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MSGVB Chapter 73

I only have feelings for you.
Translator: Hua
Editor: Bamboozled?

Chapter 73: I only have feelings for you.

Later, Jing Xun was forced to put himself in his shoes and feel it deeply whether Mr. Villain could really do it.

However, Shen Yijin was a person with a sense of propriety. He was concerned that at this sacred and solemn campus, he wouldn’t be able to feel it on the spot.

But being on campus also meant being close to home…

On the way home, when the car passed the lush and secret grove on the campus, the temperature on Jing Xun’s face shamelessly continued to heat up.

When Shen Yijin instructed the driver to stop at the entrance of…Orange store1Adult products chain store, Jing Xun’s cheeks were completely red!

…At this point, he really admired sir ah.

No matter what he did, his face was neither red nor white.

From the time the other party got out of the car and entered the store alone to buy things, to when he came back with a plastic bag of supplies, not only did his expression not change, but his complexion also remained the same.

With long legs, he stepped into the car with ease. Shen Yijin’s expression was calm and content.

Jing Xun slowly turned his head back, as for the contents inside the bag that sir was carrying, he didn’t dare to look at it.

Only occasionally, when the car bumped a little, he could vaguely hear the sloshing sound of liquid inside…


The afternoon tea time was not wasted. It was just a bit of a waste of energy.

Even though the temperature at home was suitable, the two of them were still sweating profusely.

After it was over, Jing Xun, who had been cleaned up again, lay on the bed and didn’t bother to move. He still couldn’t believe that they actually skipped work like this——

It was less than half past two when they got home.

But after all this tossing, it was already five o’clock in the afternoon!

…That couldn’t be ah.

Last night, there was a lot of tossing and turning going on, because the prep work went on for a long, long time.

But today, sir obviously reorganized and summarized the questions based on yesterday’s experience and mistakes.

With that bag of orange equipment picked up halfway through the day as support, they progressed very smoothly in the early stage.

…Then, even if they counted the time spent taking a bath just now as half an hour, then the process of answering questions in between lasted…at least two hours?


That’s unbelievable!

So who the hell told him that Shen Yijin couldn’t do it? !

When he was roaring in his heart, Jing Xun’s mind had automatically reflected all the psychological reports he had read about Shen Yijin without missing a single word.



It’s science.

An arm stretched out to pick him up, and changed to a position of half-lying on Shen Yijin’s body.

Jing Xun was at the mercy of the other party, and did not move the whole time.

Not that he couldn’t move or feel uncomfortable, he was just tired and lazy.

But pressing down on the other party’s chest and listening to his strong heartbeat, Jing Xun couldn’t help but touch Shen Yijin’s waist again.

He heard Shen Yijin ask him, “Now what does Xiao Xuan think, how did I feel last night?”


Jing Xun lazily raised his eyelids.

Yesterday he was so excited that he didn’t even bother paying attention to Shen Yijin.

Today, he paid special attention. At that time, sir’s expression was also dark and reserved. He saw that his eyebrows and eyes were very intense, and the tail of his eyes were slightly more upward than usual.

Usually, those dull eyes were often overlooked because they were too cold, but they were actually peach blossom eyes with beautiful shapes.

But even though those eyes were still cold, they had more flavor, and it was hard to ignore their charm.

No wonder people say that peach blossom eyes attract peach blossoms.

Take sir as an example, he usually looked cold-hearted and cold-eyed. At most, when he looked closely, he would find a little unusual light in his eyes.

But when he did that, the characteristics of the peach blossom eyes came online automatically, that kind of unintentional tenderness, and a rare romantic… It was really beautiful.

It fit the aesthetics of most people and was very attractive.

Thinking of this, Jing Xun turned his eyes and looked closely at Shen Yijin’s eyes.

He was almost face to face with Shen Yijin. Looking at it this way, sir’s eyes were still very good-looking, no matter from the shape, the luster that radiated from it, or the reflection that was being reflected in those pupils at the moment.

But it couldn’t be denied that the kind of flirtation when being stimulated was not visible anymore.

Jing Xun tried to speak: “…I think… sir also felt happy at that time?”


Shen Yijin changed the question: “Then what does Xiao Xuan think was the reason for our sudden closeness last night?”

“……Wedding anniversary?”

Jing Xun made a joke.

In return, Shen Yijin turned over and pressed him under his body.


Being crushed suddenly, Jing Xun was actually a little panicked.

Even if there were many more bottles to help out, and his behind was fine, but his waist couldn’t stand it anymore!

He still felt cramps at the base of his thighs, trembling, and couldn’t close!

So in a panic, he pressed against Shen Yijin’s chest, indicating that he had something to say.

