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SRA Chapter 4

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.4: What is the truth?

After the vacation, Ye You returned to the Cultural Regiment. For Ye You, it doesn’t matter if he enters the Cultural Regiment or not, but since he was already here, he must be the best one.

In the original world, he had to hide his true ability, and make people outside think that whatever he’d done perfectly, he only can do that much but what he was expert at was to become the richest young master who was good at playing and enjoying life. He and his family didn’t bother too much. But in this world, he might be able to show some of his real skills, to accomplished something to the level that he wanted.

Thinking of this, Ye You suddenly felt the excitement which he had for the first time since he came to this world. Although there was only a little excitement, it was still worth looking forward to. Before he return to the original world, he has to live happily, in case, in case he can’t go back…. then he has to live better, that way he won’t let down all those who love him and won’t let himself down.

Because the original owner had voluntarily take the blame for Ye Chen, there were not just little gossips about him now. When he entered the gate of the Cultural Regiment, along the way a lot of people looked at him with strange eyes, and then whispering to each other.

Ye You didn’t care about the look in the eyes of those people, or what they were whispered about, and there was also no wave in his heart. He will use his strength and ability to make all those strange eyes and gossips about him disappeared, and become the person that others look up to.

The third gender, follow in the ancient language of this world, was called Ger1 I’ve notice some translator using ‘they’ for people who are Ger for the same genre as this novel.. But since Ger originally a man who can get pregnant, I will stick with ‘he’.. I hope you are okay with this  *peace*The number of Ger in ancient times was much lower than the number of men and women, and now it was even less. There were only seventeen or eighteen Ger in the entire Cultural Regiment of the East Three Military Region. There were only six Ger in the new recruits. These six people have a dormitory for every three people. The conditions of the dormitory building were not bad. After all, the East Three Military Region was ranked the largest military region in the country. Compared with other military regions, the overall conditions here were not bad.

After Ye You walked into the dormitory, he took out his clothes and some things he brought from his house and put them in the lockers. The other two people in the dormitory have also arrived. One of them was Zhao Yu. He was a very reticent person. Just wanted to hear he say more than a word for a whole day was already very difficult. The other was called Ji Wen, not really have good friend relationship with the original owner Ye You. After that incident happened, the two people in the dormitory did not exclude the original owner or say bad things about him, because neither of them was a person of bad character, and there was another reason, because both of them knew that he did not go anywhere in the dormitory that night.

Ji Wen leaned his hands on the locker and looked sideways at Ye You, who was putting his things and said, “That incident is getting more and more unpleasant to hear. Are you really not going to tell the truth?”

“I have confessed already before, and if I change my mind now, even if they are willing to believe, do you think I can avoid being punished?” Ye You closed the door of the locker after putting his things away, and walked over to the bed and sat down to change his shoes. He was not afraid of being punished, but felt that he must make the punishment worth it.

“Actually, what are you thinking about? You are willing to confess to this kind of thing. Do you really think that you do this, Du Hao will be grateful to you? If he is really grateful to you, he will not say things that embarrass you.” Ji Wen really didn’t understand the original Ye You’s thoughts.

“Water might have gotten into my head at that time. It’s too late to regret now. The only thing I can do now is to wait for the right time and try to prove my innocence to everyone.” Ye You sighed and said, “So, it’s not that I don’t want to explain it now, but that the time hasn’t come yet. Rest assured, I’ll find a way to prove my innocence. ”

“So you still know regrets ah? I thought you wouldn’t know what regrets is without breaking your head against the south wall.” Ji Wen’s expression express that he was still not reach the point of no return.2Google gave me; Ji Wen’s expression that he didn’t reach the point of no cure. ORZ I think it means he’s glad?

Ye You smiled and said, “If I really have to hit the South Wall before I know that I have to turn around, then it is not worth to sympathize.”

Suddenly, a muffled and unsophisticated sound of cello was heard, Ye You and Ji Wen turned their heads at the same time, looking at Zhao Yu, who was sitting on the bed playing the cello. The tune he played was called An Yong3暗涌 = AnYong.  暗=dark 涌=rush/surge. There are many translation of this word, but the direct translation seem didn’t make any sense. So I’m using pinyin instead, a well-known foreign musician who wrote a tune to express his frustration and anger because he was misunderstood and wronged.

Ye You and Ji Wen looked at each other and couldn’t help laughing. Zhao Yu doesn’t like to talk, but he likes to communicate with music. He suddenly play this piece, which he means that Ye You’s mood was definitely the same as the feeling expressed in this piece.

The three of them assigned to the same dormitory because they were good at playing musical instruments, Zhao Yu was good at playing the cello, the original owner Ye You was good at playing the violin, and Ji Wen was good at playing the piano and accordion. Ye Chen and his dormitory mates were all good at dancing. And now Ye You, as long as he wanted, he can be very good at anything.

The daily routine in the Cultural Regiment was practice, rehearsal, training, performance, and occasionally there were assessments and comparisons. For recruits, performance opportunities were particularly rare. If you can get the opportunity to perform and have an excellent performance, it will have a great impact on the future promotion.

This time the recruits’ holiday was over, and before they even started to practice, a surprise assessment came. And this surprise assessment was to select some recruits to participate in a large-scale performance a month later.

In this assessment, the leaders of the Cultural Regiment and the teachers were almost all there. Anyone can see that the Cultural Regiment paid considerable attention to the one month later’s performance. These leaders also just received news, so they had this sudden assessment.

After that, the recruits who will join the Dance team will be evaluated first. Ye Chen learned to dance from an early age. His basic skills were solid, willing to endured hardship and have a talent for dancing. Liu Hui, the leader of the Dance team, likes him very much, and because Liu Hui and Ye Chen’s mother were very good friend, Liu Hui was very partial to Ye Chen. As long as there was a performance opportunity, she will do her best to fight it for him.

