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MSGVB Chapter 8.1

I need you.

Translator: Hua

“Classmate, your coffee.”


“Thank you.”


The café near the school was overcrowded in the evening. It was a coincidence that Jing Xun entered the door and found a table by the window which the previous customer had just left.


The retro chandelier above his head cast a gentle warm light. Sitting next to the spacious and clear window, Jing Xun picked up the porcelain cup and took a sip of coffee.


The mellow cappuccino with an intoxicating fragrance pervaded his mouth and nose, like a grand feast of taste, making Jing Xun unconsciously hook the corners of his lips.


He used to have a bad heart and was not allowed to drink coffee, so he never drank it before.


Now he could finally drink it. It did not taste bitter, he only felt the legendary aroma.


Jing Xun took another sip, a smile continued to bloom on the corners of his lips, his eyebrows were raised, and his warm eyes were clear.


He seemed to always have a power that can affect others. At this time, his contented appearance made the boss who sent the coffee feel proud.


Back at the counter, the young beautiful owner brought another cookie to Jing Xun’s table.


“Student, this is a new product just baked in the store. I will give you a taste.”


Jing Xun was flattered. He looked a little dazed, but his eyes were still gorgeous and glittering.


He raised his head and smiled a little shyly: “Thank you.”


“Is the coffee good?” The female boss smiled and said, “You seem to like it very much.”


“It’s delicious.” Jing Xun showed his liking without any concealment, and the two chatted casually.


The shop was busy at the moment, the lady boss soon went to greet other customers, and Jing Xun didn’t wait too long, because Mr. Longlegs who he was waiting for just came.


The other person was really handsome, and he attracted a lot of attention as soon as he entered the café. Jing Xun even vaguely heard the girls at the next table talking about him.


And this tall man just walked leisurely to his side, across the sizing gazes of others. 


“Sorry, something just came up. I have kept you waiting.”


Jing Xun got up to greet him, motioned the other person to take a seat, and said: “I didn’t wait too long, you were very fast.”


“Huh?” The man who had just seated raised his eyebrows slightly, then nodded slowly, seemingly thoughtful.


Jing Xun: “Um.”


Suddenly he felt that the atmosphere was a bit weird. What’s wrong…..


Fortunately, seeing a new customer arrived, the female boss rushed over to place the order, and the strange feeling was relieved.


Mr. Long Legs causally ordered a cup of fruit tea, and took this chance to glance at the boss who was naturally standing on the side near JIng Xun.


The beautiful boss received this look, looked at this and that, and suddenly showed a sudden realization. She smiled and winked at Jing Xun then left on her own.


Jing Xun did not notice anything abnormal.


He just felt that the eyes of the gentleman across the table had fallen on his face since the boss left after ordering.


The peach-blossom eyes that were supposed to be amorous, seem to accumulate thousands of years of ice and snow, and they were cold without any emotions.


But maybe this person was too handsome and had too much sense of presence, being stared at by such a person would inevitably…


Make your heart beat and your face flushed.


 “What’s the problem?”


Jing Xun was also not an exception.


Shen Yijin was indeed staring at Yan Jingxun.


His line of sight flitted across the table, and saw a small square plate in the middle of the table with two small pieces of cookies on it. In front of the youth, there was a cup of leftover coffee and half of the leftover cookies.


The young man wore a spotless white shirt, and his appearance was fair and well-proportioned.


The cookie that he had eaten was round and lovely, but now it was missing a piece, which looked like a crescent moon bitten by a jade rabbit…


Shen Yijin’s gaze narrowed slightly.


“There are cookie crumbs on the corner of your mouth.”


Jing Xun: ! ! !


…It must be that the cookies the boss just sent were too sweet and delicious, he couldn’t help but taste two more, forgetting to pay attention to his image.


At least he was waiting for someone, even if it was not intentional, it was still impolite in front of others.


Jing Xun was a little embarrassed, and hurriedly picked up the napkin on the table to wipe it.


He missed the spot and the man on the opposite side had to raise his hand and gesture a direction on his own curved and tough face for Jing Xun, and said, “It’s here.”


Jing Xun: “Okay, thank you.” He immediately swiped the napkin again.


Jing Xun didn’t know that this action made him look a bit like a little gluttonous rabbit who was caught and eager to destroy evidence.


He only knew that when he raised his eyes again, he saw Mr. Longlegs shook his head slowly, indicating that the crump was still there.


Jing Xun: “……”


No way. He had cast a net so extensively and focused on fishing the crumps, but he still hadn’t wiped it clean? ?


At this moment, the man had already picked up the brand new napkin on the table, half-lifted his body and wiped away the chocolate residue from the corners of his lips.


Jing Xun: “……”


It turned out to be the chocolate on the cookie…


This was not the point.


The point was that the napkin that wiped away the residue, left as soon as it was touched, but probably because of the wrong angle, there was a moment when Jing Xun felt that the other party’s fingers still grazed his cheek.


Dry and slender fingers.


He still remembered the feeling when he was rubbed and caressed by them.


Roaring inside, this time it was not just blushing and accelerated heartbeats. He felt like he was being baked in a big oven, heat began to collect on his face, steaming his mouth and tongue dry for a while.




Jing Xun hurriedly picked up the coffee cup and took a big sip.


Worried that his changes would be discovered, he really wanted to bury his head in the cup and never lift it up again.


Jing Xun, who was “thoroughly engrossed in” drinking coffee, suddenly heard the man say: “It’s late, so drink less coffee.”


“Well, ok.” Jing Xun nodded obediently, put down the cup, and said casually: “The coffee is delicious, I like it.”


The Man: “Mn”


 Jing Xun: “Mm Mm.”




Mm Mm Mm?


What are you Mm Mm for?


Jing Xun felt that his condition was getting worse and worse.


Before the other party came just now, he had obviously calmed down, and he had thought of various countermeasures. How come when the man sat down opposite him, everything was in a disarray?

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