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MSGVB Chapter 71

Happy Wedding

Translator: Hua

Editor: Bamboozled?

Chapter 71: Happy Wedding

Although Shen Yijin asked him: Can I?

Jing Xun felt that he was just asking for the sake of it, because without waiting for his reaction, everything that should have come came.

So because they got the certificate today, he wanted to celebrate it?

Or did sir suddenly feel like doing it?

Was it a psychological aspect of the feeling, or was it purely physical?

Calculating the time, it seemed that almost two months had passed since their last time…

Jing Xun remembered that time.

But then he couldn’t think of anything anymore.

This time he wasn’t under the influence of medicine and was in good condition, but he didn’t know if it was because of his clear-headedness.

The senses… seemed to be more intense.

And it also seemed to be taking longer as well.

Was it this long last time?

Jing Xun couldn’t remember anymore.

He was under the impression that it took a long time, but the result was the same.

——Both times, he passed out from exhaustion.

But last time he was in a confused state of mind, and was about to faint. He didn’t have a strong sense of “lasting especially long”.

But this time, that feeling was particularly intense.

Jing Xun was unable to take a bath by himself afterwards.

However, when he woke up early the next morning, he noticed that there was a little ray of sunlight entering the room, and the bedroom was already illuminated. He had no idea how he fell asleep. Jing Xun recalled the aftertaste, and it felt… quite exciting.

At least at that time, he thought so more than once.

With his body sinking into the clean and soft bed, wrapped in a quilt that still had Shen Yijin’s scent, Jing Xun couldn’t help but smile.

Even though the fiery atmosphere had passed, and it was hard to recall that feeling now, the four characters “It was comfortable” still deeply reflected in Jing Xun’s mind.

It felt pretty good.

There were also some after-effects, Jing Xun tried to stretch his legs under the quilt, and he immediately felt a little discomfort in certain positions.

He wanted to try to get up, but Shen Yijin’s voice suddenly rang in his ears——

“Xiao Xun is awake?”

Jing Xun: “…..”

The young man half-sitting up quickly slid back into the quilt.

The white body was like a carp leaping out of the water with silver light all over it. After the sudden release of spring, it quickly hid under the wide quilt.

Jing Xun found out that he was not wearing any clothes.


Nodding symbolically, half of his face hidden in the quilt was immediately covered with crimson.

…Why was sir here at this time?

It’s seven o’clock in the morning!

According to their normal routine, sir should have prepared breakfast at this time, and then waited for him to get up while working in the study.

Shen Yijin got up on time at 6:30 every morning, but Jing Xun did not have a fixed biological clock.

If Jing Xun hadn’t got up by 7:20 on a working day, Shen Yijin would start the manual wake-up service. He would personally come to wake him up.

What’s this situation? Why was sir still in bed at seven o’clock?

…If he had found out earlier that sir was still next to him, he would have controlled his expression and stopped smiling!

Showing only his eyes, Jing Xun looked at Shen Yijin: “…Why hasn’t sir got up yet?”

Strictly speaking, Shen Yijin should have gotten up already. He was dressed in his usual home clothes, and seemed to have finished washing up.

But today, uncharacteristically, he was half leaning on the bed. He appeared to be reading the book he didn’t have time to finish last night.

Shen Yijin said, “En, I want to get up with you.”

Jing Xun: “…..”

Shen Yijin put down the book in his hand and turned to look at him.

The deep eyebrows added a bit more obvious concern than usual, but he hesitated: “Last night… How did Xiao Xun feel?”


Jing Xun, who had just thought about this question, instantly widened his eyes.


Was this asking for feedback after dawn?

Or did… sir saw him hiding under the quilt and laughing just now? !

Jing Xun was too embarrassed to think again.

A pair of almond eyes stared, completely round, and he made a slightly uncomfortable assessment: “It was ok?…Pretty good?”

Shen Yijin said again, “Do you want me to help you look at it?”

Jing Xun: “What?”

Shen Yijin sat up as he said, with his back facing him.

From Jing Xing’s perspective, he could see sir’s straight spine through the clothes, as well as the strong, lean, powerful waist.

His thoughts were galloping again. Jing Xun felt that they had already received the certificate, and he could no longer blush, otherwise he would be too unpromising.

But he just… can’t hold it back!

Especially at the later stages of yesterday, when he was taken for a shower, they were in there too…doing something. With that position at that time, looking through the mirror in front of the sink, it was full of strong and powerful muscle lines on sir’s back.

Now thinking back to the scene he saw yesterday…


Caught off guard, Jing Xun completely buried himself in the quilt.

But soon, he was dug out from inside again.

Their eyes met. Shen Yijin, who had dug him out of the quilt, looked at him with a puzzled and worried expression. He subconsciously reached out his hand to brush away the short hair in front of his forehead that had been messed up by his chaotic tumbling.

Jing Xun: “…..”

Jing Xun was stunned again this time, mainly because of sir’s hands…

Last night, a memory was still fresh in his mind.

Seeing his gaze momentarily freeze, Shen Yijin didn’t move any more, so he propped up his arm over his body: “Xiao Xun, let me see.”

Jing Xun: “See, what do you want to see?”

Shen Yijin said, “Behind you. It seemed a little swollen yesterday.”

Jing Xun: “…!”

It turned out that sir had been asking about his health, not about the technical aspects of ……last night.

Oh my, oh my, oh my.

What had he been thinking about all morning?

But… Why was it swollen? ?

Could it be that after going to the bathroom yesterday and passing out from exhaustion, Shen Yijin still…!

“Cough cough cough.”

Jing Xun gave a light cough, and subconsciously covered his back under the quilt where the other party could not see.

