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MSSOC Chapter 7


☆007… Cause


Ling Su discovered that since Xiaopang was dug out from the closet by him, he became very clingy. He acted coquettish and wanted to touch him at every turn. However, he still had nothing to do and couldn’t refuse at all. After touching his head and touching his chin smoothly , the little orange cat was so comfortable that it kept purring.


At sunset, Cat Dumpling, who was full and happy, went back to the cat litter contentedly and went to sleep, leaving the shit shoveling officer alone to face the work that should have been dealt with long ago, dumbfounded.


There is a legend among the wealthy and distinguished families in Country C. Only a few people know that the little guys from the low-key and mysterious LOLO pet House in Z City have magical powers and higher intelligence than ordinary animals. If they are treated with care and fed with love, they will get incredible returns.


When Ling Su was born, there was an expert who used his divination for him, saying that he was a genius of heaven and the emperor star was reincarnated, 1 [T/N : reincarnation of emperor star: I am not sure about its meaning, I guess it’s some term used in Chinese astrology, which means that the person is born lucky.] but he was destined to have a catastrophe at the age of twenty-two. The key to crossing the catastrophe lies in a cat.



Ling Su’s charisma, outstanding predictive ability, and business talent shown by Ling Su since childhood, proved this prediction. While Grandpa Ling was very pleased to see him, he was also secretly impatient, but his baby grandson was unwilling to keep cats.


Finally when Ling Su was turning 22 years old, he accidentally got a redemption card for the LOLO Pet House. After being informed of the result of the master’s fortune-telling and the legend, he collected a lot of actual cases: First of all, The deputy dean of W University, after adopting the guinea pig who loves to learn, was promoted from assistant professor to dean in just one year. Of course, there is no lack of his own efforts. Secondly, the richest man in J city  was diagnosed with the terminal stage of cancer, and he could only miraculously survive from death. It is rumored that the white parrot he raised was from the LOLO Pet House.


There are many examples of this. The people involved seldom publicize things after they survive the disaster, but one by one began to be keen to donate to the Animal Protection Association. After collecting such a traceable behavior, Ling Su discovered that the suspicious instances were as high as three digits.


Coupled with Grandpa Ling’s painstaking persuasion, Ling Su stepped onto the road to the LOLO Pet House suspiciously.


He has no special preference for cats, as long as its personality is well-behaved and quiet. He doesn’t want to disrupt his work and life rhythm just because he has an extra cat around him. But when he first saw the little orange cat, Ling Su had a hunch: in the future, he would probably do a lot of things against his principles for this little guy.


Just like now-on the computer desk, on a pile of documents to be reviewed and signed, a few pieces of cat hair lay sporadically, reminding him solemnly: This day, he wasted his time on Xiaopang.


Looking back at the cat around him, Ling Su truly felt that he could fully understand that mood of cat slaves . This fluffy little guy was really so intriguing!


However, the work has to continue.


After preparing dinner for Xiaopang, Ling Su left the apartment with his unfinished work.


When Xiao Luo woke up, the sky was completely dark. There was a wall lamp in the living room, and beside the cat litter, there were milk cakes and water prepared by the shoveling officer in advance, as well as half a bottle of warm milk powder. Nothing to say.


[Majesty, Majesty, I love you, just like a flower blooming in March. Come out! My mighty ball!] When he shouted the password for the second time, Xiao Luo no longer felt ashamed. He only felt that this “big king” was very powerful. The number one hacker in the world probably couldn’t even match a finger in front of him.


Open the personal homepage of the ball system and check the balance: popularity value -999, charm value -520, love value +1111; after the previous hard practice, shamelessly acting  coquettish and cute , Xiao Luo concluded from it: the popularity value is completely calculated by the head, he can only get the charm value on Ling Su’s side. Acting  coquettish, hug, and touch, it soars by +20 every time. After a while, he will be able to get rid of the the burden of negative numbers of charm value!


But what about the popularity value?


Xiao Luo was a little annoyed, so he clicked on the mall page at will, and couldn’t help opening popular hot spots, drooling at the [Wishing Card].


“Dididi—-” A very primitive message prompt.


Xiao Luo returned to his senses, and there was a message from @Everyone in [The king’s harem], he opened it curiously.


Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: Find a C language source program: an integer, which is a perfect square number after adding 100, and then a perfect square number after adding 168. What is the number? Reward: 200 popularity value + 200 charm value.


Xiao Luo saw that this was simply a question for him! Strangely, no one said anything.


He looked at Luo Baibai’s head again. It was a guinea pig. He thought of the fact that Vice President W was also surnamed Luo. Suddenly, Xiao Luo felt that he had discovered something extraordinary.


Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: Does no one know? The reward is doubled, come to a master to help me solve it, otherwise I will definitely not be able to sleep tonight.


