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SRA Chapter 31

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.31: Outstanding and Charming

After Ye Chen’s performance was over, there was warm applause from below. Sun Ting and Su Ping both clapped vigorously, and then smiled at each other.

Su Ping was very gratified. She felt that the children she had brought up were indeed the most outstanding. After went back, this time she was able to show off for a long time. As a parent, there was nothing more to be happy than being able to show off your child’s excellence.

And what make Sun Ting happy was, the better Ye Chen was, the more reputation his family’s Du Hao will be outside. After Du Hao and Du Yao married in the future, once they live together, she will have more reasons to suppressed Qin Yuwei.

When they all thought that Ye Chen’s dance performance was a grand finale, and this was the last dance performances, the announcer came out and said: “Next, please enjoy the last performance of the Dance team, the fan dance, brought to you by recruit Ye You. A Fairy Dream.”

Sun Ting and Su Ping froze, even Xu Yun and Qin Yuwei was stunned for a moment. None of them had thought that Ye You would be the last performer of the Dance team, and there was no reaction for a long time.

Even Du Yao didn’t know about this, let alone Du Hao who didn’t know even more, because Ye Chen didn’t tell Du Hao that now Ye You would performed a Full Triathlon in the Cultural Regiment. Du Hao knew that Ye You’s musical instruments performance and singing performance were very good. He thought that Ye Chen would definitely be the most outstanding in dancing, and he never thought that Ye You would be the Dance team’s grand finale performance.

Sun Ting and Su Ping didn’t know how to react, and just sat there blankly, with expressions of surprise and unexpected on their faces.

Qin Yuwei also froze for a moment. After recovering, she turned her head and asked Xu Yun slightly: “So, Ye You can still dance. I only heard Du Yao tell me that Ye You plays the violin very well and also sing very well.”

“He did learn for a period of time before, but…” Xu Yun’s heart was no less unexpected than Qin Yuwei, because the original Ye You was a three-minute enthusiasm for whatever he did when he was young. He would work hard at the beginning but it didn’t take long for him to throw it away. The only thing that persisted was the violin. She didn’t expected that after Ye You joined the Cultural Regiment, he would pick up the dance again.

Du Yao was also quite surprised in his heart, because Ye You didn’t told him that he would perform a dance, and since it was a Grand Finale performance, his dance must be the best among the recruits, but he had never mentioned to him that he can dance. Du Yao smiled and felt that Ye You was like a treasure house with many treasures. The more he kept exploring, the more delighted and surprised he would bring to people.

The curtain slowly opened, Ye You was wearing a red silk dance costume, with a red ribbon tied on his forehead, and holding two red paper fans in one hand behind his back.

When the accompaniment of Harmony band sounded, Ye You raised his hand, opened one of the fans, and slowly he began to danced.

This dance was composed by Ye You himself. What he wanted to express was a dream. Most people’s dreams were strange and illogical. It was like this for a while, and then suddenly like that, even they themselves didn’t know why.

Ye You spread out the two fans as he danced. For a while, he looked like a fish in the water. His body was soft and tenacious, as if he was swimming freely in the water. Those difficult movements were also flexible and smooth. A while later, he looked like a butterfly fluttering lightly, elegant and beautiful when rising high in the air, as if he was weightless, light and graceful. Then for a while, he looked like a lively and happy flying bird, with agile and ingenious movements, as if he was really flying.

Ye You threw out the fans many times, and after the fans flew quickly in the air for a while, it flew back to Ye You’s hand. There were also many movements and techniques between dance and acrobatics, which were very enjoyable, and the audience below was also very focus and engrossed in it.

After seeing the last dance’s movement, the audience understood why this dance was called A Fairy Dream. Ye You’s movements and posture was like a fairy walking on the clouds brought the audience into the artistic conception. They felt that the fish, birds and butterflies just now were transformed by him using fairy magic.

Ye You retracted the paper fans with one hand and put it back behind his back. The band’s accompaniment stopped, but the audience below was quiet for a while.

After Du Yao took the lead in applause, the audience came to their senses and immediately burst into warm applause.

“It’s really amazing!” Qin Yuwei exclaimed excitedly: “This is the most beautiful dance I have ever seen! Ye You is really amazing. No wonder Cultural Regiment asked him to perform the dance last.”

Xu Yun was already speechless. She covered her mouth with her hands, her tears swirling in her eyes, tears of feeling moved, tears of pride and she was very proud of Ye You.

