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SGWMDPAR Chapter 5



White Moonlight obviously felt that the little Pitiful shou’s movements became stiff, and then wiped it up heavily.


White Moonlight thought to himself, he was drunk too, and asked such questions to the people whom he met only then , and he glanced at the little Pitiful shou with red ears, not knowing whether he was drunk or being shy.


White Moonlight thought to himself, it was lovely.


Finally, it was almost finished. White Moonlight was able to see people, and heard the little Pitiful shou say: “You, don’t talk nonsense .” White Moonlight looked at him who was aggrieved, and raised an eyebrow at him, but somehow he was a little angry, and wanted to ask if he (LPS) still liked the scum, and does he still think he’s (SG) good. He shouldn’t be nosy about other people’s relationships . The scumbag is also someone else’s, so he just endured it.


When he returned, the little Pitiful shou was awakened by the words, and he didn’t dare to hold White Moonlight’s hand.


In the room, Little Pitiful shou became active again, went up to sing a few songs without stage fright, as if nothing happened at first.


White Moonlight admires his ability to recover a little bit. If he hears his boyfriend doing such a thing, it would be strange to not hit him constantly.


It’s already over two o’clock after the tumult, someone quietly asked White Moonlight: “You really hooked up with him ? So efficient? Are we heterosexuals still single for this reason ?” White Moonlight glanced at him: “It’s Song Yuan’s boyfriend. I really don’t want to be a homewrecker, don’t f*cking be silly.”


That person was White Moonlight’s high school classmate, and he knew White Moonlight’s violent beatings back then, showing a strange look at White Moonlight, as if saying: “Your circle is really messy, we are so afraid as heterosexuals.”


White Moonlight: “…”


Are you still innocent?


White Moonlight looked at the boy who was sitting quietly in the corner drinking juice after singing the high song with a headache. He walked over and asked: “Have you brought your ID card?”


Little Pitiful shou raised his head and said pitifully, “No.”


Yes, so be it.


White Moonlight pulled Little Pitiful shou up: “Then go home with me first today.”


Little Pitiful shou did not resist, and followed him out obediently.


When the taxi came home, White Moonlight had a headache. He didn’t put a bed in the guest room, so he changed it into a game room, which was specially used for playing games, jigsaw puzzles, and Lego. It was too messy and couldn’t let sleep there at all. .


White Moonlight found the slippers for Little Pitiful shou who was unsteady on the road, and looked at Little Pitiful shou who was full of alcohol, and asked him, “Can you take a bath by yourself?”


Little Pitiful shou nodded: “Yes.”


White Moonlight looked at this troublesome spirit, went to the closet to find his own pajamas, stuffed it to the dumb  Little Pitiful shou, pushed him into the bathroom, and then took off the clothes and pants and threw them into the dirty clothes basket, lay down on the sofa wearing only pants.


Little Pitiful shou came out loosely wearing a two-size larger pajamas, and he saw White Moonlight wearing only a pair of pants, lying almost naked on the sofa, his eyes half-closed, as if he was resting.


Under such visual impact, Little Pitiful shou walked over with blushing face and whispered, “I’m out of the shower.”


White Moonlight glanced up at him, his hair dripping wet and dripping with water, and immediately began to complain in his heart : “Why don’t you blow your hair? It’s easy to catch a cold in summer.”


Little Pitiful shou was dumbfounded and there was no response, White Moonlight sighed at being like the old mother, and resignedly brought a blower to the little Pitiful shou and started blowing the hair.


Little Pitiful shou’s hair is also very soft, White Moonlight thought, and his personality is quite similar.


After drying his hair, White Moonlight asked Little Pitiful shou, “Are you going to sleep?”


Little Pitiful shou shook his head and nodded. White Moonlight thought to himself that a drunkard is a drunkard, and then pushed Little Pitiful shou’s shoulders, took him to the bedroom, let him lie on the bed, and adjusted the temperature of the air conditioner.


Little Pitiful shou was lying on the bed, consciously pulling the quilt over and covering it, with two eyes still looking at White Moonlight.


White Moonlight walked out the door, saw the broken air conditioner in the living room , walked in again, and said with some difficulty: “The air conditioner in the living room is broken and hasn’t been repaired. I can’t sleep on the sofa , it’s hot. Do you mind if I also sleep in the bedroom?”


White Moonlight thought, it’s a double bed, so they shouldn’t touch each other.


Little Pitiful shou nodded.


White Moonlight went out to take a bath and was shocked. This is his own home, so why ask others for their opinions.


When White Moonlight finished taking a bath, Little Pitiful shou was already asleep, clinging to the wall, sleeping very deep, White Moonlight moved cautiously without disturbing him, and felt that the world was quite magical, and that he and his first love’s  current boyfriend is lying on the same bed.



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