After Ye Chen finished the performance, Liu Hui’s face was all smiled and she looked at him with gratified and nodding at him. The other leaders also showed a satisfactory expressions and exchanged glances. It seems that writing Ye Chen’s name into the list to perform was only a matter of success.

Others looked at Ye Chen with envious eyes. After all, no matter how hard they try, they can only do better by relying on their talents.

With a humble smile, Ye Chen stepped aside and took the towel handed over by his roommate to wipe his sweat. Facing the envious eyes of everyone, his heart was proud and he enjoyed it.

After all the people in front of Ye You finished playing, Ye You took the violin and saluted the leaders, then lifted the violin and started playing.

Ye You played a piece called YeZhan4Translated to Night Warfare. The difficulty of this piece was very high, and it must show both the silence of the night and the intensity and urgency of the silent battle. If accidentally make a mistakes, it will become a hideous mess.

Even if one don’t particularly understand music, just by listening, one will know Ye You’s play was very good, because their emotions have been mobilized, and their emotions will not deceived them. As long as their eyes were closed, there will even be scenes in their minds, and they were sometimes nervous and exciting. The more it reach the end, the more they feel that they were no longer a bystander, but a person in the middle of the war. At the moment, they were holding a gun in their hands, relying on the cover of night, ready to kill the enemy camp at any time, then started a fierce battle.

After Ye You’s performance was over, Xu Jingyuan, leader of the Musical Band, was excited and almost stood up and applauded. But, because he thought that the assessment was not a formal performance, he managed not to stand up, but he immediately discussed with the teachers and leaders next to him, and immediately decided that Ye You would participate in the performance.

Liu Hui listened to Xu Jingyuan’s whispered but excited words, her brows could not help but wrinkled, she didn’t like Ye You very much, because she felt that Ye You was extremely bad-looking and had a bad personality. He even can’t compare to the cautious and understanding Ye Chen at all. Even though the original owner Ye You hasn’t done anything yet, Liu Hui has determined that Ye You was a very bad person. Liu Hui, the leader of the Dance team and also the leader of the recruits, had targeted Ye You everywhere before. He also told Ye Chen that Ye You’s mentality was very heavy, and it was possible that he will stab him in the back at any time, so he must be careful.

Liu Hui hates Ye You, so naturally she doesn’t want to see him. She saw that the leaders agree with Xu Jingyuan’s words, and she can no longer keep silent.

“Leaders, I have a few words to say.” After Liu Hui’s voice was heard, everyone looked at her, waiting for her to continue.

“What happened last time has caused a very bad influence on our Cultural Regiment. He only received a warning to deal with it, but he made our entire Cultural Regiment embarrassed with him. I think that we should punished him internally too. Otherwise, how can we educate and manage others in the future?” Liu Hui said eloquently and seriously: “I propose that during his recruits, he is not allowed to participate in any performance as a punishment, but also a warning to other recruits.”

“This kind of punishment is too much. It was not a big deal at all. Even the investigative officer only gave warnings. Your proposal is unfair!” Xu Jingyuan said very dissatisfiedly. “And whatever kind of mistakes and level of punishment is subject to rules and regulations, not just do whatever you want. “

Xu Jingyuan knew what kind of person Liu Hui was. She would maintain everything for the people she liked, and for the people she hated, she targeted them everywhere. She was a person without justice. If the people of their Dance team made any mistakes, she tried her best to cover it up. If the people of their Musical Band made any mistakes, she wished to magnify them by a hundred times.

After the end of Ye You’s recruit training period, he must definitely enter the Musical Band. Xu Jingyuan, as the Musical Band leader, naturally wanted to protect his members. And he thought that the original Ye You was pretty good, and the violin played very well. Ye You’s performance just now made him feel very amazing. He felt that if Ye You can maintain this state all the time, it was worth focusing on him.

“Then let me ask you, is it clearly stated in the rules and regulations that anyone who causes serious adverse effects to our army5军=jun; Google and Yabla translate this to army. I think this cultural regiment/troupe is a part of army too? *confused* will be expelled from the regiment. People who are not self-respecting and have poor conduct like him are simply not worthy of entering the Cultural Regiment. The other members of the Cultural Regiment are ashamed of his existence! He did such a shameless thing, and made all the people in the Cultural Regiment feel embarrassed with him. Do you still think that the punishment I proposed is too heavy and unfair? What about other people who strictly abide by the rules and act prudently?”

A middle-aged man like Xu Jingyuan was not really good at arguing with people, and the more anxious and angry he was, the more he would be speechless. In the face of Liu Hui’s strong words, he can only flushed red, but doesn’t know what to do or how to refute.

Seeing this, Ye You felt it necessary to stand up and say something.

As soon as Ye Chen saw Ye You coming out, he immediately got nervous, and tried hard to tell Ye You not to say anything.

Ye You turned his head and glanced at Ye Chen.

T/N: Again… Cliffhanger! Lol! Hope you like this translation. See you soon!

Edited on 25 Oct ’21

  • 1
     I’ve notice some translator using ‘they’ for people who are Ger for the same genre as this novel.. But since Ger originally a man who can get pregnant, I will stick with ‘he’.. I hope you are okay with this  *peace*
  • 2
    Google gave me; Ji Wen’s expression that he didn’t reach the point of no cure. ORZ I think it means he’s glad?
  • 3
    暗涌 = AnYong.  暗=dark 涌=rush/surge. There are many translation of this word, but the direct translation seem didn’t make any sense. So I’m using pinyin instead
  • 4
    Translated to Night Warfare
  • 5
    军=jun; Google and Yabla translate this to army. I think this cultural regiment/troupe is a part of army too? *confused*
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