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☆ MV Chapter 3

Translator: Xiaoxi


Chu Li did not know what big resentment L Jun had with Yuan Yue Publishing, was it because Yuan Yue Publishing owed him article subscription fees or is it that Yuan Yue Publishing didn’t have eyes and returned his Tarzan manuscript? Chu Li didn’t dare ask, as his good friend she gave him a “…..”, before she returned to the bed to keep on sleeping. As a result, when she closed her eyes she thought of the Fox face and could not sleep further.

… She could only open her eyes and sit up and grab L Jun to chat. Because of his disinterest in discussing Yuan Yue Publishing, she directly changed the topic of the conversation.

[Monkey Invited Water Army: Oh right, there is another thing that is interesting, today after I went to the interview. It looks like I saw an author hahahahaha! He was male, had the personality of a dog but was quite good looking. He was actually secretly arguing with his editor….aye. I also do no know who that person was, his looks do not match his appearance. On the surface everyone on Weibo is acting cutely but secretly…tsk tsk tsk.]

[Monkey Invited Water Army: Not like Zhou Chuan, he is very gentle.]

The other side quickly reacted, as a man it was very hard to think of why this type of conversation topic was so interesting.

[Disappearing L Jun: …. Gentle]

[Disappearing L Jun: Encountered a perverted writer?]

[Disappearing L Jun: This type of thing is not new, in the future as an editor you will realise that those writers and artists do not have many normal people–]

[Disappearing L Jun: I am actually really surprised, why can you still say that this type of thing is ‘an interesting thing’, have you forgotten how we met?]

Chu Li: “….”

L Jun, male, less than 30 years old, single, profession unknown, source of income unknown, appearance unknown, voice also unknown. Three years ago after getting to know Chu Li, this innocent relationship never exceeded that of fellow netizens and this has been maintained for the a solid three years.

…To talk about how Chu Li met L Jun, we would need to go back to when a certain artist got together to talk.

Three Years ago.

That year was Chu Li’s first year of university, there was nothing more than just playing online games in the dormitory, Chu Li was not fortunate and came into contact with an online oriental fantasy game that sucked up all her living expenses called X. As she played more and more of the game she payed more attention to the other people who played with her. Then one day, as she was scrolling through Weibo she saw a post about X and it was a fan fiction so she saved them, that picture started with at least 1000 shares. All the followers sighed–

[Waah, it is even better than the artist of the official microblog, its more exquisite.]

[My god aaaah when it comes to this cold CP (couple) there are even people who eat QAQ]

[The artist has made a big hit, any day now they can become a god.]

The art was truly not bad, Chu Li opened it up to look. The artist only had about 3000 followers. They were a small time artist called “Cocoon”, due to the 1000 shares of the CP art she (Cocoon) went onto her Weibo to express her happiness and how she would work harder to provide more dog food.

(T/N: Dog food is known as PDA and people/things acting affectionate)

The art that the artist drew of the CP was quite cold, there used to be no one who shipped those two leads together. Chu Li offhandedly clicked and started to follow the artists work. She then proceeded to make the artists first post her phone wallpaper.

This follow became a half a year follow, an offhanded follow made her one of the artist’s die hard fan. She watched as the artist grew from only a few likes with thousands of fans to an artist with thirty to forty, forty thousand fans! And at this time, Chu Li already became the cold CP’s dedicated forum moderator.

The posts that she managed were nothing more than one post to another, so long as no one made trouble then things were fine. It had always been this calm until one day there was an ID called L Jun that showed up.

That day just happened to be the one when Cocoon released a new fan art, the main lead A had an umbrella made of lotus leaves and was riding a horse. Main lead B was standing near the horse and was leading it. The two leads were looking at each other amidst the drizzle and breeze…. A beautiful picture.

