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SGWMDPAR Chapter 8





White Moonlight had to hold this crying bag all the time, and finally the crying bag rubbed his face on his chest twice, rubbing all the tears on his clothes, and raised his head to look at him.


Little pitiful shou was in tears and his eyes were red. He looked very pitiful, as if he had been bullied.


White Moonlight felt that he was like a little milk dog abandoned by his host. he rubbed his head and asked, “Is it better?”


Little pitiful Shou said embarrassedly: “Am I particularly embarrassing ? I am usually not always like this.”


White Moonlight couldn’t help it, and laughed out loud, little pitiful  shou said: “Don’t think I didn’t know you pretended to be asleep this morning!”


White Moonlight continued to laugh, pinching the little pitiful  shou’s face, lightly shaking it : “You’re so courageous? I’m not a good person, be careful I hit you.” Then he glanced at him: “You pretended  to be asleep too? Shall I hit you?”


Little pitiful shou suddenly remembered that he said he’ll beat white moonlight when he was drunk. He quickly acted like a baby: “No, you are a particularly nice person.”


White Moonlight looked at him with a smile: “Come on, continue to flatter.”


Little pitiful shou looked at him: “ Brother Nan, you are not only nice, you are also handsome.”


White Moonlight raised his eyebrows at Little pitiful Shou: “So that’s why you keep holding me?” Then he lowered his head and put his forehead on Little pitiful Shou’s forehead, lowering his voice. : “Are you playing a hooligan?”


Little Pitiful shou: “I am not, I don’t.” He wanted to pull out his hands, but found that his hands were pinched by White Moonlight.


Little pitiful Shou felt that the current scene was a bit ambiguous for no reason, and blushed silently, this time ashamed.


White Moonlight also gradually realized that something was wrong. The two gays were still two single dogs, male and unmarried. This posture was so ambiguous.


White Moonlight seemed to unintentionally loosen and squeeze Little pitiful shou’s hands, and patted him on the back: “Is it enough being a hooligan ? Are you in a better mood now?”


Little pitiful took out his hands like a fire: “No hooliganism.”


White Moonlight perfunctorily said, “Yes, yes.” He poured dirty water on others with a serious face.


Little pitiful shou was aggrieved: “Brother Nan, I don’t know if I should tell you something, I want you to help me out. I don’t know what to do next.”


White Moonlight didn’t know what to do when he saw Little pitiful shou’s entangled face and comforted him: “What’s the matter?”


Little pitiful stammered: “My things are still with him, I dare not go take it.”


White Moonlight was furious: “He is violent at home?”


Little pitiful shou  quickly waved his hand: “No, no, Brother Nan, you misunderstood. I don’t want to fight. I want to take my things and leave.” A sullen expression suddenly appeared on Little pitiful Shou’s face: “I’m tired.”


White Moonlight pondered. “Why don’t I accompany you to get it today?”


Little pitiful Shou nodded quickly: “Thank you Brother Nan.” Then he took White Moonlight’s arm and acted like a baby: “You are so kind, Brother Nan.” White Moonlight rubbed his head. “Is it all right?”


Little pitiful shou sighed, “Aren’t I particularly stupid like this?” Then he lowered his head: “I hate myself too.”


White Moonlight smiled and said, “It’s very sad to lose love. It’s normal, it’s not a big deal, believe me.”


Little pitiful Shou: “Are you so stupid when you are broken in love too?”


White Moonlight: “…” I can’t talk about it till this day.


White Moonlight: “I will take you out for dinner in a while, and accompany you to get your things after eating. There is no problem that can’t be solved by one meal. If there is, then two meals.”


Little pitiful shou  blinked: “Then Brother Nan, I will invite you to eat hot pot, I want to thank you.”


White Moonlight glanced at him: “I can’t bully a kid , I’ll invite you who is broken in love.”


Little pitiful shou  lowered his head in frustration, White Moonlight said with a smile “Don’t be coquettish, next time you invite me.”









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