definitely wanted him to be by his side now.

More than an hour later, the car from the Military Region Hospital arrived, but because they were in the mountains, the car could not get in, so Du Yao carried Ye You on his back to sent him away.

Ye You lay on Du Yao’s back and simply bid farewell to Ji Wen and Zhao Yu. Ji Wen also asked Ye You to rest well. After the training was over, they will visit him again, then they watched Du Yao walking away with Ye You on his back.

Frank just saw the scene where Du Yao was leaving with Ye You on his back, and two soldiers behind them were also carrying things in their hands. He asked Alger suspiciously, “Where are they going?”

“Ye You is pregnant, Du Squadron sent him away to the hospital for an examination.” Alger replied.

“Pre, pregnant?” Frank’s body immediately stiffened, and then a sad emotion gradually appeared in his eyes: “She, she is pregnant already?”

“Actually, Ye You is not…” Hearing that Frank was still calling Ye You ‘she’, Alger wanted to explain to him that Ye You was not actually a woman. But before he could said it, he felt thst even Frank know, it doesn’t have any meaning, thus he didn’t go on.

Frank was so sad and he didn’t noticed that Alger hadn’t finished speaking. He was enveloped in a sense of loss. He turned around, alone and walked to no one’s corner, secretly being sad.

Du Yao sent Ye You to the car and held his hand tightly. He was really reluctant to let him leaving alone. After several urgings from the doctor, only then he let go of Ye You’s hand. Enduring the feeling of distressed, he closed the door of the car, and then watching the car drove away.

Qin Yuwei and Du Zhenfeng, as well as Ye Jiande couple and Ye Song, had already been waiting in the Military Hospital.

Seeing Ye You being lifted from the car, the few people hurriedly walked forward and surrounded him, then followed in quickly with the stretcher.

“Ye You, is it still uncomfortable?” Qin Yuwei and Xu Yun asked at the same time. After they received the call, they knew that Ye You’s condition seemed not very good, so they were worried sick.

“It’s not uncomfortable anymore, and I didn’t vomit much along the way, don’t worry.” Ye You smiled and comforted them.

“Good boy, don’t be afraid. Mom and Dad are here to accompany you. You and your child will definitely be fine and nothing will happen.” Qin Yuwei comforted Ye You as she held his hand.

“If you feel uncomfortable anywhere, you must said it out so that the doctor can make a good diagnosis. If it doesn’t work, we will get your Great Grandfather back. You can just relax and take a good rest. There is nothing to worry about.” Xu Yun said as she held Ye You’s other hand, although she herself was very nervous, she still wanted to comfort Ye You.

“Okay, I’m not afraid, nor worried.” Ye You nodded and said, “You guys don’t worry about it either.”

After Ye You was sent to the treatment room, everyone else could only wait outside, they could only went in after the diagnosis was completed.

Seeing the closed door of the treatment room, Qin Yuwei and Xu Yun couldn’t help becoming even more nervous, closing their eyes and praying in their hearts that Ye You and the child would be safe.

Du Zhenfeng hugged Qin Yuwei and patted her shoulders to soothe her, and Ye Jiande hugged Xu Yun and comforted her in small voice.

After the door of the treatment room opened, few people walked in immediately.

“Doctor, how is our children?” Xu Yun and Qin Yuwei asked hurriedly as soon as they entered the door.

“There is no big problem, don’t worry, he and the child is fine, but he was overworked before, and his body is a little weak. After returning home, be sure to let him rest well and don’t be too tired anymore,” the doctor said.

“Thank you doctor.”

“Thank you, thank you doctor, we will take good care of him, and we won’t tire him anymore.”

Several people breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

“Oh, that’s right.” The hospital2Raw 医院(Yīyuàn); hospital.. Shouldn’t it be 大夫(da fu) or 医生(yi sheng); doctor? ヾ(´・ ・`。)ノ” explained again: “Although he must rest well, but don’t let him lie down all the time. It is also very important to walk around properly. Otherwise, he will suffer when he is going to give birth.”

“Okay, we understand, thank you. If there are any food restrictions, and what can be eaten more, please help us write it down. I read in the newspaper, that what some old people always used to say previously about the things that pregnant people can eat or can’t eat, all is wrong. And there are some nutrients that must be supplemented, please help us write it down, too, so we can do it accordingly.” Qin Yuwei said while looking at the doctor.

“I’ll give you a book with specific content about caring for pregnant people. Take it back and read it.” The doctor opened the drawer and found the book.

“If you have a book, it would be better. Thank you so much. We will definitely read it carefully when we go back.” Qin Yuwei took the book and asked, “Then can we take him home now?”

“Go back and let him rest at home. Don’t need to stay in the hospital. Just remember to come for check up on time.” The doctor said.

“Oh, good.” Qin Yuwei turned to Ye You happily, and said while looking at Ye You: “We can go home, and you can rest well when we get home. Grandma is still at home waiting for news, she must be anxious too.”

“Then let’s go home quickly, don’t make grandma wait anxiously, I don’t feel uncomfortable anymore, now I want to go home and lie down on my own bed.” Ye You sat up, ready to get out of bed.

“Be careful, don’t be anxious, take your time.” Qin Yuwei and Xu Yun immediately supported Ye You and walked out slowly.

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  • 1
     Raw is “我还能让他连累了我不成?” DY means;  it was impossible for Frank to let DY get implicated in trouble.
  • 2
    Raw 医院(Yīyuàn); hospital.. Shouldn’t it be 大夫(da fu) or 医生(yi sheng); doctor? ヾ(´・ ・`。)ノ”
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