And L Jun according to this picture directly wrote a fan fiction, it spoke about an assassin A that never wore dark clothes and was especially biased to those who wore white clothes. Due to meeting the gentle scholar B, his feelings were moved, washed his hands clean of his old business (as an assassin) and destroyed his martial arts. Since then, story of the seclusion with B’s in the forests and mountains story ended… The story’s last scene being A sitting on the horses back, and leading the horse B said: Are you happy in the Jianghu, galloping on the battlefield or becoming famous everywhere? How about a horse and a lotus, with you.”

This writing was so carefree that the forum was 100% moved.

My god, the cold CP even has dog food!

Everyone was super excited, even the artist Cocoon was very moved and posted a Weibo saying that she didn’t think that what she drew actually had a writer to personally write a story as well as expressing her happiness. Seeing her Great One being happy, Chu Li the brain dead fan gave L Jun’s written post a like. After getting the like, L Jun was also very happy, and said that from then on whatever the artist posted something he would write something, a vow to never give up.

From then on, the Cold CP fan base was shaken up.

Chu Li from that day on got to know L Jun.

Using her position as moderator she gave L Jun thumbs up. Knowing that he was male she didn’t think much, they both chatted for a while about the Cold CP and Cocoon. She then noticed that the other party was quite interesting, and along with Chu Li’s selfishness, in order to keep this writer whose writing style is excellent, she didn’t even know how much she had to eat in order to allow her own beloved artist to work with this writer. From time to time she curried favour, the most frequent phrase was Zhou Chuan’s writing also liked writing about white clothed male leads, the writing was also fine and smooth, great and majestic; bro you both are about fifty fifty. (T/N: Basically telling L Jun that he is just as good as Zhou Chuan.) Well that was what Chu Li thought anyways. L Jun seemed to be happy with her brown nosing and both worked together. One wrote and the other added likes, working very well with each other as editor and writer for a while, in perfect harmony. Even those who worked with Chu Li to moderate the forums were also affected.

Until one day, Gong Fang released a new game clip, the new gaming clip was putting out sweets. Turns out A and B were really a couple!

For a while there was a surge and AB gained a lot of fans, the artist Cocoon’s Weibo fan count increased from 30 thousand to 50 thousand and hundreds of thousands. Chu Li who moderated the forums also became apart of the very exciting forum. Everyday there were people who wrote stories for the AB CP however L Jun’s position due to Chu Li’s ship rises with the tide methods (basically as they get more popular she elevates his standing) always remained unmoved. The only unchanging thing was that L Jun who wrote stories for Cocoon’s art and Chu Li continued to only add likes to L Jun’s works.

At that time Chu Li thought that the days would continue to go by with buzzing excitement with netizens who were interested, going along with the AB circle’s popularity to get to the sky. The initially small invisible artist Cocoon became an artist with 800 thousand fans thus becoming a big time artist. She had collaborations with the game X to produce an official collection of paintings selling tens of thousands of copies.

Then in the middle of the night, there was a person who released big news, everyone in the forums chattered and saved down the chat logs. Inside was actually all the artist Cocoon’s complaints about family and friends.

[I just casually drew a CP fan fiction, it was somebody who got me to draw a profile photo but I got 300 dollars. I chucked it on Weibo and now it has been shared several hundred times!]

[Fans also grew, getting new fans is too easy! This game X’s has so many brain dead fans, I have also fall in. I tricked a whole bunch of fans hahahahahah I seem to have found the way to make money.]

[This thing AB thing is actually really disgusting, the BC couple is true love okay? I like BC more.]

[Oh my gosh AB actually is an official couple, I can’t be because my fan fiction too popular that it gave Gong Fang (the name of the company that owns the game X) an idea lol! BC party must be crying to death, why do I feel like I have done evil? Maybe this is karma.]

[Of course it’s about money, why else, unless it’s for love?]

[I like BC.]

