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SRA Chapter 44

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc. 1.44: Happiness And Unhappiness

The helper walked into the hall and said to Qin Yuwei: “Madam, all the glutinous rice balls and buns are ready.”

“Okay, leave it aside. After Ye You comes back, just ask him to take a look.” Qin Yuwei said.

“Aren’t we making our own glutinous rice balls this year?” Lu Jinlan asked, “I think it will be more interesting if it still the same as in previous years. While everyone chatting, we can also cook and eat together.”

“The one we eat, we still have to make it by ourselves as in previous years. The one that have been done is what Ye You asked someone to prepared for the soldiers.” Qin Yuwei said.

“Oh,” Lu Jinlan nodded, “Ye You really feel distress for these soldiers, and he is also very thoughtful in helping Du Yao in everything.”

“Isn’t it?” Qin Yuwei took a sip of tea and said, “Du Yao himself also feel distress for his soldiers, in this Festival Celebration they can’t go home to reunite with their family. But with his character, if it weren’t for Ye You’s thoughtfulness and helping him in everything, how can he think of it himself?”

“These days I have seen, and I was thinking that it is really hard to come by that Du Yao could find someone like Ye You.” Li Yan said, “There is nothing to pick about his personal character, there’s always smile on his face. Not only the juniors like to get close to him, but even I feel good when I see him. Especially up from the Old Madam, to us in the middle, to Du Ze, Du Jie and the others, no matter who it is, he really can talk to them which is really hard to come by.”

Zhao Lingling said: “If this was said before, I really don’t believe that there can be such a perfect person in this world. Naturally, there is nothing to say about appearance and education. Just the good cooking skills alone, you have nowhere to find it now. Moreover, in the Cultural Regiment, he is also the one that is most valued, excellent performance in everything. This is the real ideal wife1Raw 出得厅堂入得厨房(Chū dé tīngtáng rù dé chúfáng); graceful in guest hall, great in kitchen. A description for an ideal wife in China. I know this description when use on YY is a bit awkward, but since he is a ger, so…… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.”

“I think the most important thing is that although Ye You is still young, he has a rare and thoughtful idea. Things that Du Yao can’t think of, he can help him think about it. Nowadays children are all treasures, and they were spoils beyond recognition, very few people who are thoughtful and know how to feel distressed2心疼(Xīnténg); to feel distress, to love dearly, to feel sorry like him.” Su Min sighed and said, “My Du Yan’s temperament is the coldest and weirdest among these children. In the future, I don’t dare to expect him to find someone as good Ye You, I only hope that he can find someone who are considerate, when he can’t think of some things, that person can help him think about it and the two of them can support each other and live a good life. “

“Don’t say that you guys feel unexpected, even I never dream that Du Yao’s luck would be so good that he can met Ye You, even marry and brought him home.” Qin Yuwei also let out a long sighed, then said contentedly: “With Ye You accompany him in the future, I won’t have anything to worry about. In this lifetime, it is enough for Du Yao to have such a good luck, and the rest will depend on his own efforts.”

“I will accompany you go to the Ye family’s house to send a festival gift in a few days.” Lu Jinlan said, “Bring more gifts to express our gratitude to the parent for teaching their children so well, and they still let the baby they love married into our family at such a young age, this is also considered that they as parents are trusting our Du family.”

“Okay.” Qin Yuwei nodded and said: “I have a clumsy mouth and can’t really speak, so you have to help me out. Although intention is the most important, but the meaning in our heart must also say it out loud so that people can know.”

His eldest uncle3Raw 他大伯(Tā dàbó); his eldest uncle. Su Min is the eldest uncle(cousin)’s wife, so she was refering to her own husband since Du Yao address him as 大伯. also prepared some gifts, you can bring them together at that time.” Su Min said, “These gifts are a thank you gifts for Ye You’s parents, who helped invited the Genius Doctor Xu. At that time, when he found out that Du Yao was seriously injured and unconscious, his uncle was anxious for several days and couldn’t sleep at night. Later, he heard that although he(DY) was awake, but he would probably never can stand up anymore, his uncle were sighing all day. After knowing that Du Yao’s leg was healed by the Genius Doctor Xu, and he also can returned to the team, only then his uncle became happy again. Before coming, he took out all the good things in his collection, carefully selected a few and brought them here, he want to let you send it to Ye You’s parents.”

