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SRA Chapter 45

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.45: Smile Gradually Awkward

In this country, there was a custom that on the third and sixth days of the Spring Festival, in-laws will visit and sent gifts to each other. On the third day, husband’s family will sent gifts to the wife’s family. The heavier the gifts, they expressed the more satisfied one were with their daughter-in-law and would like to thank the in-laws for teaching their children well. On the sixth day, the wife’s family will come to visit and sent gifts to the in-law’s family in return. It means to asked the husband’s family to forgive and care more for their children. 1Raw 婆家(po jia); husband’s family娘家(niang jia); wife’s family. Both are translated as in-laws. Tbh, this whole in-laws, sent and return gifts thingy make me see star. 😵

Early in the morning of the third day, Du Zhenfeng and Qin Yuwei, as well as Du Yao’s uncle and aunt, were about to set off to visit and sent gifts to Ye You’s parents. They were originally prepared for three cars, with four of them in one car, and the other two car was used to put the gifts, but his uncles prepared too many gifts and couldn’t fit in two cars. So, they drove two more cars out, there were many cars in the house anyway.

“Also brought this one. I almost forgot.” Zhao Lingling ran out hurriedly, carrying two large bags of things.

“Can they still fit in the cars?” Li Yan looked at the cars behind, looking for a car that could still fit in.

“Give it to me, the car we are sitting in can fit some more.” Qin Yuwei said, and then took the things over.

“You go there with an important task, must thank them properly ah,” Zhao Lingling said to Lu Jinlan.

“I know, don’t need to remind me, we’re leaving.” Lu Jinlan raised her hand and got into the car.

The snow began to melt yesterday. On a rare sunny day today, many old men and old ladies in the family residential area went out for a walk, so the car drove very slowly before leaving the family residential area. As they were sitting in the car, there were many people saying hello to them along the way.

“Yuwei, where are you going this early morning?”

“We’re going to send gifts to in-laws.” Qin Yuwei poked her head and said with a smile.

“Oh, yes, look at my memory.”

“Oh, Zhenfeng, are you going to your in-laws’ house?”

“Yes, good morning, Uncle Cheng.” Du Zhenfeng replied.

“His(DY) uncle and aunt are going, too?”

“Yes.” Lu Jinlan replied with a smile.

Su Ping stood outside the gate of the house next door, chatting happily with a group of people. Suddenly saw Du family’s cars coming by, everyone stopped talking and looked at it at the same time. Until five cars were driving far away at the same time, only then they started talking again.

“Bring so many gifts ah? The Du family is really generous.”

“Yes, I’ve lived until this old, and I have never seen anyone went to in-laws to send gift and brought a few car of gifts.”

“Brought so many gifts, how much does the Du family like Ye You?”

“Du’s household has a lot of family members, and Du Yao’s uncles are all back. They definitely want to send gifts, naturally there are a lot more of gifts.”

“I heard from my granddaughter that Ye You is now a celebrity in the Cultural Regiment. Their Head Leader and Deputy Leader value him very much. The other legions are also vying to let him perform. Can Du family not value and like such an excellent person?”

“I think that the Du family values Ye You because Ye You’s parents hired a Genius Doctor to cured Du Yao. The Du family must be grateful.”

“Yeah, anyone would be grateful for it, too. In that case, those gifts are nothing.”

“I found out that since Ye You married into the Du family, this Yuwei is like has changed into another person.”

“Isn’t it? My daughter-in-law told me that what Yuwei wears and using now was all bought for her by Ye You. So many of Yuwei’s beautiful dresses, she(her daughter-in-law) couldn’t buy it even if she wanted to spend money, because it was Ye You who draw the styles and patterns, and then let his own family’s tailor made them.”

“Really? With such a caring daughter-in-law, it’s no wonder that even Yuwei looks ten years more younger and beautiful now.”

“No wonder they brought so many gifts. They want to thank his parents for teaching such a good child, outstanding, but still caring.”

“Sometimes I talked with Old Madam Du, and she keep boasting about Ye You, saying he’s good everywhere. She also said that their family’s Du Yao is blessed, so he can marry someone as good as Ye You.”

Su Ping stood on the side listening, her face getting more and more ugly, but the others were too engaged and excited in talking, completely forgetting that Ye Chen also married into the Du family, and Ye Chen’s mother was standing next to them. Just now she was still talking happily with them ne.

