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SRA Chapter 50

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.50 : Love Rival Came to Confess

When it was time for lunch and rest, the soldiers were all carrying lunch boxes and sitting on the ground casually eating lunch.

Frank made up his mind and summoned his courage to confess to Ye You. Alger knew that any persuasion was useless, so he could only show his support for him to confess, and then brought some soldiers to watch the show, oh no, it was to go to cheer him up and put up a front.

Ye You was carrying two lunch boxes and was about to eat with Du Yao. He turned around and saw a group of foreign soldiers approaching. He thought they had something to find Du Yao and was about to make way for them, but he was stopped.

“Wait a minute!” Frank exclaimed in an awkward accent, “I’m looking for you for something.”

Ye You turned his head to looked at him, pointed to himself questioningly and asked, “Look for me?”

“Yes.” Frank nodded.

“Why are you looking for me?” Ye You turned to face him and asked, wondering what the matter that he(F) would look for him(YY).

“I,” Frank said, patted the position of his heart, “Like you, I love you.”

“What did you say?” Ye You thought he had heard it wrong, after all, his accent was so awkward and weird, maybe it was because he expressed the wrong meaning.

“I, love, you.” Frank finished speaking out loud, took out a ruby necklace, and then handed it to Ye You and said, “This is for you.”

Du Yao, who heard the sound, strode out of the camp, frowning at the scene, and the soldiers next to him were also stunned. Some soldiers had just delivered their food to their mouths and forgot to eat them, they looked at Frank blankly.

Not only was all the soldiers stunned, even the members of the Cultural Regiment such as Ji Wen and Ye Chen, as well as the Medical team, were all stunned. If it hadn’t been for the sound of the leaves being blown by the wind, they would felt that the whole world has paused temporarily.

“Who are you ah, and you love me?!” Ye You was taken aback, took two steps back quickly, looked at him with eyes that looked at a mental patients and asked: “Have I seen you before? You don’t have any problems with your brain, right?”

“I have seen your performance. When you danced, I fell in love with you.” Frank raised the ruby and said: “Please accept my sincere confession, and please forgive me for falling in love with you without permission, but when the God of Love descended, I couldn’t resist, and my soul was deeply attracted by you. This ruby necklace is my mother’s relic. I have carried it with me for many years. I hope you can accept it.”

Suddenly was confessed to by a stranger who he never met. Ye You was a little frightened at first, and then ten thousand of grass mud horses galloping past in his heart. He glanced at Frank’s epaulettes and thought this man’s military rank was bought with money ba? Doing things without thinking like this? He didn’t even know his married identity, and he just came to confess to him?

Du Yao walked to Ye You’s side and looked at Frank sharply.

Frank was stunned because of Du Yao’s eyes, and then immediately thought that he must also like Ye You, that means he was his rival in love, so he gave him a fierce glare.

“Please accept my, sincere love to you.” Frank looked at Ye You and said again: “I really love you. I love you from the bottom of my soul.”

“I’m already married. Before you come to confess, could it be that you didn’t ask about it first?” Ye You felt very angry. He was already married. It was too embarrassing to be confessed to in front of so many soldiers ba? Because of the anger in his heart, Ye You couldn’t help but ridiculed: “With your IQ, how can your leader feel relieved to let you lead the army?”

“Already, already married.” Frank stiffened, and then said immediately: “I don’t believe it, you are so young, you are only a teenager, how can you get married so early? Even if you don’t want to accept my confession immediately, please don’t use such a reason to hurt me, I can wait until you can accept me.”

Ghost would accept you1Original text is 接受你个鬼啊(jie shou ni ge gui a); lit. accept you are a ghost ah. Usually this was said like this : 我信你个鬼(wo xin ni ge gui); lit. means I believe you are a ghost.  This sentence became a summary of god level comments on internet to express inner dissatisfaction. For more info ▷!” Ye You was about to die of anger. Why were these foreigners’ brain was so full of love? When he was in the original world, because he often went abroad to play, he would often meet foreigners who confessed to him the first time he met, but he did not expected that in this world, in such an era, he would encounter again. Does he have any special physique that attracted the foreign countries?

