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The Prince and the Frog 8

Ward 7, 3rd Floor, Inpatient Department, Central Hospital, 9:50 in the evening.

Ye Qian opened the door, the boy standing outside on the night without saying anything, he opened the door to his heart. No matter how sneaky and arrogant he lives inside, after that, he could never come out.

“You…” Ye Qian moved his throat, his eyes fell on the cake that the boy was carrying.

The boy’s pair of peach blossom eyes curved, he said it naturally: “Let you spend my birthday with me.”

Qin Lang brings the cake into the ward and greets mother Ye: “Hello Auntie, I am Ye Qian’s classmate. Have you eaten? I ordered takeout for you, it will be here in a while.”

“Ai, you kid…” Mother Ye looked tired. How are they in the mood to eat? They have always stayed beside father Ye, but this child seems to know in advance, his intimacy makes them couldn’t guard against at all.

“Auntie, don’t be polite to me, Ye Qian and I are good friends.” Qin Lang glanced at the man in the hospital bed with his eyes closed, the man’s skin is yellow and dark without any blood. “Uncle will be fine.”

“Mm. Thank you.” Mother Ye saw Qin Lang’s outfit and cast a surprise glance at her son. Ye Qian has no friends. Because of the accident at home, he has been cold since he was a child, and he is more taciturn. She didn’t expect her son to make friends with rich children.

The takeout came quickly.

Qin Lang accompanied Ye Qian to eat in the corridor outside. Qin Lang did not speak, just sat with him, seeing him eating in a hurry and unscrewed a bottle of water and handed it to him.

Ye Qian took a sip of water and choked, with a violent cough, tears gathered in his eyes.

Qin Lang patted him on the back a little helplessly, he felt like he’s a little heavy again. From patting to stroking, one by one, his movements are gentle and careful.

After half an hour, Ye Qian choked and said: “My dad committed suicide, so I didn’t go to you tonight…”

“What’s the point of me…” Qin Lang did not know how to comfort people either so he just stroked Ye Qian’s back with his hands.

The boy’s palm is not big but it’s warm. Warm from the back to the bottom of his heart.

“A little over a year ago, my dad was also the president of a listed company…” Ye Qian took the vegetables and put it into his mouth and slowly chewed, then continued slowly, “at that time, I was a freshman in Jinchen. Then his business failed, bankrupted, and he still owed some debts. His competitors reported in the market that he had a criminal record of embezzling public funds. He went to look for a job but no one accepted him. In the end, he had no choice but to go to the construction site to move bricks. As a result, he broke both of his legs and the construction site lost money. To heal and to live, the claim amount is simply not enough. This week it’s his check up again. My dad, who takes things too hard for a while, doesn’t want to drag me and my mom down so he just…fortunately, he was out of danger. Otherwise…”

Ye Qian put down his chopsticks, raised his head up and took a deep breath. He doesn’t want his tears to fall.

Qin Lang looked at the boy’s strong yet fragile profile, he couldn’t help saying: “Everyone’s life is difficult so walk over it. When one lives, there’s still hope so don’t give up. I believe that when uncle wakes up, he will definitely understand because he has you and your mother. He has love in his heart, there will always be sunshine…” and, hold on a little longer, this year, you can go back to your wealthy parents for the new year, your adoptive parents will live well then.

“Thanks.” Ye Qian looked at Qin Lang and said softly.

“I’m really sorry, I also feel ashamed.” Qin Lang suddenly smiled awkwardly, “When I think about what I said to you before, talking about auntie and uncle…I’m such a jerk.”

“Yes, you’re really a jerk. I wanted to tear your mouth apart.” Ye Qian also smiled.

Qin Lang covered his mouth in horror, shaking his head, he said he knew he was wrong.

“You…” Ye Qian couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and messed up Qin Lang’s neatly combed blonde hair.

“Ai ai, don’t touch my hair, I did it for over an hour, it wasn’t easy for me okay?” Qin Lang said and grabbed the big hand that was arrogantly on his hand.

The moment Qin Lang’s hand touched it, Ye Qian happened to meet his eyes. Somehow the atmosphere was suddenly a little strange.

Qin Lang coughed lightly and let go of his hand. Ye Qian also hurriedly retracted his hand from his hair.

After a strange silence, Qin Lang stood up: “Right, cake, I’ve left a piece for you.”

After he said it, he entered the ward and took the cake out. His steps were light but Ye Qian could still hear it clearly, as if he wasn’t stepping on the ground but on his heart.

“Here.” Qin Lang handed him the cake, “the cakes in this store are very delicious. You try it.”

Ye Qian took the cake, looking at Qin Lang with burning gazes: “Qin Lang, why did you run over here to find me?”

An unnatural blush appeared on Qin Lan’s face, his tone is a bit harsh: “I just want you to accompany me, you can’t do it?”

Ye Qian smiled. He lowered his head and opened the box, he dug out a small piece of cake and put it in his mouth. What Qin Lang said was right, the cream was smooth, the cake fluffy, sweet but not greasy, it smelled good.

“Actually…” Qin Lang sat beside Ye Qian, fingers digging at the cufflinks on his little suit, “I think, my true friend, maybe you’re the only one, so, I really wanted to spend time with you.”

“Only me?” Ye Qian looked at the young man’s blushing face unexpectedly, “aren’t there also Chen Ziyu and Wang Hao duo?”

