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SRA Chapter 43

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.43: Will Treat You Well Forever

Before going to bed at night, the men were still chatting in the study room, and the women each went back to their rooms to tidy up, then took a bath and rest.

Two helpers followed Lu Jinlan. The helpers carried a large bag in their hands. After knocking on the door, they walked into Qin Yuwei’s room.

“What are these ah? These two big bags.” Qin Yuwei asked while looking at the two big bags on the ground.

“Gifts ah, the gifts I prepared for you for a whole year. They are all here.” Lu Jinlan had the helpers leaving first, then opened the bag by herself and said, “I have already divided them up before I came, and wrapped them in red paper. They were all wedding gifts for Ye You and Du Yao. I regretted so much that I couldn’t come back to participate when they got married.”

“Such a big two bags, you also not dislike it’s difficult to bring.” Qin Yuwei said.

“It was put in the car, and I don’t need to carry it myself. What’s so hard to bring.” Lu Jinlan said: “The gifts for others are one or two for each person. I have asked Xiao Ze and Xiaojie to send them out already. As the one for Ye You, should we delivered to him now or tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow ba, maybe he is taking a bath right now.” Qin Yuwei said: “Just put it there, I’ll send it to him tomorrow.”

“There are a lot of supplements that are particularly difficult to get. You have to eat it yourself, don’t give it away, it’s good for your body.” Lu Jinlan explained.

“I know, you don’t keep being busy, sit down and let’s us talk.” Qin Yuwei poured a glass of warm water for Lu Jinlan.

Lu Jinlan drank the water and said, “The last time you sent the lipstick, rouge, and perfume, I really like it. The other official’s wives, no matter the times always asked me where did I bought them. I said they were sent to me by my sister-in-law, and I didn’t ask where she bought it. They asked me to bring them some too, but I refused.”

“You like it?”

“Of course I like it, especially the lipstick. I think that color is very suitable for me, there’s only a little bit left.”

“You should said earlier if you like it, you also didn’t mention it on the phone, otherwise I will send you more.” Qin Yuwei stood up and said, “You come with me.”

“Those things must be difficult to buy. If I tell you that I like them, you would have to worry about it again.” Lu Jinlan followed Qin Yuwei into the changing room. “I just thought, when I come back this time, I will go buy them by myself. If I can buy them, that would be the best, if can’t, then there is also nothing I can do.”

In Qin Yuwei’s dressing room, a large dressing cabinet with a length of more than one meter was replaced. She opened the two large drawers for Lu Jinlan, and there were neatly filled with lipstick, rouge and liquid powder.

Lu Jinlan was stunned. With such a large two drawers, there were probably hundreds of lipsticks.

“Are you, went somewhere to make an easy money? Buy so many lipsticks and rouge.” Lu Jinlan took out a lipstick, opened it and looked at it: “You can use this lavender lipstick?”

“I didn’t buy it. It’s Ye You who prepared it all for me. These all are manufactured by their own family. Every time there was a new color, he would bring some back for me. Slowly they had turn into one big drawer. Also, these rouge and liquid powder are all produced in the Ye family’s own factory. Anyway, he would bring me something back every time he goes to the factory to check on the situation.”

“It turn out the Ye family is in the cosmetics business?”

“The Ye family is not only in the cosmetics business, their family’s business are big, there are shopping malls, clothing stores, there’s also restaurants and various food businesses.”

“Then their family, is the great merchant as the ancient saying goes? It’s just that there are so many things, can you use all of it?”

“Ye You said that the things you take back, it’s not necessarily have to use them up, even if you don’t need them, it doesn’t matter. As long as you are happy when looking at it, it’s not a waste.” Qin Yuwei pushed in the two drawers above, she opened the two drawer below and said, “There are still two big drawers of perfume and cream perfume. I also didn’t use all of them. When I have nothing to do, I feel very happy to just look at them.”

