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MSSOC Chapter 16

Subtle relationship

016… Subtle relationship 


King’s harem group.


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: My shit shovel officer is forced to have a blind date, what should I do? Waiting online, very anxious.


Husky-Xiao Er: Xiao Miao, does your brother’s blind date look good?


Xiao Luo silently looked at Zhou Yaqin: a little beauty in her early twenties, her skin was tender and fair, her facial features were beautiful, her long curly black hair naturally fell on her chest, her chest…a bit small, but better than her small frame. Standing next to Ling Su, who was about 1.8 meters tall, little beauty was quite eye-catching.


He couldn’t say ugly against his conscience, so he secretly took a picture and posted it.


Macaw-Coco: This girl looks good and is a good match with your little brother, but according to my intuition: this girl is not a fuel-efficient lamp 1 not a fuel efficient lamp : someone who is smart and sophisticated yet not easy to deal with (usually negative) . After she walks in, you will definitely fall out of favor.


Xiao Luo shook his body, he deserves to be an internationally famous parrot, he can actually judge by looking at the picture!


Husky -Xiao Er : Xiao Miao, I think she is not as good-looking as my little sister, or tell your little brother, let’s be friends with my little sister, and we can see each other every day!


Xiao Luo felt that husky was purely making trouble, because Ling Su obviously had no feeling for Bai Qingyun, so he didn’t want to mess with his bottom line.


Guinea pig-Luo Baibai: Xiao Xiao, let me tell you, you must let your little brother keep his eyes open and find a good-tempered wife with a good personality, otherwise it will be very hard for you in the future!


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: But I don’t want my shoveling officer to have a blind date, nor do I want him to find a wife.


Macaw-Coco: Shocked. jpg


Husky-Xiao Er : Shocked. jpg


Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: Shocked. jpg, Xiao Xiao, you must have not read the group announcement. Article 1: It is strictly forbidden to interfere with the host’s emotional and private life.


Macaw-Coco: Just like no one can stop if it’s going to rain, no one can stop if your host wants to marry. Hey, I thought that when Lao Li was still not married, we will depend on each other for life, and then there was a wife , so I could only go to the side.


Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: Coco, don’t scare Xiao Xiao, it’s not that scary. In fact, isn’t your Lao Li’s wife treating you very well!


Xiao Luo silently turned off the group chat, the racial differences were so obvious, who could understand the sadness in his heart?


Maybe he is too selfish, right?


The little orange cat tentatively pulled the zipper of the cat’s backpack, and inadvertently rolled out of it and landed at Zhou Yaqin’s feet, scared the other party who turned pale, and jumped up directly.


Xiao Luo was almost stepped on by her high heels, and hurriedly hid next to Ling Su.


Upon seeing this, Ling Su picked up the dizzy little orange cat back: “Where did you fall, Chubby?”


“Meow~” It was true that he was almost scared even though he didn’t fall .


“Ling Su, I’m sorry, I, I’m a little afraid of cats, I didn’t step on it just now, did I?” Zhou Yaqin asked worriedly, her pale face and beautiful eyes with tears, which made people unbearable to blame her for her unintentional mistakes. .


Xiao Luo wanted to cry without tears, but he didn’t expect that what Coco said would be fulfilled so soon!


She is actually afraid of cats.


After thinking about it carefully, since Ling Su entered the door, the sight of this little beauty has been focused on his shit shovel officer.


Therefore, she shouldn’t notice his presence at the beginning, and there is no need to deliberately lie.


After realizing this, Xiao Luo’s mood was even worse.


This is Ling Su’s childhood sweetheart, and he is just a pet cat, which is more serious? Normal people know it.


“Afraid of cats?” The shoveling officer’s voice was as deep and sexy as ever, making people to have the illusion that the ears are about to become pregnant, “Oh, then you sit down.”


Xiao Luo , who is obsessed with “beauty” and can’t help himself. Suddenly hearing the latter sentence, he was dumbfounded.


Shoveler, you are so good.


To be so indifferent to the daughter-in-law that mother ling likes , be careful to be educated later.


“Xiao Su, take the cat out first, I’m having trouble breathing.” Mother Ling’s complexion was a little unusually red, and she looked uncomfortable.


Ling Su pursed his mouth and said nothing, as if he wanted to say something.


Xiao Luo stayed in the arms of the shit shovel officer and looked left and right. He was as quiet as a chicken and did not dare to be presumptuous.


“It’s hot outside, just leave it to me if you want to take it out.” In the end, Grandpa Ling said something to ease the rigid atmosphere.


Ling Su didn’t put the little orange cat into the cat backpack, but directly handed it over to Grandpa Ling.


“You’re called Xiaopang? You are as good as Xiao Su said, come and show grandpa, this little guy is not fat…”


“Grandpa, I also want to hug Xiaopang!” Ling Su’s little nephew is Ling Tianci, and he is four years old this year. He is white and fat. He is like a ball. He doesn’t get too close to his parents on weekdays. He prefers to play with his grandfather.


“Does Tian Tian like Xiao pang ?” Grandpa Ling holds the little orange cat in both hands, his movements are quite familiar , and the technique of rubbing the cat is also very skillful.


Xiao Luo was in such a good mood that he was stunned , and he forgot the embarrassment just now.


