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SRA Chapter 30

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

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Yeah, I specially prepare this bonus chapter because I’m so happy that SRA finally, FINALLY on the Novel Update list! This is all thanks to one of our reader who are very kindly helping me and explained how I can list SRA in NU too. You guys have no idea how I’ve been trying to do this since May last year. But I keep failing. I thought that maybe novel on Wattpad cannot be listed on NU since there is no option to make a group here. I’ve even trying to join another group of translators’ site with the thought I might be able to make this novel on the NU list. But after registered for some time I can’t log in anymore.😂 So, I thought,  “Let’s just stick to wattpad!” 😂😂😂

So, this time double update, this chapter I’m TLing are specially dedicated to T3stAcc

Thank you so much for your help! ❤🙏


Arc 1.30 : Who is More Outstanding?

Three months later, Ye You and the other’s recruiting period was about to end. After the last large-scale report performance completed, the regiment will announce the list of the name that will be staying and leaving. In this performance, each recruit has at least one personal performance opportunity. The audience who watching the performance will include not only the Leaders and soldiers that specially invited by the regiment, but the family members and relatives of the Literally and Art soldiers who will carry out the performance can also be invited to watch the show.

On the day of the performance, the Cultural Regiment was very lively. Not only many soldiers came one after another to watch the performance, but also the relatives of the recruits almost all arrived.

There were not only Ye Jiande husband and wife and Ye Song that specially come for Ye You’s performance, but also Du Yao’s parents and grandparents. Because Ye You invited Elder Xu to treat Du Yao, the Du family was grateful to Ye You and their favorable impression of him was greatly improved. Therefore, for this performance, they all came to save him most face1Raw 给面子(gei mian zi); save one’s face; show due respect for one’s feelings. and attached important towards Ye You.

As for Ye Chen’s performance, in addition to Elder Ye and Ye Jianxian and his wife, Du Hao himself, his mother, his grandfather2Raw 外公(wai gong);  grandfather from his mother’s side and some of their family also came.  It was Sun Ting who specially invited them to come and support Ye Chen.

Although Du Yao’s grandparents and father specially came to see Ye You, in the eyes of others, they were also Du Hao’s grandparents and father, and naturally they also came to see Ye Chen. So two Generals showed up to watch Ye Chen’s performance at the same time, making other Literally and Art soldiers envied Ye Chen incessantly.

Ye Chen was doing a warm-up preparations and stretching at the back stage, smiled and accepted the admiration of others.

“The possibility of two Generals who can come to watch the performance at the same time, you are the only one. I don’t know if there will be one in the future. Anyway, I have never seen it before.”

“The Du family and the Sun family both value you so much, and Du Hao loves you so much. Your life after marriage will surely be very happy. Just thinking about it will only makes people feel envious.”

“Yeah, I really envy you. If I can marry half as good as you in the future, I will be satisfied and have nothing to ask for.”

“We are definitely don’t have fate that as good as Ye Chen’s. Who makes us not as outstanding as him.”

“You will definitely have your own happiness.” Ye Chen said with a smiled.

Because Ye You has to do the Full Triathlon in the Cultural Regiment, he has to perform three shows in this performance.

Ye You was drinking medicinal tea to protect his throat while talking to Ji Wen. Suddenly a female Literary soldier ran in, blushing, extremely shy and said, “Ye You, Du Squadron is looking for you.”

The lounge immediately fell quiet, and everyone’s eyes turned to the man. Many people were stunned when they heard the words Du Squadron, including Ye Chen.

“Go ahead.” Ji Wen urged while taking the thermos cup in Ye You’s hand.

Ye You stood up and walked out. Just walking outside the door, he saw Du Yao holding a large handful of white roses, standing on the corridor outside looking at him, Ye You stared at him and walked over, he couldn’t help smiling.

The other Literally and Art soldiers also curiously walked to the door to take a peek. Because of Ye Chen’s vigorous propaganda, they thought that Du Yao would never stand up again. Later, even though they heard that Ye You had hired a Genius Doctor to help with Du Yao’s treatment, but they didn’t know the specific situation, and they even had great doubts about whether Ye You really hired a genius doctor. So when they heard that Du Yao was coming, all of them felt that he might have come in a wheelchair, but when they saw Du Yao’s straight and upright body, they were stunned again.

“Why don’t you sit in front? And what are you doing running here?” Ye You looked at Du Yao and asked.

“I haven’t seen you for several days, I want to see you up close.” Du Yao handed Ye You the white roses wrapped in kraft paper: “I wish you success in the performance.”