Sun Ting and Su Ping were also fascinated by Ye You’s dance for a while, and now their faces were very ugly after they recovered. Ye You’s performance was much better than Ye Chen’s, so it was not difficult to understand why the Cultural Regiment asked Ye You to performed last. It was just that the more they can understand, the more uncomfortable they felt. Ye You even in dances also had to suppressed Ye Chen. In other words, Ye Chen was not as good as Ye You in the Cultural Regiment. The most respected recruit,  it could not be Ye Chen either.

Sun Ting turned to look at Qin Yuwei’s smiling face, feeling embarrassed and indignant in her heart. If it weren’t for Elder Du and the old lady, she would just get up and leave.

The comfort and pride that Ye Chen brought to Su Ping and Sun Ting just now, in contrast to Ye You’s dance, has disappeared cleanly. Su Ping after all was Ye Chen’s mother and she didn’t complain about Ye Chen, but Su Ping was angry that Ye You already had a violin performance, and still wanted to steal Ye Chen’s limelight in the dance.

And Sun Ting was angry that Ye Chen didn’t live up to their expectations1Raw 争气(zhēng qì); to work hard for sth, to resolve on improvement, determined not to fall short.
不争气(bù zhēng qì); to be disappointing, to fail to live up to expectations.
. Dancing was his strong point, but he was no better than Ye You.

Finally, recruits from the Vocal band performed on stage. Su Ping and Sun Ting has no mood to listen at all. They just wished it would finished quickly. When they2Original text is actually 他(ta); he. But in this paragraph, author mentions 2 people, ST and SP which is actually female. I guess author’s means is 她们(ta{she} men); them/they. So I took the liberty to change it. heard that the Vocal band’s last came on stage to sing was actually Ye You again, their face became even worse.

The lyric songs that Ye You sang were also composed and arranged by himself. After all, he has lived in the original world for a longer time, so the only difficulty for him to arrange the music was to minimize the modern style and compiled a genre that fit people of this era.

Ye You’s voice was ethereal and charming, and the music was also very memorable. It was the kind of song that can leave a reflection on people as long as they listen to it once, a song that can make people involuntarily hum.

In the audience, many soldiers had heard Ye You sing. If the dance just now was a surprise to them, then Ye You’s singing was their most anticipated performance. They were listening to Ye You’s singing with high expectations, but not only they weren’t disappointed, but they were surprised again because the song was really good.

Du Yao looked at Ye You’s eyes, focused and affectionate, as if there were only the two of them left in the entire space, and that Ye You’s song was specifically sung for him.

From the first time he saw Ye You, he knew that Ye You was a treasure with a dazzling light. There would definitely be many people wait for an opportunity to steal him. Du Yao would always had a thought and impulses to hide him from time to time. But reason tells him that the best way to store a priceless treasure was not to hide him in a place where others can’t see it, but to let him shine with greater brilliance under everyone’s gaze. Those who gaze at him will instead become a power to protect him.

Of course Du Yao has selfishness, but his love for Ye You far exceeded his selfishness, so he will choose the best way to protect Ye You.

After Ye You’s singing performances, all the recruits came to the stage. After the Leaders of the Cultural Regiment took the stage and gave a speech, Ye You also gave a speech as a representative of the recruits.

Only Ye You performed three personal performance, and all three of them were Grand Finale performance, and he also become the recruit’s representative and gave a speech. Everyone can see the obvious levels of Ye You’s excellence and value. Everything perhaps has a comparison and compared with Ye You, Ye Chen’s performance seems very ordinary. Even if Su Ping and Sun Ting were very unwilling and did not want to admit it, but this was the fact.

After the show was over, everyone got up and walked out one after another. The family members of the recruits waited outside, preparing to meet them before leaving.

The recruits were walking outside from another entrance. As soon as Ye You walked out, he saw Du Yao among a bunch of people, and then walked quickly towards them.

“Ye You, you are very outstanding, I don’t think our Du Yao is worthy of you.” Qin Yuwei said with a smile while holding Ye You’s hand. She felt that Ye You was simply perfect, not only could get out of the hall and went into the kitchen3Raw 出得厅堂入得厨房(chu de ting tang ru de chu fang); Out of the hall into the kitchen. This is a description of an ideal wife. The actual description is 入得廚房,出得廳堂,上得牙床; great in kitchen, graceful in great hall, glamorous in bed. For more information, check this link → He was beautiful also had an excellent personality. Du Yao with his stinky temper, cold and hard personality, she really felt did not worthy of Ye You.

Qin Yuwei only knew that Du Yao’s personality was cold and stiff, but didn’t know how soft his temper was when in front of Ye You.