“Did you see, this is my husband!” Ye You turned his head and saw Du Yao standing beside him, immediately holding his hand and said: “You confessed to me in front of my husband, do you think this is appropriate?”

“He, he is your husband?” Frank’s eyes widened in shock. After looking at Du Yao for a while, he looked at Ye You and said, “No, you lied to me, right?!”

“Who do you think you are? Do you worth it for me to specially lie to you?” Ye You glared at him and said, “I advise you to get out of the way, otherwise if you get beaten, don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

Ye You hugged Du Yao’s arm tightly. He was worried that Du Yao would not be able to control himself and hit someone directly. It would not be worthwhile to violate discipline for such a mental retarded and cause serious consequences.

After the soldiers in the back came back to their senses, they slowly gathered around, and everyone stared at Frank without expression.

Du Yao would not acted on Frank at this time, because the more angry he was, the more calm he was, and the person who makes him angry must accept the consequences.

Du Yao turned around and walked into the camp with his arms around Ye You, then gave Lin Dong a look, and Lin Dong nodded slightly.

“Wait a minute!” Frank still didn’t want to believe the fact that Ye You was married. He wanted to catch up, but was surrounded by a large group of soldiers.

“What are you doing, get out of the way for me!” Frank frowned.

In this country, in such an age, confessing to someone else’s wife in public was tantamount to blatantly humiliating the husband of the other person, this would forge a deep hatred.

These were soldiers that Du Yao had lead for several years. How could they tolerated Frank for humiliating Du Yao so much? Even the soldiers of the other two squadrons could not tolerate it.

Seeing the angry emotions in the eyes of these soldiers, Frank finally realized that things had became serious.

“Don’t do it now,” Lin Dong said coldly: “All disperse, there are still fifteen days to train.”

After listening to Lin Dong’s words, every soldier glanced at Frank, then slowly spread out in circles.

Ye You put down the lunch box and sat down,  he looked at Du Yao and said, “I know what you think in your heart. You have to take it easy a little bit, don’t killed others. The way foreigners thought is different from ours, it is not worthwhile to have conflicts between countries for such a person.”

“I know what to do, don’t worry.” Du Yao took out two cans of canned meat and put them on the table, then opened the lunch box.

“I’m afraid that you will get confused because of anger and do something without considering the consequences.” Ye You said, “I heard that in foreign countries, the people in that countries, if two men fall in love with a woman at the same time, if both are refuse to give up, then they will have a duel. Whoever survives will have the privilege. But he definitely doesn’t know that I’m married to you, otherwise he won’t confess in public. Just treat it as no harm no foul2Raw 不知者无罪(bù zhì zhě wú zuì);  direct translation is : ignorant is not guilty. Whole sentences is 你就当是不知者无罪(Nǐ jiù dāng shì bù zhì zhě wú zuì); you just treat it as ignorant is not guilty.….. Don’t know why I feel this sounded so awkward…. According to some comments on hinactive site, this also can mean no harm no foul... This also sounded a bit awkward…..but let’s use this sentence for now and for you guys who know Chinese, please let me know if there are better option 🙏 and just give him a proper lesson.”

Du Yao clipped a piece of meat to Ye You and said, “In your heart, am I that kind of impulsive and reckless person?”

Ye You stared at Du Yao for a while. He would say these things, not because he wanted to intercede with the man who confessed to him, but because he felt the dangerous aura emanating from Du Yao. He was worried that Du Yao would be overdoing because of his anger, so he just reminded him out loud.

“Anyway, you are not alone now. Before doing anything, you must think about me.” Ye You said.

“I’ve been thinking about you all the time, you are just like living in my head, always there all the time.” Du Yao sighed.

Ye You glared at Du Yao, kicked him under the table, and said, “I live in your mind, and you are still unwilling?”

“There is not enough time for me to be happy, why would I be unwilling?” Du Yao immediately coaxed: “Eat more. In the afternoon, you will also have training. Only when you are full can you have the strength to hold on.”

