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MSGVB Chapter 8.2

I need you.

Translator: Hua

Could it be because this was his first time drinking coffee, he was not used to it yet and became too hyperactive?


That was indeed possible.




He really wanted to rub his face at that place.


It was all caused by the chocolate just now!


Then thinking this way, Jing Xun really raised his hand and unconsciously rubbed his rosy cheeks.


Meanwhile, Mr. Long Legs suggested: “You must be hungry too, why don’t we find a place to eat and talk?”


Obviously he was a man of action, because he got up immediately after saying it.


But after hearing this, Jing Xun, who quickly returned to his senses, first stretched out his hand to stop the other party and said: “I think we should make it clear first, and then…it’s not too late to decide the next step.”


He didn’t think about it that much when he did so, just considering that the relationship between the two of them was still very awkward and he didn’t want to cross paths too much before anything was cleared up.


But Jing Xun didn’t know, perhaps because the coffee shop table was not wide enough, or because both of them had long hands and feet, so that the space was limited.


In short, when he just reached out to stop the other party from getting up, he actually didn’t believe that he accidentally touched the other party’s cuff.


And no one had dared to be this close to Shen Yijin before.


Even if it was just a simple touch.


The low-key black gem cufflinks on the cuffs exuded a restrained light. Shen Yijin looked down at the place where the youth had touched him. He didn’t say anything but accepted his proposal: “Okay.”


Jing Xun didn’t want to delay this matter. Once he adjusted his mentality and was determined to solve the problem immediately, he was still that calm and wise Jing Xun.


After sitting down again, his countenance turned back to normal, and he took the initiative to talk about the topic: “I’m sorry, sir, I apologize to you first, about that night…I didn’t enter your room on purpose and made such a request…”


“Mm.” The person on the other side took the words: “I am also responsible, I don’t blame you.”


He stared straight at Jing Xun. Perhaps because he was sitting down with him, he didn’t look so tall anymore. Jing Xun felt that the other party was not as serious and scary as he looked just now.


He was a little relieved.


The man’s low voice sounded again, the volume was not high, and it was enough to make people hear his words: “I am here today to solve the problem with you.”




Jing Xun acknowledged this.




He had already apologized. What had happened had already happened, and there was no way back. What other problems needed to be solved? Did he have to be responsible?


Unconsciously, Jing Xun’s eyes widened slightly. 


“Don’t be nervous.” The person on the other side smiled.


Perhaps that wasn’t a smile—Jing Xun only heard the end of his tone slightly improved, but in general, the expression of this person still remained the same.


Then he heard the other party use a voice that was even more intoxicating than the lazy blues played in the café, and asked him seriously: “Perhaps I should ask you a few questions first. Can I?”


Jing Xun nodded foolishly: “You can.”


“Are you single right now?”


Jing Xun: “Yes.”


“Do you plan to get married in the future?”


“……” He really hadn’t thought about this.


 But to get married, If he found the right person… Getting married was also a good experience.


Jing Xun answered very honestly: “Maybe.”


 “Meaning that you’re not against getting married?”


 “Not against it.”


“Then what do you think of me?”




“As a marriage partner.”




Jing Xun got stuck this time.


All kinds of reasons were galloping inside his brain, but his powerful logical reasoning ability was not useful at all this time.


It took a long time before he found his own way of thinking: “Then can I ask why you want to marry me?”


To be honest, he really suspected that he accidentally entered some kind of tricky reality show.


…In the past, there were quite a few people who would suddenly come to confess their love to him. A lot of them introduced themselves as his fans, most of which Jing Xun had never met before.


But even then, no one would suddenly propose marriage to him …This person in front of him was the first one.


“Because we slept together.”


It was clear that the man was not repulsed by him asking questions, and the speed of answering questions was quite fast. Listening to his tone, it was also very reasonable and confident.




After a moment of silence, the other party seemed to feel that such an answer was a bit abrupt. A hint of helplessness flashed across the handsome and charming face of the man, and he said, “I need you.”


The tone was particularly pertinent. It was a pity that Jing Xun couldn’t understand it.


“……you need me?”




The other party explained: “You may not be able to accept this fact, but you are the only one who can calm me down so far.”


Jing Xun: …?


Something like “I need you”, “Only you can make me calm”… In the beginning, Jing Xun, who rarely came in contact with all kinds of film and television series and didn’t understand romance, thought that the other party was talking about love.


That was until the man took out his mobile phone and showed him an electronic copy of the mental and psychological medical report.


Jing Xun: “……”


Sorry, he was thinking too much.


Jing Xun was very familiar with the format of this report and he could read ten lines at a glance. Without needing the other party to explain, he quickly came up with the reason. 


It seemed that this gentleman had a mental illness similar to bipolar disorder, although the report said it was atypical, which meant that the signs and symptoms of the illness were not the same.


But the important thing was that his(JX) presence made him(SYJ) feel…unusually relaxed? Like becoming a normal person?


“In conclusion, you are special to me.” Mr. Long Legs’ voice was hoarse and deeper than before.


Jing Xun: “……”




That was quite special.

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  1. Avatar Loni says:

    Niice, he said it so straightforwardly. I like honest and effective communication xD
    Thank you~

  2. Avatar Vskylight says:

    You know, I’m glad I didn’t jump out from my chair and yell out ‘dude, you got a problem in your head!?’ or something like that. ?

  3. Avatar Cheap says:

    Ack xD my tooth aching! This is so sweet

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