This time, Jing Xun chose to strike first: “So sir, is…..that aspect has always been good?”

He really hadn’t thought about this before.

Just because it was written in the report that Shen Yijin was psychologically incapable and would not feel much desire, he defaulted that the other party couldn’t do it.

The main reason was that every interaction with Shen Yijin was moderate, it seemed that it was just to satisfy him…

This allowed Jing Xun to believe that he was already healed a long time ago!

Shen Yijin said, “En.”

“It was ok as early as the day Xiao Xun moved in.”

Jing Xun: “…..”

“Then how come sir didn’t tell me!”

Shen Yijin said, “I told you yesterday.”

Jing Xun: “…..”

“Xiao Xun.” Shen Yijin stopped teasing him and raised his body slightly.

He propped up his elbows on both sides of Jing Xun’s body, staring at him and explained seriously: “I just don’t want our future to be as sloppy as the first time.”

Jing Xun blinked restlessly, indicating that he understood: “Oh.”

“Actually, it didn’t completely heal.” Shen Yijin said again.

Jing Xun: “?”

Shen Yijin: “I only have feelings for Xiao Xun.”

In the tone of explaining to partners during the meeting, he earnestly ‘reported and analyzed’ : “As long as I see Xiao Xun, I can feel it anytime and anywhere, but when dealing with other people, there is still no **.”


“So is it clear, Xiao Xun?”

With a low hoarse voice, Shen Yijin smiled softly and said, “I only have feelings for you.”


Jing Xun felt that his heart seemed to be clenched by an invisible big hand for a moment. It didn’t hurt, but there was a strange electric current running through his body.

And it seemed that at the same time, all the blood was squeezed out of his heart and gathered on his face.

The rapidly rising temperature on his face and the feeling of being electrocuted all over made him turn his head away to avoid Shen Yijin’s sharp edge.

Jing Xun wanted to get into the quilt, but there was nowhere to escape.

He could only distract himself by clinging to the sheets in his hand as if it could help him survive the onslaught.

The young man’s long slender eyelashes shook violently, and his bright red lips were pursed tightly. His side profile was perfect, and his skin was flawless and white, like a fragile chick that had just broken out of its shell.

Shen Yijin stared fixedly at the young man in front of him.

He had very few emotions, but at this time, he could feel flustered and anxious because of his lack of response.

And his heart was fond and soft because of his raw and cute reaction.

In the end, the inexplicable and uncontrollable liking prevailed slightly.

The young man with ruddy cheeks was like a white pearl placed on the fresh and fat mussel meat.

Even Shen Yijin, who could easily hold countless treasures, hesitated for a moment before he could reach out and reposition the youth’s face, semi-forcing him to look at himself.

He chuckled: “Doctor Jing, how should we solve this problem?”


Dr. Jing’s face had become flushed and speechless.

He also wanted to solve the problem of blushing only in front of sir!

“So let’s leave it at that?” Jing Xun randomly proposed.

The tip of his nose had begun to sweat, and his body seemed to be on the verge of sweating.

In any case, Jing Xun, who didn’t want to toss about again or take another shower, began to look around and say to him: “Ah, is it too late for us to go back to the company at this time?”

Shen Yijin also cooperated with him and said, “I’m afraid it’s too late to go back. Let’s take a day off.”

Jing Xun: “Ok.”

“Then what are we doing at night? Do you still have work to do, sir?”

Shen Yijin said, “We will do whatever Xiao Xun wants to do.”

The implication was that if Jing Xun was still busy with work, he could continue to work.

But if Jing Xun wanted to do something else, he could also drop his job.

Jing Xun said, “…I just want to sleep right now.”


Shen Yijin laughed again, and nimbly moved away from him, “Then get some sleep.”


Jing Xun was really too lazy to move, the quilt was all covered by Shen Yijin.

Dazed and confused, he thought he could not blame sir for not dressing him last night, he himself was too lazy to wear it now…

But it was only a moment of confusion.


Jing Xun was awakened by a strong hunger.

The sound of stomach growling was so loud that even Shen Yijin, who was dozing beside him, could hear it.

Jing Xun opened his eyes again and looked awkwardly at sir.

Shen Yijin proposed, “…… Want to go to dinner first and come back to sleep together in the evening?”

Jing Xun: “……”

It had to be so.

Originally tired, and now hungry again, Jing Xun didn’t even have the strength to dress.

With the help of Shen Yijin, they finally got out the door. The two of them didn’t go to any big restaurant, they ate a stew pot in the business district near the school.

A stew pot was to put meat, vegetables and seafood in a pot and boil it with a special sauce.