“We have also prepared some gifts for Ye You’s parents, when the time come just bring them together.” Zhao Lingling said.

“And ours, too.” Li Yan said.

Qin Yuwei smiled and nodded.

Sun Ting sat at the side, and never said a word. She couldn’t wait for herself to disappear immediately, but if she suddenly got up and left, she was worried that they would think too much.

After Du Hao and Ye Chen returned, only then Sun Ting had an excuse to get up and leave.

Du Hao and Ye Chen went back to the room to change their clothes. Sun Ting also went into their room with them, and as soon as she entered, she sat down on the sofa in the small living room with a long face.

Du Hao and Ye Chen stood still when they saw that Sun Ting seemed to had something to say.

“Before you and Du Hao got married, Du Hao was praising you like a flower in front of me, saying that you are inferior to Ye You in the Cultural Regiment only for the time being and sooner or later, you will surpass Ye You, I don’t care about these things anymore. But he also said that your personal character and your manner in dealing with people are better than Ye You in every aspect, but you have been married for so many months, why didn’t I see in what aspect you are stronger than Ye You?” Sun Ting asked as she glared at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen had no words for excuses, so he could only lower his head and suffer the scolding, but he felt extremely wronged in his heart.

“Mom, calm down, today is a festival celebration, anything you have to say, wait after a period of time then we can just sit down together and talk.” Du Hao persuaded.

“You shut up!” Sun Ting was even angry with Du Hao now, she pointed at Du Hao and scolded: “This is all because of you, telling me how good Ye Chen is, and more than a hundred better than Ye You. You tell me, in which aspect is he better? In which aspect?! You still said that after Ye You and Du Yao married, Ye You’s temperament will surely piss Qin Yuwei to death and I just need to wait to watch a good show. Right now the one who are about to be piss off to death is me, your mother! Now that she has such a good daughter-in-law as Ye You, you don’t know how pleased as punch Qin Yuwei is. Even your dad only have her in his eyes now, he doesn’t even want to glance at me anymore!”

Du Hao saw that his mother’s anger can’t be controlled, he didn’t dare to persuade her anymore, so he could only listen in silence.

“Since after your uncles and aunts, these few family members came here, I only heard they praised how good Ye You is and how hard to come by someone like him, but I didn’t hear a sentence saying how good Ye Chen is. Even the Old Master and your Eldest Uncle, who usually seldom speak and seldom praise others, have praised Ye You several times!” Sun Ting became more and more angry as she spoke, and even her breathing was rushing: “If it’s because they are biased and deliberately only praise Ye You but not Ye Chen, then I naturally can go to talk to your father about it. But even I, also can’t find a reason to praise Ye Chen!”

Ye Chen couldn’t help crying as he listened. He felt that even if he didn’t do as well as Ye You, but he also had done nothing wrong. Why should he be scolded for not satisfying her vanity?

“Why Ye You can help Qin Yuwei arrange and entertain your aunts, without the need for Qin Yuwei to worry about it as they just need to follow Qin Yuwei to go shopping, yet Ye Chen can’t even help me a little bit?” Sun Ting patted the armrest of the sofa and asked, “Why does Ye You know how to help Du Yao win people’s hearts, prepare this and that for the soldiers, but you can’t think of it at all?!”

Ye Chen sniffed and endured the urged to rush out. If he ran out crying on a day like this, then there would definitely be more serious consequences.

“I originally thought, Ye You’s parents are businessmen, a merchant family. What kind of education can they give him? Your father is also an official, and you were raised next to your grandfather, your education is definitely better than Ye You’s. But now, don’t need to talk about other things, just Ye You’s behavior, from head to toes his temperament and mannerisms, you are not as good as him! Even if your parents are not as good as his parents in education, you also can follow and learn a little from him, don’t just letting him do his own things, and you don’t even put it in your heart at all!”

“Mom, please don’t say these things today.” Du Hao can’t help but had to stop her again: “Ye Chen is just too devoted in his career as he puts all his mind on dancing. It is inevitable that there are many things that he can’t think of. You can teach him more in the future. Ye Chen is very smart, as long as you mention a little occasionally, he will definitely be able to do well. After tonight it will be a new year. If you greet the new year with anger, then the next whole year will not go smoothly.”