“Humph.” Ye You snorted softly and began to eat.

Frank was even more shocked than when the confrontation exercise failed. The expression on his face was extremely disappointed, as if the world was about to be destroyed.

“Captain, why don’t you eat anymore? Training starts in the afternoon.” Alger asked while eating bread.

“What did I do wrong?” Frank asked sadly, “Why is God of Love teasing me like this?”

Alger glanced at him, thinking that if God of Love could heard him, he might also feel very innocent. It was obvious that you fell in love with others casually, and still insisted on confessing.

“You said, is she lying to me?” Frank still had a little hope in his heart.

“I don’t think so. People in this country are very conservative. Even if he wants to lie to you, he wouldn’t use such an excuse, let alone hug a man in front of so many soldiers.” Alger calmly help him analyze: “And those soldiers’ eyes that looked at you was so angry, it must be because you offended their captain. Confessed to other people’s wives in front of his faces, even in our country, it is also a very rude and provocative behavior, but you just don’t know about it beforehand.”

The last bit of hope in Frank’s heart was shattered. He said painfully: “Why did he3Author use 他(ta) but keep in mind that Frank still doesn’t know YY is a boy. get married? Why did he get married so young?!”

“Good-looking and outstanding people are always the target to be vie over. When I was in school, all the beautiful girls in our school had boyfriends. As soon as they broke up, someone would immediately replacing. Sometimes someone had become a substitute even before breaking up.”

“How can my love leave me before it has started?” Frank put the ruby on his chest and closed his eyes thinking of Ye You’s smiling face.

Yet in Alger’s mind, he was even more confused about whether Ye You was a man or a woman.

The actual combat training has been in full swing, and after two or three days of one-to-one joint training, confrontation training has finally begun.

As soon as the mountain wrestling started, Frank immediately challenged Du Yao. He felt that since he had to face the reality that Ye You was already married, he must at least let the man who got him know what a precious treasure he possessed. If he can’t cherish it, someone will be willing to fight with his life and take this treasure away and he was the first one.

Du Yao was waiting for him. Since he proposed it himself, he certainly has no reason not to accept the challenge.

The soldiers of the two countries stood far apart on two sides. Du Yao and Frank stood on the open space in the middle. The left side was a hillside, and the right side was full of trees. The ground was uneven and there were many stones of different sizes. There were also several recorders4Remember their recorder is people who record the progress and result. sitting on a tall tree branches.

The so-called mountain wrestling was to adapt to everything that was naturally formed in the mountains, and to make these environments that would otherwise be unfavorable for fighting become the assistance for their own victory.

Ji Wen whispered to Ye You in a worried tone: “Someone won’t be killed, right?”

“……Probably not.” Ye You also whispered: “Du Yao is not such a person who doesn’t know the severity of things. Hasn’t he been able to hold it back these days and didn’t make a move on Frank?”

“But why do I feel that it is even more terrifying because Du Squadron didn’t make a move on Frank immediately?” Ji Wen said.

“Frank hasn’t come to provoke Du Yao these days, so Du Yao didn’t attack him. Now it is him who provokes Du Yao, and he deserves a beating.” Ye You said, “Don’t worry, before the accident, I will stopped it out loud.”

After the two looked at each other for a while, Frank suddenly aimed at Du Yao’s face and punched quickly and violently. Du Yao tilted his head, and Frank’s fist wiped past Du Yao’s cheek.

“Damn!” Ye You cursed angrily: “Go as far as to hit his face, didn’t he know when hitting someone you don’t hit their face?!”

Ye You felt very angry. It was because what he fancy was Du Yao’s face at that time and then he just fall for this person. If Frank dared to hurt Du Yao’s face, he must use a silver needle to stabbed Frank within an inch of his life.

Frank swung several punches at Du Yao again and again, but they were all in vain. Du Yao easily avoided him, and then looked at him coldly.

Frank was irritated by the contemptuous look in Du Yao’s eyes. He roared and rushed towards Du Yao, using a boxing posture, and shook his fists quickly and vigorously at Du Yao.