Ye You and Du Yao looked at each other, and both of them couldn’t help laughing.

Ye You greeted Du Yao’s grandparents and father again, and they all praised Ye You, saying that his performance today was very remarkable.

Ye Chen came out a few seconds later behind Ye You. He walked towards Du Hao and the others, and greeted Sun Ting with a smile. Du Hao’s grandfather had already left with his Sun family. Sun Ting stayed because both Elder Du and old lady hadn’t leaving yet, so she can’t leave first. But because of her unhappiness, the expression on her face was indifferent. Ye Chen greeted her, she just nodded slightly without saying a word. Ye Chen’s parents were very embarrassed.

Ye Chen saw that Sun Ting was not very happy, so he glanced at Du Hao doubtfully. He felt that he had done nothing to make Du Hao’s mother angry. Why did Du Hao’s mother show him a face4Raw 给他脸色(gei ta lian se); show one’s face. Subtle expression that show one’s mood.? He was in very good condition just now. Although he knew that he was not as good as Ye You, he felt that he had performed very well.

Sun Ting turned her head and saw Elder Du and the old lady, Du Zhenfeng and Qin Yuwei, who were enjoying themselves with Ye You’s parents. She felt even more angry. She felt that she could not stay any longer, thinking that Elder Du and the old lady didn’t pay attention to them anyway, so she swing her head, turned around and strode away.

Now Ye Chen and his parents became even more embarrassed, and they also felt very uncomfortable in their heart.

Du Hao also felt awkward, so he explained to Ye Chen and his parents: “My mom is a little uncomfortable. It’s not against Ye Chen or anything, uncle and auntie, don’t take it to heart.”

Ye Chen looked at Du Hao in grievances, he really didn’t know how he offended Du Hao’s mother.

Du Hao calmed Ye Chen with his eyes, and then said: “I will send my mother home first, and I will come to look for you in the next vacation.”

Looking at the leaving back of Du Hao, Ye Chen felt even more aggrieved. Ye Jianxian and Su Ping felt uncomfortable because of Sun Ting’s attitude, but they still comforted Ye Chen and told him not to worry and told him that today his performance was not bad.

“Where is Grandpa?” Ye Chen asked.

“Your grandfather going back first. It seems that there is a meeting in the afternoon. You should also go back to the dormitory to rest first. Mom will ask your brother to pick you up tomorrow.” Su Ping said.

Grandpa Sun and Grandpa Ye were in the same meeting, so the Sun family also left first. In fact, they could wait until Ye Chen came out to encouraged and praise Ye Chen before leaving, but Sun Ting asked them to leave first.

Ye Chen nodded, turned around and walked back. Seeing Du Hao’s grandparents(Du) and father talking around Ye You, he felt uncomfortable in his heart, so he speeded up and walked in.

“You kid, you didn’t even tell us that you want to perform three performances, you want to hide it even from us?” Xu Yun rebuked while looking at Ye You.

“I want to give you a surprise, so I didn’t tell you on purpose.” Ye You said with a smile.

“Then which team will you be assigned to? The leaders of several teams must be vying for you?” Qin Yuwei asked.

“Head Leader and Deputy Leader want me to do a Full Triathlon, that is, I have to report and practice with each team.” Ye You said.

“Really? It must be very hard, right? You have to take care of your body, don’t get tired, you still have to rest when it’s time to rest.” Qin Yuwei said.

“I will.” Ye You nodded.

“This is also the team that values you. Don’t let down your Head Leader’s expectations of you.” Although Xu Yun said so, she actually felt very distressed that Ye You would have to work hard in the future: “But don’t try to be brave. If tired, take a break, if you can’t take it, just focus on one or two things.”

“Don’t worry, our Head Leader and Deputy Leader really trust me and allow me to freely arrange practice time. I won’t try to be brave and exhausted myself.” Ye You said, “We will have a meeting later, you go back first. I will go back tomorrow for the holiday.”

“Then you go, don’t be late for the meeting.” Xu Yun said.

“Then grandpa, grandma, uncle, auntie, dad, mom, I’ll leave first.” After Ye You greeted everyone, he turned around and walked in quickly.

After watching him walked in, a group of people turned and left.

Ye Jiande and Ye Song usually don’t smile, but their faces were smiling at the moment, and even when they walk out they felt windy5Raw 风(fēng); wind, news, style, custom, manner. Maybe it means their manner of walking show how proud they are of YY?? , because Ye You really makes them feel proud.

