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SRA Chapter 20

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.20 : Aroused Public Anger

Du Hao’s two Grandparents1Both from his Mother and Father’s side. are both generals. Previously if Ye You making trouble about this matter, he(DH) wanted to keep this matter down it can be done easily. But now Ye You told the truth in front of so many soldiers, the soldiers also strongly requested Du Hao to apologize to Ye You, and Du Yao secretly contributed. Even if Du Hao wanted to use the background behind him to suppress this matter, it definitely not working anymore.

This incident was completely spreading wide, the Head Leader and Deputy Leader of the Cultural Regiment were also rushed over. They felt a little angry because Ye You had made this incident widely known. When they met Ye You, their face did not look good.

But after listening to Ye You said that Du Hao had acted excessively, the object of their anger became Du Hao. He felt that Du Hao taking advantage to bully people intorelably like that was too much. It was no wonder that Ye You told the truth in order to prove his innocence. After all, maintaining one dignity when being insulted and trampled by others were the basic bottom line for human beings. Looking at Ye You’s haggard face, they comforted Ye You so that he would not be under too much pressure. This matter, they will definitely help him.

The Head and Deputy Leader cooperated with the interrogation of the Investigation Department and gave out all the facts they knew, including Liu Hui, Ye Chen, Ji Wen, and the gate guards of the Cultural Regiment. They were all being call over and interrogated.

Ye Chen and Liu Hui knew that there was a lot of evidence and witnesses, if they continued to lie, they would have increased their crimes, so they could only confess the truth and proceed.

After investigating everything, Du Hao, Ye Chen, Liu Hui, and Ye You were all recorded2记过(ji guo); to give sb a demerit. and dealt with at once. Du Hao was asked to write a review and was asked to apologize to Ye You for his actions that corrupted Ye You’s reputation.

When demerit being recorded into the file, for a soldier, there must be an impact. But Ye You feels that it doesn’t matter. He will use his ability to eliminate the influence of the past, as long as this demerit record was not written in vain.

Du Hao cares about his reputation, so he was very concerned at being recorded about this matter, but the impact on him was actually not big. After all, the strong background behind him was enough to offset this demerit that was being recorded. For Ye Chen and Liu Hui, their demerit being recorded was a problem that makes them care so much because the impact are big on them.

The incident was so big that Du Hao and Ye Chen’s love relationship naturally exposed completely, and Elder Ye must have known about it already. Ye You can’t wait to see what attitude Elder Ye would have on this matter in the end, whether to justify their relationship just like that, or resolutely opposed to the end.

Right now Du Hao hates Ye You very much. He never think that what he did was too much at all. He think that Ye You was obviously pursuing him before, so that he took advantage of him. Now he has changed his mind and said he never liked him, said it was his own imagination, made him embarrassed in front of so many people. Also, his hard-hidden love relationship with Ye Chen was exposed in advance, causing their plans to be in chaos completely, this anger he could not swallowed down.

But no matter what kind of mood and thoughts Du Hao has, he had aroused public anger in the military group. Many soldiers were ashamed of him. They felt that he as a big man, even a team leader, bullying a ger, what’s with that?

So Du Hao’s life was very uncomfortable for the next period of time, because from time to time there would be soldiers coming to him for a competition, or to practice with him. The other two squadrons were fine, but the War Lions Squadron had the most soldiers to come find fault with him.

“Why? You are the grandson of the general, so you are looking down on us soldiers from the country? Okay! You are noble, we did not deserve to compete with you.”

“I said, you ah, why do you have to force coming here to invite3Raw 自讨没趣(zì tǎo méi qù); to invite a snub; to court a rebuff. Whole paragraph is sarcasms.? People can barely endure. It is already good to be in a large group of soldiers with us. People think you’re too dirty and don’t want to touch you, let alone to compete with you.”

“Is that so, who ask me to not having both good grandparents! This is all fate ah!”

Du Hao was surrounded by a group of soldiers, neither he can entered nor exited. After refusing their request to compete, he was mocked by them, his face became ugly, but he could only bear with it and can’t get angry.

“If you want me to say, people only have the ability to bully a ger. You, Wang Qiang, however are also the second place in the last competition. To compete with you, people still have to consider ah.”

“Since this is the case, then I promise not to use all my strength,” Wang Qiang looked at Du Hao and said provocatively: “Or I will directly yield to you by using one hand, how is it?”

“Go!” Du Hao knew that they already make a decision to compete with him. He was not be able to hide and could only say, “Go to the training ground.”

The soldiers immediately jeering, and a group of people surrounded Wang Qiang and Du Hao and walked to the training ground.

After arriving at the training ground, the two come to agreement, this was fair competition, if there was a skin trauma or something, they were not allowed to pursue each other, and let the onlookers testify.

After the competition began, Du Hao was obviously not Wang Qiang’s opponent. After barely supporting it for a while, he was forced to fall to the ground again and again. Every time Du Hao fall, the soldiers next to him jeer once, until he was too tired to climb up, Wang Qiang just stopped.

Wang Qiang picked up his clothes and patted as he say: “Aiya, only can rely on this bit. Sure enough, you can only bullied a ger. But it won’t work if you meet a big man. It’s really boring.”

“This words you said is.. People bullying ger are not with a direct way, his is to rely on the method of corrupting other people’s reputation. If you compete on this, you definitely cannot win.”

“Then I really have no ability to beat him on this. Let’s go and practice boxing. I haven’t got enough exercise ne.”

