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MSGVB Chapter 5.2

Found him.

Translator: Hua

When Jing Xun and his friends arrived at the venue, the job fair hadn’t started yet.


In order to show hospitality and respect to Yiwei Technology, the school specially vacated a large auditorium to hold this job fair.


The auditorium had a large space. There were people in charge of organizing the event shuttled back and forth. There were classmates who had been sitting in their seats for a long time, and there were also a few people around the front slide, discussing something passionately.


“Have you seen that old man?” Tang Jingyuan whispered from the side, “That’s Professor Huo, a prominent figure in our school.”


“It’s Professor Huo, there is still a picture of him on the publicity wall!” Yang Yi said next to him, “I heard that Yiwei came here specifically to recruit him.”


“Oh?” Tang Jingyuan widened his eyes, expressing puzzlement.


Yang Yi said: “It seems that Yiwei is going to develop a project. It needs Professor Huo to lead students to provide technical support. Therefore, the two sides have always had a cooperative relationship. Haiya, not only Yiwei, there are a lot of companies that wanted to cooperate with just for Professor Huo”


While listening to them, Jing Xun’s attention had been attracted by the content on the previous slide.


After a few glances, he took a few steps forward, wanting to hear what the people on the stage were saying about that slide.


He didn’t know if it was Professor Huo who put forward the question to his students, or someone else who did it. In short, the job fair was about to begin, but the few people around the slide showed confused expressions.


Professor Huo glanced over them one by one. He was a good-looking man, but his eyes were serious, and he looked like a strict teacher.


He repeated the question just now: “Who can solve this problem? I have taught you so many algorithms before, but now you can’t do a simple data processing?”


The students around him all showed anxious or ashamed expressions.


Professor Huo helplessly watched their reaction, somewhat hating iron for not becoming steel.


Also at this time, he shifted his gaze down and suddenly noticed a student who was standing not far below the podium.


This student had a thin and small figure, with neatly trimmed short hair, his face was beautiful like a crown jade, and the whole person was clean, with a scholarly air.


He was not standing there alone. The whole venue was very messy right now. But he was the most eye-catching one.


It was not only because of the outstanding appearance of the youth. The main thing was the unique focus in his eyes when he looked at the slide.


The black and white eyes were full of enthusiasm, this kind of passion, Huo Lao has not seen it in the eyes of any student for many years.


He almost didn’t even think about it, and blurted out: “The student below, do you have any ideas for this question?”




After being called several times, Jingxun realized that the old professor was calling him.


He didn’t deliberately ignore the professor, he just got distracted when he was solving the problem.


When the brain was running at a high speed, Jing Xun’s ability to process external information became much weaker.


After regaining his senses, Jing Xun politely looked back: “Professor, did you call me?”


“You can answer this question, right?” The old professor changed his question this time, and he seemed to know the answer from Jing Xun’s eyes. In order to prevent the venue from being too chaotic and unintelligible, he said directly into the microphone this time: “Come on, come over and tell me about it.”


An old but energetic voice suddenly exploded in the hall, the most authoritative old professor made a sound, and the whole venue became a little quieter.


It seemed that dozens of pairs of eyes fell on Jing Xun in an instant, but Jing Xun has experienced this situation countless times since he participated in the math competition in his teens and won the championship.


He never felt uncomfortable before. It was also the same now.


For the purpose of academic exchange, Jing Xun subconsciously walked onto the stage.


“This group of data can be processed by the sequential module method, it’s very simple.”


The warm and pure voice was transmitted through the microphone on the side. It was clear that the microphone was placed far away from Jing Xun, but his sweet voice still made the audience fall into silence.


After his speech was half-fallen, Jing Xun turned his attention to the few students next to him and added another point pertinently: “The difficulty is the establishment of individual subroutines in the algorithm. Some require the establishment of more complex mathematical models, involving professional modeling. The problem cannot be solved by specializing in computers.”


The implication was that the reason why these students couldn’t say anything, probably not because they didn’t understand the algorithm, but because they were stuck in one segment.


As soon as he said this, the expressions of the students who were still staring at him instantly eased a lot.


Originally, the question they couldn’t answer became “very simple” in another person’s mouth, which in itself was a slap in the face.


Now that this classmate said this, he not only preserved their face, but also explained to the teacher why they were unable to answer the question. This was simply helping them!