“Dad, there are parasites on the cat, don’t let Tiantian get too close to it.” Seeing the old and the young walking the orange cat around, Mother Ling reminded inadvertently .


“Don’t be afraid! Tian Tian has a great body!” The white and fat little guy showed the completely non-existent muscles on his arm, giggled with a bright smile, but insisted on holding the little orange cat and refused to let go.


Xiao Luo couldn’t help but want to kiss this cute little guy. He hadn’t seen Ling Su’s eldest brother and sister-in-law, but judging from the character of this child, they should be more easy-going  people.


But soon, he found out that he had guessed wrong.


“Ling Tianci, who is the little fat guy who cried to death in the hospital three days ago?” The voice was very serious.


“Dad, what are you talking about?” Tiantian pretended not to hear anything, hugged the little orange cat, and quietly hid beside Grandpa Ling.


Obviously, he was a little afraid of his father.


Xiao Luo had  heard of his reputation, Ling Yan was tall and straight, comparable to Ling Su, with handsome features, and more cold temperament. When he was stern, he looked scary and looked like a strict father. No wonder he gave a small warning and Tiantian will be afraid of it.


But later, when he knew that this little friend was obsessed with League of Legends and was unable to extricate himself, that would lead to Ling Yan to become a stern father . He could only sympathize with Ling Su’s big brother in turn. It’s hard for him to teach him. .


“Tian Tian, don’t hold the chubby like this, you see it will be squeezed by you.” Ling Su’s sister-in-law Yu Wan is a gentle and beautiful woman with a cute and young smile. She looks exceptionally good with the usual serious and unsmiling Ling Yan  .


“Pang, are you okay? I didn’t mean to squeeze you, grandma is timid, she seems to be a little afraid of cats, can I take you upstairs to play?” , he said whatever he thought of.


Faced with this soft little dumpling, Xiao Luo’s heart was about to turn into a pool of water, and he couldn’t wait to nod immediately to satisfy all the other party’s requirements.


But –


“Ling Tianci, sit down! Don’t take your second uncle’s cat badly.”


Ling Yan said  that, the little dumpling immediately withered, and the little dumpling looked aggrieved and looked around, looking at everyone with all kinds of helplessness and confusion , on the contrary, it amused Yu Wan and Grandpa Ling.


Xiao Luo stretched out his paw, patted little Tianchi’s arm comfortingly, thinking: ” My nephew, you are only four years old, so it’s better not to worry about League of Legends every day!”


“Tian Tian, this is Chubby’s cell phone. You can play Rhythm Master with it.” After Ling Su temporarily handed over his little orange cat, he had been chatting absently with Zhou Yaqin, secretly watching the situation on the other side. , And handed over Apple 9 at the right time.


“Xiao Su, you are too messy, and you actually bought a cell phone for a cat. Are you raising a son? Your elder brother is not like you.” Mother Ling clearly sensed the future that the youngest son had in mind . The attitude towards the daughter in law was not enthusiastic enough, and when she looked at the boy’s attitude towards the cat cub, she suddenly became angry.


“Well, isn’t it just raising a son?” Ling Su took the sentence without saying anything. There is no way for him and Zhou Yaqin to have any results. Although they were childhood sweethearts who grew up with him, is she the only one ? Mother Ling had more friends, and there were many friends of his age, but in the end, not many of them came together.


If something happens between him and Zhou Yaqin, it should have had a result a few years ago, instead of waiting until now to forcefully cultivate the relationship.


With such a simple truth, Ling Su doesn’t think his mother would not know it. It’s just that his mother has always been strong willed since he was a child. But for some reason, his father felt guilty towards his mother and followed her to the point where mother Ling’s character is becoming more and more paranoid. Even his elder brother and sister-in-law almost broke up twice before getting married because of his mother’s interference .


In the past, Ling Su didn’t want to think too much. After having his own business, he chose a relatively passive approach: stay away from this family, and basically never return if it is not necessary.


Ms. Ruan clearly noticed something was wrong, and hurriedly said : “Xiao Su is really a caring child. In fact, my Yaqin also likes pets, but she was bitten by a cat when she was a child, so she was a little timid.”


Xiao Luo watched as they talked . He gave Ling Tianci to play Rhythm Master, while watching the movement of his shit shoveling officer. When he heard Ms. Ruan say this, he couldn’t help feeling panicked: Next, Mother Ling  won’t suddenly ask Ling Su not to keep cats, right?


“That’s it, since Yaqin is afraid of cats, then Xiao Su will…” Mother Ling  voice sounded clearly but  before she finished speaking…


“She can find someone who doesn’t have a cat.” It was loud and clear …disrespectful.


As soon as he said this, Zhou Yaqin changed her face directly, and the look in her eyes looking at Ling Su was almost the same as that of a sad woman.


Xiao Luo couldn’t help covering his face: shoveling officer, you are really too good today!


“Ling Su.” Mother Ling frowned unhappily , but the others didn’t react much, as if they hadn’t heard what Ling Su had just said.


Xiao Luo silently analyzed it: In the Ling family, except for father Ling , everyone’s attitude towards Ling’s mother was somewhat…subtle.


“Ahhhhh! I’m dead. Xiao pang , it’s your turn.” The little dumpling exclaimed, and the atmosphere warmed up again.




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    not a fuel efficient lamp : someone who is smart and sophisticated yet not easy to deal with (usually negative)
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