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SGWMDPAR Chapter 4



White Moonlight felt that his waist, where he was touched by the little Pitiful shou, was hot and still wet, little shou was crying so miserably.


White Moonlight couldn’t see the kid crying, feeling very distressed, and gently stroked his back with his hand.


Little Pitiful shou finally had enough of crying, with his arms around the white moonlight, raised his eyes to look at him innocently, his eyes were red, and he looked even more pitiful in the dim light.


White moonlight opened his hands, bowed his head to coax him: “Do you still want to go back today, or will you not go home?”


Little Pitiful shou does not know the answer, he tearfully said:. “I do not want to see him”


That just means not going back, White Moonlight said: “Will you follow me now?” Then he squeezed out a few words with difficulty: “I know him, I am not a bad person and will not hurt you.” White Moonlight himself didn’t notice that he had already used the method of coaxing a child to coax the person in front of him.


Little Pitiful shou cried so badly, with hiccups, and then said pitifully: “You are a good person, you just helped me.”


White Moonlight thought with an annoyance and amusement, this kid is too good to be cheated, If he was sold, he would definitely help others count the money.


White Moonlight saw a few missed calls on his mobile phone, some of which were scumbag first love’s, and his own friends’ . His mobile phone was used to being silent and did not receive these calls.


White Moonlight thought, after making his friends wait for such a long time, he certainly can not abandon them , so he asked Little Pitiful shou: “You first go with me KTV, okay?”


Little Pitiful shou cleverly nodded :. “Okay”


White Moonlight took Little Pitiful shou and  went to take a taxi, and took a Little Pitiful shou to KTV.


Pushing away the door of the room number that his friend had said, he saw a friend say hello, and a chorus of birthday songs rang in the room for an instant.


White Moonlight looked at his watch. There was a delay just now. It was already past twelve o’clock.


When White Moonlight saw the cake on the table, he knew he was wrong to let them wait .


Little Pitiful shou came to the lively environment and got better, turned his head and sang to White Moonlight’s ears.


Happy birthday to you.


Happy birthday to you.


Little Pitiful shou drank the wine, and his voice was a little soft and husky, which was also very obvious in the chorus of a group of people. Hot air rushed to White Moonlight’s ears, and White Moonlight curled up the corners of his lips unconsciously.


After the singing was over, Little Pitiful Shou tiptoed and leaned against White Moonlight’s ears, as if whispering: “Thank you. Happy birthday.”


White Moonlight’s friends looked at the poses of the two people and the hands they held. They started booing, they drank too much and couldn’t speak properly: “Did you rob someone else’s boyfriend?”


White Moonlight glared at him, let go of his hand with a guilty conscience, and said with a smile: “Fuck you, don’t talk nonsense. .” Then he went to the table and prepared to divide the cake. It was an ice cream cake.


They have all eaten dinner. After the cake was divided, everyone rushed forward without eating two bites. There are too many people, White Moonlight couldn’t stand it at all, and he was battered with cold cream on his face.


Only Little Pitiful shou sat in the corner and ate cake obediently. White Moonlight glanced at him and felt funny in his heart.


White Moonlight smiled and was about to go to the toilet to wash his face, and saw Little Pitiful shou put down the cake and followed up with him. Pitiful shou was still drunk, and whispered: “May I help you?”


White Moonlight smiled Looking at him: “Are you not drunk?”


Little Pitiful shou took White Moonlight’s hand: “I’ll wipe it for you.” White Moonlight understood. Little Pitiful shou knew none of the people inside, although it is not that they have a particularly good relationship, but it is a little more familiar, so he let him follow.


When he arrived at the bathroom, White Moonlight was holding water and washed his face, only to find that the hair was full of cream. Little Pitiful shou took the paper and helped him wipe it little by little. White Moonlight let him wipe his hair and asked with a smile. : “Do you like me?”




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    That was unexpected. My heart took a hit.

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