Du Yao at first kept backing away and avoiding, and then he kicked a stone to Frank’s feet. Frank stepped on the stone. When his body was unstable and about to fall to the ground, he was kicked by Du Yao on his lower abdomen.

“Ah!” Frank screamed, and immediately knelt on the ground, clutching his stomach.

Du Yao walked over, grabbed the clothes on Frank’s chest, lifted him up, and kicking his stomach again.

Frank resisted the pain, stood up quickly, and punched Du Yao again. Du Yao raised his hand to block Frank’s fist, and used his skill to resolve his strength. When Frank hadn’t reacted yet, Du Yao punched harder on Frank’s chest.

“Puff!” Frank spit out saliva, and then he felt a sharp pain in his chest.

In the next scene, it was Du Yao who was beating people unilaterally, and Frank didn’t have the power to fight back at all.

When Frank was beaten and could not stand still, Du Yao picked him up again, then with one shoulder throw, he threw him under the hillside. Frank rolled down like a wooden stake, his face and everywhere was scratched by stones and branches.

Frank was stopped by a tree, and he hugged his stomach in pain. Du Yao was about to jump down and continue beating him.

“Du Yao!” Ye You yelled.

Du Yao heard Ye You called him, so he stopped and didn’t jump down. He said to the soldiers next to him: “Let their soldiers get him up, and the others continue to practice mountain wrestling.”

Alger took people down and helped Frank up, and then he was sent to the camp. After their military doctor checked him and confirmed that his bones were not broken, it should be just a skin trauma, he gave him a painkiller and then asked him to rest well.

“Captain, there will be very important confrontation exercises to seize the top of the hill in a few days. I think you should not provoke Du Yao anymore. Otherwise, the injury will be aggravated and the subsequent confrontation exercises will definitely lose again. When Marshal Bunaber knows about your performance, he will definitely be very angry.” Alger persuaded.

“I won’t give up!” Frank wanted to roar, but his chest and stomach were too painful, and the painkillers hadn’t worked yet. He couldn’t make a loud voice: “I must teach him a lesson!”

“So you are still going to challenge him?” Alger’s thoughts were, are you still planning to go for a beating?

Frank gasped vigorously, and said after a while of silence: “There must be other ways. We are Venomous Bees that using cruel methods, a venomous bees that will use any means in order to achieve our goals!”

After Alger was taken prisoner by Du Yao in the last actual combat exercise, he can see that Du Yao was a very unusual person, and Frank was not his opponent at all. He can’t stopped it if Frank was looking for death, he just hoped that he(F) wouldn’t implicated himself(A).


After dark, the soldiers made a small fire in the open space, not for heating, but for lighting.

Tonight, it was Ye You’s turn to perform. He walked out of the camp with the violin, then stood by the fire and began to play.

The soldiers sat close together in twos and threes, some with their eyes closed, following the tune into their emotions, listening carefully. Some watched Ye You and listened. They watched the flames imprinted on Ye You’s body. Such a beautiful picture, combined with the melodious violin music, made them intoxicated, because they were soothed in their minds and even the fatigue and pain of their bodies seemed to be relieved a lot.

The soldiers of Aurico originally rested in the camp. After hearing the violin music, they also endured the pain in their bodies, and walked out of the camp one after another, and then found a place to sit down and watch Ye You.

Why did it sound so good? He wanted to walked out and take a look, but it was okay for him to stay still, when he moved his body was in pain.

After struggling for a long time, Frank5Original text 澳瑞科(Ào ruì kē ); Aurico. This might be typo 😅 I assume author means Frank…that poor guy (ノ_<。)ヾ(´ ▽ ‘ ) finally decided to go out and have a look. He gritted his teeth harder to resist the pain, covered his stomach with his hands, and slowly moved outside.

Frank6Again, 澳瑞科(Ào ruì kē ); Aurico. Typo guys 😅  looked at Ye You who was standing by the fire, and was immediately stunned, then his eyes became obsessed and focused.