“Thank you.” Ye You took it with a smile.

“Are you nervous?” Du Yao looked at Ye You and asked.

“Not nervous, because I have hundred percent of confidence.” Ye You said confidently.

“Your self-confident appearance look really good.” Du Yao couldn’t help smiling, and raised his hand to stroke Ye You’s soft hair.

“Does it not look good at other times?” Ye You deliberately asked with wide eyes.

“You always looks good.” Du Yao’s desire to survive was still very strong, and he didn’t hesitate to answer, but he also sincerely think that Ye You was good-looking at all times.

Those Literary Art soldiers who were peeking saw Du Yao smiling for the first time. Their heartbeat was a little abnormal, and their faces started to get hot. Du Yao’s gentle eyes gave them a feeling that their souls would be taken away. They felt that Du Yao looked more handsome and attractive than before. Such a man was really the best3Raw 极品(ji pin); best quality; item of the highest quality; (slang) outrageous; annoying in the extreme; gross; person with these qualities. in the world. Just looking at him, the amorous feeling in people’s heart were rippling.

After the two said a few more words, Ye You said, “The show is about to begin. Go back and sit down. I’m going to prepare for the stage too.”

Du Yao nodded. He looked at Ye You’s glossy and ruddy lips, and wanted to kiss him very much to ease the longing in his heart, but there were too many people peeking, he could only hold it back, then turned and left.

Ye You watched Du Yao leave. Those who were peeking also saw Du Yao’s steady steps. After Ye You turned and walked back, they quickly dispersed, pretending that they were not peeking, and then each of them busied themselves.

Ye You put the roses on the sofa, and then sat down to tune the violin.

“I heard that Du Squadron was injured very badly before, but now he already can walk. Your great grandpa really deserves to be a Genius Doctor. It’s really amazing.” Ji Wen couldn’t help but exclaimed with a thumbs up.

“He was able to stand up a month ago. Not only is my great grandpa’s good medical skills, but his recovery speed is also amazing.” Ye You smiled and said. These three months, whenever he had time he would went and see Du Yao, then learn some medical skills from Elder Xu in passing.

“That said, Du Squadron has recovered to the same as before, and there is no big problem?” Ji Wen raised an eyebrow and asked.

“Yeah.” Ye You nodded and said, “After a period of rest, he will be able return to the team.”

“That’s really great.” Ji Wen was really happy for Ye You.

But among the eavesdroppers next to him, some of them couldn’t be happy anymore. That person was Ye Chen. He didn’t expect that Ye You could find the Genius Doctor, and actually healed Du Yao, and in the future they would live under the same roof. Wouldn’t he became inferior to Ye You everywhere? No matter how Ye Chen thought about it, he felt unwilling, but for the time being, he had no other way to break off Du Yao and Ye You engagement.

Elder Du, Elder Sun, and Elder Ye were sitting in the middle of the front row. Elder Du and Elder Ye saw each other unpleasant to the eyes, and there was no communication from beginning to end. Elder Sun and Elder Ye belong to the same faction, and the two can be considered good friends. If Elder Sun hadn’t persuaded him, it would be impossible for Elder Ye to agree to let Ye Chen be engaged to Du Hao so easily. And Elder Du with the other two have had many open and secret fights over the years, and there were various personal reasons. Naturally, there were nothing to say, and he doesn’t bother to even deal with them.

And Sun Ting deliberately pulled Ye Chen’s mother Su Ping and sat beside Qin Yuwei. On the other side of Qin Yuwei was Ye You’s mother Xu Yun. Sun Ting did this on purpose because Du Hao always told her, Ye Chen was very outstanding. He was the most respected recruit in the Cultural Regiment. Even most of the veterans are not as good as him. So she was going to show off with Su Ping during Ye Chen performance.

The performance began. The first performers are recruits who will be assigned to the Harmony Band.

And Ye You’s Triathlon performances, each of them was a pressed stage4Raw 压台(ya tai)+戏(xi); last item on a show;grand finale, when it was Ye You’s turn to perform, he played a very lively violin melody, which was in line with his current mood. After Du Yao can walk and jumped, his mood was particularly good.

The cheerful melody drove the emotions of the audience and made people feel very happy. With such a fast-paced and stable performance, even an amateur can heard Ye You’s strength in it and feel that Ye You was more outstanding than those who played before him.

Xu Jingyuan stood at the entrance and exit on the side of the stage, thinking in his heart that Ye You’s strength was still so amazing that had people exclaimed in admiration. And he found that every time Ye You performed on stage, he played better than usual during practice and assessment, as if he was born for the stage.

