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MSSOC Chapter 11

Is different


☆ 011… Is different


The cause of the car accident was quickly found out: the driver was a middle-aged man in his early forties. He drove continuously for more than six hours and ran through a red light under high fatigue.


It looked like an accident.


Ling Su calmly ended the call. Since childhood, he has always been keen to incredible intuition. This mysterious intuition has helped him avoid many crises.


This is not an accident.


Not wanting to worry his family too much, Ling Su didn’t publicize the matter, and walked out of the underground parking lot with a cat backpack.


Along the way, the little orange cat was too quiet, which made him worry: Was this scared by a car accident?


“Xiao pang , I’ll take you to see my colleague later, and a little golden retriever, half a month older than you, you should be able to play together.” The shoveling officer’s voice is so pleasant, but Xiao Luo temporarily didn’t want to appreciate it. He was mourning the huge debts he owed. God knows why he didn’t choose to return to his original body or make other extravagant wishes when he got the wishing card?


It’s just that the situation was too critical at the time, and there was no room for him to choose! Xiao Luo found a more reasonable explanation for himself, resolutely not admitting that he was reluctant to hurt the shit shovel officer a little bit.


“Meow~” Hey, who made me a kind, upright, caring and righteous person!


It’s hard for a good person to do it, and a good person owes a lot of debts, wu wu wu!


Xiao Luo sucked his nose pitifully, turned around again, with his belly upside down, looking up at a 45-degree angle…The shoveling officer’s apple, grunting, swallowing, anyway, it was just a mouth-to-mouth kiss. He is now wearing cat skins, Ling Su didn’t know that this deity (the cat) was a human being. Looking at this guy’s appearance, he clearly raised this little orange cat as a son, so- just a kiss, it’s not a big deal, right? That’s not strange!


Xiao Luo fell into a strong struggle, and the QQ system, which he had not quit, suddenly reminded that his friend Luo Baibai was online.


Seeing his message, Luo Baibai quickly replied.


Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: Xiao Xiao, I just woke up! The live broadcast was an accident. Old Luo asked me to record a video in order to make his wife happy, but the first time I used the mobile phone, I accidentally clicked on the wrong thing, and then I made it wrong. Well, Old Luo is the anchor of that platform, and he teaches people how to raise  pigs!


Xiao Luo was shocked: Deputy Dean of W University secretly opened a live broadcast to teach people to raise pigs? But the question is, has he raised pigs? Guinea pigs have nothing to do with pigs, right?


Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: Old Luo’s channel was not very popular at first, but after changing the anchor, it got better, and then Old Luo gave me the anchor! Happy.jpg


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: Okay, I get it, thank you!


Luo Baibai’s experience is obviously not useful for him, because- Ling Su has no wife, nor does he have a hobby of teaching people to raise pigs.


Luo Baibai is a guinea pig who is cheerful and talkative and keen to show off his old Luo. So he didn’t need  Xiao Luo to ask anything. The other party’s showing off attributes were automatically lit. After a full half hour of chatting with him, he basically talked about his Old Luo at home.


When Luo Qingqiu first adopted Luo Baibai, he was just an assistant professor. In just one year, he jumped all the way to three levels and eventually became the deputy dean of W University. It was a miracle! But no matter what his identity changes, his love for Luo Baibai remains the same. He not only chats with him, but also teaches him to read, listen to music and dance. He almost treats this guinea pig as his own son.


Guinea Pig-Luo Baibai: Shocked.jpg! Xiao Xiao, why did your balance suddenly become like this?


Friends can see each other’s balance at the top of the chat dialog. Xiao Luo sighed sadly, and was really embarrassed to tell the opponent because he tried to hack the QQ system of the king, but the king caught him straight.


Therefore, people cannot do bad things, because retribution will come sooner or later!


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: It’s hard to say a word. Once I persuade my shit shovel officer to help me open a live broadcast, the popularity value should be able to rise back.


Guinea pig-Luo Baibai: Yes, come on! Oh, by the way, let me tell you, the fastest way to increase your charm is to kiss! According to my practical observations, kiss 1000 points/hour, if you want to hug and touch, or act like a baby, you can brush 2000 points/hour. According to your current situation, you can return to zero in just 50 hours!


Worthy of being a guinea pig!


Xiao Luo thanked him repeatedly, but didn’t tell the other party his concerns. He was different from these cute fur kids. Their hearts were extremely simple, but he had some concerns after all.


The difficult psychological construction collapsed suddenly. When he was released from the cat backpack, the little orange cat looked down at the unknowing shit shovel officer: For you, I am in debt, but you are not embarrassed.


“Xiao pang.”


“Meow?” What do you want me to do?


Xiao Luo responded listlessly, raised his head, and suddenly stopped: Hey, what are you doing with your head down? Ah ah ah, you brave slave is actually insulting me! Puff- like a balloon suddenly leaking.


