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SRA Chapter 5

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

T/N: Hiya readers! 👋😄 I’m so embarrassed bcoz I’m late again. Apologize! But I hope you like this chapter as much as I am! You can look forward to the face-slapping scene! 😉

Arc 1.5: Proof of Innocent

Ye You felt that Ye Chen was trying to restraint him with his strong eyes, but he just glanced at him and went on.

“Leaders, can I say a few words?” Ye You asked calmly and politely.

Several leaders and teachers looked at Ye You, and they were stunned at the same time, because Ye You just stood there quietly, which made people feel a pleasant and peaceful feeling. But what made them stunned at the same time, and could not help but admire was not just his exquisite appearance, but the temperament he exudes.

In terms of appearance, in the Cultural Regiment, no one had had a bad look, because in addition to talent, appearance was also one of the important selection criteria. These leaders and teachers all had seen the original Ye You before, but they were not impressed with the original Ye You. Although the appearance of the original Ye You was very good, but in the Cultural Regiment with a very high average value, he did not gives a very deep impression. To put it plainly, although the original owner Ye You looks good and plays the violin well, he was a person with a low sense of existence.

But the Ye You now, standing in front of them at such a close distance, makes them instantly felt bright. After this time, they will never forget Ye You’s appearance.

“What do you have to say?!” Liu Hui looked at Ye You and said aloud, “If you still have a little shame, you should show it publicly and apologize to all the others who are affected by you! But you act like you have nothing to do with it, as if those scandals have nothing to do with you. It seems that my hope for you to have little shamed, I had overestimated you!”

“Leader Liu, please control your emotions and pay attention to your words. Personal insults to any soldiers are not allowed. You will be given a verbal warning once. If there is another time, you will be directly charged!” The Deputy Leader looked at Liu Hui very seriously and said.

Liu Hui opened her mouth and didn’t speak anymore. She was too stir up and talk irresponsibly, but the Deputy Leader has warned her in front of so many people. This was the first time for her, and she sat down with ugly face.

“What do you want to say?” The Deputy Leader looked at Ye you and asked.

“I have a question to ask Team Leader Liu.” Ye You turned his eyes to Liu Hui, and asked in a calm tone. “You are a team leader. All the recruits go out at night must find you to register first before they can leave the dormitory, is that right? “

Liu Hui didn’t answer him, just gave him a nonsense look, but she just gave that look, and then she froze.

“May I ask Team Leader Liu, are you sure that I am the one who went to apply for an outing with you that night?” Ye You looked directly at Liu Hui, but Liu Hui dared not look back at him.

“…” Liu Hui’s expression was unnaturally silent for a while and then said, “You came to register yourself, but you asked me? You had personally admitted to the investigator that you went to meet Du Hao. Still, did you secretly leave the dormitory without taking out the permit?”

“If I didn’t take out my permit form, how could the guards outside the gate let me go out?” Ye You smiled and said, “I’m worried that there are too many people going out that night that Team Leader Liu may remember it wrong. How about bring the registration book here, show it to the leaders and have a look?”

“You admit it yourself, can there be anything wrong?” Liu Hui gave Ye You a fierce glares.

“Deputy Leader, please let me look at the registration book’s records that night.” Ye You knew that Liu Hui was definitely not willing to bring the register book, so he directly told the person who could do that without wasting time.

After the Deputy Leader was silent for a while, he turned to the guard behind him and said, “Go to Team leader Liu’s office and bring the recruits’ leave register book here.”

“I’ll get it myself!” Liu Hui stood up violently, and then strode out.

Ye Chen watched Liu Hui striding out, his nervous palms were already sweating.

Several leaders and teachers saw Ye You standing there, but could not see any emotion from his face. It was difficult to think that just now he faced Liu Hui’s loud accusations and insults, he was not irritable or angry, nor was he guilty, and his face does not change in the slightest ugly way. In their hearts, they couldn’t help but look up to Ye You some more.

Liu Hui brought the recruits leave register book, opened it and put it in front of the Deputy Leader.

The Deputy Leader took one glance and immediately frowned, then he looked up at Liu Hui.

Liu Hui’s eyes dodged a bit, but she was still standing upright, pretending to be calm.

“Excuse me, can I take a look?” Ye You asked.

“There is indeed your name on it.” The Deputy Leader pushed the name list out.

Ye You walked over to pick up the name list, glanced at it and said, “It turns out that that night, only me and Ye Chen had outings, but …”

Ye Chen heard Ye You say his name, and his heart jumped suddenly, become more nervous.

Ye You paused deliberately, and then looked at Liu Hui puzzledly and said, “But the ink traces of my name and the ink traces of Ye Chen’s name seem to be different? How does the ink trace of my name look like haven’t dry completely? Few days have passed already… How about calling the gate guard on duty that day and ask them?”

After Ye You finished speaking, he put the name list back on the table.

The sitting leaders and teachers immediately understood what was going on, and the standing recruits, whose brains were turning fast, also understood but people with the brains that turning slowly were still in the clouds.

“Okay.” The Deputy Leader closed the register book harder and said seriously, “This matter ends here, no matter who it is in the future, it is not allowed to discuss this matter again. Leader Liu, for insulting your team members is one thing, I hope you can make a profound self-review, then write a review book and send it to me.”

