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The Prince and the Frog 9

On Monday, it was raining. The autumn rain looks like it will take a few days before it stops.

“What’s this?” Qin Lang way lying on the desk to sleep, drizzling weather like this is the most likely to arouse people’s drowsiness. However, he hadn’t fallen asleep yet before his deskmate shoved something into his arms.

“Gift.” Ye Qian saw that he was about to open it soon and said in a low voice, “Look at it when you go back.”

Qin Lang withdrew his hand, with a smirk on his face, he put the things in his bag. Then he bumped Ye Qian’s shoulder, quietly said, “You wouldn’t have sent a colored book right? Uh-huh? R-18?”

“…” Ye Qian smiled helplessly as he watched Qin Lang winking at him. “What are you thinking about?”

Qin Lang supported his head lazily, “It’s normal, isn’t it? Don’t a lot of people give this stuff to their friends when they turn eighteen?”

Ye Qian asked: “Did you receive it the day before yesterday?”

“No.” Qin Lang suddenly approached Ye Qian, hooked one hand over Ye Qian’s neck, and whispered in his ear, “Actually, I’m quite interested in this kind of thing. I’m telling you, I still have my first kiss.”

The boy’s hands are soft, like there’s no energy in his body. The warm breath tickles his ears when he talks, it was a little itchy and hot. When he finished speaking, Ye Qian couldn’t help tilting his head to look at the lips that the boy claimed to still have his first kiss. His lips were neither thin nor thick with a pink color. He doesn’t know if he put on lip balm or not but his lips look so hydrated, it seems so soft. It makes one want to…

“Yo yo yo…” Qin Lang smiled strangely. “You blushed. This expression…Be honest, in fact, you are also very interested too, right? Why don’t I give it to you on your birthday?”

“Hai” Ye Qian coughed and took Qin Lang’s hand off him, “My birthday has already passed, I am older than you.”

“That’s not the point, the point is that you didn’t say no!” Qin Lang laughed, “hahahaha! You really are interested! Hahaha….”

“…” Ye Qian looked at him helplessly, but his always indifferent expression had a hint of doting in it.

As long as you send it, how could I possibly say no?

Chen Ziyu silently retracted his gaze, Qin Lang’s laughter was still ringing in the classroom.

Chen Ziyu pursed his lips, his eyes darkened. Wasn’t Qin Lang disappointed with Ye Qian last night? Why does their relationship seem to be better today? Ye Qian is usually silent, unexpectedly, he will also play tricks, and that idiot Qin Lang is so easily deceived.

After physics class, Ye Qian went to the toilet while Qin Lang was chatting with the system.

System: “I have to say, you have a talent for being an actor!”

Qin Lang doesn’t care: “If these worlds allow me to be OOC directly then I can just be myself, I don’t have to be an arrogant and out bursting hairy brat.”

“Be yourself? You can’t get a boyfriend or girlfriend after being yourself in the main world for so many years. Be yourself again, will these tasks even be complete?”

“…” He doesn’t know why but he can’t seem to refute it, it was very distressing.

The system continues: “And, according to the information provided, you seem to like pretending to be cold so usually no one dares to talk to you, is it that bad to be honest?”

“…” Qin Lang felt that as a host, he should not be educated by an AI, so he said, “Ai, you are not human so you won’t understand. My property is so huge, if I am nice, what do you think will happen to the people around me? If I show interest in someone, what will they do? It is estimated that every day they will change their tricks to stuff someone into my arms! So, a cold and aloof abstinence who refused people from thousands miles away are the basic elements of a good president.”

“…” It kind of makes sense? But, “Who says I’m not human? I used to be human.”

WTF?! Qin Lang was shocked, he seems to have heard something extraordinary!

The system hasn’t told his story yet when there was a sudden change occurred in the classroom.

Ye Qian came back to the classroom, his gaze fell on Qin Lang’s face in a daze. He didn’t pay attention to his steps, when passing by the group beside, he got tripped over.

His face changed. He tries to stabilize his footing on the ground, however, his height and weight make it not so easy to stabilize himself. Stepping several steps forward disorderly, he fell straight towards Qin Lang.

Qin Lang was still waiting to hear what the system was going to say next, suddenly he received a system prompt, turn your head to the side right now. He saw Ye Qian, who was 1.8 meters tall, fall towards him.

He subconsciously stretched out his hand to catch Ye Qian. Unfortunately, he still couldn’t catch him. Then, something dramatic happened.

Qin Lang’s position is the outer seat while Ye Qian is inside, when Ye Qian left, the chair was pulled away and wasn’t pushed back under the desk.

Ye Qian fell and directly pressed Qin Lang onto his chair. ‘Peng’ sounded, Qin Lang’s head hit the chair, his expression twisted in pain. This is not the most important, more importantly, Ye Qian’s face is closely attached to his, nose to nose and lip to lip. Their teeth knocked against each other so hard that there was a bloody taste in their mouths.

