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☆ MV Chapter 2

Translator: Xiaoxi


It is unknown what type of person was in Xing Gui magazine’s department office talking, but at least at this moment Chu Li felt that he had roared as loud as an earthquake– she couldn’t even move. Dumbfounded she led her suitcase away as if her feet had grown roots– the types that pulled you back to where you were. Within the next moment she heard the sound of foot steps from within the office, taking a suffocated breath she didn’t even have time to turn around and escape. That person already arrived at the doorway like the wind.


Both people suddenly came face to face.


Chu Li’s first reaction: This person is really tall, surely he isn’t 1.9 metres right…?


Although she wasn’t considered tall but this person was taller than her by a lot. He was at least 26 to 27 years old, thin nose and lips, swordlike brows, 100 percent handsomeness, tea coloured eyes that hid burning resentment that was as cold as frost… the type that placed people at a distance of thousands of li. He wore a black hoody, jeans, Doc Martins and his hand held a black windbreaker.


Once he walked out the door, no only did he stare at Chu Li, he was dumbfounded.


….It seemed as though he didn’t think that the corridor would have someone standing there. However, the dumbfound expression quickly disappeared, his eyes swept over Chu Li’s suitcase that was behind her as well as her messy hair and clothing that were the result of her rush to the interview. It wasn’t clear what he thought of Chu Li’s status– a sliver of ridicule appeared inside the tea coloured eyes, his lips had a mocking smile, he side eyed Chu Li before his gaze changed. He stared at the incomparably pretty face before brushing past her.


Chu Li: “……”


This person.


A moment ago he was domineering like lions had invaded his territory, the next moment his face changed from anger and changed into an expression of a proud fox.




Once the fox left, Chu Li also turned around and followed him to leave Yuan Yue Publishing’s office building but the fox’s legs were long and he walked quickly. When Chu Li stood under the eaves of the first floor of the building she used her phone to call a taxi to get to the booked hotel. The rain made outside hazy, not even a fox’s paw to be seen.


….unless the person in editorial department that was negotiating was actually an author?


Guessing absently, Chu Li sat down inside the taxi and could not resist thinking back to the editorial department door’s black board that discussed the author Zhou Chuan so she opened up his Weibo to calm down.


[Zhou Chuan: I encountered something that made me really unhappy. Then at the same time, I actually cannot help but think that I will encounter these types of things. Is it because I have not worked hard enough and that’s why I have this type of treatment. Perhaps I still need to work harder, that way I will be worthy of other peoples respect.]


In fact this was what Zhou Chuan had posted twenty minutes ago on Weibo.


Underneath there were praises such as:


“Such gentleness”


“My god, there are even people who do not respect you QAQ (teary face), what a terrible person.”


“When you encounter these things first review yourself, at most you are still an elegant Young Master, you are already good enough.”


All of this type of calibre in praises.


Chu Li could only sigh with emotion, is this the style of the literatus right? In the case of being angry, the manner of expressing anger is so elegant…


After looking at his Weibo, she arrived at the hotel and already completely forgot about the fox person situation. Today she crawled up from the bed at six and rushed to catch the train to get to the city, she had not eaten breakfast and now her whole body was not only hungry but also tired and a bit cold. It seems like she might catch a cold. At this time, apart from eating something hot to pad her stomach before sleeping, she didn’t have any energy to be bothered with anything. Grabbing the room key card , entering the elevator then walking in the corridor to her room number she swiped her card at the room door.


Order take out.


Eat take out.

Sleep, waiting for Yuan Yue Publishing to notify her of her interview results.


By the time Chu Li collapsed on the hotel bed her head was ready to stop working. Her phone was placed near the pillow to charge and she quickly fell into a deep sleep…


It was just like this that she sleep for an unknown amount of time, she suddenly heard a “hua hua” sound coming from the pillow. It was like there was something that was scratching at her pillow.  Chu Li deliriously opened her eyes, and realised that there was a person– a whole body of black windbreaker, man in jeans, except where he should have a head he instead had a fox head. The pair of foxy eyes that could at any moment be seen through was facing Chu Li on the bed!


The cold sweat from the “hua” sound slid down Chu Li’s body. His whole person was passed out on the bed next to Chu Li and she heard her heart thump. The fox’s breathing was just near her ear “huchi, huchi” . Chu Li could feel hot air from his nose brushing her ear, that feeling was way too realistic. Chu Li wanted to shout but couldn’t make a sound. The with diminishing light in her eyes she could only watch as the fox raised his pale slender hand which actually belonged to a man. He gently plucked her ear lobe– itchy.


While tormenting her, the fox chuckled softly.


Within Chu Li’s heart had a wild horse running around in it. This little bastard is a co-authored ghost press, supernatural, spring dream (T/N: a more…spicy type of dream) beastly man. What type of ghost press has such heavy taste. Within the darkness, the fox’s face seemed to keep on coming closer, the sensation was very realistic– to the extent that Chu Li felt that it was really felt as though all the hairs on her body stood up. She struggled to open up her eyes. It was at this time that suddenly realised that the fox’s face had a change. The fox’s eyes became slightly more like those of a human, the long mouth became a tall nose, thin lips became a playful arc….


