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MSGVB Chapter 72

Sir Truly Can Do It.
Translator: Hua
Editor: Bamboozled?

Chapter 72:Sir Truly Can Do It.

After a busy morning at the company, in the afternoon, Jing Xun needed to go back to his university with Shen Yijin to pay a visit to Professor Huo.

During this period of time, he had to go to various universities and pay visits to several highly respected professors.

The preparations for the AI ​​laboratory were almost done, and they were currently in the stage of recruiting and expanding the research staff.

In addition to dispatching staff from other laboratories of the company to recruit externally, he also needed to invite experienced and competent professionals to join his team for technical guidance and support.

Fortunately, Shen Yijin had always had a cooperative relationship with famous professors in major universities, so it was not difficult to persuade them.

Specific research direction, where to start, and what field to lean forward, it all required Jing Xun to personally report and communicate with the professors.

At the first stop, they chose Jing Xun’s alma mater.

It was precisely to inform Professor Huo, who was the most authoritative and acquainted, about this matter first.

The school was now in the summer break. There were many students who live in other cities, so they stayed in school during the vacation.

Including Professor Huo, they all came to work and study normally. After all, the big data research direction in cooperation with Yiwei was still in full swing, and the graduate students rarely took vacations.

Jing Xun and Shen Yijin went directly to professor Huo’s office to report.

Professor Huo welcomed them warmly and things went smoothly. Almost after Jing Xun had just stated the research direction of his plan, Professor Huo readily agreed and expressed his willingness to join the project.

As an expert in the field, Professor Huo was naturally quite optimistic about their plan, and was also very interested in joining.

He couldn’t help but sigh with emotion: “At the beginning, I felt that Xiao Xun was extraordinary. And now? Even the pivotal direction such as AI can be shouldered alone!”

Jing Xun sat with his knees close together in a good manner, and when he heard the old professor’s praise, he smiled subtly and felt a little embarrassed.

“At present, I only have ideas, and it is not certain whether I will succeed in the future…” Jing Xun said, “But professor, I’m grateful that you think highly of me and are willing to help.”

“Hey.” Professor Huo waved his hand, telling him not to say this again.

“Teacher is very happy that you have such an ability. The future of our country lies in you young people. The waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead1New generation excels the last., so this teacher feels very gratified.”

As he talked, he thought of another interesting matter. He couldn’t help laughing, and said to Shen Yijin who was sitting next to him: “Mr. Shen may not know this. In the beginning, I suggested Xiao Xun to come to me for postgraduate studies. Now it seems there is no need to waste time.”

Jing Xun: “Uh.”

Jing Xun wanted to speak but hesitated, in fact he actually wanted to be a graduate student!

In the previous world, he was really lacking energy. He couldn’t cope with the exam so there was no way he could go to class like normal people.

To be able to participate in various experimental activities at school was also specially approved by the top.

Now that he could handle it, he wanted to experience them all!

Besides, he had been living in the school before. Although his memories were not happy all the time, the campus still carried all his joy and sorrow. It was his favorite life atmosphere.

Even if he went to work every day at the company, Jing Xun only regarded himself as a student who was working there temporarily.

In his mind, the thought of leaving the campus never occurred to him…

After being praised to the point of embarrassment, when Jing Xun had no idea how to explain it, he heard Shen Yijin say: “It’s fine if Jing Xun wants to further his education.”

Jing Xun couldn’t help but twist his head to look at the gentleman next to him.

In his line of sight, Shen Yijin’s sitting posture was as respectful as his. But there was a feeling of uprightness and dominance, with a strong sense of existence, but not arrogant.

Shen Yijin was respectful, smiled politely at elder Huo, and said, “Maybe Xiao Xun just wants to be your student.”

“Hahaha.” Professor Huo laughed: “With his strength, Xiao Xun is capable of being a mentor! In my opinion, as far as his self-learning and self-discipline ability is concerned, there is no need to continue studying and waste time. Of course, if Xiao Xun still chooses to be my student, then I won’t refuse, I have picked up a good bargain!”

The two of them laughed, and Jing Xun also laughed.

In Professor Huo’s office, there was still the kind of regular vintage sofa with a strong sense of age. Jing Xun and Shen Yijin each sat on one, with two thick, square armrests separating them by a great distance.

So far apart, without any gesture or eye contact, sir surprisingly knew what he was thinking…

Feeling too magical, Jing Xun couldn’t help but blink at Shen Yijin.

If the other party felt something, look back at him.

Then Jing Xun saw a trace of…feeling in his eyes?

…If it weren’t for Professor Huo’s presence, he felt that sir was about to reach out and touch his face.

Jing Xun couldn’t tell what kind of misconception this was.

The situation just now inexplicable…felt like sir was having a parent-teacher meeting.

It’s weird. Obviously it was something unrelated. Where did this association come from?

However, Jing Xun felt a touch of sweetness.

The feeling that sir understood him well, cared about what he wanted, and was willing to respect him, never failed to make him feel warm.

So just after coming out of Professor Huo’s office and turning to the empty side of the corridor, Jing Xun couldn’t help hugging the other party.

“Xiao Xun?”

Shen Yijin was curious as to why the young man suddenly hugged him.

Allowing the other party to hang on him like a bear, he smiled and put his hand around the young man’s waist: “Tired?”

“No.” Jing Xun shook his head and looked up at Shen Yijin, showing his bright eyes to him.

Jing Xun said with a smile: “I just want to hug you.”


Shen Yijin didn’t say much. He dragged him to a corner where there was no one, and just hugged him like that.

Summer was scorching, the sun was high outside, burning everything in the vicinity.

All the windows in the teaching building were open, and the wind passing through the hall from time to time brought wisps of cool air. The corridors were not hot, but rather cool.

