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SRA Chapter 46

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.46: Was Infuriated and Told the Truth

Together, Ye You and Zhao Yuan selected the backup dancers for the Po Zhen dance in the dance team. Head Leader has issued an order, that everyone in the Dance team must fully cooperated and follow their arrangements.

Zhao Yuan and Ye You were sitting behind a long table, with the name register of the Dance team in front of them, those who standing behind them with a relax appearance were the team members who performed the dance performance with Ye You last time. They were considered to have experience in playing drums while dancing, so, they were automatically selected.

“Let me declare first that we do not force anyone to participate, everyone must adopt voluntarily principle. Those who are willing to participate in the Po Zhen dance will come out one by one in order and demonstrate for a bit according to our requirements. Those who do not want to participate, can rest at the side or going to other practice rooms for individual practice, it’s not that everyone can participate anyway. If you participate in the examination dance, but do not cooperate in the practice, or deliberately drag us back, I will definitely report to the Head Leader and Deputy Leader, I think they will deal with it seriously.” Zhao Yuan said after warning, “Okay, let’s start.”

The team members stepped forward one by one in order. At the request of Zhao Yuan and Ye You, they demonstrated some moves, and then the two recorded the performance of these people. Because the Po Zhen dance was a large-scale dance, in addition to Ye You who as the lead dancer must perform well, the other backup dancers must also cooperated very tacitly. Dance in different positions required different basic skills. After watching the demonstrations of the team members, only then they can make a suitable position arrangement.

As the leader of the Dance team, Liu Hui did not only has no right in the decision-making, but also has no right to participate in this performance, because the Deputy Leader has already said that she must not interfered in any dance performance of Ye You. So, now she can only stand on one side and watching, pretending to be indifferent on the surface, but in fact she was already very angry in her heart.

In addition to Ye Chen, who was standing beside Liu Hui, there were also few people who fawned on Liu Hui and became Liu Hui’s confidants. They felt that Zhao Yuan and Ye You would definitely not choose them. Instead of offending Liu Hui and being eliminated after participating in the selection, it was better to expressed their attitude from the beginning that they did not want to participate, rather than not being selected.

On the second day, Ye You and Zhao Yuan announced the results of their discussion. All the members who participated in the examination dance were selected, but some members whose basic skills were worse than others, can only stand on the edge position and dance some simple moves. If they expressed that they don’t want to participate now, it wasn’t too late.

Those who participated in the examination dance were nervous all night, heard that all of them could participate, they were very happy. Because this kind of opportunity to win glory for the Cultural Regiment and even for the country, as long as they can participated, they were already very happy.

In addition to practicing in the dance team, Ye You also had to choose one of the other two team to practice. After discussing with the two team leaders, Ye You decided to rehearsed with the Musical band because he heard that the Military band of Aurico was very famous in their1Raw 在他们国内(Zài tāmen guónèi); in/within their country. I’m not sure it this means in Aurico’s or YY’s country. country, and the Musical band leader discussed with Ye You and wanted to compete with them using National Musical instruments.

Although the leader of the Vocal band felt a little disappointed, but the amount of practice for the other two teams was too great. Ye You’s body certainly couldn’t support the three team’s practicing at the same time. For the sake of the overall situation, he had to give in.

Therefore, in addition to rehearsing in the dance team every day, Ye You also went home with Xu Jingyuan in the afternoon to practice Chinese Lute2Pipa. Check the pics below XD under the guidance of Xu Jingyuan’s father. In the original owner Ye You’s information, in addition to playing the violin, he can also play the piano, flute, and chinese lute. The original owner Ye You, indeed can played. When he participated in the selection and assessment of the Cultural Regiment, he had performed all, but the performance of other instruments, not as good as the violin. However, he can played many musical instruments, which has also become an important advantage for him to be selected into the Cultural Regiment. Ye You decided that apart from these few instruments, he would never show that he can played any other instruments.

Ye You’s practice time everyday was too long, the Head Leader and Deputy Leader were worried that it would be too much for his body, so they gave him a lot of special care. In order to allow him to have a better rest at night, he was also arranged in the dormitory building with a separate small suite that only teachers and team leaders have.