“You used to be very frugal. Now you are not only looking beautiful, even your way of thinking have also changed.” Lu Jinlan asked looked at Qin Yuwei suspiciously.

“I have a good relationship with Ye You’s mother now. From her, I understand a lot of principles and figure out a lot of things. At what kind of age, then I should enjoy what kind of life. Now Du Yao is also getting married and starting a family already, I also have nothing else to worry about. For the rest of my life, I also cannot treat myself too badly.”

“Your relationship with Ye You’s mother is better than with me? I’m going to be unhappy.”

“Tomorrow let’s the three of us go out and shopping together. You guys will definitely get along. Tomorrow if you fancy something just buy it directly, and I will pay for you.

“Since you say that, I won’t be polite with you. I also want to buy a lot of lipsticks and a lot of perfumes.”

“Okay, buy however much you want.”


After having breakfast the next day, Sun Ting began to asked the wives to go shopping. It used to be like this every year. In order to show her status as the hostess of the Du family, Sun Ting would act like a host and bring the few cousins sister-in-law went out shopping, also bought some things for them. However these cousins also brought gifts, so Sun Ting felt that she were giving gifts in return to them on behalf of the family.

Every year, Lu Jinlan and Qin Yuwei would make excuses not to go, and then staying to talk to the Old Madam1Raw 老太太(lao tai tai); Old lady, elderly lady, esteemed mother. Old madam (from a clip of drama I saw). I decide to use Old Madam instead of old lady, if you notice, it had change since last chapter but I forgot to put on footnote to inform you guys Orz. When it was the two of them went out with the cousins sister-in-law, Sun Ting would stayed and talk to the Old Madam. Anyway, no matter how harmonious and courteous on the surface, everyone knows that Qin Yuwei and Sun Ting were disgusted with each other, so it was the best choice to go shopping separately. Forcing them to get together will only make their heart unhappy instead.

After Sun Ting took the others out, Qin Yuwei and Lu Jinlan also went out. The two met with Xu Yun and went shopping for a day and bought a lot of things. Sure enough, as what Qin Yuwei said, Lu Jinlan and Xu Yun got along really well, and they were as close as if they were a long-lost relatives and sisters in only half a day.

Ye family’s food business, cosmetics business, Ye You both accounted for the bulk2Raw 占大头(Zhàn dàtóu); Take the bulk. According to baidu, when someone have a business partnership with other and one person take out more money than others, then that person will have the bulk of money(not sure if this the right term in English). For YY, I think maybe it’s bcoz he was the one to come up with these food and cosmetic business that he was accounted for the bulk? For more information, pls check here ⇨, and he himself was now quite a wealthy person. So he also got a sign bill for Qin Yuwei and Xu Yun in each of the major shopping malls and shops of the Ye family, and they had to spend the quota every month, otherwise the remaining quota would be given as a gift to other customers.

Qin Yuwei originally planned to pay for the things she bought for Lu Jinlan, but Xu Yun said that most quota of this month has not been used up. Rather than letting the quota be given to others like last month, it was better to used up the quota first then just talked about it. Qin Yuwei thought so after thinking about it, she thought that there were a lot of things to buy this month, and when the quota was used up, she will pay with her money.

After the three of them finished shopping, they went to the VIP building opened by Ye You and Ye Song to relax and do massage. The VIP building only accepts female guest and ger, and the one massage them were also masseuse. While the three of them was massaged, they also got a special facial mask made by Ye You. After the massage was completed, the makeup artist helped them wash their faces, combed their hair and put on makeup. The three of them put on the new skirts they just bought, and they went home looking beautiful.

Qin Yuwei and Lu Jinlan got out of the car and walked into the hall. The people sitting in the hall were taken aback for a while.

“You guys were out shopping too?” Li Yan said.