An old lady who was usually a bit more shrewd, her sight suddenly swept over Su Ping, only then she reacted, and said, “This Ye You ah, indeed very outstanding, but I think Ye Chen is also very good.”

After others listened, they also suddenly reacted.

“Yes, Ye Chen is actually not bad, too.”

“Yeah, Ye Chen is pretty good too.”

“That’s right, I heard that Ye Chen is also very good in the Cultural Regiment.”

“Yeah, I heard that too.”

The smiles of a group of people gradually became awkward, all were in agreement, but no one could tell in what way Ye Chen was doing good.

Su Ping reluctantly pulled out a smile and said, “I’ll go back and see how things are prepared for my in-laws.”

The others nodded immediately and said ‘yes’, have her go and take a look.

The smile on Su Ping’s face disappeared as soon as she turned around, and she walked back with an ugly face.

As soon as Su Ping sat down on the sofa in the hall, the helper came over and said to her: “Ma’am, all the dishes in the kitchen are ready, please take a look.”

“What is there to prepare?! No need to prepare!” Su Ping said angrily.

Ye Jianxian put down the newspaper in his hand, raised his hand, let the helper to leave first, and then asked: “What’s wrong? Just now you were still happy, saying going outside to see if Du Hao’s parents are here. Who had make you angry?”

“What is there to come?!” Su Ping said angrily: “Du Hao’s father and Du Yao’s mother went to send gifts to the eldest, and they definitely won’t come to our house in the morning.”

After Ye Jianxian froze for a while, he found an excuse for Du Zhenfeng and said: “After all, Du Yao is older than Du Hao, seniority are in order. It is not an incomprehensible thing that they go to the eldest’s house first. Isn’t it the same in other families? “

“Can our family’s situation be the same as other’s? I just don’t understand. The eldest’s family is just a merchant. Also, aren’t you an official? Moreover, there’s still father. Why shouldn’t they come to our house first? And the distance is so close, no matter how slower they drive, it will be only take a few minutes. Wouldn’t it be more convenient to go to the eldest’s house after having a meal at our house?!”

“What’s the use of you getting angry at me?” Ye Jianxian sighed and said, “Since they have gone to the eldest’s house first, what can we do? Can we still call them back? Maybe they decided to go to the eldest’s house first this year and then next year maybe they will come to our house first.”

“You just don’t know, people in the family residential area nowadays, as long as they talk about Ye You, they were all praising him like he is something. When they talk about our Ye Chen, they have nothing to say. It was not like this before. In the past when we go out, who doesn’t praise our Ye Chen’s excellence? Now it’s become like this, isn’t it because Du family only praises Ye You outside, and doesn’t even mention our Ye Chen! I just don’t understand, our Ye Chen, in which way is he no better than Ye You, their Du family must be very partial!”

“The Du family has always paid more attention to Du Yao. It’s not a surprise that they value Ye You because of Du Yao. Isn’t Du Hao still valued by the Sun family? Moreover, our family is originally from the same faction as the Sun family. Over the years, father also have had a lot of conflicts with the Old Master of the Du family. They value Ye You even more, which is actually something that can be expected.”

Although Su Ping felt that Ye Jianxian’s words had some truth, she still felt angry: “But Ye Chen lives in the Du’s house after all, not in Sun’s house. Now even the people outside know that Du family values Ye You more, I don’t know if Ye Chen were mistreated at the Du’s house!”

Ye Jianxian can only sighed: “They are married already, what’s the use of talking about these now? Let’s wait a few days until we go to pick up Ye Chen back, you can ask him what is the situation at the Du family, if he is really mistreated at the Du family, then have him and Du Hao find an excuse to move out and live alone, so we can also take care of them more easily. But Du Hao’s mother might not agree. If it doesn’t work, asked father to talk to Elder Sun.”

Su Ping could only sighed, then got up and went to the kitchen. Although just now she said doesn’t need to prepared, she was just saying in a moment of anger. When Du Zhenfeng and Sun Ting arrived at noon and their family really didn’t prepare anything, it would mean a complete falling out, and Ye Chen’s life in Du family might be even more sad.