In the afternoon, the others had dinner in the cafeteria and returned to the dormitory to rest. Some people planned to take a short break and then went to the practice room to continue practicing. There were also some people who felt so tired and prepared to go to bed early, then get up early to practice tomorrow.

Suddenly several middle-aged women appeared, carrying food and soup in their hands, and walked into the dormitory, which attracted the attention of others.

“It smells so good, what are they here for?”

“Your news are not that fast and abundant. They are here to deliver food to Ye You. This was specifically approved by the Head Leader. Ye You can bring a cook from his own house to specially cook for him..”

“Really? This is too good, right. I also want a cook who can specially cooks for me. I love sweet and sour pork ribs the most. The sweet and sour pork ribs looked so delicious just now. I really want to take a bite.”

“If you know how to dance Po Zhen dance and play the Chinese lute(pipa), then you will get a treatment like him.”

“I…I only think about it.”

“I heard that Ye You not only has a cook who specially cooking for him now, the Deputy Leader also assigns few Medical team members to check his body every day and use plasters to help him relieve muscle soreness, so that he can practice better.”

“This is really a special protection ah. I really want to experience how it feels to be so valued.”

“Speaking of muscle soreness, I also want to go to the Medical team and get two plasters. I have been very sore these two days.”

Ye You’s current suite was in the innermost one on the floor where he originally lived. Those few people carrying food pass by the door of other dormitories, attracting people in the dormitory to stand at the door and looked outside.  They keep looking until they(the middle age women) entered Ye You’s suite, only then they walked back to where they were originally sitting. Some people were envious and jealous in their hearts, and some people motivated themselves, determined to work harder and make progress.

Ye Chen sat and leaning on his bed, looking like he was thinking about something. The complicated emotions in his heart made him feel exhausted.

After the food was put on the table, Ye You said to Ji Wen and Zhao Yu who were sitting on the sofa: “You guys also sit down and eat together.”

“We have eaten in the cafeteria.” Ji Wen said.

“But with so many dishes,  I couldn’t finish it all by myself, isn’t this a waste? You guys eat some dishes, just treat it as helping me, moreover, it’s really boring to eat by myself.”

Ji Wen and Zhao Yu sat down, Ye You took a pair of chopsticks for each of them, and then chatted while eating.

“If I knew earlier, I should also learn one kind of National Classic Musical Instrument. I only can play accordion and piano, this time can’t participate in the performance, I am really disappointed. This time our Cultural Regiment does not have enough people who can play National Classic Musical Instruments. Head Leader specially transferred people from other Cultural Regiment over.”

“It’s not too late for you to start learning now. After you learned, it will definitely have the opportunity to come in handy.” Ye You said.

“Well, I’m already prepare to learn Guqin3Check the pics below XD from Teacher Tang. I’m really not good at playing wind instrument4Check the pics below XD type, my lung capacity is not enough.” After Ji Wen finished speaking, he asked, “Are you going to the Team Leader Xu’s house to practice again later?”

“Yeah.” Ye You said, “Before the official start of the performance, I must go there. Must practice to the best possible level. We can’t lose face in front of foreigners, right?”

“Team Leader Xu’s father is actually a well-known Chinese Lute Master, I didn’t even know about this before. Also, isn’t Team Leader Xu’s expertise in violin? I never heard that he can play Chinese Lute ah, why didn’t he learn from his father?”

“Leader Xu said that he had learned when he was a child, but he was not talented enough and did not learn well, so his father stop teaching him. He felt that instead of letting him learn in a half-baked, it would be better not to learn. Later on the Team Leader Xu was very interested with the violin, the Old Master was very supportive of him to learn (the violin).”

“This Old Master’s idea is really different from everyone. Doesn’t most people want their children to inherit their mantle?”

“I think the Old Master is a very open-minded person. He doesn’t force his children to learn what they don’t like, but give them full support to what they like. If he insisted that Team Leader Xu learn the Chinese Lute, then Team Leader Xu might not be able to enter the Cultural Regiment, or he entered the Cultural Regiment but won’t be the Team Leader.”

