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MSGVB Chapter 7

The one night stand partner wants me take responsibility?

Translator: Hua

… get married?


Who, with whom, are you going to get married?


Subconsciously, Jing Xun thought he had heard it wrong.


But the other party had an expressionless face. With a handsome facial features and serious eyes, all of these showed that he was not mistaken.


Jingxun reluctantly smiled: “That… Mister is joking, right?”


The other party asked back: “That’s what you think?”




The man with a serious face looked at him up and down, appearing even colder and more solemn.  


He didn’t know what the other party meant, so Jing Xun had to bite the bullet and say truthfully: “The main thing is…we don’t know each other yet… Well, we only know each other for two days…”


Besides, I don’t even know who you are or what your name is, so why are you talking about getting married?


He didn’t get the chance to say the following words yet, but the other party had already spoken: “To be precise, We only met for one night.”


Jing Xun: “……”


“The night before yesterday, you broke into my private room.”


“…..” Jing Xun’s slender eyelashes flickered restlessly, and he suddenly felt a little sweaty. This time he felt really guilty.


“We slept together.”




“This reason is enough for me.”




With his expressionless face, the other party still at least look merciful like this… If he frowned a little more, his eyes would become sharper, and Jing Xun felt that his kneecap would go weak. 


Maybe he would kneel down and admit his mistake.




Weren’t they just a one-night-stand?


Could it be that he had misunderstood it? ?


So the current situation was… the object of the one-night stand came forward and wanted him to take the responsibility?




What to do now?


Sorry, but he really didn’t have any experience. 


However that was not right.


Suddenly someone came to the door to force the marriage. His first reaction was shock and panic, but Jing Xun quickly remembered that night when he wanted to leave, this person stopped him.


Jing Xun opened his eyes wide again, his clean eyes as if filled with a pool of clear water, looking at the man in front of him puzzledly.


Therefore… At best, You can’t clap with one hand1Things happened because of the two parties involved., and he couldn’t be the only one who was responsible… right?


Although, when they both stood together in the sunset, facing the other party’s cold but handsome eyes, from the bottom of his heart Jing Xun felt that marrying such a handsome guy… would not be a loss.


At least during the two days when he was wandering around the school, he had never seen anyone with such a striking appearance.


Besides, what they had done…In that aspect…it seemed to also fit well…




The temperature on his face rose sharply, Jing Xun didn’t dare to think about it anymore, he just lowered his head abruptly.


Now he didn’t need to look in the mirror to know how red his face was. This was too embarrassing. 


What is wrong with you?!


Jingxun shouted in his heart, but on the surface he dared not to make a sound.


From Shen Yijin’s perspective, the young man lowered his head slightly, his short black hair turning red because of the reflection from the sunset, and the few strands of hairs around his ears fluttered with the wind, looking very soft. It made people feel the urge to touch it. 


Shen Yijin raised his hand.


But just to look at the watch on his wrist.


His voice sounded again: “I’m sorry, I still have something to deal with right now. I will finish it as soon as possible. Can you wait for me?”


Jing Xun raised his head in response, and followed the other’s line of sight to look into the distance. An equally well-dressed, elite-looking person was making gestures not far away, probably because there was something that needed Mr. Longlegs to look over.


…It would be great to wait a while!


Jing Xun nodded fiercely, saying that there was no problem.


The tall man opposite added: “Wait a while, then we can talk to our heart’s content.”




He became nervous again, but Jing Xun did not dare to refuse.


In addition to the other party’s deep voice and scorching eyes, the most important thing was the morality and the sense of responsibility that prevented him from just passing by.


He now felt exactly like he was experiencing the kind of plot in the novel where he accidentally enlarged the other person’s stomach2Make someone pregnant. . Now was the scene where the other person brought the child to knock on his door. The title of a scum man was about to fall on his head. Where can he dare to run? ?


Jingxun nodded solemnly: “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”




When the two separated, the man simply left but he didn’t leave Jing Xun alone in place.


When he left, he seemed to have instructed the gentleman in suit standing not far away. Soon, the gentleman wearing a suit came to Jing Xun and introduced himself in a respectful and polite manner: “Hello Sir, my surname is Jin. Jin Zheheng. I am the assistant of President Shen. He still has some things to deal with so he told me to accompany you here. Should we find a place to settle down first, or?…”


Jing Xun was still in a daze.


Even If he didn’t know much about emotion, for those who were still talking about marriage, was this kind of situation really normal…


Even the other party’s surname “Shen”, he still learned from his assistant’s mouth.


What was the other party’s name?


Jing Xun did not ask Mr. assistant. 


Faced with Jin Zheheng’s proposal, he thought for a while and suggested: “There is a café opposite of the school’s main entrance. I’ll go there and wait for him… Mr. Jin doesn’t need to accompany me, just help me inform Mr. Shen. Thank you.”


After all, not only did he not know his name, he also didn’t even have the contact information of the other party. He could only ask the assistant to pass on the message.


 “You are welcome.”