The frying little orange cat instantly lost resistance, noticed the temperature that swept across his mouth, and the cat’s eyes widened!


Forgot to react completely.


“Isn’t it  said that its enough to  kiss? Why is it stupid.” Ling Su muttered to himself and straightened up, feeling that his brain was a little broken, and actually believed Luo Qingqiu’s words, and took the initiative to kiss a small kitten. It is different from touching his forehead as a symbol of consciousness before, but it feels… the same, a hairy mouth.


“Xiao pang, take you to play with Little Golden Retriever.” After the shit shoveling officer played the “rascal” like a silly person, Xiao Luo was so angry that all his previous struggles were like a joke! Because in the eyes of the other party, he is just a cat, no matter how smart he is, he is just a pet cat.


In addition to competitive end-to-end games and mobile games, Xingchen Studio’s current main products also include leisure-oriented mini-games, as well as the holographic online game Xingchen of the same name that is being secretly developed. These hundreds of people occupy different floors.


Ling Su directly took the little orange cat to the fifth floor to find Xiaoxiao, the 3D modeler of the mobile game development department, and one of the veteran figures of the stars.


The little orange cat lay peacefully in the arms of the shoveling officer, sweeping away the previous decadence, looking around curiously: This office building is well-lit, the environment is also very tidy, and the staff in the cubicle looks quite energetic. Seeing his shit shovelofficer being called as the boss, he realized Ling Su is not an ordinary rich second-generation, this is an inspirational and self-reliant rich second-generation!


After drawing the above conclusions, Xiao Luo was very pleased: the person he saved at a huge price was really not wrong!


“Boss, your chubby is here? Wow, so cute, these little eyes are so cute! I want to touch it!”


“Xiao pang is here? Let me take a look!”


“Wow, the little orange cat is here! , The boss can let Xiaopang play a game with me?”


“Ahhhhh! I finally saw the living Xiaopang. Before, I could only watch the photos sent by the boss and drool…”


Xiao Luo didn’t expect himself It is so popular, and listening to what they mean, Ling Su has been secretly gossiping about him? Hmm.


But then again, why are all the people recruited by Ling Su men, and all of them have good facial features, full of masculinity, and their height is almost 1.8 meters! This is just an online game studio, right? Isn’t he going into a strange place like a handsome coffee house?


“Wow! Wow! Wow!” The little golden retriever in Ling Su’s mouth flung his tail and ran out to brush his presence.


Xiao Luo was in the arms of the shit shoveling officer, and he was stunned: This golden retriever was different from husky, it was an ordinary pet dog, and could not communicate with him.


“Meow~” Turning his head and burying his head in his paws, the little orange cat resolutely refused to play with the golden retriever.


Ling Su had no choice but to follow him: “Then let’s play games?”


“Meow!” The paw moved away, and the little orange cat answered excitedly. Especially when he realized that his popularity was rising a little bit, Xiao Luo could almost foresee the future in the near future. A beautiful scene of soaring popularity!


But soon, Xiao Luo was confused.


What about a good rhythm master? (the game he played before) Why is it League of Legends! He hasn’t played that. And the buttons of this keyboard are simply too unfriendly to him!


His newly harvested fans obviously did not think of this problem. They regarded him as a gifted cat playing games. They chose 5V5 at the beginning of the game. The other nine are all members of Xingchen Studio, plus this one pure novice.


In the end, Xiao Luo won with 0 kills, 5 deaths and 2 assists. Because our teammate’s name is Xiaoxiao, this handsome guy has a sharp maneuver, a coquettish position and a first-class consciousness.


Xiao Luo was a little depressed, but the new fans actually turned themselves into stubborn fans one by one and spread all kinds of praise and flowers next to him.


“Xiao pang can actually play League of Legends! So amazing, amazing!”


“Haha, I just recorded the video, Boss, can I post to Moments ?” “Xiao pang’s little paws are so amazing! Boss’s cat It’s just different!”


“Chubby, another round, okay?”


No! not good at all! Xiao Luo wanted to cry, but actually ran back into the arms of the shit shovel officer. No matter how others coaxed, he refused to touch the keyboard again.


His claws are a bit sour, and he is completely unfamiliar with this game. He moves while reading the skill description. Of course-in the eyes of a normal and sane person, the so-called operation of the little orange cat is actually no different from rolling with his face on the keyboard.


“You go ahead.” Ling Su said, and the people who had surrounded Xiao Luo immediately dispersed.


The little orange cat meowed aggrievedly, and stretched its paws in front of the shit shovel officer.


Ling Su held the two little paws dumbfoundedly, and gently rubbed them up: “My nephew is four years old this year, and he likes to play with this too, I thought…”


He thought that his chubby had a higher IQ, and he must be better than his little nephew, but after all, cats and humans are different.




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