Shen Yijin couldn’t help lowering his head, and kissed the young man on the cheek, “Want to go to the cafe?”

It was indeed time for afternoon tea.

After the meeting with Professor Huo, today’s “field work” was over, so he could take a break.

But this morning, when Mr. Shen invited the whole company to enjoy the morning tea, Jing Xun also ate a small dessert.

Thinking about it now, Jing Xun still shook his head to say no.

“Two small desserts a day, I’m afraid I’m going to be fat.”


The large hand that encircled him touched his waist.

As a result, Jing Xun remembered the feel of the other party’s waist again, and couldn’t help reaching out his hand to touch his waist as well.

Shen Yijin was tall, with a long upper body and a straight spine.

This determined that his waist should be longer than that of ordinary people.

Therefore, the feeling of touching from the top to the bottom was simply amazing. Jing Xun thought the feeling of petting cats and dogs in those cute pet videos might not be as good as this.

Of course, the clothing still affected him a bit. So, let’s go home before…

Cough, cough.

After experiencing a “sober exchange” last night, today Jing Xun obviously felt that the relationship between himself and sir… seemed much less courteous.

He didn’t mean they were estranged before.

After all, they hadn’t been this familiar.

In the past, hugging was okay. Occasionally, it was alright to touch between clothes. There would always be embarrassment or worry about disturbing each other.

……Especially since sir had been so cold before.

Facing a person who had few emotional fluctuations due to psychological reasons, if sir hadn’t taken the initiative to bite him last time, it was impossible for him to take the initiative.

But now Jing Xun could touch him without any pressure!

Cough cough cough.

Therefore, this was how people become familiar with each other, and slowly become intimate.

Between husband and husband.

As for why there was suddenly no pressure, Jing Xun couldn’t tell.

Maybe it was Shen Yijin who suddenly sent him a signal last night, letting him know that no matter how he “touched” him, he would not cause trouble to the other party?

Although it was not yet known whether the last night was a sudden psychological move or a simple physical need, so he could do it…

“By the way, sir, did you tell your attending doctor what happened last night?” Jing Xun suddenly remembered.

Shen Yijin: “?”

Jing Xun simply started from the point of view of not concealing illnesses and avoiding treatment: “Maybe you should sort out the feelings of last night… and tell Dr. Li, and he will design a more suitable treatment plan?”

Dr. Li was the attending doctor who was hired to help Shen Yijin with psychological counseling after he returned to China in the past two years.

Although Shen Yijin had given Jing Xun Dr. Li’s contact information on his own initiative before, with the intention of not hiding his well-being from Jing Xun, yet Jing Xun had never contacted the doctor privately behind Shen Yijin’s back.

Out of respect, he always talked about Shen Yijin’s condition to the person himself.

Of course, it was out of respect and understanding for people with illnesses. Unless sir was very ill, Jing Xun would not deliberately ask him about the progress of the treatment and other things.

At most, he reminded him to take “medicine” or go to the doctor according to the course of treatment.

Besides, things like yesterday…he didn’t even know what was going on with Shen Yijin.

It’s better for sir to communicate[with the doctor] by himself…

“Xiao Xun.”

Jing Xun deeply pondered about the feasibility of having s*x, but his train of thought was interrupted. When he raised his eyes, he saw Shen Yijin’s slightly helpless expression.

He asked him, “Xiao Xun talk about the situation last night, what kind of situation do you mean?”


Jing Xun’s voice came to an abrupt halt. Even if it was now a discussion about pathology, he was not a doctor after all, and he felt a bit uncomfortable saying it.

So he bowed his head, glanced down, and indicated: “That situation.”

Shen Yijin: “…?”

Seeing that sir was stunned and didn’t seem to understand what he meant, Jing Xun hesitated to continue.

He wanted to end the topic, but Shen Yijin called out his name again, obviously not agreeing to end the topic.

So Jing Xun had no choice but to bite the bullet and elaborate with great speed: “It’s precisely what sir suddenly did last night.”

Shen Yijin: “…..”

It was as if the wind in the entire teaching building had stopped, or the air had stagnated.

Jing Xun was afraid that Shen Yijin would think too much, so he plunged into the other’s arms and explained his thoughts in depth: “Ah, I just hope that sir can be healthy. It doesn’t matter if you can do it or not, it’s the mental health that’s the most important. So you don’t have to worry, besides, this is just a psychological problem, not a physical problem. If you can take this opportunity to get better, then…”

He didn’t finish his words, but it was enough to make the other party understand what he meant.

Shen Yijin spoke up.

The low and frosty tone was mixed with shocked emotions that rarely appeared on him: “…What does Xiao Xun think I felt last night?”

Jing Xun lowered his head slightly with a red complexion, and said very earnestly: “I don’t know…”


“Xiao Xun, do you have any misunderstandings about me?” After a while, Shen Yijin suddenly asked him.

His tone was helpless, with some obvious laughter.

Sir was obviously laughing at him.

With that, Jing Xun was grabbed by the hand.

Shen Yijin easily held one hand, gradually lowered it, and then stopped…

This time it was Jing Xun’s turn to wear a shocked expression and express his doubts, “?”

He raised his eyes again and looked over, sir not only speaking with a laughing tone, but a smile was also hung on his face.

There was a trace of helplessness in it.

The meaning of indulgence seemed to be more evident.

Jing Xun suddenly understood why sir didn’t get angry and even laughed out loud.

This was just like a really beautiful person who wouldn’t get angry even if they were to be called ugly.

They had strong self-confidence in this aspect of themselves.

Because their own conditions really allowed them to prove themselves instantly.

And what was happening was that, sir really….

He , Can , Really , Do , It.

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