“Yeah, Old Madam has so many grandchildren accompany her to talk. There are not too many when the two of us here, and there are not less when the two of us not here3For you guys who know Chinese, here the original text, 有我们两个不多,没两个不少. I think what LJ means is;  there are no different whether the two of them accompany the Old Madam or not. Please correct me if I’m wrong~, so we also went out and shopping.” Lu Jinlan said and sat down on the sofa with Qin Yuwei. Then asked the helper to put those things aside, she wanted to open it and take a look.

“You guys bought so many things?” Zhao Lingling looked at the paper bags and said, “You guys should have been shopping for a long time, right? Why do you look like as if you coming back as soon as you just go out, your makeup also didn’t fade away, and still full of energy.”

“Of course, we came back after the massage, washed our faces and put on makeup.” Lu Jinlan said triumphantly.

“Massage? What kind of massage?” Li Yan asked curiously.

“Shopping while wearing high heels for a day, is your feet tired?” Lu Jinlan looked at Li Yan and asked.

“Of course tired. My calf are almost cramped because of too tired.” Li Yan smiled and said: “But we also bought a lot of things, tired but happy.”

“We are different from you. We are only happy and not tired.” Lu Jinlan also smiled and said: “Because before we come back, we let the masseuse massage all the acupuncture points on the soles of our feet, calf, and shoulders. So we came back feeling comfortable.”

“What masseuse? Where can you massage ah?” Zhao Lingling asked.

“Want to know ah.” Lu Jinlan pretended to be mysterious and said: “I won’t tell you.”

“Petty, I didn’t ask you to take me there. You tell me where is it and I will go there by myself, can’t I?” Zhao Lingling said dissatisfied.

“It’s useless to go by yourself. They only receive VIPs.” Lu Jinlan took out the newly bought skirt from the paper bag and gestured to her body, “Look at the new skirt I bought. Does it look good?”

“It’s didn’t look good!” Zhao Lingling said in a huff, in fact, she felt it was very beautiful.

Lu Jinlan didn’t mind, she smiled and took out another skirt and asked, “How about this one? Does it look good?”

“It’s so beautiful. Why didn’t we find such a beautiful dress after visiting so many shops?” Li Yan said.

“And this coat, isn’t it the style particularly good?”

Lu Jinlan showed off all the newly bought skirts and coats in succession. Except for the Old Madam, all the women present showed envy, including Sun Ting.

“Look, this is the lipstick I bought. There are more than a dozen colors. Although some of the colors are not very different, they are only slightly different in shade, but they can be matched according to the color of the clothes.”

After the lipstick was taken to viewed by others, Lu Jinlan took out the eye shadow again and said: “Look at my eyes, are they bigger than yesterday?”

“Indeed they are really looking a little bigger, it seems to be more expressive.” Su Min said as she looked at Lu Jinlan.

“This kind of eyeshadow case with six colors, you can make a shade on the eyelids according to the depth or light of the color, and the eyes will appear more profound. This is many times better than those foreign eyeshadows.”

“Oh, by the way, there are perfumes too. You try and smell them, these few fragrances scent are very good.”

Su Min’s youngest daughter took a perfume bottle and sprayed it on her hand. She felt that the smell made her especially like it, and asked, “Litte auntie, can you give me this perfume? I really like this scent.”

“Okay, just take it if you like it. This perfume has a sweet fragrance and it is suitable for young girls like you.”

“You are little girl, need a perfume for what?” Su Min lectured her.

“Ai yo, she’s a sixteen-year-old young lady already. Why can’t she asking for a bottle of perfume with her auntie? Don’t listen to your mother, just use it. Little auntie will buy again tomorrow.”

“I like the color of this lipstick, give it to me ba.” Zhao Lingling said as she fondled a lipstick admiringly.

“No.” Lu Jinlan snatched the lipstick back and said: “This cherry red one is very moist when put on the lips. It is out of stock now and this is the last one, if it given to you, I can’t even buy it even if I want to.”