From then until now, all those who scorned the AB CP and those who scorned AB CP fans directly started talking crazy about “if not for money then for love?”. There were thousands of comments, the power of the evidence was awe inspiring. The moderators could not delete them all! It was like that that after Cocoon fell asleep, as soon as she woke up the times had changed. In the past, when she opened up Weibo, the comments were full of ” Great one is so amazing” and “Great One draw another aaaah!” and comments of that type, now they have all changed to “Don’t want face” , “Only seeing money”, “losing fans”. In Weibo, there were 10 thousand forums and within them were 8 thousand greeting her 18 generations of ancestors, the remaining 2 thousand were disappointed Cold Fans who became anti-fans.

Within a night, AB’s big named Cocoon became a street mouse, a Cocoon Lady that people could shout at and hit. Even her remaining fans were given the hat of having Stockholm syndrome, all being disdained.

(T/N: In mandarin being given a ‘hat’ is kind of like a label)

Chu Li and L Jun had no words, they could only huddle and shudder in a corner.

Chu Li only remembered her initial reaction was thus—

[Monkey Invited Water Army: I can only say this to you. I am not afraid not afraid that you will say that I have Stockholm Syndrome, even if that is the case I does not prevent me from still having Cocoon’s first work as my phone’s wallpaper.

That day, L Jun did not reply for a really long time, and then after three hours replied with three words: Me too. (in Chinese there were three)

Present Day

The revolutionary friendship of the Stockholm Syndrome alliance was also thoroughly established.

It was the first time that Chu Li saw that the cuddly Great one in her heart actually had such an ugly side. There were some cracks in her three views, however with perseverance it didn’t break, the person that kept them together through with their strength was called L Jun… Despite this ending, they have been this way for three years.

After talking about old things that had collected dust, Chu Li could not help feeling that she could not stand L Jun’s sarcasm and confessed—

[Monkey Invited Water Army: True ah, it really is… Thinking about Cocoon Lady back then, now I don’t know what she is like, I have stopped following her, really worrying.]

[Disappearing L Jun: Still alive, an original old hand, Weibo fans 1 million, to commission a work its a few 10 thousands and you even need to line up, half of Weibo loves and hates her.]

[Monkey Invited Water Army: Then do you still write for her?]

[Disappearing L Jun: Write shit, the person who gave me likes isn’t there anymore.]

The person who gave L Jun likes was of course Chu Li. This carefree phrase easily made Chu Li so moved she became a little puppy. She could not hold in her emotions—

[Monkey Invited Water Army: L Jun, you really are the only kind hearted person in this chaotic world, protect you kindness and innocence. Jia You!”

(T/N: Jia You is an idiom used to encourage people)

Cocoon Lady’s topic of conversation was mentioned, after triggering the emotions of their first meeting he took it quickly. Chu Li started chatting with L Jun again about random topics, they even chatted until morning. The sun rose outside, Chu Li got out of bed, washed her face and went downstairs to eat breakfast.

She then received Yuan Yue Publishing’s call congratulating her for passing the interview and officially becoming Yuan Yue Publishing’s official employee. When she received the phone call she was using a small spoon to drink her congee happily. She gave her thanks and hung up, she put down the spoon before considering it for thirty seconds. Tossing the spoon into the bowl she raised her head to look around–

She could not see anyone else to hug and shout in happiness.

So she could only tremble and log into her phone.

[Monkey Invited Water Army: I-I-I-I-I-I got through aaaaaaaaaah!]

[Disappearing L Jun: Eh Qing Hua or Bei Da University?]

[Monkey Invited Water Army: Scram! Yuan Yue Publishing ah!!!!!]

[Disappearing L Jun: …..stupid, a publishing firm that is about to go bankrupt has made you this happy, I’m worried that even your first month of salary will not have come out yet and you would declare all attention before you can spend any of it. Relax. Back to square one.]

At this time of course Chu Li would not pay attention to L Jun who inversely poured cold water on her excitement, she only knew that she really just entered her dream company and fulfilled her wish to be an editor.

She could get Zhou Chuan’s autograph!!

…L Jun

This feeling is Jealousy!!!



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