The taste was incomparable to that of a finely crafted chef’s restaurant, but it was convenient and had a large quantity.

As long as you ate anything when you were hungry, the taste became invincible and delicious.

Anyway, Jing Xun really enjoyed the food.

The people who had eaten their fill planned to stroll around the place. If he remembered correctly, this should be the first time they went shopping together.

Not counting the times they went to those high-end stores.

They were now at a newly opened indoor shopping mall near the school. The overall positioning was not high, but the decoration was luxurious. The environment was clean and tidy, and there was air conditioning.

Many students who stayed at school during the summer vacation liked to hang out here, and now at night time, office workers who got off work also met up here.

The mall was very lively, with people coming and going.

But the crowd could not cover the radiance of the two handsome guys shopping together; especially these two were walking together holding hands.

When they came out at night, the two of them were wearing casual clothes with simple styles, but their outstanding appearance was enough to attract attention, not to mention between the two of them, one had bright eyes and was full of interest in everything, another looked cold and expressionless, but he held the hand of the young man beside him tightly, allowing himself to be pulled around…

Strolling pass from shop to shop, Jing Xun and Shen Yijin unconsciously attracted the attention of many people.

Generally, Jing Xun didn’t feel anything when showing affection at school.

Although he also often became the focus of discussion by passers-by, Jing Xun didn’t feel ashamed.

After all, he and Shen Yijin were both legal now.

But what he didn’t know was that he and Shen Yijin had long been recognized by people at school, and they continued to post their photos online.

After all, the previous cheating incident made Jing Xun explode on various social network platforms related to school, and even Shen Yijin, who was​ photographed with him, became “famous” together.

During this period of time, the two of them already had three exclusive discussion buildings2It’s like discussion thread on twitter but on Chinese internet it’s called building. on the forum.

Even after the holiday, the heat had not subsided.

…or when it was about to subside, they were photographed again by passers-by today.

The latest photo was posted online, the three high-rise buildings were immediately lifted up again3The comments on discussion thread is called ‘floor’ so the building being lifted up means it has more and more comments., and a new wave of discussions began.

But although a lot of attention was paid to them, no one made any excessive moves when shopping.

After walking around the shopping mall with Shen Yijin, Jing Xun bought some small gifts such as exquisite ornaments or figurines, which he planned to give to Assistant Xiao Tang and Secretary Mi. After visiting other areas,he found that there was a cinema in the mall. He couldn’t help but suggest: “Sir, let’s go see a movie?”

He had never watched movies in the cinema!

Besides, the smell of popcorn floating over there was so sweet and fragrant, Jing Xun had always wanted to try them.

Shen Yijin naturally had no objection.

The two of them chose a movie that was recently released.

But when picking up the tickets, Jing Xun remembered that sir was stunned for a moment, and couldn’t help asking, “What happened when buying the ticket just now?”

“It’s nothing, it’s just that this film happened to be shot by Shen company.” Shen Yijin said flatly.

Jing Xun: “…..”

The title of the film was 《Hello, Happy》, according to the punctuation of this title ‘Hello, Happy4你好,快乐’ , it seemed to be a literary film.

However, according to the ticket seller, the punctuation of the title should be ‘You are so happy5你,好快乐’. It was not only a serious romantic comedy with a lot of comedians, but also a new film with great momentum that had been selling very well during summer vacation.

According to Shen Yijin, when the film was first announced, the producer invited him to the premiere very enthusiastically.

Jing Xun was stunned: “…When did that happen?”

Shen Yijin answered seriously, “About a month ago.”

Jing Xun: “…He was directly rejected by you sir?”

Shen Yijin: “Yes.”

“If Xiao Xun is interested,” he said quickly, “then next time we’ll go together.”

Jing Xun: “It’s not that I’m interested, I just think it’s amazing…”

The feeling of not being able to leave your property wherever you go… Jing Xun couldn’t refrain himself from asking, “This cinema wouldn’t be owned by sir too, would it?”

He remembered that there were several theater companies under Shen Yijin’s name…

Shen Yijin replied, “I just have shares.”


Jing Xun looked at the coke, popcorn and movie tickets in his hand, and suddenly felt more complicated.

“…Then let’s call it… fertile water doesn’t flow to outsiders’ fields6Benefit is to be shared among one’s own family, not outsiders.?”

The corners of Shen Yijin’s mouth curled slightly: “Yes.”

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    It’s like discussion thread on twitter but on Chinese internet it’s called building.
  • 3
    The comments on discussion thread is called ‘floor’ so the building being lifted up means it has more and more comments.
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  • 5
  • 6
    Benefit is to be shared among one’s own family, not outsiders.
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