“Too devoted in his career?” Sun Ting snorted disdainfully: “I didn’t see how much he achieved in his career, and didn’t he was crushed by Ye You! This fate of mine ah, perhaps it will be worse than Qin Yuwei in this lifetime. People’s daughter-in-law are always considerate for their husband and mother-in-law. And when I have a daughter-in-law, I still have to worry about him. I am really born to live in hardship!”

“Okay, mom, we’re going to have a reunion dinner soon. If we don’t go out, those relatives will definitely think too much.” Du Hao said, “No matter what you have to say, let’s wait until the relatives are leaving we just talk.”

“Humph!” Sun Ting stood up, glared at Du Hao and said, “It’s too late to regret it now. If you really have a little bit of filial piety, then let your mother have a good and comfortable life for a few days, too!”

After Sun Ting went out in big strides, only then Ye Chen sat down on the sofa and sobbed.

Du Hao went to close the door, then turned around and sat down beside Ye Chen.

“Do you also have the same idea as your mother, thinking that I am inferior to Ye You everywhere?” Ye Chen asked.

“What my mother said is all angry words. She is so temperamental. When she gets angry, even I get scolded too. Don’t put it in your heart and don’t mind her.” Du Hao comforted Ye Chen, but in fact more or less, after listening to his mother’s words, now even he felt that Ye Chen was indeed inferior to Ye You.

“Do you regret marrying me?” Ye Chen stopped his tears and asked blankly.

“What a stupid thing to say?” Du Hao hugged Ye Chen and said, “I married you because I love you, and not for those vain things. Just let us live our lives well. “

“Can you really not regret it forever?” Ye Chen asked as he leaned his head on Du Hao’s shoulder.

“I won’t regret it.” Du Hao replied without hesitation, but only he knew that the thoughts in his heart did not keep up with his answer, and his heart hesitated.

“Hurry up and wash your face, then change your clothes. If your eyes are red and swollen, it won’t be good to be seen by relatives.” Du Hao said.

Ye Chen stood up, walked to the bathroom in the bedroom, and washed his face first.

After washing his face, Ye Chen looked at his face in the mirror. When he first crossed over, he felt that this face was really good-looking. The original owner had strong dancing skills and talents, as well as a very outstanding lover, he inherited everything from the original owner, and felt that relying on these things, he would be able to achieve a happy life, but unfortunately that things were not as what he expected.

This face was still good-looking, but it was not as good-looking as Ye You’s face. Although he didn’t think Ye You was better-looking than him when he first crossed over, but after a long time, he found that it was indeed true. His current dance skills was still very good, but unfortunately it was not as good as Ye You’s, moreover Ye You was still Full Triathlon in the Cultural Regiment. Could it be that Ye You was really the so-called son of destiny in this world, and he was just transmigrating into a body of a supporting role?

Ye Chen sighed, feeling so tired that he didn’t even have the strength to be angry and unwilling. Just now Du Hao said that he would never regret marrying him for the rest of his life. He didn’t know if Du Hao could really do it, but his own heart had already shaken.

Du Hao’s mother said that he was inferior to Ye You in everything, and wanted to have an outstanding daughter-in-law like Ye You, but when has he doesn’t want a good mother-in-law and a better husband? Du Yao’s mother was obviously much easier to get along with than Du Hao’s mother. She speak softly and politely and was easy to satisfy. Unlike Du Hao’s mother, who always glares at him and scolds him. He was indeed not as good as Ye You, but isn’t Du Hao also not as good as Du Yao?

If the person he married was Du Yao, wouldn’t it be more comfortable than now? He felt that at least, Du Yao’s mother wouldn’t be mad at him like Du Hao’s mother, moreover Du Yao’s handsome face, just looking at him can make people felt uncontrollably fascinated.

Recently he has been thinking frequently whether his decision to marry Du Hao was wrong. Because he recently discovered that he didn’t actually love Du Hao that much. It was the original owner who loved Du Hao. When he first crossed over, he inherited everything from the original owner, including the original owner’s feelings and thoughts, so he mistakenly thought that he also liked Du Hao. In fact, the main reason why he agreed to marry Du Hao was because he felt that if he missed Du Hao, it would be difficult to find someone better than him. It was not because he truly loved him that he married him.

