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MSGVB Chapter 10.1

Jing Xun: I'm afraid of my own self-confident.

TL: Hua

“Shen…Shen Yijin?” Jing Xun repeated it uncertainly.


Dragon City’s richest man, Shen Yijin, was a cruel and ruthless person. He was the biggest villain in the book.


Turning the hand meant the cloud, covering the hand meant the rain1翻手为云覆手为雨(fān shǒu wéi yún, fù shǒu wéi yǔ): Turning the hand means the cloud and covering the hand means the rain, describes people’s capriciousness or habit of using power.. He did not care about brotherhood. At the end of the novel, he pushed the scum gong and others to a desperate situation, causing the Shen family to completely fall apart.


It appeared as if he was a winner in life, but according to what the senior said, over time, he was always the loneliest king.


From the perspective of the readers who hated this scum novel, the only part of it that could relieve their anger was the presence of the scum gong’s elder brother.


But in fact, this elder brother was really cruel and had a bad reputation. If they really see such a person in reality, they might not feel relieved at all, only fear. 


When someone betrayed him, he simply crushed that person directly.


The first person in the scum gong’s small group to be KO’ed by him was merely scolding him, but this overbearing president directly knocked down a family business that had been running for generations, and staged a realistic version of a prince becoming a beggar story.


Even the protagonist in the book, Yan Jingxun, who was now him, offended this villain elder brother for some reason in the later period, and was almost killed…This was the person who broke the original owner’s leg and made him suffer a permanent disability.    


At least… Jing Xun, who had never read this novel and only heard from the senior, deeply remembered that this elder brother was the biggest thunder in this world and could not be provoked.   


So his boyfriend who he had just confirmed the relationship with…his fiance…was…


For no reason, Jing Xun suddenly felt a little pain in his leg.


“You have heard of me.” There was no doubt in Shen Yijin’s tone.




Jing Xun, who got the answer, subconsciously leaned to the side.


He finally knew why the first time he saw this person, he always felt that the other person was really fierce…


Because that’s what was written in that book!


It was only that…


The legendary fierce villain in the book… didn’t look fierce.


Not only was he not fierce, he was still quite handsome when you look at him in the usual way. No one had ever told Jing Xun that this villain was fierce in terms of his behavior and thought, not appearance…


 This is not good.


Jing Xun suddenly remembered the electronic copy of the medical report that he had read.


He was not abnormal, but sick.


Of course he couldn’t control himself when he was sick. In other words, although this elder brother seems to be polite and normal now, in fact…



He regretted it very much.


How come he didn’t glance at the name on the report just now… So was it too late for him to get out of the car now?


Jing Xun subconsciously touched the doorknob, although he knew that this was futile.



But he finally got a healthy body and finally got rid of the plot line, he didn’t want to just finish it like this!


A moment ago, he thought that the handsome boyfriend was very romantic.


In the next second, he found out that his fiance was the villain….this was no longer romantic. 


Jing Xun didn’t not discriminate against patients, but it didn’t mean that he would send himself to be slaughtered by someone who was cruel and vicious and also persecute him in the plot line. These were completely two concepts.


Especially in the original plot…


Jing Xun’s motion to touch the doorknob was not obvious, but the other party still noticed it.


And obviously, Shen Yijin felt uncomfortable about this.


Shen Yijin, who was still talking with him in a quiet manner, suddenly frowned at this time.


The Peach blossom eyes were missing one third of its temperature. They were obviously a pair of bright and deep black eyes, but they were extremely cold, like drifting snow.


Jing Xun, who had been focusing on the other party, naturally saw this change in his eyes, and suddenly felt that this was probably the reason why most people were afraid of him.


His eyes were too cold. The bottom of his eyes were ice-cold like frost. 



Jing Xun didn’t know what he was afraid of. He was simply frightened by the look in those eyes.


Out of fear, he leaned to the side again.