Du Hao lay on the ground and watched the group of them leave. After his strength slowly come back, he got up and forced himself to walked back to the dormitory.

This was only the beginning, as long as there was free time, there will be soldiers coming to ask Du Hao for a competition, and he cannot refuse.

Although Du Hao’s background was great, but in a place like the military group, even if you were the crown prince, once provoked public anger, the consequences will be very serious. Even the people from above had not an easy way to managed, and can only let the soldiers vent their anger, otherwise, it might cause more serious backlash. And if he could not convince the crowd, who would dare to let him lead the soldiers in the actual combat.

The faction relationship in the army was complicated, and those who can climb up were certainly capable and can be lean on or having a background. Naturally, they were not afraid to offend Du Hao. Those who don’t want to climb up were even more like barefoot and not afraid of wearing shoes4Raw 光脚的不怕穿鞋的; lit. what the author write in the original text. I’m not sure I understand this  _(:3_/)_. Their bloodiness5Raw 血性 (xuè xìng); brave; staunch; unyielding. makes them unable to bear not to teach a person like Du Hao a lesson.

Each time Du Hao was beaten, his hatred towards Ye You was deeper.

After returning to the Cultural Regiment, Ye Chen ran angrily to confront Ye You face to face.

“Previously, you obviously came out voluntarily to admit that you met with Brother Hao. Me and Brother Hao did not force you. You also agreed to help us hide it. Now, you are deliberately making things big and making everyone know about it. Don’t you think you are going too far?! Or, is it that you did it on purpose, that you planned it from the beginning, right?!”

“Are you haven’t wake up yet? You forgot what expression you has when you came to me and ask for my help? You said a lot of pleading words, I just think you are pitiful, so I agreed to admit it for you and help you concealed it. If it weren’t for Du Hao’s deceitfulness, humiliating me again and again, and corrupted my reputation everywhere, I also wouldn’t want to tell the truth unbearably! Is you who are going too far or me going too far? You can let others who already know the truth to judge, you are not qualified to blame me. Could it be that you want me to let you two ruin my life, always silently endure and didn’t explain, is that just count not going too far?!”

“The things you helped us, both me and brother Hao, are grateful to you in our heart, we also gave you a thank you gift, don’t we? And also you deliberately slandered my mother and let my mother be taken to the Military of Law Department. I didn’t fuss about that with you, it’s because I think you had helped me. You also never apologized to me for framing my mother, right?!”

“Using a pack of dried meat and a pack of balm as a thank you gifts, you want me to endure the humiliation and my reputation being corrupted again and again. Who do you think you are? If I give you a ton of dried meat and balm, are you willing to let me going to corrupt your reputation everywhere, and then humiliate you again and again? So many people see your mother’s attacked me, and you still say I framed her, are those people hallucinating? Or do you think I know your mother will come to pester me in order to get the money and buy those people in advance? Then you can go to the Military of Law Department to sue me and let the Military of Law Department re-investigate it. It seems that shameless is really inherited, I don’t want to have any entanglement with your family and Du Hao. You better stay away from me. I’ve got enough of your anger already, and I won’t have any more tolerance for you!”

After Ye You finished speaking, he turned around and left. As soon as he opened the door of the practice room, he saw that there were many people standing outside who were obviously listening. Ye You looked around them and found that they were all from the Dance team, and Liu Hui was among them. As expected, he knew that Ye Chen couldn’t just come to him to quarrel. He wanted him to confess, had him admitted that he framed his mother, and then let these eavesdroppers testify.

Ye You sneered, and then left in a big step. His momentum was too strong, and the people of the Dance team made way for him.

Ye Chen squatted on the ground, covering his face with his hands. He didn’t know how to face such an embarrassing situation. His grandfather had not allowed him to meet Du Hao. In the Cultural Regiment, everyone also looked at him with strange eyes. He finally felt what Ye You had felt at the beginning.

He wanted to remedy everything, he knew it was a difficult thing, but no matter how much effort he put in, he couldn’t give up just like that, he would never admitted defeat.

The recruit’s leader has been replaced, so if Ye You want to go out for a while at night, he don’t need to go through Liu Hui’s consent. However, the matter was just over. Ye You couldn’t just run out to meet Du Yao immediately at night. Their rest time were difficult to match, and Du Yao also started a tense training period. So after waiting for more than a month, when Du Yao and their training were not so intensive, the two finally had the opportunity to meet.

Du Hao and Ye Chen are couple made in hell lol… Their logic made me speechless; ‘when someone like me, I’m gonna took that for granted and using them for my own benefits’ kind of speechless. What a scum!

Anyway, after I read so many raw Chinese Novel, I had decide to pick one of them to translate. The title is “Transmigrating Into a Violent General’s Sweetheart Breeder”. By 白日宴火 (Feast Day of Fire). First chapter published already.

I’m not sure how the ending was bcoz I just read the first few chapter before I decide to pick it up. But the Author assure all the reader that it is a HE!

So, if you are interested you can give it a try. 😅

That’s it guys. See you next chapter!

  • 1
    Both from his Mother and Father’s side.
  • 2
    记过(ji guo); to give sb a demerit.
  • 3
    Raw 自讨没趣(zì tǎo méi qù); to invite a snub; to court a rebuff. Whole paragraph is sarcasms.
  • 4
    Raw 光脚的不怕穿鞋的; lit. what the author write in the original text. I’m not sure I understand this  _(:3_/)_
  • 5
    Raw 血性 (xuè xìng); brave; staunch; unyielding.
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