Macaw-Coco:  you’d better go back and ask your old Luo, we can’t help you, it’s too difficult.


Hamster-Fifth Ring: you are too eager to learn, I am so ashamed, I have eaten too much these days, and I have been holding on again. I will withdraw first and go for exercise.


Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: Hey yeah, Lao Luo has gone on a date.


Xiao Luo watched intently. These bubbling ones, plus the ones who swiped the screen and chatted before, each were the heads of animals, and the format of the user name was uniformly the species plus the name, so- All the animals in the group, “the king’s harem”, are refined animals? !


It was not until later that Xiao Luo knew that everyone in this group had walked out of the LOLO pet house.


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: I can solve this problem.


Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: Hey, are you a newcomer? Hello, I will add you as a friend, let’s chat privately.


Xiao Luo looked at his username a bit entangled. After trying twice, he couldn’t modify it. It seemed that his technology was not good enough. After confirming Luo Baibai’s friend application, he could check the other party’s wallet balance.


Luo Baibai’s popularity value: +99999, charm value +99999, love value +1.


If the other party is really the Guinea pig from the W University’s Vice Dean’s house, this popularity value and charm value is nothing strange. There are many fans of this guinea pig who loves to study in the whole W University.


Guinea pig-Luo Baibai: Xiao Xiao, why is your love value so high, so envious, saliva. jpg


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: I don’t know, I really admire the popularity value and charm value!


Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: This is very simple. As long as more humans know about your existence, like you, give you gifts or something, you can increase it, but my love value has never risen. . I really want to redeem the limited-time transformation card…


Xiao Luo looked at his balance in surprise. Since the love value is so difficult to increase, where did his +1111 come from? Looking at Luo Baibai’s coveting for the transformation card, it’s not difficult to infer: these animals that are about to become refined have no way to transform into adults, but they do have higher intelligence than ordinary animals, and individual IQs are almost comparable to those of teenagers.


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo:  I will give you the source code of that question first. In addition, can love value be traded?


Xiao Luo waved his paws quickly. Ling Su was not there anyway, and he didn’t have to worry about anything. Luo Baibai’s mission was completed in less than a minute, and the system prompted him to receive the transfer from the other party.


Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: The king should have special considerations, so only this love value cannot be transferred, and he does not know how to obtain it. Ah, Lao Luo is back, I’m offline first, bye.


Xiao Luo looked at the person’s portrait that turned gray in an instant, and looked back at his balance: popularity value -599, charm value -120, love value +1111, negative numbers turn positive, just around the corner!


“Dididi—-” The only picture in the friend’s list flashed, it was Husky .


Husky-Xiao Er: Xiao Miao, how did you change your name?


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: I don’t know.


Husky-Xiaoer: I haven’t seen you for a day, your balance is negative, oh oh oh, I wanted to borrow something from you to grab a small fish.


Xiao Luo had no choice but to help his forehead. The ball system was so powerful and against the sky. The positive examples of mixing are like Luo Baibai, a proper winner, and those who are not able to mix are like Husky. It is estimated that he will concentrate on eating and spend the balance. It’s gone, after all, although this guy is a little bit older, his ability to act like a baby is not low at all.


Of course, the worst thing is himself: the popularity value and the charm value are all negative!


Husky-Xiao Er: Xiao Miao, why did your love value suddenly rise so much?


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: I don’t know.


Husky-Little Two: Don’t you redeem a limited-time transformation card?


The reaction of the other party once again verified Xiao Luo’s guess: the transformation card is very precious to them, just like when a child wants to grow up and live a chic and free life and is no longer controlled by an adult, Luo Baibai is good. Not to mention, even husky want to experience the feeling of becoming a human being.


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: Not for the time being.


If, as they say, the way to obtain the love point is very difficult, he needs to cherish this +1111 points even more, and use it at the critical moment.


After chatting with husky for a while, Xiao Luo withdrew from the ball system and the hour hand was pointing to eight o’clock.


The little orange cat stretched out, crawled out of the cat’s nest, and walked towards the study with a clear goal. Before Ling Su came back, he needed to go on the QQ again to ask Master something, and by the way, check the information of LOLO Pet House.


Patter, patter, patter, the keyboard tapping sounded quickly, and occasionally paused. It was inconvenient for the cat’s paw to step on the buttons on the mechanical keyboard. The probability of error was relatively high. Xiao Luo could only go back and modify it patiently.


Sure enough, Master’s QQ number was not online. He quit after leaving a message. Then he opened the web page and started searching for the information he wanted, only to accidentally find a post.


# Inventory of the cute things that are getting more and more enchanting recently, and the Guinea pig that opened the live broadcast#



T/N: Thank you for reading (~˘▾˘)~


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    [T/N : reincarnation of emperor star: I am not sure about its meaning, I guess it’s some term used in Chinese astrology, which means that the person is born lucky.]
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