Sun Ting was also preparing gifts for Ye Chen’s parents at home. She had asked Du Hao’s uncles2Brothers from his mother’s side to sent the gifts to the Du family from the day before yesterday, in order to give them to Ye Chen’s parents. They were no less than the gifts sent to Ye You’s parents.

Du Yao’s uncles, like the Old Master and the Old Madam, have long been dissatisfied with Sun Ting’s way to always letting the Sun family called the shots for Du Hao’s matter, but it was not good to said it out, after all, Sun Ting’s status was originally awkward in the Du family. Du Hao was also a descendant of the Du family, naturally, the Du family also values him, but everyone were all mutual3 Original text 可是人都是互相的(Kěshì rén dōu shì hù xiàng de); but people were all mutual. 互相 here is mutual, mutually or each other. I hope I didn’t get it wrong 😅. Since Sun Ting wanted Du Hao to care more about the people in the Sun family and everything was based on the opinions of the Sun family, then they(Du family) were inconvenient to force it, they can only give in.

Just like previously when Du Yao went to the war zone in Southern border, the Du family originally wanted Du Hao to go too, but Sun family did not agreed. They said that going to the warzone in Southern border, the opportunity for meritorious service was not much, and the possibility of death was too great, there was no need to take that risk. Then both Sun Ting and Du Hao choose to listen to the opinions and arrangements of the Sun family. This matter was just one of the things Sun Ting and Du Hao had done that chilled the Du family’s hearts over the years. Who would like to keep showing warm feeling but always meet with cold rebuked?

Du Yao’s uncles and aunts, because when Ye You’s parent had invited Elder Xu to treat Du Yao, they were not there at that time and they were not able to gave them gifts to show gratitude, so they were now making up for it. However, they also prepared gifts for Ye Chen’s parents, only a little bit less than what they prepared for Ye You’s parents.

According to the custom, it should be the husband’s family sending gifts to the wife’s family, and only uncles( from Du family) can adding gifts, otherwise the Qin family would also giving gifts. But Sun Ting made it seemed that their Du family excluded and ignored Du Hao. She asked the Sun family to send the gifts to Du family’s house earlier, regardless of the customs. It was just to show that even if the Du family didn’t valued Du Hao, Du Hao would also be valued by her Sun family, as if she was in a fit of pique with someone.

Du Yao’s uncles felt uncomfortable looking at them, so they reduced the gifts by two to thirty percent before they took them out.

After Du Zhenfeng and the others returned to Du’s house, they went directly with Sun Ting to sent gifts to Ye Chen’s parents. Du Zhensheng and Lu Jinlan also went with them. Although they didn’t like Sun Ting, but Du Hao was a descendant belonged to Du family. If their difference in treatment to them were too obvious, outsiders would definitely make irresponsible remarks, and Du Hao’s face will also be unsightly. Even if they don’t think for Sun Ting, they also had to think for Du Hao.

Su Ping saw that the gifts they brought were no less than those for Ye You’s parents, there was even a little more, so her heart felt a lot more comfortable, and she welcome them with a smile on her face.

On the sixth day of the new year, Ye You’s parents came to Du family’s house to present the gifts in return, and then they planned to take Ye You home to stay for a few days.

Originally, since Du Zhenfeng and Sun Ting went to sent gifts to Ye Chen’s parents at noon, they should also come to present the gifts in return at noon, but Su Ping felt that she couldn’t swallowed this anger, early in the morning she stubbornly came to Du family’s house to sent gifts in return. So, they collided with Ye You’s parents.

Du Yao’s uncles and aunts were happily welcoming Ye You’s parents and they were all stunned when Ye Chen’s parents came suddenly. But since everyone has arrived, they can only welcome them with a smile, but more or less they feel a little uncomfortable in their hearts. Fortunately, they have many family members. If they were replaced by those family with many brothers with only few uncles4Original text 兄弟多叔伯少的人家. I don’t understand why it will be a mess if many 兄弟(xiong di);brothers,  but less 叔伯(shu bo);uncles??? (´・ω・’)?, and they came together without even saying hello, wouldn’t it be a mess?

Sun Ting did not expected Ye Chen’s parents to come at this time, but although she did not expected it, her thoughts in her heart were the same as Su Ping’s. She felt that since Ye You’s parents could come in the morning, why can’t Ye Chen’s parent? Although Du Yao is older than Du Hao, but Ye Chen is older than Ye You ah.