He tried to make himself look calm and composed: “I feel okay after a good night’s sleep, it’s fine.”

His voice was a little hoarse.

Shen Yijin asked worriedly: “Really?”

Jing Xun nodded again and again: “En-en.”

Only then did Shen Yijin prop up his arms again and move his hand from the top of his head:

“That’s good, if Xiao Xun feels uncomfortable, just tell me.”

Jing Xun responded and sat up.

…Nothing was really particularly uncomfortable.

Although he took a look under the quilt, his body was littered with marks, and there seemed to be several bruises on the base of his legs and on the side of his waist that were similar to those caused by fingers…With these alone, he could imagine how intense it was.

But just like last time, except for a little backache, he didn’t feel any discomfort.

Jing Xun himself also felt amazing.

Perhaps, just like sir who had amazing physical strength, his body also had some natural small skills——that was, his body could always recover quickly.

If he thought about it this way, last time he accidentally fell on his tail vertebrae, he indeed felt a lot better after one night!

Did he really have some kind of innate gift?

When shouting for Shen Yijin to bring him a set of clothes as well, Jing Xun deliberately got up from the bed and bounced back and forth from side to side.

Feeling that he could really walk fast and vigorous, he sat back on the bed cross-legged.

When Shen Yijin came out, he saw the young man staring at him with bright eyes.

The way he sat on the bed wrapped tightly in the quilt looked like he had surrounded himself with a small hill.

Staring at a handsome and flawless face, Shen Yijin saw the youth smiling and showing a row of neat teeth, and blinked at him: “Sir, I found a secret!”

“What secret?”

Taking a new set of clothes for Jing Xun, Shen Yijin walked forward, carrying a smile on his lips. Just when he approached the big bed, he noticed that there were two small marks on the silk sheets, very much like the trace left by foot steps which had not been restored to its original state.

Jing Xun pulled the quilt to cover the place where he had just jumped, and then said: “I found that my body is very good. Really, it’s not uncomfortable at all.”

“Is that so?” The smile on Shen Yijin’s face deepened.

He said, “That’s good.”

Placing Jing Xun’s clothes on the edge of the bed, he couldn’t help but lean down and drop a kiss on the youth’s sweet red lips.

“Happy wedding, my little Xun Xun.”

Jing Xun: !

The blush that had been kept back quickly crept up to the cheeks and between the ears again. Jing Xun still resisted the feeling of extreme shyness, and took the initiative to encircle Shen Yijin’s neck and kissed him.

“Sir…. happy wedding.”

Sir went out to prepare breakfast for him.

Jing Xun quickly dressed up, went for a simple wash and rinse, then also went to the kitchen.

Breakfast was still simple bread and coffee, but the simpler the combination, the more satisfying and refreshing it was sometimes.

After eating, the two went to work together as usual.

Originally, Shen Yijin still considered taking a day off, after all, Jing Xun passed out from exhaustion yesterday.

That’s why he didn’t prepare breakfast and coffee as early as usual.

However, Jing Xun, who was brimming with energy, felt that there was no need to rest at all.

Besides, sir’s and his work was mandatory and fixed.

If they didn’t do it today, they would have to work overtime tomorrow, so it’s better to keep going.

After hearing his reasoning, Shen Yijin said without any objection: “Xiao Xun has the final say.”

So the two of them finished their breakfast, went out neatly, and came to the company.

“Good morning, president Shen, Mr. Yan.”

Several employees were waiting for the elevator downstairs together, and just when Jing Xun arrived, the elevator came down to the first floor.

The employees humbly let President Shen and Mr. Xiao Yan went first, and the rest of them automatically followed in afterward.

Although during this period of time, president Shen often took the elevator with Mr. Xiao Yan, as long as Mr. Xiao Yan was there, the extreme pressure president Shen released when he was alone also reduced a lot.

But after entering the elevator, everyone still stood at the edge of the elevator subconsciously, not daring to let out a breath.

But everyone spontaneously agreed that… the cold oppressive feeling on president Shen’s body today was much thinner than usual.

Was it because the corners of his usual straightened lips suddenly felt slightly upwards today?

Everyone in the airtight elevator, not only didn’t feel cold today, but also paid more attention to president Shen’s originally handsome face——

“I suddenly feel that president Shen is really handsome today, what’s going on?”

“Nonsense, president Shen is already handsome!”

The elevator stopped level by level, and people kept getting off.

After reaching the sixth floor, only Jing Xun and Shen Yijin were left together to continue going up.

In the elevator with only two people, Jing Xun couldn’t help but reach out and touch Shen Yijin’s naturally drooping hand.

It was totally subconscious.

Because there was no one else present, he just did it.

But that hand was soon hooked in slender fingers and only slowly separated when the elevator came to a stop again and the doors opened.

Not only the people who took the elevator with president Shen today noticed a touch of cordial and easy-goingness, all the supervisors in the meeting this morning also felt it.

It was not that president Shen’s requirements were more relaxed than before, or that he had begun to indulge his subordinates and become better at speaking.

President Shen was still president Shen.

The difference was that no one felt the kind of indifference and coercion when he wasn’t talking or listening to reports.

It was refreshing just like a spring breeze!

What’s more, president Shen also paid out of his own pocket to invite the whole company to drink milk tea and eat small desserts!

“So what day is today? Why is President Shen so happy?” There were always people in the office who couldn’t help but talk about it.

Only Assistant Tang, who went into the office to report later, keenly and surprisingly found some anomalies——the soft cushion that president Shen had specially instructed him to buy on his way to work this morning was now laid on Mr. Xiao Yan’s chair.

The author has something to say:

Assistant Tang: ? How come the cushion is only being used now?

President Shen:……


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