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MSGVB Chapter 9.1

Shen what? ?



“If possible, I hope we can live together. Please rest assured that I will perform all my duties as a husband, and I will not treat you badly before and after marriage, in all aspects.”


Mr. Long Legs spoke again in a low and rough voice, like a simple and deep cello: “Of course, you have the right to refuse at any time.”




When the other party said this, Jing Xun was still looking at the medical report.


To be honest, he did not discriminate against patients.


Rather than deliberately concealing it, he was more satisfied that the other party threw everything in front of him from the beginning and gave him the right to choose. 


Because he was a person who had been sick since he was a child, and unlike other people, Jing Xun understood best  the kind of dignity that patients want to maintain. 


No one wanted to be labeled as a patient by other people, let alone a mental problem…


It took a lot of courage to lay bare about his own situation in front of others. Not to mention that the other party was only seeking his own opinions.


In fact, if he really had the effect of a stabilizer, he could deceive him in many ways. But the other party did not hesitate.


Jing Xun admired this man very much.


It could be seen that the upper class people of Dragon City in this book were not all hypocrites like the scum gong. 

It was amazing that the other person’s image in Jing Xun’s eyes didn’t get lower, instead it was abruptly raised. Even though his face was still indifferent, and his eyebrows were cold and stern, making people subconsciously want to retreat. 




“But why must we get married?”


Jing Xun still didn’t understand this part.


In order not to hit the sick gentleman as much as possible, so as to avoid the other person’s misunderstanding and hurt his soul, he quickly added: “If you don’t mind, you can come to me when you are in a bad mood…”


Suddenly, he felt that this might sound a bit ambiguous, Jing Xun’s ears turned red: “Ah, I mean, mister, if you want, we can do something else, just… nothing else, just simply read books or play chess……”


Hey, how come these words became weirder the more he spoke!  


“Because we slept together.”




The man didn’t misunderstand him. He merely answered Jing Xun’s question, obviously perplexed. The other party’s peach blossom eyes were also full of doubt: “This is the best way, isn’t it?”


Jing Xun: “……”


He seemed to understand what the other party was trying to convey.


How could they pretend as if nothing had happened? It was as if you had been brushed across the cheek by a finger, and the scorching heat remained there.


You would remember it, or you had already remembered it. 


Did the other party mean that since they had done that, and they were quite suitable, therefore developing into marriage partners at once was quite logical…?


Jing Xun raised his eyes and took the initiative to look at this person for the first time.


The other party was not only tall, but also had an extremely upright sitting posture. Being in a retro-themed café with gorgeous decorations like this, he was like a real prince walking out of the French royal court, unreal like an oil painting.


To be honest, no one could refuse such a person, regardless of his appearance alone or the way he was dealing with things.




“But sir, getting married or something… I still think it’s too fast.” Jing Xun tactully said: “And I’m only a junior this year.”


“If this is your concern, we can get engaged first.”


Mr. Long Legs: “The wedding should not be sloppy. Originally it shouldn’t be held too soon.”



Get along as fiancés? 


Jing Xun focused all his attention on the first half of his sentence.


For some reason, this realization let him breathe a sigh of relief.


Jing Xun had always attached great importance to any agreement. Suddenly marrying someone who can be said to be a complete stranger and registered certificate together was too much pressure for him.


But when it comes to getting engaged… he heard from the seniors brother and sister who studied Ph.D. that getting engaged was like falling in love for the purpose of getting married.


This was a lot easier.


Just in case, Jing Xun also specifically asked the other party about the definition of engagement, in order to unify the understanding of both parties.


Unexpectedly Mr. Long Legs was slightly stunned. Lowering his peach blossom eyes, he really thought about this problem seriously.


Just when Jing Xun was doubtful, wondering why he had to think about it for so long, Mr. Longlegs said, “I agree with the point of falling in love for the purpose of marriage. But…”


He sat upright, his gaze rested slightly on Jing Xun’s face, his eyelashes drooping lightly, not as sharp as usual.


“This kind of thing, especially in my case, is something you should be given enough time to think about. I’m sorry if the mention of marriage has put pressure on you.”


“Ah… it has nothing to do with your situation.” Hearing what he said, Jing Xun denied it repeatedly.


He didn’t want the other party to misunderstand him and hurt his self-esteem.


Jing Xun simply said, “I can promise you.”


The promise was not out of pity or embarrassment.


Jing Xun’s idea was very simple, it was all about helping this person treat his illness, and then experiencing the feeling of being in love along the way.


Kill two birds with one stone.


He was not someone who liked to beat around the bush, and to be fair, he didn’t dislike the man in front of him.


For a moment, he even felt that living with such a person… should be a very good thing.


So since there happened to be an opportunity for him to make a choice, he would not be bashful. If you want something, you can fight for it openly.


Jing Xun always knew how to enjoy happiness whenever he could, and he didn’t mull over insignificant problems.


But he didn’t expect that as soon as he agreed, the eyes of the man on the other side suddenly widened slightly.


The pale peach blossom eyes were the same as usual, but they seemed to be brighter, and there was another kind of emotion…Jing Xun didn’t know whether it was appreciation or joy.


In short, being watched by the other party’s shining eyes, Jing Xun, who had never been this uncomfortable before, was also rarely embarrassed.


Looking to the side, Jing Xun said, “I mean, I feel like we can try first…”


“You have made up your mind?” The person on the other side spoke softly.


“Well.” Jing Xun nodded stiffly but firmly: “It’s decided.”


“Let’s go then.” This time the man stood up very decisively.


Jing Xun wondered: “Where to go?”


The man looked at him and said in a natural tone: “After the talk, Let’s go to dinner.”



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  1. Yuhua says:

    Yay!! Now they’re… engaged! XD

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    Hohoho dang they’re really effective aren’t they xDD I’m curious to see how they’ll interact from now on owo
    Thank you~

  4. Sekstifire says:

    ‘Mr. Long Legs: “The wedding should not be sloppy. Originally it shouldn’t be held too soon.”’

    Ooooooh, does this mean we’re going to see an actual wedding? I’m always disappointed when characters insist on skipping the wedding and only go to get the certificate.

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