It was just that after seeing the comparison of the gifts brought by Ye Chen’s parents and Ye You’s parents, the smile on her face stiffened, then she immediately comforted herself in her heart. Ye You’s parents were merchant and only have those few stinky money that can fill the occasions.

After the man and the woman sat down together separately, they started chatting. Xu Yun went out with them several times before and was already familiar with them. Especially her relationship with Qin Yuwei and Lu Jinlan was very good. They were also very natural while chatting together.

It was the first time for Su Ping to meet these aunts. After greeting each other, she didn’t know what topic to talk about, so she waited for them to take the initiative to find a topic, it will be easy for her to answer.

Xu Yun originally was able to speak well, and when chatted with Lu Jinlan and Zhao Lingling, there was too much to say, and it made everyone amused. The three of them were ‘you said one word I said one word‘. Not only the Old Madam keep laughing, even the young ones sitting at the side also laughed.

At the men’s side, they must inevitably wanted to talked about the current state of the country. Although Ye Jiande was in business, but he has contacted no fewer officials than Ye Jianxian, so he knows what and how to talked to the Du family. Ye Jianxian was just a small official with no real power. If it weren’t for relying on Elder Ye, he wouldn’t even be able to climb up to his current position.

Ye Jianxian just sitting like this, and found that the more Ye Jiande talked with them, the happier he became, also the more they talked, the more speculative it became, and gradually he couldn’t even take part in the talks, he didn’t even understand some of the words they were saying.

These big men in the Du family have been in high positions for a long time, and they never consider about whether someone next to them can insert in a words or not, so Ye Jianxian just sat like this, and sometimes he shows a look of confusion and doubt, and he did not say a word for a long time.

On the women’s side, although Su Ping was almost unable to intervene, but women were more careful than men and more concerned about other people’s feelings than men. Seeing Su Ping didn’t speak, they take turns to chat with her from time to time, lest she just sit there awkwardly.

But even so, Su Ping looked at Xu Yun and Du’s family chatting happily, she still felt very uncomfortable, and felt that they treated herself lightly. Especially after listening to their endless praise of Ye You, she felt even more unhappy.

Xu Yun grabbed Ye You’s hand, patted the back of his hand, and said with a smile: “This kid ah, he has been spoiled by me and his dad since he was a child. At home, everything is to accommodate him and follow along with him. Me and his dad was worried that after he got married, he would still be as headstrong as before. Fortunately, he married into a generous family like you who are willing to tolerate him more. If he does not do well, I have to trouble you to teach him.”

“Look at what you said, what kind of education that we can only call him good then?” Zhao Lingling said: “We still want Ye You to help us educate these few young ones ne. We can’t educated a child to be as good as Ye You.”

“That’s right.” Lu Jinlan said: “Ye You’s conducts and mannerisms, if it were placed in the previous feudal dynasty, it would be qualified sending him to be choose as the crown princess.”

“I told Yuwei two days ago that I really want to put my two daughters here for two years, so that they can learn with Ye You how to conduct themselves and how to treat relatives and friends. When they married in the future, I also can feel relieved.” Su Min said, “Unfortunately, Ye You spends most of his time in the Cultural Regiment. My two daughters have reached a critical time in their studies too. It would be good if Ye You could marry into our family a few years earlier.”

Ye Chen seemed to be used to such a scene, sitting silently beside Su Ping without saying a word. The elders were chatting and talking, as the younger ones, they could only sit by the side, it was not good to interrupt casually, and he was also happy not to speak.

But Su Ping’s heart was getting more and more uncomfortable, she can see that their praise for Ye You were all from the heart, wishing that they can say all the words of praise they knows. But when it comes to Ye Chen, then it was just he is very obedient, sensible, and hard working. Listening to it, one can see that it was a polite way of complimenting other people’s children.

Xu Yun also saw that they really liked and satisfied with Ye You, so she was very happy and gratified that Ye You could become mature and sensible immediately after getting married. If he was still had the same temperament, she and his dad might have to worried that they couldn’t even sleep well.

After the food in the kitchen was ready, everyone moved to the dining hall to eat. During the meal, they talked from how Ye You gave the soldiers some extra food for the spring festival, to talked about the canned food sold by the Ye family, and how good they were selling now.