Ji Wen nodded, feeling that what Ye You said made sense.

After Ye You finished eating, he took a short rest and then set off to Xu Jingyuan’s house.

Elder Xu was very happy to teach Ye You, because he think Ye You was very talented, it can be said to be a genius. He watched Ye You’s obvious progress day by day, and his heart was particularly happy. He felt that after waiting for so many years, he finally waited for a student who could satisfy him.

In the evening, after Ye You returned to the Cultural Regiment, he went to the practice room to practice dancing for a while before went back to the room to rest.

The members of the Medical team and the masseur that Ye You asked Ye Song send over came to his room, some were applying plasters, and some were helping him relaxed with a massage.

Ji Wen and Zhao Yu walked into Ye You’s room and looking at Ye You’s tired face lying on the bed, Ji Wen asked worriedly: “You are so tired every day, can your body stand it?”

Ye You opened his eyes and looked at them, he smiled and said, “It’s so late already, you guys still haven’t sleep? You still have to get up early tomorrow.”

“I don’t participate in the performance, and the practice is not as hard and nervous as you guys are. It doesn’t matter if I go to bed later.” Ji Wen turned his head and looked at Zhao Yu again, he said, “You have to participate in rehearsals tomorrow, hurry up and go to sleep.”

Zhao Yu nodded, yet he just stood still.

“I’m really worried that you practice like this every day, your body will fall off first before the performance begins. Do you want to reduce the practice time appropriately?” Ji Wen persuaded.

“It’s okay, I can hold it, don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.” Ye You said with his eyes closed.

Ji Wen sighed and said: “Others only saw how much attention you got and how much special treatment you received. They didn’t see how you are exhausted into such a miserable state. Sometimes when I think about it, I really admire you. Not to say you can do everything well, and still can hold on. If it me, I must be dead tired already a long time ago.”

“If it is for myself, I also wouldn’t be so desperate, but isn’t this to fight for country’s reputation? Since the Regiment has delegated such an important responsibility to me, I naturally can’t let down the trust that the Regiment has placed in me. “

Several members of the Medical team looked at each other. If Ye You said these things in normal times, they might not feel anything, but they helped Ye You check his body these days and watched him tiredly lie on the bed every night, there were a little admiration for him to be able to persevere. Now that they listen to what he said, they were very moved.

“Does Du Squadron know that you work so hard every day? He should be very distressed ba?” Ji Wen asked.

“I didn’t tell him. He himself, don’t know how tired he must be too now. I didn’t want him to worry about me.”

Not only Du Yao, but the entire Brigade of people were so tired and doesn’t want to go back to the dormitory to sleep. They went to sleep directly on the training ground or on the grass on the mountain. Because they have to take a shower when they go back to the dormitory, they don’t want to waste their energy to take a shower. When they were asleep they can’t smell anything anyway.

The Cultural Regiment was in a very tense atmosphere now. Everyone dares not walked with much force, as if they were afraid of disturbing the people around them who were practicing or resting.

Also, Ye Chen and the others finally realized how uncomfortable it was that everyone else was practicing nervously, but they were excluded. Not being able to participated in the rehearsal was actually not what makes them the most uncomfortable. What makes them most uncomfortable or even angry was that the others ignored them as if they doesn’t exist at all.

In fact, they think too much. The people who participated in the rehearsal was very tired every day. When they returned to the dormitory, they feel like wandering souls. They don’t have the energy to crowd them out. It was that they were too idle, so they felt that others were looking at them in despised.

If Ye You did not enter the Dance team, if Zhao Yuan did not become the Deputy Team Leader of the Dance team, they as Liu Hui’s confidantes, as long as Liu Hui is the Team Leader of the day, they would always be valued and would not experience the feeling of being excluded. But Ye Chen and Liu Hui forced Ye You into the Dance team, so it can also be said that this was the result they have to endured for fawning over Liu Hui.

Liu Hui herself felt very uncomfortable, but seeing the low morale of the people she usually values, she felt it was necessary to encouraged them and cheer them up.