Alger glanced at Frank, knowing that Frank has really fall this time and couldn’t help himself. He looked at Ye You again, thinking that such a good and charming person actually existed in this world, and it was no wonder that Frank was trapped so deeply. If the time spent with him was a little longer, perhaps even himself going to be tempted.

After Ye You finished playing, the soldiers all returned to the camp to rest. Du Yao walked over to take the violin in Ye You’s hand, and then walked back to the camp with his(DY) arms around him(YY).

Frank saw the two walking into the same camp intimately, he was so jealous that his eyes were red, he went back to the camp and lay down, but he felt like he had eaten a hundred lemons, so sour that he was about to die.

After a brief washing, Ye You lay down on the bed, and when Du Yao went to bed, he lay down in his arms.

Du Yao lowered his head and kissed Ye You’s face and lips lightly, and his hand reached into his clothes.

“Don’t…” Ye You said with his eyes closed, “We will be heard by others.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t go in.” Du Yao whispered in Ye You’s ear.

Ye You bit his lower lip, trying not to make a sound.


“Tomorrow’s load-bearing cross-country route will be the three most difficult roads in the mountains. You must be careful. It doesn’t matter if you walk slowly, but you must pay attention to safety and protect yourself.” Du Yao whispered, he felt so much worry in his heart and thought of following Ye You, but according to the rules and procedures, he can’t accompany him all the way.

“Well, I know.” Ye You replied in a low voice, “Didn’t you say that there will be soldiers guarding along the way? Don’t worry too much.”

“Soldiers will only help if necessary, and once they agree to let the soldiers help, the training points for this time will be cancelled. I am worried that you will push yourself.” Du Yao said in Ye You’s ear: “Let me tell you…….”

“Don’t tell me.” Ye You covered Du Yao’s mouth and said, “If you help me cheating and let me know the things that others don’t know, wouldn’t it be unfair to others? Don’t worry about me. I will be cautious and will not try to push myself.”

Du Yao sighed, patted Ye You’s back and said, “Go to sleep, you will be refreshed tomorrow when you sleep enough.”

“Yeah.” Ye You pressed his face to Du Yao’s chest and fell asleep soon.


Early the next morning, the soldiers had already set off and waited. Ye You and the others began to draw lots. There were three different roads, and they would be taken the road that they draw out. Since it was an actual combat training, there will definitely be mission content, and the content of the mission they received was to transfer accordingly to the designated route and arrive at the designated location.

After the draw, Ye You stood with Ji Wen and Zhao Yu,  they looked at each other’s colors. If they got the same route, they would have a companion on the road. But the magical thing was that the three of them got three different routes.

“You guys should be careful on the road, pay attention to safety.” Ye You said.

“You too.” Ji Wen said.

Zhao Yu nodded.

As soon as the departure time came, everyone quickly left in three different directions.

See you next chapter! o(〃^▽^〃)o

  • 1
    Original text is 接受你个鬼啊(jie shou ni ge gui a); lit. accept you are a ghost ah. Usually this was said like this : 我信你个鬼(wo xin ni ge gui); lit. means I believe you are a ghost.  This sentence became a summary of god level comments on internet to express inner dissatisfaction. For more info ▷
  • 2
    Raw 不知者无罪(bù zhì zhě wú zuì);  direct translation is : ignorant is not guilty. Whole sentences is 你就当是不知者无罪(Nǐ jiù dāng shì bù zhì zhě wú zuì); you just treat it as ignorant is not guilty.….. Don’t know why I feel this sounded so awkward…. According to some comments on hinactive site, this also can mean no harm no foul... This also sounded a bit awkward…..but let’s use this sentence for now and for you guys who know Chinese, please let me know if there are better option 🙏
  • 3
    Author use 他(ta) but keep in mind that Frank still doesn’t know YY is a boy.
  • 4
    Remember their recorder is people who record the progress and result.
  • 5
    Original text 澳瑞科(Ào ruì kē ); Aurico. This might be typo 😅 I assume author means Frank…that poor guy (ノ_<。)ヾ(´ ▽ ‘ )
  • 6
    Again, 澳瑞科(Ào ruì kē ); Aurico. Typo guys 😅
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