Ye Chen sighed again, feeling even more depressed and uncomfortable, because even if he can think clearly now, it was already too late. What was the use of regret? It will only make him more painful.

Qin Yuwei was sitting facing the gate. Seeing Du Yao and Ye You walking in, she immediately smiled and said, “I knew you guys must had already eaten before coming back. You are full, aren’t you?”

“I’m quite full.” Ye You touched his stomach, then walked to Qin Yuwei side and sat down.

“Since you’re full, don’t force yourself to continue eating later or you will have an indigestion and feel uncomfortable.” Qin Yuwei patted Ye You’s hand and said, “Just sit and drink some soup. Anyway, the kitchen prepares a lot of dishes. When you get hungry at night, pick a few dishes that you like to eat and let them warm it up.”

“Yeah.” Ye You nodded.

Dinner started soon not long after Ye You and Du Yao sat down. A family of 20 or 30 people sat together, and the helpers in the family also set up two or three tables next to them. Everyone had a lively reunion dinner together, saying goodbye to the old years and at the same time, prepare to welcome for the new year with the happiest mood. Everyone raises their glasses and wishes for the success of the coming year.

The Du family was very united in all aspects, because if a large family was not united closely, then it was equivalent to letting the opponents taking advantage of it. Internal fighting was a big taboo, the cause of disintegration and collapsed of many large families, it all started from internal conflicts, so it was necessary to learn the lessons of the predecessors in order to stabilize oneself.

Ye You was holding a small bowl, sipping soup while smiling and talking to the person next to him. There was a floor heating in the room, and the whole room was warm. While eating, many people started to sweat.

It took two or three hours for the meal to come to an end, and then it was time to give red envelopes4Red envelopes / red packets. Pics below. It was a custom for married people to give red envelopes to the unmarried ones. Although Du Yao’s two cousins were older than him, but because they were not married yet, Du Yao had to gave them red envelopes instead, not to mention the younger ones.

Du Yao had gave the red envelopes, and Ye You still meticulously prepared gifts and gave them to everyone who was not married. Everyone opened the gifts and they all liked it very much.

Because Du Yao and Ye You were in their first year of marriage, they still got big red envelopes from their elders. Du Hao and Ye Chen naturally got them too, just like several uncles not only prepared gifts for Ye You’s parents, but also prepared gifts for Ye Chen’s parents, but they just didn’t attached great importance to it like they have for Ye You’s parent. After all, Ye You’s parent did a lot of effort for saving Du Yao, and all of the Du family was very grateful.

After it gets dark, everyone was sitting in the hall again, talking and chatting while slowly kneading the glutinous rice balls. There were a few small stoves in the middle, and water was boiled in a clay pot. There were sweet and salty glutinous rice balls. The sweet ones include various jams and sesame bean paste, and the salty ones include tofu, vegetables and meat. Whoever wanted to eat them can throw a few into the water. Not for filling the stomach, it was just for good metaphorical meaning, hoping everyone can be reunited every year.

Ye You cooked two glutinous rice balls with jam, he just sat down to let it cool, and then took a small bite. Du Yao held his hand and ate the rest.

“Do you want to eat it? I’ll cook it for you. Do you want to eat sweet one or salty one.” Ye You turned to look at him and asked.

Du Yao shook his head, expressing that he just wanted to have a taste.

Ye You scooped up from the bowl again and blew on it, then took a small bite, then Du Yao sent the rest to his own mouth again.

Ye You could only cook two more of shrimp and tofu filling, but as soon as he sat down and ate two small bites, and just like that Du Yao ate the rest.

Ye You looked at him helplessly and asked, “Do you want to eat or not, I will cook yours together.”

Du Yao shook his head again.

“Then why are you stealing mine?” Ye You asked as he looking at him.

“I just want to taste what kind of glutinous rice balls you are eating.” Du Yao said.

“You are bullying again, I’m going to tell mother.” Ye You secretly pinched Du Yao’s waist with his hand.

“Complaining is something that children do. We are all grown-ups. We should solve the problem in a grown-up way.” Du Yao said solemnly.

“What kind of way is the grown-up way?” Ye You asked.

“I’ll tell you when we return to the room at night.” Du Yao whispered in Ye You’s ear.

“I knew it, you are having bad intentions.” Ye You pinched harder.