“Even if you can’t participate in the rehearsal, you still have to practice hard and prepare to perform on the stage at any time.” Liu Hui looked at the people and said, “After all, something unexpected may happen at any moment5Raw 天有不测风云,人有旦夕祸福(tiān yǒu bù cè fēng yún , rén yǒu dàn xī huò fú); fortune as unpredictable as the weather, every day may bring fortune or calamity (idiom)., especially people like us who are dancing, will likely to be injured once and will never be able to dance again. For dances that are particularly difficult, such as Po Zhen dance, the possibility of accidents is very high. Until the end, no one knows that the hard-rehearsed dance they are practicing now can be performed in a formal performance or not.”

“What teacher Liu said made sense. Instead of feeling down every day, we should spend more time and energy in practicing. No one can be sure who will be on stage until the last minute.”

“That’s right, it’s hard to guarantee that some of them will not be injured and need to be replaced. They practice theirs, we practice ours. Until that time when they need someone to substitute, we just wait for them to come and beg us.”

“When they come to beg us, we may not necessarily agree, unless everything depends on Teacher Liu’s arrangement.”

“That’s right.” Liu Hui looked at them and continued: “The main controls is only temporarily in their hand. As long as we are fully prepared, we will definitely have the opportunity to snatch it back. Dancing on the ground are likely to cause an accidents, not to mention people dancing on the drums, so Ye Chen, especially you, must prepared well!”

“I know Teacher Liu, starting from today…No, from now on, I will definitely practice harder than Ye You, even if he does not have any accidents, but if I can dance better than him, I can still have a chance to replace him on stage.” Ye Chen assured earnestly.

“You are back with confidence again, I am very pleased.” Liu Hui smiled and said: “You said very well, as long as you perform better than Ye You, even if he does not have accidents, you can still squeeze him out. You just need to work hard to practice, you don’t need to think about other things, I will naturally help you find a way to arrange it.”

Encouraged by Liu Hui, those people cheered up again, they began to practice hard and earnestly, moreover they decided to practice longer than Ye You and the others, in order to practice better than Ye You and them.

At noon the next day, Ye Chen came out of the practice room sweating profusely. When he passed by Ye You and the others practice’s place, he saw that the door was not closed tightly. He stopped and frozed for a moment,  he heard that there was no sound inside. He gently pushed the door open, took a look inside, and walked in.

Ye Chen walked to the side of the few drums that was used for practice, lifted up his hand to touched the drum head, thinking to himself, even though he said he can squeeze Ye You out by his own ability, what if it doesn’t work? Although Liu Hui said about something unexpected may happen at any moment, that Ye You may have an accidents at any moment and cannot performed, but what if there were no accidents? If he created an accident, then he will be more likely to successfully squeezed Ye You out, it was even better if Ye You can never dance again. Then at least in the Dance team, no one can compete with him.

“Are you thinking, if you tampered with those drums and make me have an accidents, and it would best that I can never dance again from now on, so that in the dance team, no one can compete with you anymore?”

Ye Chen was taken aback. He turned around abruptly and saw Ye You leaning on the door, looking at him with his hands in his arms.

Ye You approached Ye Chen with a smile. Ye Chen looked at him defensively, and then slowly stepped aside, because he still deeply remembered that Ye You easily dislocated his arm last time. If Ye You were here to act on him without witnesses, he would not even dare to complained.

Ye You patted the sturdy drumhead and said: “If you can do it, I won’t stop you. After all, this is your own choice and you have to bear the consequences. Unfortunately, you won’t have the opportunity to use these drums to harm me, because every time before I practice, people in the field management team will carefully check these drumheads, even when I take a break, they will check all these drums again to ensure my safety. Moreover, the drum heads of these big drums are specially made. Since they can withstand people jumping on them, how can they not see it after being damaged by you?”

Ye Chen looked at Ye You’s proud expression, the accumulated anger in his heart finally broke out: “Why do you have to compete with me everywhere?! This is the case at home, and the same is true in the Cultural Regiment! You are really too greedy and never satisfied! “

“How am I competing with you?” Ye You asked, “When I perform better than you that’s means I’m competing with you? According to you, as long as I perform better than anyone in the Cultural Regiment, that means I’m competing with others? Or you think, that I can perform better than anyone else, but I can’t perform better than you?”