“Stingy!” Zhao Lingling looked at the lipstick on Lu Jinlan’s hand with greedy eyes.

“Why did we visit so many shops and shopping malls but didn’t see these things you bought?” Li Yan asked suspiciously.

“That can only mean that you didn’t go to the shops and shopping malls we visited.” Lu Jinlan said with a meaningful smiled.

Sun Ting’s face was a little uncomfortable. She deliberately did not take them to the Ye family’s shopping mall and shop, because her elder sister-in-law was mobilizing all the people she knew to not patronize in the Ye family’s shop. But Sun Ting knew very well in her heart that this actually had no effect on the Ye family’s business, moreover some people said on the surface that they would definitely not go, but in fact they would still went there secretly.

“Let’s go shopping with them tomorrow, I don’t believe that they can still throw us aside?” Zhao Lingling said.

“Yes, let’s follow them, and we will go wherever they go.” Li Yan responded.

“I also want to go.”

“And me too.”

“Mom, take me with you, too.”

Several girls also demanded to go shopping, they were also greedy for those beautiful dresses and nice perfumes.

“You can follow along, but I’ll say it first. No matter what you guys buy, you will pay for it yourself. I am not that generous.” Lu Jinlan said.

“Oh, could it be that we as sisters-in-law still want to ask you pay? Even yours I will help you pay.” Zhao Lingling said.

“Mine are not needed. I can pay it by myself. You guys can pay for my sister-in-law’s. She was the one who bought these things for me.” Lu Jinlan said with a smile.

“You’re the best at showing well-behave.” Li Yan rebuked.

After having breakfast the next day, all the women in the family went out shopping except for the Old Madam and Sun Ting who stayed at home.

On the surface, Sun Ting look as if she didn’t want to go with them, she made excuses and said that she would stay with Old Madam. But in fact she very much wanted to go shopping with them because of those nice dresses, lipsticks and perfumes that were hard to buy, she also likes it and wants to have it. Previously for a month, Qin Yuwei continuously wore different new dresses every day. She was so jealous that her stomach hurts. Then she went to the closet to looked at her own dresses. The clothes and dresses she used to think looked good, now she feel they were terribly ugly.

Ye You knows that Qin Yuwei would definitely take these aunts to go shopping. They were all relatives who were rarely come to visit in a year. Naturally, they have to be well entertained. Therefore, he has already ordered people to receive them properly. Originally, Ye You has also specially increased Xu Yun and Qin Yuwei’s quota this month, waiting for them to bring people to buy things, but they all spent their own money, and they also bought a lot of things for Qin Yuwei and Old Madam.

After Zhao Lingling and the others went shopping, they just realized that these were the shops of the Ye family. No wonder Sun Ting didn’t bring them here. After shopping, they went to the VIP building opened by Ye You again, enjoyed a massage service, and then went home happily.

In the next time, every one or two days, they would go out for shopping, but every time Sun Ting wanted to asked them out, they would find all kinds of excuses to stay at home. Sun Ting obviously felt that slowly she was unable to blend in with them anymore, because they were all circle around Qin Yuwei.

The lively atmosphere of the Du family’s house made outsiders felt very envious. The women gathered together to discuss clothes and cosmetics, as well as the elderly people and children, Qin Yuwei’s things in the dressing room, which has surprised and envied by them. And the men were discussing about national events and things they encountered at work.

In this way, it was getting closer and closer to the Spring Festival, the sky was getting colder and colder, and it has begun to snow.

Every household hung up red lanterns and red silk, preparing to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new year.

Early in the morning, after the whole family got up, Lu Jinlan walked into the hall and asked, “Why is the kitchen so lively? I saw so many chefs, and there are so many dishes prepare for each kind. Even if our family ate them for half a month, we can’t eat so many dishes, right?”

