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MSSOC Chapter 25

A Thousand Calculations

Chapter 25: A Thousand Calculations



A Limited-Time Transformation Card costs three hundred ninety-nine love points to be traded and a secret kiss can earn a person two thousand Charm Points. Now, the question is, how many times can a person kiss during that time? And what if there would be an accident in the middle of the night, say for example, the shovel officer waking up suddenly? How do one deal with it?


Having had the experience of being unexpectedly embraced by the other person and being terrified by it, Xiao Luo deliberated for a long time before confirming the exchange.


The clock struck two o’clock in the middle of the night. At the moment, there are a lot of night owls in the King’s Harem, including Luo Baibai and Wu Huan, who are working hard in preparation for this weekend’s live broadcast. However, they are not the only people who he can ask for advice.


These two are far too straightforward and upright. They are proper internet celebrities, especially Luo Baibai. They have a very high popularity to charm ratio, so there’s no need to risk snatching kisses from their own shit shoveling officer.


Only Husky, who was removed from LOLO’s Pet Store on the same day as him, was suffering from the same condition. Xiao Luo was thinking about this as he clicked on Husky’s profile.


[Orange Cat Xiao Luo: How did you do it last time, stealing kisses from your owner while remaining undetected all night?]



If it wasn’t for the fact that rogue didn’t control his mouth for a while, he wouldn’t be locked into a cage at night from the beginning of the next day. He would only be playing games on QQ.


Husky was practicing for the weekend’s 2v2 competition by playing Lian Lian Kan. He is naturally reckless, and his vision is poor, causing him to frequently miss the fruits.


[Husky Xiao Er: Xiao Mao! Can’t sleep either? It’s really tough to slice these fruits… What should I do? I can never figure out where the fruits appear, and let me tell you, I discreetly tried it using Sister’s computer this afternoon, and the fruit on the computer is much harder to find! What are we going to do if we both lose this weekend?]


Xiao Luo silently wiped his sweat. He assumed Husky would only consider the fact that the live broadcast may gain them a lot of popularity. After all, their account balances are both pitiful.


[Orange Cat Xiao Luo: If we lose, we lose. It’s just a game. Everyone can just have a good time.]


Furthermore, he did not believe he would lose.


[Husky Xiao Er : Xiao Mao, you really have a great mentality! I’m so envious… ]


[Orange Cat Xiao Luo: Anyway, so, tell me, how did you do it last time?]


[Husky Xiao Er: Ah! I bought a [Sleep Until Dawn] pill in the shop and… hehehe…]


Xiao Luo’s expression gradually became complicated.


Fortunately, Husky is only a little dog, otherwise it would be sitting in prison.


After Xiao Luo thanked him, he clicked on the shopping page of the QQ system while also guessing about Husky’s account balance. He made the decision to open the daily consumables that may be swapped for popularity value and finally found what he was looking for–the sleep until dawn pill. The initial experience fee may be redeemed for only one hundred popularity points, making it an excellent sleep aid!


This can’t possibly be much better!


Xiao Luo covered his mouth and grinned before gently climbing to the shoveling officer’s pillow and exchanging a copy of [Sleep Until Dawn]; target: Ling Su!


After the white light flashed, he noticed the other person’s breathing became steady. Perhaps, it was because of this that his courage immediately grew.


Xiao Luo immediately traded two limited-time Transformation Cards with glee. A half-naked young man wearing only white pants landed on the bed once the limited-time transformation effect was activated.


It is possible to discern the King’s protective attitude towards women. When turning into a girl, you would be fully clothed, but when turning into a man, you would be nude. Running around in your underwear like a hooligan!


Fortunately, it was already late at night and no one else saw it. Xiao Luo suddenly got confident since he had unique ways to ensure that Ling Su would not wake up unexpectedly.


Only the sound of quiet breathing could be heard in the dark room.


He laid next to Ling Su, calmly observing the other person’s wonderfully sculpted face for a long while. Thinking of what he was going to do next made his heart pound loudly.


“Ling Su?” he cautiously called out.


The only response Xiao Luo got was a steady breathing.


Xiao Luo trembledly reached out his hand, the palm of his hand touched the face of Ling Su. The sensation was warm and gentle, and there was a profound pull that drew him in.


He was so frightened the last time he tried to take advantage of the rules that he couldn’t control himself. This time, he wanted to experience it properly.


The faint fragrance of Ling Su’s body mingled with the chilly night air as they got closer. Xiao Luo dropped his head in interest and kissed the other party’s closely pressed lips. The smooth lips appeared to be magical and enticing, which baffled him and made him want to probe further.


His heart was beating loudly, as if anytime it would readily jump out of his ribcage.


This is the second time he has stolen a kiss from this man. In his foolish and befuddled mind, there was a bit more clarity and he felt that he liked his shit shoveling officer.


It wasn’t only for the sake of charm value. He didn’t feel like himself since he subconsciously resisted the notion of Zhou Yaqin and Ling Su being together from the bottom of his heart.


“What should I do?” The young man’s voice was tinged with uncertainty and anxiety.


He had never seen Ling Su being attracted to the opposite sex. Even Bai Qingyun did not attract Ling Su’s attention, but that didn’t mean he was attracted with the same sex as him.


If his shit shovel officer discovered that the cat he reared was a person who liked him and was of the same sex as him, then…


Xiao Luo suddenly couldn’t imagine it and had to push himself to dismiss any distracting ideas and resume his concentration to the task at hand.


At this time, he discovered that he had passed that psychological barrier and committed a new “feat.” While he was pondering and struggling, he had already fulfilled his desire to pry open the unyielding mouth, insert his tongue brazenly, and lick the other person’s mouth with arrogance, like a lion patrolling his own territory.


Xiao Luo’s cheeks flushed quickly, and for the first time, he believed: Virgin males, too, had impulses.


He was about to stop from kissing Ling Su, taking advantage of the time limit for a few minutes and applying additional charm points when suddenly the situation changed drastically!


Ling Su was like a lion that had been jolted awake. He discovered the same kind as him that had mistakenly broken into his realm and gone berserk. He dashed forward, taking the initiative to entangle Xiao Luo’s tongue before the other could retreat. There was a loud gasp and the sound of entangled breaths were heard.


Xiao Luo was so terrified that he entirely lost his arrogance and accepted the opponent’s counterattack meekly. He was so overjoyed that he nearly lost control of himself.


Fortunately, the QQ System’s [Sleep Until Dawn] pill is intrinsically more dependable. It was as if Ling Su was dreaming with violent emotions present in the dream; however, he was still deeply asleep.


Ten minutes quickly passed by. When the limited time transformation card’s effect ran out, Xiao Luo bolted out of the room without looking back. He couldn’t calm down for a long time after slipping out of bed, feeling the consequences of his actions just now.




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