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MSGVB Chapter 9.2

Shen what? ?

TL: Hua

This… is it over?

Finished talking?


Uh, don’t blame him for being fussy, but shouldn’t this moment of determining the relationship be more exciting?


There was no excitement. 


The main reason was that this person’s tone of going to dinner was very similar to the teacher who announced the lunch break after the bell rang!


Despite this, Jing Xun still followed the other party to go out.


The corridor leading to the entrance was a bit narrow. Mr. Long Legs automatically walked ahead and opened the way. Jing Xun’s vision was full of the other’s broad shoulders and straight back.


… But when you think about it, what else can you do in this situation if you don’t eat?


When falling in love, it seemed to be eating and watching movies or something.


Demanding to do something else… Jing Xun couldn’t think about it either. After all, they were in a special situation, and they were actually not familiar with each other. There was no hot kiss or anything.


Thinking about it this way, he didn’t think there was any problem with it.




The summer night was very hot, but the car was very cool. Especially the moment when the man opened the door for him, the cold wind in the car rushed towards him.


“…Thank you,” Jing Xun said.


There was a driver in the car. When seeing them coming, he diligently got out of the car and shouted “Mr. Shen”, but the man still insisted on opening the car door for Jing Xun himself.


They didn’t need to drive by themselves. After Jing Xun was seated, the man got into the car from the other side. 


He asked Jing Xun, “What do you want to eat?”


“Anything is fine.”


Two people were sitting side by side in a closed space. Even though there were handrails and on-board water cup holders in the middle of the seats, Jing Xun’s body was subconsciously tensed up. He was not nervous, just a little excited.


Anyway, this was also his first date.


With a boyfriend.


…Now that they had agreed to each other’s engagement proposal, prior to the engagement, should he count as a boyfriend?


This was really a perfect logic. There was nothing wrong with the deduction.


That’s right, he had a boyfriend!


Jing Xun expressed that he didn’t really mind: “You can choose.”


The other party was not polite, and directly told the driver about the place, and the car drove out of the parking lot slowly.


On the way, the man suddenly said: “Is it convenient to stretch your hand over?”


Jing Xun: “?”


Stretch… stretch out?


There was no music in the car, and they were close together.


Jing Xun could clearly feel the man’s magnetic hoarse voice spreading in the air.


Thump, thump, thump.


Jing Xun, who had no experience in dating, was not sure, so he was inexplicably nervous, but he stretched out his hand slowly…


Then he felt a heavy weight on his wrist.


? !


Looking down, the man’s two long fingers were fiddling with his wrist and he was putting a watch on it.


The watch was probably just taken off from his own wrist, and Jing Xun could feel the heat on the strap.


As the other party skillfully put on the watch for him, Jing Xun’s gaze slowly moved up from the man’s fingers to his concentrating appearance.


Haughty and indifferent. 


But he didn’t seem to be so indifferent anymore.


He said: “I didn’t expect to meet you so suddenly, and I didn’t prepare anything. This will be a temporary gift.”


“…Thank you.” Jing Xun turned his wrist. There was not enough light in the car. He didn’t dare to look at the watch because he was too embarrassed to look at it. He just felt that the place where he wore the watch seemed to be hotter.


“Ah that’s right, Mister…”


In this interlude, Jing Xun finally had the opportunity to ask about the most important part of today’s conversation that he had never had the opportunity to ask. He looked at the handsome man’s side profile and said, “I don’t know your name yet?”


“Hm?” The man immediately turned to look at him when he heard the words, his expression changed for the first time, and he was surprised.


It seemed that he hadn’t introduced himself yet?


The ten thousand-years iceberg finally appeared to be fractured. It was estimated that not everyone can see this contrast.


This situation made people want to laugh.


Jing Xun couldn’t help thinking, they both were in this kind of relationship, but they still didn’t know each other’s identities…


What an amusing experience!


Jing Xun took the initiative to introduce himself: “My name is Jingxun… Yan Jingxun.”


“I know.” The man said, “I just chatted with Professor Huo, and he mentioned your name.”


 “Huh?” This time it was Jing Xun’s turn to be surprised.


…This person was there to talk to Professor Huo? And they mentioned me??


But what surprised him was obviously more than just this little thing in front of him.


After a flash of remorse, the man took out his business card from the car and handed it to Jing Xun in a serious and upright posture, with an apologetic tone: “Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.”


The neon light from the street lamps kept passing by the car windows, under the changing lights, Jing Xun took the business card.


The business card was very hard, with a matte texture. With a single touch, you know that it was made from top quality products.


Jing Xun couldn’t help rubbing it twice.


At the same time, the man’s low voice once again resonated in his ear: “My name is Shen Yijin.”



Shen, Shen what? 


? ? ?

Hua: The amount of shock that JX received during these few chapters is just(⊙o⊙)


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  1. Avatar Loni says:

    Oof xD it’s quite fortunate that Shen Yijin totally forgot to introduce himself, otherwise this definitely wouldn’t have gone as smoothly xDD no matter whether it’s our MC or the original owner, they both wouldn’t wanna be involved with the scum gong’s brother ??
    Thank you~~

    1. littleyen littleyen says:

      I just realized that…. ???

  2. Avatar Sekstifire says:

    The part with the watch was so cute (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

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