“Ah…Brother Yu….” Qin Lang laughed self-deprecatingly, “I don’t believe you are so smart and can’t tell if brother Yu is really good to me or not. As for Wang Hao, the two of them, they are just following the elder in their family, who want to curry favor with my family, so they treat me as a younger brother. Maybe they consider me a friend too but if one day my family runs out of money, they will never interact with me again.”

Ye Qian took another bite of the cake in silence.

“But I think, if there really is such a day, you would still treat me the same.” When Qin Lang said this, his eyes revealed a fascinated confidence.

Ye Qian laughed out loud. “You’re quite confident.”

“Ah! It’s true!” Qin Lang said quietly, “I had a nightmare recently.”

“Um?” Ye Qian looked at him softly.

“I dreamed that my family was really bankrupt, poor enough to have nothing.” When Qin Lang said this, he looked very serious, looking at Ye Qian seriously, but also a little weird, “I’m telling you, I’ve dreamed before that I fell down the stairs, my head was covered in blood as a result! As a result, it happened last semester!”

“…” Ye Qian didn’t know what to say.

“Do you think my dreams have the ability to predict?” Qin Lang discussed with him seriously, “Really, that day I was laughed at by Han Han and fell down, I dreamed of it before. It’s exactly the same. Shit! I’ve never told anyone this before, I’m telling you now even I feel creepy myself. So cold!” He said and rubbed his arms, it looked like the cold wind was blowing.

“…” Ye Qian glanced at the young man’s clothes, “You’re wearing so little clothes.”

Qin Lang pursed his lips, he took something out of his trouser pocket. With a solemn expression, he handed it to Ye Qian: “I’m telling you, this is the capital I am leaving with you, you have to keep it safe for me. If one day my family really goes bankrupt, I will rely on this to make a comeback.”

“Capital?” Ye Qian couldn’t help laughing when he saw how serious he was.

“Um..yes..” his eyes began to look elsewhere again, “but I dreamed that my family would go bankrupt a year later, so, the money is put here. If you need it urgently, take it out and use it…”

“Qin Lang!” Ye Qian stopped joking, looking at this man with the corners of his lips pressed, the thin card in his hand suddenly became extremely heavy.

“What are you doing! Why are you looking at me like that?” Qin Lang was a little panicked. “The password is the year after my birthday and the month and…”

“Qin Lang!” Ye Qian looked at him with a sullen face, “Do you know what you’re doing? I will not ask for your money.”

“Who said it was going to be given to you!” Qin Lang’s hand was grabbed by Ye Qian, the card was also forcibly stuffed back into his hand. He hurriedly threw the card into Ye Qian’s arms, then he quickly stood up and put his hands behind his back, “I didn’t say I gave it to you, okay? I’m just going to store it with you, I will come and get it back next year!”

“Okay, since it is only for storing, then store it then.” Ye Qian held the card, seeing the young man in front of him refuse to tell the truth, he messed up his hair in frustration.

Why are you always like this? Obviously trying to help me but still try to give a reason as if you just help me along the way. I was wrongly accused of stealing a ring, you help clear, you forcibly exchanged food with me when eating in the cafeteria, and this time too. You want to help me but still make up the dream of being poor with nothing and going bankrupt.

Why do you…why do you always do this? Why are you so nice to me? Wasn’t I the most hated person before?

[Ding, Ye Qian’s favorability is 25, and the current favorability is 70.]

“Alright. Alright.” Qin Lang finally conceded defeat, “there’s only half a million on the card, it’s not too much, it’s what I lent to you but I just don’t charge interest. When I want it back, you have to give it back to me. Don’t be hypocritical and say you don’t need it. Just look at your mom and your dad. Your family really needs the money now, presumably your family’s previous debts are also borrowed from relatives so if they borrow now, there must be no one who is willing to lend it to you. Ye Qian, are we not friends? You are short of money, and I happen to be rich, I couldn’t help you with anything so I just hope you don’t turn me down now.”

Ye Qian’s hand holding the card trembled slightly. His eyes looked at Qin Lang for a moment, the circle around his eyes turned slightly red. He said: “Aren’t you afraid that I will lie to you? After all you used to always look down on poor people like us, approaching you might be for something.”

Qin Lang looked like he was defeated by him, said crazily: “Didn’t you forget what I said before? Why bring it up again? And, as for calculating, I am the one who approaches you so this thought won’t count. And, I lend it to you, of course I have to make it a loan! This works right?”

After a while, Ye Qian said hoarsely: “Okay.”

Qin Lang finally breathed a sigh of relief. This birthday was not easy.

“You, why are you so nice to me?” Ye Qian looked at the card in his hand, Qin Lang clearly brought it with him as soon as he came. As soon as he came, the card was ready for him…

Qin Lang looked at him like he was mentally ill: “You, Ye Qian, would ask such a stupid question? Of course I am good to you because I like you!”

When Ye Qian heard this, he was momentarily stunned. He hasn’t had time to react yet before hearing Qin Lang muttering the following words: “say it a few times before, we are friends…”

Just because I want to hug your thighs, do I have to make such a careless remark?

System: “…hehe.” The system detects that the target character’s favorability increases by 10 points in an instant and then quickly decreases by 10 points. Do I have to make such careless remarks about such trivial matters?

The author has something to say:

Ye Qian: why is my family Langlang always lies? He has to find an excuse to help me.

Qin Lang: cough, Qianqian, I think you misunderstood, my family is really going bankrupt. This money is really my capital.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! The fake love declarations really wreck havoc, lol.

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