“… Yes.” Liu Hui whispered with her hands clenched. She now regretted that she had failed to control her emotions. She was too excited that she completely forgot that the original Ye You did not apply to go out that night.

In fact, if one really wanted to investigated this matter, it was very easy to find out, because the original Ye You actively admitted that he met Du Hao, he was consistent with Du Hao, and because it was not a big deal, so there was no investigation. If the original owner Ye You didn’t admit it at the time, the investigators staff would immediately go to Liu Hui to asked for the recruits’ leave register book, or directly asked the guards at the gate, and the matter would be revealed on the same night.

But if the truth was announced now, things will really get bigger, and once things get bigger, it will really have a very bad influence on the reputation of the Cultural Regiment.

The Deputy Leader glanced at Ye You and saw that he was not indignant and wronged, thinking that maybe he understand the reason of what he did. Although angry, he was also one of the leaders who caused things to become serious. But he also appreciated that even if he felt wronged, he can also prove his innocence and was patient with the overall situation.

Ye You was only enduring for the time being, but he has the personality of ‘Hatred must Recompense’1Raw 仇必报; means revenge is unavoidable, I think *brain burned*, how could this matter be forgotten? He was still waiting for a more appropriate time to expose Du Hao’s love relationship with Ye Chen, let everyone know the truth, and see what kind of person Du Hao was.

After the assessment of all recruits, the leaders left one after another. This time because the Head of the Delegation went to the meeting, they did not come to assess the recruits. After he returned, the Deputy Leader will definitely report to him today. As for whether Ye You can participate in the performance a month later, he will have to wait for the leader to come back and discuss about it again.

After the recruits left one after another, Ye You walked in front of Liu Hui and looked at her and said, “Leader Liu, I haven’t offended you before or hurt anyone. You don’t like to see me, even hate me, it’s all your own business. I can’t interfere with your emotions and your views of me. But you are against me and suppressing me, and it’s not good for you, so I hope you can ignore my existence in the future. This to us both also good.”

Liu Hui didn’t answer Ye You, just glared at him fiercely, then turned and left.

Ji Wen walked to Ye You and looked at Liu Hui’s back and whispered, “You didn’t do anything, why did she hate you and target you so much?”

“Between people, had a fate called eyes-margin2 Raw 缘 (yuan); cause; reason; karma; fate; predestined affinity; margin; hem; edge; along. Some people will like what they see for the first time, and some people will feel annoyed for the first time they meet. And me, I must be the one who make her feels annoying when she see me.” In the plot that Ye You read, Liu Hui hated the original owner Ye You from beginning to end. When the original owner Ye You had not done anything bad, he targeted and suppressed him everywhere. Even more intensified, the original owner Ye You later became more and more distorted in his character, and Liu Hui played a large role in it.

Two days later, Xu Jingyuan asked Ye You to meet him with a violin. Ye You brought the violin box to the Musical Band’s small practice room and met Xu Jingyuan.

Xu Jingyuan asked Ye You to play a classical piece of music. After Ye You completed the song, he put down the piano and Xu Jingyuan nodded with satisfaction.

“Your basic skills are very good, but the emotional performance in the tune is still lacking. You should practice more during this time and practice this piece specifically, and strive to practice to the best extent you can before the performance next month.” Xu Jingyuan told him.

“I can perform on stage next month?” Ye You asked.

“I’m fighting for you. Hope is still big. You play this song Gui Lai3Raw 归来 ; return. I assume this might be the title of the piece Ye You have to play and practice carefully. After half a month, I will take you to see the Head Leader. You play it in front of the Leader, as long as you can play it a little better than what you play today, it will no problem.”

“Thank you, Teacher Xu, I will practice hard and will not let you down.”

Xu Jingyuan nodded and said, “You don’t have to put too much pressure on yourself. Practice steadily. There are still many opportunities to performs in the future.”

Xu Jingyuan’s remarks were not just consoling Ye You. Although Ye You was a recruit, no one in the whole Musical Band except Xu Jingyuan was better than Ye You’s violin, and this was still the case where Ye You deliberately hides most of his strength.

Xu Jingyuan’s best instrument was also a violin. Before that, he was quite satisfied with the original owner Ye You, but he felt that his play was not very emotional, but thinking that he was still very young after all, there was still much room for improvement . And Ye You’s excellent performance in the last assessment made him decided to take Ye You as the focus training object. The future violin chief, he has basically determined that it will be Ye You.

After that, because of the large-scale performance a month later, the atmosphere gradually became tense. No matter whether the literary soldiers were selected to appear on stage or not, because of this tense atmosphere, they kept practicing and practicing again, and made it seemed like if they become a little lazy, they will be left behind by others.

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Edited on 25 Oct ’21

  • 1
    Raw 仇必报; means revenge is unavoidable, I think *brain burned*
  • 2
    Raw 缘 (yuan); cause; reason; karma; fate; predestined affinity; margin; hem; edge; along
  • 3
    Raw 归来 ; return. I assume this might be the title of the piece Ye You have to play
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