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MSSOC Chapter 24

Live Broadcast

024… live broadcast 


Is it okay? It must be ok!

Xiao Luo couldn’t wait to get rid of 250’s curse right away.Even if he couldn’t return to his original body right now, he would have nothing to worry about if he had money in his pocket. Charm value exchange, he can only look at it eagerly and drool.

Luo Baibai’s invitation was undoubtedly the pillow sent over when he was trying to doze off, it couldn’t be better!

Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: Of course! I am so happy! Well, what are you going to broadcast live?

Xiao Luo is happy, but he still hasn’t lost his reason. Luo Baibai is already a popular Internet celebrity. Vice President Luo assists in dubbing, reading books and solving problems live, there are a lot of audiences, and there are a lot of gifts.

But what about him? Is he going to show his hand? How does the cat’s paw hit 666 times to refresh the rhythm master record? Or- watching the cat with the keyboard struggling among the bronze rookies?

Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: I just saw the news that there was an earthquake in T City. I discussed with Coco and the others about what to do. Coco said that we can pool more people and donate the gifts and cash we earned.

Xiao Luo’s heart was extremely shocked! At 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon, a magnitude 3.3 earthquake occurred in T city. Because it is too far away from W city, and because it is basically harmless below magnitude 5, most people just glance at it quickly and don’t take it to heart. But unexpectedly these cute little ones actually noticed, and are ready to take some practical actions.

In contrast, Xiao Luo was extremely ashamed.

Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: This idea is very good!

Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: I have already contacted Coco, Wuhuan, Xiao Er, and you. We can set up a 2V2 special, with Coco’s commentary, and let Old Luo help to donate the gifts received at that time!

Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: 2V2 special…what is that?

Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: I will be in a group with Wu Huan, and you will be in a group with Xiao Er. Let’s play a PK game with Coco as the commentator. This time I don’t need to let Old Luo help.

Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: PK game?

In addition to the mini-games in the QQ system, besides Pet Link and Lucky Wheel, what else is there?

And it’s really not that he thinks too much, but these two “mouses” are fighting against a cat and a dog? And they even found a bird to be the referee?

It always feels weird.

Coco, the favorite pet of the internationally famous guide. Li Wei, a macaw who is good at ventriloquism and has top-notch acting skills, has sharp claws, and has a peculiar ability to look at pictures!

Wu Huan, Su Chen’s favorite pet, a pudding hamster who can read scripts and likes to pose. It is said that he has a very high IQ and is a very popular internet celebrity!

Luo Baibai, the little baby of the Vice Dean of W University, a guinea pig with a very high IQ, not only likes to read books, he is a genius, and now he seems to be very patriotic!

Xiao Er, Erha from school flower Bai Qingyun’s family of W University’s Art Department, typical madman who likes to praise others, leader of the mischievous team!

Well, the ultimate match between the star team and the civilian team! The key is-

Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: Which game do you like?

Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: Xiao Xiao, I have seen your video of playing League of Legends, it’s awesome!

Xiao Luo was sweating profusely, and he was really embarrassed to show off the keyboard operation.

Oh my goodness, aren’t these little guys planning to form a group to open his dark history?!

He can imagine the situation with just one paw: A joke.

Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: I read online and saw that League of Legends is very popular, and now even elementary school students can play. Old Luo has always praised me for being smart, but I… can’t play it, it’s too difficult!

Xiao Luo thought: It’s normal that you can’t play. Didn’t you see me, a human being in cat skin, still struggling with bronze?

Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: But the games developed by King, I really like it! It’s great! So, we found a similar fruits cutting game on the Internet to watch again and again, and then we will play that in the live broadcast. What do you think, Xiao Xiao?

Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: Very good. The question is, Coco and Wu Huan are not in W city, how will they get here?

Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: Old Li from Coco’s family recently picked up a new film. The protagonist is Wu Huan’s Su Chen, and it happened to be shot in W city on the weekend, hehehe…

Xiao Luo stared at the last ‘hehehe’, these simple little cute things are so intelligent. They have similar minds as that of human beings, so thoughtful, it’s so refined!

Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: This weekend? I see, it’s Monday today .There should be no problem with the time. But… I don’t know how to communicate and negotiate with my shit shoveling officer?

Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: I will let Old Luo help you!

Huh, is there such a convenience?

Facts have proved: There really is such a convenience!

In the evening of the same day, Ling Su received a call from Deputy Dean Luo.

“Uncle Luo, do you want to invite Xiaopang to participate in the live broadcast with Luo Baibai?” Ling Su was extremely surprised. He had visited Luo Qingqiu for the little orange cat before. The two had a very happy conversation. It was good at first sight. Before leaving, they verbally made an appointment to let Xiaopang meet Luo Baibai next time. ,But this kind of verbal agreement is usually just a routine and a cutscene.

Ling Su didn’t pay attention to Luo Baibai’s live broadcast, but when recalling his little orange cat’s performance in Xingchen Studio, it is not difficult to infer: Xiaopang also has a heart that wants to express himself and attract everyone’s attention.

Thinking about this, Ling Su would naturally not refuse, “Is it this weekend? Okay, I see, um, okay.”

After finishing the call, he found that the little orange cat was playing with the fruits on the phone seriously. He couldn’t help but be happy, it’s a coincidence, because Luo Baibai is also playing this game. But the guinea pig is playing on the computer, and he also received photos from Luo Qingqiu on his mobile phone, an unspoken show of pets.

Ling Su chose a good angle, took a picture of the little orange cat playing the game, and sent it with a message: Uncle Luo, it seems that my chubby is still at a little higher level.

This fruit cutting game is divided into nine levels, with increasing difficulty. Luo Baibai has reached the third level, and Xiao Luo has quickly reached the eighth level!

Luo Qingqiu quickly returned a surprised expression: Xiao Su, your Xiaopang is so smart!

Ling Su instantly turned into a dazzling pet madman, and sent a few more photos over, which made Luo Qingqiu amazed.

“Xiao pang, I’ll take you to find Luo Baibai to play on weekends, okay? It’s the guinea pig who likes to read books. But don’t run after him after you meet each other, you know?”

“Meow~” Xiao Luo replied casually, he is not a cat, chasing rodents or something, he won’t do it!

“Xiaopang, the vice-president of W University praises you for being smart! I will get you a certificate of enrollment…”

“Meow~” What even are you talking about, shoveling officer?

Xiao Luo didn’t lift his head. While rushing through the level, he set a new record on the QQ system. After firmly standing at the top of the weekly ranking of leisure games, he was ready to start developing other mini games. He was extremely busy. He was not even interested in the shoveling officer’s cuteness anymore.

Until that night, in the dead of night, after Ling Su fell asleep, Xiao Luo’s restless heart was about to move again…



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