They did not leave until almost noon, and then Ye You and Ye Chen were also taken back to stay for a while before coming back.

After they left, the Du family thought in their hearts, it was no wonder that the gap between Ye You and Ye Chen was so big, and the gap between Ye Jiande and Ye Jianxian’s couple was not only a little bit. Ye Chen usually, although there was nothing wrong, but there was also nothing outstanding, he was not as thoughtful and generous as Ye You. Now it seemed, with Ye Jianxian and his wife behavior like this, it was already quite good to be able to teach Ye Chen like that.

Ye You returned to his parents’ house, Du Yao was bored at home, and after holding it for two days, he also ran to stay at the Ye’s house.

A few days later, Du Yao’s uncles were leaving one after another. Du Yao’s Eldest uncle and his family was going north. It must still be snowing in the north, and the road must be inconvenient. The Old Master and the Old Madam repeatedly told them to be careful on the road. The others were going south and it was time the weather in the south was most comfortable. It was just that they were outside, they(the Elder) must also worried, so it was inevitable they were told over and over again to be more careful and pay attention to safety.

They came with big and small bags, and now they were leaving with big and small bags, too. There was a lot of unwillingness in their hearts, but also looking forward to the next meeting and reunion.

Du Zhensheng and Lu Jinlan were the last to leave. Lu Jinlan took Qin Yuwei’s hand and said reluctantly: “We won’t be able to see each other for another year. You have to take care of your body and always give me a call me.”

“The same with you.” Qin Yuwei said with tears in her eyes, patted Lu Jinlan’s hand.

“In another two years, Zhensheng should have the opportunity to be transferred back. When that time comes, we can accompany each other again. Then we can go shopping together, buy beautiful skirts, and buy lipsticks with beautiful colors……” Lu Jinlan said as she resisted the sadness of parting.

“We are waiting for you to come back.” Qin Yuwei said.

Every year was the happiest when they get together and the saddest when it was time to leave. They just hope that the day when there was only happiness and no sadness will come as soon as possible.

Watching the car drove far away until it disappeared, only then Du Zhenfeng hugged Qin Yuwei and walked into the yard.

Du Yao and Ye You’s vacation was about to end, but they still had two or three days off, yet they were suddenly asked to report back in advance.

After the two went to report back on their period of absence, they learned the news that Aurico5Raw 澳瑞科国(Ào ruì kē guó). I don’t know if this is a name of a real country or just a country author made up. If anyone know please comments~ TQ country would send troops to conduct confrontation exercises.

Aurico was one of this world’s five powerful country. Sending troops to conduct confrontation exercises between country can be regarded as a way to sound out each other’s real situation.

As soon as Ye You returned to the Cultural Regiment, he was called to the Head Leader’s office. Head Leader and Deputy Leader personally told him about this matter. Because after the arrival of Aurico, they will not only conduct military combat exercises, but they will also bring their own military band to compared with them. So Head Leader and Deputy Leader asked Ye You how was his practiced of the Po Zhen dance, and whether they could use the Po Zhen dance to compete with them after the Literary and Art soldiers sent by the Aurico Country arrived, and shocked them.

Ye You himself has no problem, as long as the other dancers can seize the time to practice and then make no mistakes. The Head Leader immediately called Zhao Yuan to let her assisted Ye You in choosing the dancers and supervise the practice. It was necessary to practice to the best level after the people from Aurico arrived.

  • 1
    Raw 婆家(po jia); husband’s family娘家(niang jia); wife’s family. Both are translated as in-laws. Tbh, this whole in-laws, sent and return gifts thingy make me see star. 😵
  • 2
    Brothers from his mother’s side
  • 3
     Original text 可是人都是互相的(Kěshì rén dōu shì hù xiàng de); but people were all mutual. 互相 here is mutual, mutually or each other. I hope I didn’t get it wrong 😅
  • 4
    Original text 兄弟多叔伯少的人家. I don’t understand why it will be a mess if many 兄弟(xiong di);brothers,  but less 叔伯(shu bo);uncles??? (´・ω・’)?
  • 5
    Raw 澳瑞科国(Ào ruì kē guó). I don’t know if this is a name of a real country or just a country author made up. If anyone know please comments~ TQ
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