“Played really well, makes people feel very happy when one hear it.” Qin Yuwei whispered to Xu Yun.

“He learned a lot of musical instruments when he was young, but the violin persisted. It is indeed a lot better than before. It seems that after joining the Cultural Regiment, he was practicing very hard.” Xu Yun said with a smile.

“What’s so nice to listen about this musical instrument? The dance performance is more worthy of appreciation. Don’t know when Ye Chen will be on stage.” Sun Ting said to Su Ping.

“I heard Ye Chen said that his turn was arrange relatively behind.” Su Ping replied.

“Du Hao always tells me that Ye Chen is the best in this batch of recruits. He must be performing on press stage. In order to enjoy the best performance, it is worth waiting some more time.” Sun Ting said with a smile.

Su Ping also smiled.

After Ye You finished his performance, the recruits from the Dance team went on stage to perform. The order of Ye Chen’s onstage was indeed a bit later in the dance performance. He(YC) was the second will be on stage5Raw 他倒是第二个上台(ta dao shi di er get shang tai); he was the second to come on stage. But I don’t know why I have a feeling this is typo??! That it should be the second last to come on stage instead of the second to come on stage??? _(:3」∠)_, but Ye You was the one who pressed the stage.

After the previous dance performances, hearing the announcer said Ye Chen’s name, Sun Ting said happily: “It’s finally time for Ye Chen to go on stage.”

The curtain slowly opened, and Ye Chen, dressed in blue and white dance costume, began to perform the solo Blue Spirit Bird. The Blue Spirit Bird was a very rare bird in this world. It has a very beautiful blue feathers, and its posture when dancing and playing among the flowers was also very flexible and graceful.

Ye Chen’s6Original text here is 叶攸(Ye You) but as I read and read again, it didn’t seem to make sense? I assume it might be typo again.😅 Because it was YeChen’s solo performance, not YY. basic dancing skills are still very good, and the Blue Spirit Bird’s agile and graceful dance performance was in place. Before Ye You transmigrating over, he(YC) was indeed the best recruit among the recruits. But after Ye You transmigrated, he wasn’t one anymore.

“He dance really well! This dance, it just need one look to know it was very difficult, but he looks very relax when he dance, and so very good-looking too. No wonder Du Hao said he is the best among the recruits. This dance  ah, no matter how it look are more interesting than playing the-whatever-violin was, doesn’t know how much better Ye Chen is than a certain someone.” Sun Ting said quietly, but it was enough for Qin Yuwei next to her to heard it.

Qin Yuwei didn’t bother to care about her at all, and it was impossible to argue with her on this occasion, just treating as if she didn’t heard her voice at all.

“He has liked dancing since he was a child, and the teacher who taught him always praised him for his talent. When he enter the Cultural Regiment, he was grade with the highest score at the time.” Su Ping was very proud, and she couldn’t stop the smug expression on her face. Ye Chen really gave them face. Now that Sun Ting had seen Ye Chen’s excellence, she(ST) will value her(SP) even more in the future.

Du Hao was also here today. He actually doesn’t really appreciated the performance of any instrument. Even if he can heard that Ye You’s performance was really good, he would not admit Ye You’s excellence in his heart. Now he was extremely loathed Ye You and naturally feels unpleasant no matter how he looked. And Ye Chen’s excellent performance also made him very satisfied.

I’m curious on how everyone who disliking and underestimated YY will look like after YY perform the Full Triathlon.. Can’t wait to see their face hurt!

Oh!  And…

For those who celebrating, I’m gonna wish you in advance, HAPPY Chinese New Year!!  🎉🎊❤

Wish you luck in the Year of the Ox with good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year.🎉🎉🎊

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  • 1
    Raw 给面子(gei mian zi); save one’s face; show due respect for one’s feelings.
  • 2
    Raw 外公(wai gong);  grandfather from his mother’s side
  • 3
    Raw 极品(ji pin); best quality; item of the highest quality; (slang) outrageous; annoying in the extreme; gross; person with these qualities.
  • 4
    Raw 压台(ya tai)+戏(xi); last item on a show;grand finale
  • 5
    Raw 他倒是第二个上台(ta dao shi di er get shang tai); he was the second to come on stage. But I don’t know why I have a feeling this is typo??! That it should be the second last to come on stage instead of the second to come on stage??? _(:3」∠)_
  • 6
    Original text here is 叶攸(Ye You) but as I read and read again, it didn’t seem to make sense? I assume it might be typo again.😅 Because it was YeChen’s solo performance, not YY.
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