Within the darkness Chu Li not only saw clearly his appearance, she could only . It was already an overly intimate distance between the two people. But if he moved a little closer his lips would touch hers. Only then did he compassionately stop. He leaned over with a slight smile before the sound of his ambiguous voice said: “Listen to my advice, wherever you are thinking of going there is nothing more important than knowing each other better. Besides that place cannot be any good.” His ambiguous voice coupled with his warm breath brushed against Chu Li’s cheek made her feel the temperature rise as if it also wanted to set her cheeks aflame… As he spoke, his finger fiddled with her lower lip.


Only after he finished speaker did his smile recede.


Within a moment, Chu Li suddenly became clear headed: this was actually a 100 percent handsome face, eyes like tea except  the brows and eyes were cold and indifferent. 100 percent familiar.






Chu Li immediately rolled off the bed!


This time she really woke up.


With her heart thumping, she could not calm down, it was like her heart would jump from her mouth. After glancing with lingering fears, at the closed hotel door she confirmed that it was closed. Beneath her was the pillow that had been slept on… It was the same as the one in the dream.


Staring intensely at the door for a long time, she confirmed that it would not open to reveal a tea eyed man walking in. Chu Li raised her hand to touch her forehead, it was full of cold sweat.


Chu Li: “…”


She actually had ‘that’ type of dream about a fox that she only just met? Her mind actually though of [Animal Kingdom] Zhao Zhong Xiang Teacher’s music BGM: Spring has come, rebirth, animals finally have welcomed a year of eager mating and matched oestrus (a period in sexual cycle of female animals)


Chu Li: “……….”


Want to die ah.


Without hesitation she reached to the jug of water on the bedside table to take a drink, the cold water slid down her throat cooling her internal organs before she really cleared her mind. Chu Li looked at her phone for the time, it was just in the middle of the night at twelve, the phone also showed notifications for unread QQ messages.


Chu Li grabbed her phone and opened it to have a look, only then did she realise that the  Disappearing L Jun that had vanished for half the day had replied to her noon interview messages that were sent when she was too nervous produced by her bull shit.


[Disappearing L Jun: I’m here, this afternoon I had something going on, I had to go out.]


[Disappearing L Jun: Have you done the interview yet? Where are you going to for the interview?]


[Disappearing L Jun: What was the results of the interview?]


[Disappearing L Jun: Where are you?]



Three hours later, about at ten twenty or so.


[Disappearing L Jun: I only didn’t reply just this once, you even had a tantrum and blacklisted me?]


[Disappearing L Jun: Have you been abducted and sold off?]


[Disappearing L Jun: Wait a minute, with your stupidity if you have been abducted you cannot be sold, only abducted, can’t be sold, heart ache.]


[Disappearing L Jun: Wei?]

(T/N: used as a form of greeting, basically means Hello??)



Disappearing L Jun was from a few years ago, it was  due to a few incidents which led to Chu Li getting to know her gay friend. A few years later, they both stayed in touch without calling, without talking coquettishly, and maintaining a pure and friendly netizen relationship without thousands of miles.


Chu Li: “…..”


[Monkey Invited Water Army: You also know that I am a Chinese Literature student ah. Of course it was to go to the Publishing House to be interviewed. The Publishing House of my youthful dreams…. I only just finished the interview and returned to the hotel to sleep. I didn’t have time to come have a look.]


Who knew that L Jun was still there, and immediately replied—


[Disappearing L Jun: Publishing House? Which one?]


[Disappearing L Jun: Not sleeping, unless it is a ghost who is currently speaking to me?]


Seeing the word ghost made Chu Li’s head hurt. She hated that she could not get the little fellow that doesn’t know how to speak nicely and pull him from her phone for a beating.


[Monkey Invited Water Army:  I had a nightmare, scared me awake…. Thank goodness I was staying at the last room. I dreamed that the hotel had ghosts, there was one that looked like it had the strange face of a fox. It even touched my face!]


[Disappearing L Jun:… This is a nightmare? This is obviously a spring dream.]


(T/N: Spring Dreams are kind of like… W*t dreams except its for both genders…🙈)


[Monkey Invited Water Army: Scram. Why are you asking about the Publishing House, even if I told you wouldn’t understand. It was just that Yuan Yue Publishing. Remember when we were little we read [Stories of Little Wang]? It was published by Yuan Yue Publishing.


Chu Li chattered endlessly about Yuan Yue Publishing, as she waited for L Jun to worship her for her bravery to rush to such a large publishing firm. Who would have thought that this time the fast responding L Jun actually didn’t respond for a long time and was strangely quiet…. It was just as Chu Li wanted to ask if he went to sleep, the phone vibrated, the notification shook her awake. L Jun’s reply was a little strange:


[Disappearing L Jun: Yuan Yue Publishing?]


[Disappearing L Jun: This name though, it sounds like a Budda is about to pass away.] (T/N: Not sure what this is about…)


[Disappearing L Jun: Have you actually thought about whether the hotel is really haunted? Even the ghosts are blocking you from going to the publishing house that is about to go bankrupt.]


Chu Li: “….”


This hooligan, why are you cursing the publishing house without rhyme or reason.


Do they owe you money?



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