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SGWMDPAR Chapter 7







White moonlight took advantage of Pitiful shou’s time to change clothes, went to the kitchen to fry two omelettes, and made two simple sandwiches.




When Little Pitiful shou saw the sandwiches and milk on the table and White moonlight waiting for him , he sat down and said to White moonlight , “Thank you. Thank you for taking me in and making breakfast for me. Thank you very much.” White Moonlight smiled: “Okay, let’s eat.” He felt that he was a scumbag, and he seemed to have nothing to say, and said, “It’s okay, everyone is a friend.”




White moonlight thought about it, and asked about a bit embarrassing question: “My name is Ningnan, what’s your name?”




Little pitiful shou took a bite of a sandwich. The salty aroma of cheese occupied his taste buds. He looked up at White moonlight and said : “My name is Shize. Can I call you Brother Nan?”




White moonlight felt that his forehead veins jumped, what kind of tacit understanding is this.




Little pitiful shou saw the incoming phone call after eating breakfast. It was scum gong.




Little Pitiful shou glanced at White moonlight , hesitated for a moment, then picked it up, White moonlight consciously picked up the dishes and walked to the kitchen.




The scum gong was at home and called to check on the Little Pitiful shou. He asked Pitiful shou why he didn’t go home yesterday.




Little Pitiful shou closed his eyes and said, “Let’s break up, I will find time to go to your place to get my things.” After speaking, he hung up the phone and turned off the phone.




After two years, it was drawn to an end. Little pitiful shou felt like something was smashing in his heart. It was not a sharp pain, but the pain from two years of disappointment was hitting him little by little.




Little Pitiful shou felt that he didn’t want to cry at all, and that he should be happy. He wanted to stop the loss in time as the book said, but the tears still fell.




White moonlight heard that there was no sound, and walked out of the kitchen, only to see the little pitiful shou crying there alone.




White moonlight was so softened by the cry of Little Pitiful shou that he walked up and touched Little Pitiful shou’s head. This was the second time Little Pitiful shou had cried in front of him.




After being touched by White moonlight ‘s hand, Little Pitiful shou stood up and hugged White moonlight .




White moonlight was staggered by him. Little Pitiful shou put his chin on White moonlight ‘s shoulder, and his voice was crying: “Brother Nan, I broke up with him, I don’t want to be with him anymore. I hate him.”




White moonlight felt that he was pitiful, ready to have a heart-to-heart talk with Little Pitiful shou, and slowly took Little shou shou to the sofa. The two people sat on the sofa, White moonlight lifted Little Pitiful shou from his shoulders, and saw that Little Pitiful shou had red eyes with tears on his face.




Little Pitiful shou plunged his head into White moonlight ‘s arms, wrapped his arms around White moonlight ‘s waist, crying and said, “Don’t push me.”




White moonlight : “…”




As if he was committing a crime. .




White moonlight put his hand on Little Pitiful shou’s back and stroked it, feeling Little Pitiful shou’s shaking in his arms.




White moonlight thought to himself, it’s so pitiful.




After a while, White moonlight felt that his chest was wet by the little pitiful shou, which made his cry too sad.




He don’t know how much time had passed. White moonlight ‘s hands are a little sore, and Little Pitiful shou makes a dull voice: “Brother Nan, I don’t like him anymore, I don’t like him anymore.”




White moonlight patted pitiful Shou’s back and  said softly: “Don’t cry, Song Yuan is a fucking scumbag.” Then he hesitated, and added: “It’s not worth it.”




Little pitiful shou nodded in White moonlight ‘s arms: ” If I don’t like him, don’t like him.” Then he cried with White moonlight in his arms.




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