“You can go to the Vocal band and Musical band to show off, why do you even steal the limelight from the Dance team?! Why don’t you leave some way out for others?!”

“Your bandit-like logic, I simply don’t want to reason with you at all, just think about it as you like.”

“So what if you are the son of the destiny of this world?! So what if you have God’s favor and everything you do can be done well?! Why do I come into this world and have to be the one to set you off? I am also the protagonist of my own world!!” Ye Chen has gradually lost his mind.

“Son of Destiny?” Ye You looked at him with doubts: “What do you mean?”

“What do you mean?” Ye Chen laughed angrily, but his smiled look ugly than crying: “I won’t tell you what it means. I wouldn’t say something that makes you happy after listening to it!”

“You don’t want to say it, I also don’t care to listen, but I advise you, you’d better dispel the idea of using these drums to tamper with, because you will not succeed in harming me, yet you will affect the people in the field management team being punished for not taking good care the props.”

“They are being punished or not, it has nothing to do with me! I just want to destroy these drums, let you fall off the drums when you practice, and then never can dance again! It’s best not to wake up again!” Ye Chen roared as he lost his rational.

Ye You said nothing, looking at him expressionlessly.

After Ye Chen glared at Ye You angrily and fiercely for a while, he turned around and strode out, but the moment he opened the door forcefully, he immediately stiffened.

Because there were full of people standing outside the door, there were people from the Dance team, people from the Medical team, and people from the field management team. All of them were looking at Ye Chen. In their eyes, there were surprised and unexpected, despise, indignant and contempt.

It was the people in the field management team that felt angry, because Ye Chen just said that he wanted to destroy those drums, and their field management team’s people being punished or not, had nothing to do with him.

“The time for lunch and rest is over.” Ye You said calmly: “It seems that you practiced too seriously, so serious that you have forgotten the time.”

Ye Chen looked back at Ye You, his whole body was trembling, because he was so terrified in his heart, he didn’t know what kind of punishment he would face afterwards.

Because of the extreme fear, Ye Chen pushed away those people and ran out. He didn’t know where he could hide so that he wouldn’t have to face the next thing, but now, he can only choose to escape.

Ye You thought about what Ye Chen said just now. He had guessed that Ye Chen is a transmigrator, and he guessed that he(YC) didn’t know everything about this world before he transmigrated, but he never guessed that Ye Chen would think he was this world’s Son of Destiny. He thought that he(YC) would also guess that he(YY) was also a transmigrator ne. 

But the fact that he would think like that, also make enough sense, because it doesn’t mean that as long as he was a transmigrator, he must be very powerful. If he was a mediocre person in the original world, and there was no special assistance after trasmigrating, it was impossible to go from mediocrity to exceptional outstanding immediately just because he had transmigrated.

Therefore, Ye Chen thought that he was the Son of the Destiny of this world, with powerful and excellent settings, and was blessed by the heavens everywhere, in fact, it was more reasonable than thinking he(YY) was also a transmigrator.

[2] Chinese lute or Pipa

[2] Chinese lute or Pipa

[3] Guqin

Wind Instrument

Wind Instrument

[4] 天有不测风云,人有旦夕祸福(tiān yǒu bù cè fēng yún , rén yǒu dàn xī huò fú); fortune as unpredictable as the weather, every day may bring fortune or calamity (idiom)


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  • 1
    Raw 在他们国内(Zài tāmen guónèi); in/within their country. I’m not sure it this means in Aurico’s or YY’s country.
  • 2
    Pipa. Check the pics below XD
  • 3
    Check the pics below XD
  • 4
    Check the pics below XD
  • 5
    Raw 天有不测风云,人有旦夕祸福(tiān yǒu bù cè fēng yún , rén yǒu dàn xī huò fú); fortune as unpredictable as the weather, every day may bring fortune or calamity (idiom).
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