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SRA Chapter 21

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.21 : Affectionate On A Date

Ye You didn’t go home on the day of vacation under the pretext of practiced.

In the afternoon, he left the Cultural Regiment and secretly ran to the Military Club to wait for Du Yao.

Before returning to the Cultural Regiment, he had established a love relationship with Du Yao, then they had not been able to meet for more than two months, but Du Yao had asked someone to send him several things. Ye You had to admit that he had missed Du Yao quite a bit. This was the first time he felt the feeling of longing after his heart being moved.

The Military Club1俱乐部(jù lè bù); club (the organisation or its premises). was very big, with a total of five floors. Each floor was like a small maze. If there was no sign, it was easy to get lost.

Ye You entered through the side door, then lowered the brim of his military cap, and went directly to the fourth floor according to the route Du Yao drew for him. He encountered no one along the way. After he opened the door with the key and immediately closed the door then took a deep breath with his back against the door. He walked too fast, and was short of breath. He felt like he was doing a spying job, a little nervous, but felt very stimulating.

After Ye You waited for his breathing to calm down, he began to size up the room and found that the decorations has style, with high-end fabric sofas, various potted plants, and various fruit snacks on the round table next to it. Ye You walked to the edge of the wall and opened the door curiously. What he saw was a large western-style bed. He originally wanted to go in and take a look, but after seeing the big bed, he felt a little embarrassed and didn’t go in.

Ye You brewed a pot of black tea for himself, then sat down on the sofa, waiting for Du Yao while reading a book. Du Yao was on vacation tomorrow, and today he can’t come out until evening.

Ye You waited and waited, and was about to fall asleep. Suddenly he was startled when someone hugged him and immediately opened his eyes.

“You, why there is no sound when you come in?” Ye You said in a complaining tone, because he was scared by him.

“It’s not that I didn’t make a sound, it was you who were asleep, so you didn’t hear it.” Du Yao held Ye You tightly, buried his face in his neck and inhaled vigorously, smelling the faint scent of soap on his body.

“Obviously there is no sound.” Ye You mumbled, he patted Du Yao’s shoulder and said, “You said you want to take me to the movie. Are we sneaking in now, or are we waiting to slip in quietly later.”

“You can watch it here.” Du Yao replied.

“Here?” Ye You looked around the room, and then expressed his doubt because there was no modern technology in this era, not even a TV there, how could it be possible to watch movies in the room.

Du Yao stood up, and then took Ye You to walked behind a curtain wall that was as wide as a wall. Behind here was like another space. Although it was very dim, the layout was still vaguely visible. Du Yao asked Ye You to sit on the sofa, then he went to push open wooden window on the wall, and a long window appeared. Through this window, you could see the screen in the small cinema below, but the people below could not see them.

Ye You looked at it and found it quite interesting, thinking that this was definitely a room for officers, and the ordinary officer may not even know it. After all, Ji Wen knows so many intelligence but he have never told him that there were such rooms in the Military Club.

Du Yao sat on the sofa and held Ye You in his arms. Ye You leaned back in his arms and watched the movie screen like an ink paintings.

For Ye You, who was used to watching blockbusters and special effects, it was interesting to see this retro movie. The interesting point was not the content of the movie, but the way of acting and the way the movie was broadcasting.

As the two watched, Du Yao suddenly place a light kiss on Ye You’s face, then lifted Ye You’s chin and kissed his lips. Ye You didn’t resisted, but closed his eyes silently, letting him kissed deeper and deeper, but for him who had no kissing experience, he didn’t know how to return the kiss, so he just stay still.

Ye You felt that since the two of them were already lover, then it was normal to do some intimate behaviors between lover. Hugs and kisses were within his acceptable range, but the thought of the big bed in that room, Ye You began to hesitated, he thought, wasn’t this progress too fast?

After watching a movie, the two had dinner together, and then continue watched another one.

In fact, they didn’t even know what the movie was about, because most of the time, he was affectionate with Du Yao. For the rest of the time, their bodies and heads were snuggling with each other and whispered together, not even a little bit of thought was put on the movie at all.

Movie up in the front, the two of them once again in the darkness and there was a bewitching2Google translate it as Bewitching, but this was actually an idiom; 蛊惑人心(gǔ huò rén xīn); to stir up public sentiment by false statements (idiom), to resort to demagogy. atmosphere. The kind of atmosphere that anyone who were in love can’t help but want to be intimate. Ye You felt like he was drunk, his brain was dizzy because of Du Yao’s kisses, and Du Yao’s low voice in his ear made his heart trembled.

After the movie was over, Ye You first went to the bathroom in the room to take a shower. The more he washed, the more nervous he was. He was not yet mentally prepared to have a relationship3As usual, Google translate it as Have A Relationship. Original text; 发生关系 (fa sheng guan xi); something happened; I assume he means bodily contact relationship aka sex. with Du Yao. Although the two had established relationship for more than a month, but in these more than a month time, the two did not even meet.