Later, Jin Zheheng also proposed to send Jing Xun there, but Jing Xun politely refused.


First, he didn’t like to trouble others. Second, he was still dumbfounded and baffled. He was a little uncomfortable so he wanted to be alone for a while.


After Shen Yijin paid a visit to Huo Lao, he declined the proposal of Principal Gao to organize a dinner for him.


He just said: “There are other things to do today. I will be the host some other day. I hope that Professor Huo and Principal Gao can join it by then.”


  “sure, sure”


Shen Yijin had to leave, and all the school leaders came out to see him off.


This also included Professor Huo.


The purpose of Shen Yijin’s coming to the school today was mainly to make an agreement on the matter of the school providing technical guidance for Yiwei technology at a later stage.


These days, big corporations preferred to form their own teams because it was easy to control and manage. Fewer and fewer people come to the school for technical support.


But Professor Huo has his own outlook, and he did not accept all sponsorships.


This time he personally went out to send him off, mainly because Shen Yijin was different from many business owners who only seek to maximize their capitals. 


He was able to describe his vision and needs in the least amount of time and in the shortest language, many of which were full of technical terms in the related professional fields. He spoke eloquently, which made people feel like a spring breeze. 


Elder Huo admired such young people very much.


In addition, he was in a good mood today, so he also said a few words to Shen Yijin for the first time: “​​President Shen’s idea is not only the direction that I have always been interested in, but also the technology that the country currently needs the most. Hahaha, it is rare to have such a thoughtful and courageous young man like President Shen! I have to follow your project! I also need to bring students to follow! Speaking of which, I remember the student from the mathematics department just now. You may not have seen him, President Shen. That young man’s name is Yan Jingxun…”


Shen Yijin stood straight as a ramrod, and listened quietly to Huo Lao’s narration of the scene just now with great restraint and patience.


His eyes lowered slightly, his gaze fell on a point in the air, as if thinking of something, there was a ripple in the indifferent peach blossom eyes.


Principal Gao responded by saying, “Elder Huo, the student you mentioned, we were watching him from the outside!”


They had to admit that the young student they saw through the window just now was really good. He could handle Elder Huo’s questions and his writing was also good. This caused Principal Gao who was worried about not being able to pull in sponsorship, to calm down. Their department just discovered another talent, why worry that Mr. Shen was still not moved by this??


Moreover, the student seemed to know Mr. Shen… This was simply God sent to help them!


Principal Gao laughed: “Hahaha, we could say that our school is full of talented students.”


Shen Yijin said: “Professor Huo’s vision is not bad. If you think he is capable, you can also bring him along, so we have the opportunity to work together.”


Professor Huo responded, “No problem.”


Bidding farewell to the group of people at the school, Shen Yijin asked Jin Zheheng: “Where is the person?”


Jin Zheheng directly explained the situation just now: “Student Yan asked me to come back first… I have arranged for someone to follow him, boss, don’t worry.”




Shen Yijin got into the car with his long legs and asked the driver to drive the car to the main entrance. He sat alone in the back seat of the business car, looking out of the window, his thought was unfathomable. 


Jin Zheheng, who was sitting in the co-pilot seat, looked at his boss through the rearview mirror.


The boss liked to look in a direction in silence like this when he had nothing to do, seemingly in a daze. But after following him for a long time, Jin Zheheng knew that he was either thinking about the company or about the group.


…… People whose income was calculated in seconds had storms brewing in their minds all the time.


It was estimated that he was thinking about the new technical problem again.


The car started smoothly, and Jin Zheheng did not dare to disturb him.


After a busy night, Jin Zheheng didn’t even get to drink a mouthful of water. When he was drinking with his own water bottle in the car, Shen Yijin in the back seat suddenly asked him: “What kind of gift do you usually give the other party when you propose?”


Jin Zheheng hurriedly swallowed the water in his mouth. Although he didn’t understand why the boss asked this, he still answered very professionally: “It depends on whether to give it to a man or a woman… Rings are the most common, and there are also watches and so on. Well, it mainly depends on what the other party likes.”


“Then what do you think student Yan likes?”


“…….” Jin Zheheng almost choked: “?!”

The author has something to say:

Jing Xun: The plot is wrong. Aren’t other people’s one-night-stand just patted their butt and left. Which step did I do wrong?

The people who were eating melon seed scratch their heads: Maybe because the object of the one-night stand is different.

Shen Yijin: ?

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  • 1
    Things happened because of the two parties involved.
  • 2
    Make someone pregnant.
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  1. littleyen littleyen says:

    ??? his inner thought is definitely so hilarious…
    Can’t wait for their next interaction!
    Thank you for this funny chapter

  2. Avatar Loni says:

    Hahaha the MC is cuute xD and it’s cool how he’s nice and responsible 😀
    Btw I forgot to mention but I am so glad that this is not omegaverse XD I feel like I have read one too many omegaverse stories recently, so having a story with 2 dudes with normal bodies is just refreshing lmao xDD
    Thank you~

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