“It was the chefs Ye You called from the Ye family’s restaurant.” Qin Yuwei explained: “Most soldiers can’t go home, so Ye You prepared a lot of dishes and sent them to Du Yao’s brigade soldiers. Today is the festival season, he also added some proper dishes to them.”

“That’s true, the most painful and tiring is these people who become soldiers. Not to mention the hard training every day, as long as there is a need to use them, they will sacrifice their lives to complete the task.” Lu Jinlan said: “It’s still Ye You who is considerate and consoling those soldiers that followed Du Yao, which is also represent his heart as their sister-in-law. The soldiers will naturally remember his kindness and also Du Yao’s kindness.”

Ye You had listed the menu earlier, and told the chefs how to make each dishes so that it will be delicious. Since they were his own cooks, after they learn it, they still can cook for the guests and can increased the customers flow. Although Ye You felt that it was not as delicious as his cooking, but it can be considered not bad already. After all, if he was the one to cook so many dishes by himself, his body would not be able to bear it.

Du Yao had already asked two large of trucks to wait outside. After the dishes were ready, they were all covered, and the soldiers carefully placed them in the large wooden boxes on the trucks. The wooden boxes were covered with clean quilts4Original text is really 棉被(mian bei); quilt, guys.. I assume they directly use large of cotton cloths to cover all the foods since YY cook for all soldiers who didn’t go home, it must be a LOTs of foods. and can keep it warm for a while.

After all the dishes were loaded on the car(truck) and set off, Du Yao also drove the car and set off with Ye You to the brigade. Since it was the most important festival of the year, Du Yao, as the Squadron Leader, who lives close by, naturally he have to go and see them, so that those soldiers who can’t go home for the festival can feel a little bit of comfort in their hearts.

When they arrived, the meals prepared by the three cooking team were almost ready. The soldiers of the War Lions squadron acted collectively and quickly put the dishes on the table in the cafeteria. After uncovered all the bowls with the dishes, the tempting smells made the soldiers sighed in admiration again and they couldn’t help swallowing.

The soldiers of the Fierce Lion Squadron and Thunder Lion Squadron stood aside and looked at them with envious eyes. The smell of the dishes floated over, making them felt even more that, why the difference between the treatment of the soldiers was so big?

Ye You walked into the canteen and saw all the soldiers from the other two squadrons just standing there stupidly. After seeing him(YY) coming in, they smiled stupidly at him. Ye You looked at them and said, “What are you guys doing here? Go and help to serve the dishes. I have allocated the dishes for each squadron. Go and carry down some of yours by yourself, otherwise it will be cold.”

The soldiers were all stunned. They just looked at each other, can’t react for a long time.

“Go quickly,” Ye You said.


The soldiers all ran out to help with the food.

“I say, what are you dawdling about? Took you so long to come out?” The soldier of the War Lions squadron complained while standing on the car(truck).

“We can do it ourselves, thank you brother.” Several soldiers climbed into the car and patted the soldier on the shoulder.

After all the dishes were on the table, Du Yao briefly said a few words and then asked the soldiers to eat quickly while it still hot. He and Ye You did not leave immediately, but sat down to eat with the soldiers.

Just after eating for a while, Du Hao and Ye Chen came in. Ye Chen originally didn’t want to come because he knew that those soldiers liked Ye You more and he didn’t want to be a foil for Ye You, but Du Hao didn’t want Du Yao to win over people’s heart by himself. So he bought some fruits for the soldiers in his squadron, and then brought Ye Chen over.

Du Hao asked the soldiers to move the fruits in, and then divided them into each soldier. After the soldiers moved in the things, they just found that there was obviously only enough for one squadron. So, he felt embarrassed, and then said that he would wait until the meal was over then just divided them. They were going to wait for Du Hao and Ye Chen to leave, and just distribute the things to the soldiers of the other two squadrons. With such a Squadron Leader who was unlikely to behaved with integrity, these soldiers could only think more about the reputation of the entire squadron themselves.

