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MSSOC Chapter 15

Blind date?


015… Blind date?


After Ling Su got up, he found that his little orange cat was a bit weird today, not as clingy as usual, lying alone at the end of the bed, looking thoughtful.


But after careful calculation, it seems normal. Cats can get up and get angry.


“Xiao pang ?” beckoned to the little orange cat.


The shit shovel officer was decisively left out.


Xiao Luo is busy exploring the QQ space. There are 128 members in the king’s harem group, including himself. Cats, canines, and birds account for a large proportion. It may be because of the formal adoption process , there are no special national-level protected animals.


These little cute things have more or less the habit of writing journals, and a few like husky may be because they are still young, do not write by themselves, and like to upvote them everywhere.


Macaw-Coco: Lao Li is becoming more and more indifferent to me. He used to call someone a relative when he needed someone, but now that he has a wife, he will let him go! Sad.jpg [Post Date: 2019-9-19]


Hamster-Wu Huan: Chenchen went out on a date today. He seems to have someone he likes. I’m a bit more generous. If Chenchen’s future wife doesn’t like me, will I fall out of favor like Coco? Worry.jpg [Published Date: 2019-11-11]


Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: Old Luo went on a blind date again 233 1 233 : laughter , but unfortunately I can’t go see it together. [Published Date: 2019-12-12]


Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: Old Luo is going on a date again. I am so lonely reading at home alone. [Published Date: 2020-5-11]


Xiao Luo went in quietly, and came out silently, leaving no traces. Today, the wind is calm and the weather is fine. It seems that something has happened to others.


Because he actually started to think seriously: in the near future, if Ling Su also finds a girlfriend and is about to get married and have a baby, he will change from a soft and cute little orange cat to a big fat cat weighing more than ten kilos…. will he also “fall out of favor”?


This question seems a bit cliche.


Perhaps before that, Master had settled all things properly, and he had returned to his original body smoothly.


But when he thought of that possibility, Xiao Luo felt that the whole cat was wrong.


“Ting Bell–” The phone call rang.


Ling Su answered the phone with a serious expression on his face.


Xiao Luo glanced at the shit shovel officer secretly, decided to do something to distract his attention, then opened the command editor, and began to prepare for the third mini game that the king told him to complete: let’s find the difference.


This time, he did not choose the photo stickers of the little cute things in the king’s harem group. Instead, he quoted the raw materials from their QQ space albums and used the photos of the owners and shit shoveling officers.


How did these little guys put the photos in?


Xiao Luo fiddled with it, and quickly found the camera function of the QQ system, and quietly shifted the lens to Ling Su, and then –


chuck! Chuck!


Instantly turning into a photo master, and he can’t stop.


Because there is absolutely no need to worry that the other party will find out, Xiao Luo’s sneak shots can be described as fair and honest, constantly recording the shoveling officer’s smiles and gestures , and then added an encrypted album in his QQ space, and put all the photos in.


“Brother, I know, I’ll go back later.” Ling Su didn’t realize that within a few minutes, he had been secretly taken hundreds of photos by a voyeur. After the call, the expression on his face softened a bit and turned to the little orange cat, “Xiao Pang, come home with me today?”


Damn, I’m going to see the parents so soon? But he is not ready yet!


Xiao Luo stayed in place with an extremely nervous heart. After a long while, he meowed in hindsight, and then realized stupidly that he was now a…cat.


Meeting with his parents is pure imagination.


“Go back for a meal at noon, and we’ll be back in the afternoon. It won’t delay your playing games.” After Dad Ling Su prepared breakfast for the little orange cat and explained patiently.


With that spoiling tone, gentle and considerate posture, if it weren’t because he was facing a cat, Xiao Luo would have doubted if this guy was in love, or would he say that the shovel officer regarded him as a future wife. , Addicted to him in advance ?


Thinking about this, Xiao Luo felt that his brain was flooded. Compared to his previous complaints about Ling Su for being a chuunibyou . Now he looks more like a chuunibyou .


“Meow~” The little orange cat kept sucking while holding the baby bottle, keenly aware that the shoveling officer’s expression was so heavy.


After he was loaded into the cat backpack and carried by Ling Su back to the single-family villa of the Ling family, Xiao Luo understood: What’s the matter with the undisguised heaviness on the face of the shit shovel officer.


“I haven’t seen him in a few years, Xiao Su has grown up so much. He is really a talent. No wonder our Yaqin people have gone to M country, and they have been thinking about it.” An elegant noble lady smiled gently, and she was followed by a second person. Little beauty in her early twenties .


There was a polite smile on Ling Su’s face: “Auntie Ruan, I haven’t seen you in a few years, and your style is still the same.”


Xiao Luo originally stayed quietly in the cat’s backpack, thinking about seeing the shoveling officer’s family. Then he was inexplicably nervous, but when he discovered that Ling Su went home, it seemed to be … blind date? At this time , his mood instantly cooled down.


The little beauty next to Ms. Ruan is called Zhou Yaqin, and she is a childhood playmate of Ling Su. After graduating from high school, one went to study in country M, and the other stayed in country C to take the college entrance examination and entered W University. Now she has her own industry and belongs to an absolute young talent.


Xiao Luo didn’t know what Zhou Yaqin was thinking about Ling Su before , but now he could see clearly: This little beauty likes his shit shovel officer.


“Why did you bring the cat here?” Father Ling asked in a low voice after seeing the cat backpack Ling Su was carrying with him. Because Mother Ling suddenly became allergic to animal hair a few years ago, the family never had a small pet.


Before Ling Su said anything, Grandpa Ling, who was sitting on the sofa and playing with his grandson, said first: “I asked him to bring it. This little guy is very well-behaved and won’t run around.”


Xiao Luo glanced unexpectedly at Grandpa Ling, only to think that among so many people, this old man looks the most appealing to him: at an age of seventy, he is full of energy, smiles heartily, and looks like an old child.


“Xiaosu, you talk to Yaqin for a while. The two of you haven’t seen each other for a long time. There should be a lot of topics. I remember that you two had a good relationship when you were young.” Mother Ling and Ms. Ruan are best friends. Ten years of friendship also deliberately contributed to this marriage.




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    233 : laughter
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