Ye You cuddled and flirted with Du Yao, Qin Yuwei and Lu Jinlan who were chatting and kneading glutinous rice balls at the side, snickering while watching them from time to time.

Ye Chen was in a bad mood because he was scolded fiercely by Sun Ting. He barely kept a smile while listening to others talking, without saying a word. He wanted to go back to the room and lie down to rest, but it was still early, and he had to wait until after twelve o’clock when they set off the fireworks, only then he could go to sleep, he could only hold on. This was the first Chinese New Year he celebrated in Du family’s house. He didn’t know whether the following year would go smoothly when he welcome the new year with such a depressed and uncomfortable mood, but he really couldn’t be happy.

When it was time for the fireworks to be set off, the whole family walked out to the courtyard. Du Yao asked the helper to fetch his coat and put it on Ye You before letting him go out. It was warm inside, but it was snowing outside, and it was easy to get sick when it was cold and hot, everyone else also put on a thick coats before they went out.

Other families were also starting to set off fireworks, and the sky was full of fireworks blooms, it was very enchanting and beautiful.

Du Yao hugged Ye You, Ye You leaned on Du Yao, looking up at the fireworks, and then made a wish in his heart. He hoped that his biological parents and brothers would be safe and healthy. He also hoped that his parents and brother in this world would be safe and healthy too, and finally hope that he can grow old with Du Yao.

After watching the fireworks, everyone sat in the hall again for a while. After all, the Old Madam and Old Master were too old, so they went back to the room to sleep first, and then the others also went back to their rooms.

Ye You got into the bed and urged Du Yao: “Cold, come in quickly.”

Du Yao took off his clothes and went to bed. Ye You immediately jumped into his arms and hugged him. Du Yao’s whole body temperature was warm, and hugging him to sleep, Ye You didn’t even need Tang Po Zi5Raw 汤婆子(Tāngpózi); lit. hot water grandma. It is a flat bottle made of copper and tin. It contains hot water and can be placed in a quilt to warm your feet. Pictures 👇 anymore.

Ye You got up very early, he was busy for a whole day, and he had stayed up until now that he just can sleep, he must be very tired. Du Yao also felt distressed for his hard work today, so it was rare for him to be honest all night and let him(YY) sleep well without disturbing him.

“Pat me.” Ye You hummed softly.

Du Yao gently stroked Ye You’s back and Ye You fell asleep soon. Du Yao’s warm embrace and gentle comfort made him feel safe and sleep comfortably.

In Du Hao and Ye Chen’s room, the two had already gone to bed, and Du Hao fell asleep soon. Ye Chen curled his body and turned his back to Du Hao. He felt very tired and sleepy, but he couldn’t fall asleep. The matter of him didn’t love Du Hao, had made his mood very complicated. Divorce was definitely impossible. After all, in this era, divorce was tantamount to lowering one’s worth, and they can only look for a lower one.

But if he was forced to live like this for a lifetime, he felt it was too painful. Sure enough, he shouldn’t have agreed to marry so hastily. He was only twenty years old now, at the best age in life, could it be that he has to spend his life in pain and entanglement all the time?

Ye Chen only fell asleep when it almost dawn, but when a new day started, with so many relatives in the family, he naturally couldn’t sleep in, otherwise Sun Ting would be dissatisfied with him again.

[4] Red envelopes / red packets

[4] Red envelopes / red packets




With such mother-in-law and husband, I can’t really bring myself to hate YC here (_ _|||)

See you next chapter!

  • 1
    Raw 出得厅堂入得厨房(Chū dé tīngtáng rù dé chúfáng); graceful in guest hall, great in kitchen. A description for an ideal wife in China. I know this description when use on YY is a bit awkward, but since he is a ger, so…… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • 2
    心疼(Xīnténg); to feel distress, to love dearly, to feel sorry
  • 3
    Raw 他大伯(Tā dàbó); his eldest uncle. Su Min is the eldest uncle(cousin)’s wife, so she was refering to her own husband since Du Yao address him as 大伯.
  • 4
    Red envelopes / red packets. Pics below
  • 5
    Raw 汤婆子(Tāngpózi); lit. hot water grandma. It is a flat bottle made of copper and tin. It contains hot water and can be placed in a quilt to warm your feet. Pictures 👇
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