Originally, Du Hao and Ye Chen were going to leave immediately after they delivered the things, but when they saw Du Yao and Ye You were sitting and eating with the soldiers, they could only sit down and eat with the soldiers too.

The soldiers were chatting while eating and drinking. It was still very lively with so many people celebrating the festival together, diminishing a lot of the sorrow of not being able to go home to see their family members.

After Du Hao ate a few bites of the dishes, he found that there were few dishes that tasted particularly good. They tasted very different from those usually cooked by the cooking team. He secretly glanced at the dining table of the War Lions squadron and found that they were all the same. The dishes are all the same. Now he understand why the soldiers were unwilling to distributed the fruit immediately after they have moved it inside.

Du Hao endured the embarrassment while sitting, but Ye Chen totally oblivious. He still ate one bite after another, thinking in his heart that it was indeed the most important festival of the year, and the cooking skills of the cooking team had improved by leaps and bounds. But there seems to be a big gap in the taste of some dishes.

Du Hao saw that Du Yao and Ye You were chatting with the soldiers as they ate the dishes, and had no intention of leaving at all, but he couldn’t sit still anymore, so he got up and left with Ye Chen.

After the soldiers had more or less eaten, Du Yao and Ye You stood up and prepared to leave. All the soldiers stood up and toasted them a cup collectively.

Ye You said to the soldiers: “Your Squadron Leader have the family prepare glutinous rice balls and steamed buns, both sweet and salty. The glutinous rice balls will be delivered to you for supper, and the steamed buns will be delivered to you for breakfast tomorrow morning.”

“Thank you captain! Thank you sister-in-law!” said the soldiers collectively.

“Don’t be polite with us.” Ye You said with a smile: “You guys continue to eat, we will go back first.”

After watching Du Yao and Ye You leave, the soldiers sat down and continued to finish their meal.

Gu Squadron was not here because his home was too far away and it was rare for him to be able to go home. But Du Yao and Du Hao were half-brothers from the same father, and Ye You and Ye Chen were also cousins. The difference gap in their behaviour became even bigger. Although the dishes Ye You prepared for the soldiers, they indeed ate very happily and they felt it was very delicious, but in their hearts, they paid more attention to their(YY&DY) kindly feelings for them(soldiers).

On the way back, Du Yao drove with one hand and held Ye You’s hand with the other and said, “Thank you.”

“Thank me for what?” After Ye You was full, his mind was a little groggy, and he didn’t react in time.

“Thank you for everything, thank you for willing to marry me.” Du Yao said seriously.

“Hmm…” Ye You thought for a while and said, “If you are grateful to me, you have to treat me well for the rest of your life.”

“I will treat you well for the rest of my life.” Du Yao promised.

Ye You turned to sit on his side, looked at him and said, “I will treat you well for the rest of my life, too.”

That dog food at the end 🐕 

See you next chapter! 😘

  • 1
    Raw 老太太(lao tai tai); Old lady, elderly lady, esteemed mother. Old madam (from a clip of drama I saw). I decide to use Old Madam instead of old lady, if you notice, it had change since last chapter but I forgot to put on footnote to inform you guys Orz
  • 2
    Raw 占大头(Zhàn dàtóu); Take the bulk. According to baidu, when someone have a business partnership with other and one person take out more money than others, then that person will have the bulk of money(not sure if this the right term in English). For YY, I think maybe it’s bcoz he was the one to come up with these food and cosmetic business that he was accounted for the bulk? For more information, pls check here ⇨
  • 3
    For you guys who know Chinese, here the original text, 有我们两个不多,没两个不少. I think what LJ means is;  there are no different whether the two of them accompany the Old Madam or not. Please correct me if I’m wrong~
  • 4
    Original text is really 棉被(mian bei); quilt, guys.. I assume they directly use large of cotton cloths to cover all the foods since YY cook for all soldiers who didn’t go home, it must be a LOTs of foods.
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