Both have their eyes wide open. Panic, surprised, angry, and a little shy, both of them blushed in an instant at the same time.

[Ding, Ye Qian — Favorability 10, the current favorability is 80.]

Qin Lang suddenly pushed Ye Qian away, Ye Qian also hurried back. He dared not look at Qin Lang’s face.

“Fuck!” Qin Lang had nowhere to vent. He wants to get angry at Ye Qian but he also know that Ye Qian didn’t do it on purpose.

Almost all the students in the back row of the classroom saw it. There was a burst of laughter, both of their eyes turned red. Qin Lang was mad, he grabbed a book and threw it at the person who laughed at him. There are a lot of books in high school so the mountain of books on the desk were quickly thrown away by Qin Lang.

His chest heaved violently, his face was still red, there was no point of him calming down at all.

On the other hand, Ye Qian was silent. Bending down, he picked up the books Qin Lang threw out one by one. His complexion also seemed to get better.

Qin Lang has been making trouble until class starts. With arms crossed on his chest, he stared at the blackboard like he was trying to kill it, it was a look of anger. He still can’t figure it out, his first kiss was gone just like that, it was accidentally robbed by his best friend too. Qin Lang angrily pulled out the wet wipes. He wiped his mouth hard, not at all try to be gentle, when he hurt his bruised gums, he hissed.

Ye Qian also had no intention of listening to class. He has been watching the small movements of his deskmate from the corner of his eyes. Hearing the other party hiss, he finally couldn’t help but speak: “Sorry…I…Are you okay?”

Qin Lang ignored him, still rubbing his lips hard. The originally pink lips were rubbed red but the owner seemed to want to shed a layer of their skin.

He must be feeling disgusted, right? Two men kissing…he doesn’t know why but he is feeling a little sad.

[Ding, Ye Qian — Favorability -10, the current favorability is 70.]

The system knocked on Qin Lang: “Hey hey hey, you overdone it. The target mission favorability has dropped again.”

Qin Lang only cares about one thing: “Why didn’t you just turn on the pain shield for me? Ye Qian is so heavy! The head pain from colliding almost killed me! It feels swollen now!”

The system is expressionless: “Did you hear, Favorability dropped!”

Qin Lang rubbed his head, “No hurries! This is how my character should be! Even if he likes it, he won’t show it directly. Do you want me to shyly hum and say, `Brother Qian, you are so bad. My first kiss is taken so you must be responsible’?”

The system shuddered inexplicably.

“Don’t worry. The most important thing for him now is to recognize whether he is bent or not, is he in love with me. My attitude is secondary. I have to hang him for a few days, it will make him feel a little crisis.”

Qin Lang’s expression was normal now. He pulled a tissue out again and spat out the blood from his mouth. Ye Qian saw it, opened his mouth, but in the end nothing was said.

System doubts: “Why do you know so much? Are you really a single dog? Why do you feel more like a veteran lover?”

“You guess?”

“…” Your mother, he couldn’t guess!

It’s a secret. Qin Lang wouldn’t say anything even if he was beaten to death! Humph! Because if he says it, his cold president persona will collapse to the point where not even being a scum was left.

At lunchtime, Ye Qian ordered Qin Lang’s favorite dish. He waited until the cafeteria window closed but Qin Lang still didn’t come.

Ye Qian looked at his dinner plate, he silently picked up his chopsticks and put the half-cold food into his mouth. So unappetizing. These dishes are really bad. It really not as good as the one Qin Lang gave him.

Ye Qian couldn’t eat half of it but that guy Qin Lang, who always sat across from him everyday, ate with relish. Come to think of it now, he was probably pretending, being careful trying to make a true friend.

He has humiliated him before and ridiculed him for being poor, so Qin Lang didn’t buy him food directly but chose to exchange with him so as not to hurt his self-esteem. He’s afraid that he won’t accept such a friend.

Ye Qian sighed. His heart felt both sweet and astringent.

Qin Lang is quite angry today. He secretly told him that his first kiss was still there but it wasn’t long before it was robbed. He must not be happy. His first kiss must be reserved for the girl he likes.

Speaking of, is Qin Lang trying to lose weight for Han Han? Does he still like Han Han even now? But what should he do if he doesn’t want him to continue liking Han Han…

Thinking of this, Ye Qian was suddenly startled. He wouldn’t…jealous. Is he jealous?

Ye Qian’s heart was beating wildly. Did he…did he fall in love with Qin Lang?!

Ye Qian’s hand couldn’t help caressing his lips, here today met Qin Lang’s lips…It’s exactly as he thought, it was very soft.

The author has something to say: →_→Tongtong can’t guess, can you guess?

T/N: Singledog: anyone know the answer or wanna guess?ʅ(´◔౪◔)ʃ

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Did he read/watch romance stuff?

    1. singledog101 says:

      Single dog have lotta free time lol

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