But Shen Yijin obviously didn’t like this action of him moving away. The ice and snow in his eyes thicken with an extra layer.


“Are you afraid of me?” Shen Yijin asked.


His tone was as casual as walking in the garden, and his deep voice was still very similar to the solemn and steady cello. But coupled with his identity as the villain brother, at this moment, these words sounded a bit…chilling.


“No.” Jing Xun shook his head sharply. It was a totally subconscious action.


Then he heard a low chuckle.


That suppressed laugh sounded only once. Afterward the tone became lower, with an indescribable ferocity, spreading throughout the space.


“Then what are you hiding from?”




Jing Xun shivered from the coldness.


But fortunately, the powerful analytical ability of his brain was automatically activated at this moment. It suddenly occurred to Jing Xun that the reason why the original owner was disabled was because he was deceived by the scum gong and did bad things to the villain elder brother.


——After the two brothers officially turned against each other, in order to obtain the trade secrets, the scumbag second young master deliberately tricked him to work as his elder brother’s assistant on purpose. 


The reason why Yan Jingxun was sent over was due to the fact that there were not many people the scum gong could use at that time, and to Shen Yijin, the original owner was probably a new face.


The poor original owner didn’t know the scum gong’s intentions at all, because his pursuit was always pure love. After learning that Shen Bohan was a rich second generation, he had always deliberately avoided understanding scum gong’s family situation.


He didn’t know much about the contradiction between the scum gong and his elder brother. At that time, when he was looking for a job after his senior year, scum gong tried his best to stuff him into a big company where everyone was eager for. In the eyes of the original owner, Shen Bohan was doing this for his own good, and was very dedicated to help him find a job.


Unbeknown to him, the scum gong was just using him as a tool to steal trade secrets…


It was said that during the period when Yan Jingxun was an assistant, many readers who were eager for the protagonist gong and protagonist shou to break up, thought that the original owner could bloom twice2Bloom twice is a metaphor for second marriage. and make a couple with the cruel but brazen3明目张胆 [míng mù zhāng dǎn]: do evil things openly and unscrupulously. elder brother.


It was a pity that at the end of the story, neither of them sparked.

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  • 1
    翻手为云覆手为雨(fān shǒu wéi yún, fù shǒu wéi yǔ): Turning the hand means the cloud and covering the hand means the rain, describes people’s capriciousness or habit of using power.
  • 2
    Bloom twice is a metaphor for second marriage.
  • 3
    明目张胆 [míng mù zhāng dǎn]: do evil things openly and unscrupulously.
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  1. Avatar Loni says:

    Since Jing Xun’s powerful brain went online, it doesn’t look like he’ll be too afraid of Shen Yijin in the future. After all, he’s different from the original owner and has neither motive nor motivation to provoke Shen Yijin, so Shen Yijin won’t harm him as a result. At least I really hope that they won’t have a relationship of A fearing and avoiding B and B being cold towards A cause he’s hurt by A fearing him. Jing Xun reacted subconsciously at first but still, I’m optimistic about this 😀
    Thank you~ owo

    1. Hua Hua says:

      Don’t worry. It’s all fluff ~~♡
      Syj and jx are both straightforward ppl so there won’t be many serious misunderstandings. Does this count as spoiler?? ?

      1. Avatar Loni says:

        I don’t think it does haha xD thank you :DD

  2. Avatar Mier says:

    It’s normal to be afraid if your instant boyfriend will most likely hurt you in the future. Our mc’s reaction was quite mild, I believe. One good thing about the original novel is the scum gong meet his miserable end instead of having a happy ever after.
    But the misunderstanding…
    Oh, well.
    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. littleyen littleyen says:

    Looking forward for the next chapter

  4. Avatar Sekstifire says:


  5. Avatar Kyle says:

    Now’s the time to bring up the fact that Jing Xun knew his scum brother and throw him under the bus by revealing some things that happened 😋

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