Du Hao drove the car and Sun Ting sat in the back seat. The more she thought about it, the more angry she became. She couldn’t help but said to Du Hao in a lecture tone: “Whenever you have a chance, you told me how good and how important Ye Chen is in Cultural Regiment, I even invited your grandpa(Sun) to watch his performance. In the end what happened? Where did he as good as you said, where did he as important as you said? If you told me earlier that he could not match Ye You, I still can prepared and I won’t invite your grandfather and the others over. I am your mother, what are you doing lying to me? How fortunate6She said in sarcastic tone. that I was still saying so many good things about him in front of your grandpa and uncles.”

“I really didn’t lie to you. Besides, is it necessary for me to lie to you? Ye Chen is really outstanding among the recruits in the Cultural Regiment, and he is highly valued. These are the truth. Didn’t he performed well in his performance today? He didn’t shame us either.” Du Hao still wanted to defend Ye Chen.

“Ye You alone performed three performances, moreover he was the last to appear on stage three times. He also gave a speech as a recruit representative. But what about Ye Chen? He is not even the best dancer. As long as someone has eyes and brains, they can see that Ye You is the best and most valued among the recruits.” Sun Ting still felt very angry.

“Why do you have to compare with others? I think Ye Chen has performed well enough.”

“Humph! The lives of all people in this world are being used for comparison. Anything can be used for comparison. But why of all people Ye Chen doesn’t have to compare with others?” Sun Ting said in an annoyed manner: “If we know this earlier, you should choose Ye You instead of Ye Chen.”

“Mom, what are you talking about? Ye Chen and I really love each other, that’s why we are together. Besides, choosing a lover can’t just based on whether he is more outstanding or not, but whether his moral quality good or not is the most important thing. Ye Chen is simple and kind, hardworking, docile and easy to get along with. He also especially respects his elders. Ye Chen will surpasses Ye You in dancing, it will be a matter of time. However, Ye You has poor character and personality. He likes to lie, and he likes to frame others. Besides being able to sing, dancing and play the violin, there is nothing good in his personal character. If I really choose him instead of Ye Chen, then when the time come, you will be the one to regret it later. Didn’t Ye You already engaged to Du Yao? You will know what kind of person he is in the future. I can assure you that after living together, you will find that Ye Chen is full of advantages, and Ye You is full of disadvantages. When that time come, you will feel fortunate that Ye Chen is your daughter-in-law7Original text 儿媳(er xi); daughter in law.

Sun Ting remembered about that time in the hospital last time, she could not do with Ye You’s sharp mouth, and he didn’t care that she was an elder. So, she felt that Du Hao’s words made sense, she thought just wait for Ye You to marry Du Yao. Sooner or later, Ye You will revealed his hidden true colors, and it will be Qin Yuwei who would regret it at that time. She just had to wait for the good show to take joy in calamity and delight in disaster.8Idioms.

“You let Ye Chen work harder, he was suppressed by Ye You, and our reputation also  will not looking good.” Sun Ting’s tone and attitude eased a lot.

“Ye Chen has always worked hard.” Seeing that Sun Ting was not as angry as before, Du Hao heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Ye Chen will definitely surpass Ye You, you don’t need to worry about that. Just Ye You’s insidious and cunning character, always thought of harming other, sooner or later, he will bite himself and be kicked out of the Cultural Regiment.”

I don’t know if I should pitying YC for having mother in law like ST, or rolled my eyes to the sky for DH’s blindness!

This chapter is a bit longer. Orz

I suspected it will took a lot more time now for TLing a chapter only

I will do my best though 😄✊

See you next chapter!

  • 1
    Raw 争气(zhēng qì); to work hard for sth, to resolve on improvement, determined not to fall short.
    不争气(bù zhēng qì); to be disappointing, to fail to live up to expectations.
  • 2
    Original text is actually 他(ta); he. But in this paragraph, author mentions 2 people, ST and SP which is actually female. I guess author’s means is 她们(ta{she} men); them/they. So I took the liberty to change it.
  • 3
    Raw 出得厅堂入得厨房(chu de ting tang ru de chu fang); Out of the hall into the kitchen. This is a description of an ideal wife. The actual description is 入得廚房,出得廳堂,上得牙床; great in kitchen, graceful in great hall, glamorous in bed. For more information, check this link →
  • 4
    Raw 给他脸色(gei ta lian se); show one’s face. Subtle expression that show one’s mood.
  • 5
    Raw 风(fēng); wind, news, style, custom, manner. Maybe it means their manner of walking show how proud they are of YY??
  • 6
    She said in sarcastic tone.
  • 7
    Original text 儿媳(er xi); daughter in law
  • 8
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