As a modern person, Ye You considered his own ideology were not very conservative, but he still hopes to proceed step by step. Ye You thought that when he was going out(of bathroom) later, if Du Yao wanted to take further action, he must refused him.

Ye You wiped his body down and put on his pajama4Raw 睡袍 (shui bao); lit. translated to nightgown. I change it to pajama.. I think it more suitable? 😅, opened the bathroom door and went out. He saw Du Yao was laying the quilt on the floor and he was stunned.

“Finish? Then rest early, tomorrow I will take you out to play.” Du Yao rubbed Ye You’s hair and said, “Go to sleep.”

Du Yao entered the bathroom, and Ye You sat for a while on the edge of the bed, looking at the quilts laying on the floor, and he felt a little relieved in his heart.

After Du Yao came out of the bathroom, he sat on the quilt on the floor and wiped his hair while talking to Ye You.

Ye You was lying on the quilt, his face lying on his arm as he watched Du Yao.

“Tomorrow I’m going to take you to eat delicious food on the mountain. You are a picky eaters, eat more while there are delicious food tomorrow, otherwise don’t know when you can go next time.” Du Yao said.

“What’s delicious on the mountain?” Ye You asked lazily.

“You will know when you go, and it will not let you disappointed.” Du Yao moved to the bed, stroking Ye You’s smooth face and said, “Go to sleep.”

“You come up here to sleep too, this bed is so big, one more person here won’t squeeze me.” Ye You looked at him and said.

Du Yao looked at Ye You without speaking, but Ye You could feel the hot temperature in his eyes.

“I, I mean,” Ye You explained, “This bed is so big, you can take your quilt, and we can sleep on each side.”

Du Yao did not hesitated, he threw his quilt on the bed, and Ye You gave in to the other side. The bed was large enough to sleep three or four people. If the two of them slept on each side, there would be a space in the middle.

Ye You wrapped himself tightly in the quilt and only exposed his face. After Du Yao lay down, the two looked at each other quietly.

Ye You watched Du Yao’s face slowly approaching, and he slowly closed his eyes. Ye You only knew now that kissing was an addictive thing.

Du Yao held Ye You’s face, and kissed earnestly and meticulously. Instead of kissing Ye You’s lips, he was tasting. The serious feeling and savoring from taste to touch, sometimes soft and delicate, sometimes violently exerted. As they experiencing the feeling of passion, at the same time they also tried to control the impulse of deepening this passion.

Ye You gradually felt a little hot. Although he had no love experience before, he certainly knew the physiological knowledge. He knew the reason why he felt hotter and hotter, in addition to the reason he wrapped the quilt too tightly, another reason was that a certain reaction occurred on his body. But he wanted to keep the last line of defense, so instead of unfolded the quilt, he continued to endure the feeling of getting hotter and hotter and actually fell asleep like this.

Early in the next morning, Ye You woke up at the time when he usually got up. When he opened his eyes, he saw Du Yao, who had been dressed neatly and was sitting by the bed looking at him.

“Wake up?” Du Yao rubbed Ye You’s hair and said, “Breakfast has been delivered earlier, and after eating, we will go out.”

Ye You was a little confused, but he still heard Du Yao’s words clearly and nodded in response.

Ye You got up and walked into the bathroom to wash and change clothes. He brushed his teeth while thinking about what happened last night. Du Yao kissed him for a long time, but he just kissed and did not do anything else. Although the two were considered to be in the same bed, they both slept in their quilts. As a lover, Ye You felt that this level was acceptable.

After all, Ye You has been a male for twenty years and only became ger for a few months, and there were no obvious characteristics changes in his body, so he actually did not have much consciousness as a ger. Subconciously, he still feel he was a man, and then with other man, which he already established a relationship with him, sleeps on the same bed. He doesn’t think it was a big deal. He also had no awareness that in this conservative era, sharing a bed and pillow it was behavior only for couples.

After eating breakfast, the two dressed in ordinary clothes and went downstairs one after the other. Then Du Yao drove the car and took Ye You to eat in the mountain which he had mention yesterday.

I was stuffed with a mouthful of dog food while translating this chapter 🐶

  • 1
    俱乐部(jù lè bù); club (the organisation or its premises).
  • 2
    Google translate it as Bewitching, but this was actually an idiom; 蛊惑人心(gǔ huò rén xīn); to stir up public sentiment by false statements (idiom), to resort to demagogy.
  • 3
    As usual, Google translate it as Have A Relationship. Original text; 发生关系 (fa sheng guan xi); something happened; I assume he means bodily contact relationship aka sex.
  • 4
    Raw 睡袍 (shui bao); lit. translated to nightgown. I change it to pajama.. I think it more suitable? 😅
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