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MSGVB Chapter 6.1

Talk about marriage.

Translator: Hua

In the venue, the line-by-line formula was listed, and Jing Xun’s handwriting was smooth and beautiful.


It was so beautiful that at first glance it looked like a standard cursive script, smoothly like he didn’t need to think at all before writing.


But in fact, what Jing Xun wrote shocked the people present again.


In the beginning, Jing Xun would subconsciously omit a few steps, so it was fairly simple and easy to understand.


What he wrote later became more and more complicated and profound, making it difficult for many people to understand the process simply by looking at the formula.


Tang Jingyuan couldn’t help but touch the back of his head: “What’s going on? I can understand it from the first, but I’m lost from the third line…”


Yang Yi was also speechless: “Then you are better than me. I can’t understand from the second line.”


There were many people who felt the same as the two of them. Afterwards, except for Professor Huo who could keep up with his ideas, even those with good mathematical skills couldn’t keep up with his ideas at all.


Not long after, Jing Xun finished writing all the formulas.


He checked it by himself, and felt that there was no problem, and his thoughts were completely sorted out. Only then did Jing Xun show others: “This is the general process. This model can be used in this algorithm.”


With slender fingers holding the milky white plastic marker, the corners of Jing Xun’s lips were slightly raised, his eyebrows were gentle and smiling, confident but not ostentatious.


In the beginning, he only visualized the model in his heart, but once he picked up the pen, Jing Xun’s thoughts burst out completely.


This topic really aroused his interest. For people like Jing Xun, there was nothing that could extinguish his interest when it emerged.


Next, he finished the presentation with a particularly dignified and serious attitude, which was greeted by the old professor’s good words in succession, and the applause of the students below and around him.


…Although they didn’t understand what this classmate was talking about, it looked quite powerful. As a result they just followed the crowd and clapped. 


Professor Huo’s few hairs couldn’t wait to stand upright, his eyes became bright like torches, and his voice became much louder. He asked Jing Xun excitedly, “Are you a postgraduate student? Why haven’t I met you in graduate school?”


Jingxun: “……”


He just focused on solving the problem, but forgot that his identity was out of place.


“Sorry, teacher, I’m only a junior this year, and I’m not from the Department of Computer Science.” Jing Xun bowed to Professor Huo embarrassedly: “I just came here to take a look. I’m really sorry…”


“What?!” As soon as he said this, almost the whole venue became an uproar.


“He isn’t from our department? Then how can he solve everything?!”


“Of course he was not from our department, such a handsome student… Have you ever seen such a handsome person in our department?!”


“Just look at the hair volume and you will know that he’s not from our department hahaha.”


“Isn’t this the student council president of the Mathematics Academy. I attended events with him before, but I didn’t expect him to be this powerful…”


“Mathematics? That’s not surprising, no wonder he was so powerful.”


Professor Huo asked him: “You are not a graduate student? You are from the mathematics department?… Then do you know how to write programs for these algorithms you proposed?”


Jing Xun: “I have some basic foundation. But it is too difficult, I will need to learn more.”


He also answered truthfully. If you really want to discuss programming, his senior brothers are much better than him. Jing Xun’s specialty was to build various mathematical models and apply them to programs.


Of course, the “foundation” in Jing Xun’s mouth was already the top level of the industry for many people. This would not be mentioned for the time being.


“Oh, then, you are interested in our subject.” Professor Huo thought that this student was very praiseworthy.


While nodding his head in satisfaction, he said: “Then are you interested in coming over to be my student?”


This remark caused a great uproar again.


You must know that Elder Huo usually doesn’t take doctoral students easily, let alone graduate students. How many people squeeze their heads and want to follow him on projects, but they are not qualified!


But now he actually took the initiative to accept a junior who had not yet started the postgraduate entrance examination…moreover, he was from a different faculty…


Of course Jing Xun was willing.


It was true that he came here for academic purposes. It was also true that he wanted to find some work along the way.


Jing Xun hadn’t forgotten the matter of making money, nor had he ignored the rumors about how influential Eder Huo was.


So he nodded honestly: “Yes.”


Everyone: …

Student, you are too blunt…


But Professor Huo obviously didn’t really mind, he was even more excited than Jing Xun, and immediately made plans for Jing Xun: “You are only a junior now, so there’s no need to hurry. For the inter-professional postgraduate entrance examination, your foundation is perfectly adequate, and we will give priority to our students, so don’t worry.”  


Other people: “……”

Professor, Was it really okay for you to talk about the unspoken rules so directly?


Jing Xun was a little embarrassed, he laughed: “Thank you, Professor.”


Professor Huo gave him another piece of advice, and also specially allowed Jing Xun to go to the office to find him for anything. Seeing that there were more and more people in the venue, it seemed that Yiwei’s people also came. So he turned around and ended the conversation with Jing Xun.


The job fair was about to begin soon. The supervisor of Yiwei Technology’s campus recruitment was already in place. Jing Xun bid farewell to the old professor and found a place with his roommates at the back of the venue.


When he passed by the podium, he subconsciously glanced in that direction, where several young people in formal clothes were sitting there.


These few people not only looked young, but they were all talented, and they were particularly eye-catching among a group of relatively childish students.


But obviously, many people have noticed these supervisors, but most people’s attention was still on Jing Xun.


Tang Jingyuan worshipped him in a low voice: “Xun Xun you are too awesome, that’s Professor Huo!”


Yang Yi chimed in, “Yeah, we are still worried about what to do next, but you have been directly recruited by the professor.” The tone was also full of admiration for Jing Xun.


With regard to Yan Jingxun, he already had some skills, so Tang Jingyuan and Yang Yi would be surprised but not that surprised either.


The original owner had always been caught by various part-time jobs, and rarely entered and exited the dorm with his roommates. He was also a deep-minded person, unwilling to communicate with others, and the relationship with his roommates became even more estranged after he got acquainted with the scum.


Under this premise, Jing Xun could show a little bit of strength and it would not make people around him suspicious.

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