The gaze of the people watching Jing Xun on the stage all eased a lot. Some praised him, some appreciated his kindness. 


And when a layer of tinted glasses1有色眼镜. Prejudice against things or people.  was taken off, these people found out that… this classmate was not only eloquent, but also looked pretty pleasing to the eye!


First of all, who is this? Why haven’t they seen this person in their department before?!


Unlike the mental process of these students, Professor Huo looked at Jing Xun with more appreciation than before.


“Oh? What models did you think of?” Professor Huo, who was a little excited, rushed to the scene and waved, “Come on, tell everyone.”


Jingxun hesitated for a moment, then picked up the whiteboard marker and built the model in public on the huge whiteboard next to the slide.




Two low-key cars parked in the parking lot outside the venue.


Not long after, a group of people in suits, with upright posture, appeared near the venue.


“President Shen, pay attention to your steps. Going around this wall is the gate of the venue…” As the school’s third-in-command, Principal Gao personally led the way.


The director of the Academy of Accounting and Planning next to him even said flatteringly: “I didn’t expect President Shen to come here in person. Our faculty is really lucky…”


The man who was surrounded by other people had no expression, his figure was a little too tall, and his unconcealable aura made him more majestic.


Shen Yijin just said: “I happen to have some free time so l drop by and pay a visit to Elder Huo.”


The head of the college hurriedly laughed and said: “Hahaha, Elder Huo is inside, we will see him in a minute. It just so happens that Elder Huo is taking students to study some new technology recently. If Mr. Shen is interested, we can also exchange ideas later. “


Shen Yijin: “Yeah.”




Obviously Mr. Shen didn’t like to talk. His aura and mannerism made it difficult for people to take the initiative to talk to him.


But the Shen Group was the donor of the two buildings and the biggest sponsor of various research projects of the school in recent years. How dare they neglect him?


What’s more, the school’s recent research and development project was on the verge of breaking its funding chain and was counting on Mr. Shen’s capital injection.


Principal Gao glanced at the counselor, and at this moment, the phone of the assistant beside Shen Yijin rang.


The assistant, who was also dressed as an elite, apologized to the people around him with his eyes, and then stayed where he was to answer the phone.


The call was not long, about thirty seconds. Soon, the assistant ran all the way to catch up and said a few words next to President Shen.


“That person? Found him?” Shen Yijin asked.


“…not yet.” Jin Zheheng was a little ashamed: “We have found the monitoring records, but we want to be sure.

It will take some time to compare with big data…”


“Big data?” Principal Gao, who worried about striking a conversation, immediately said after hearing about big data: “Haha, President Shen what a coincidence. Professor Huo’s recent research direction is big data processing, and technology will soon mature, do you want to try? Maybe you will find it hahaha…”


Afterward, his laugh turned into an awkward smile. Although it was a joke, after blurting out, Principal Gao realized that what he said seemed a little out of place.


Mainly in front of Shen Yijin, there will be a feeling that all kinds of jokes were inappropriate. This person wasn’t someone who liked to joke around.


Even the counselor’s eyes were full of disapproval when he looked at him, as if to say: How did he become a principal with such qualifications?


But he didn’t expect that this time, Mr. Shen, who had always spoken very little, would actually reply to him.


He said, “It’s not necessary.”




“President Shen?”


Shen Yijin abruptly stood in front of a half-open window, staring directly at the inside of the venue.


This was actually a small exhaust window. The window was not large and the position was high. The bottom of the window is about 170 or 180 centimeters above the ground. For a tall person like Shen Yijin, he could easily see the situation inside.


After observing for half a minute, Shen Yijin spoke again with a low voice: “I have found him.”


The author has something to say:

Jing Xun: I’m a little bit curious about what the big brother villain looks like.

Shen Yijin:…

The author blackened me? Misunderstood by my wife? The impression points plummeted? ……Fine.

The scum author of the original book: trembling.jpg

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    有色眼镜. Prejudice against things or people. 
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  2. Avatar Reign says:

    He sees him and eyes are locked on target! ??????? Not getting away now. Thank you for the chapter.

  3. Avatar Cheap says:

    I can’t stop imagining this villain big boss as adult boss baby entering the scene with his haughty look! LmAo! ?
    Wth is wrong with me

  4. Avatar Mrfunplace says:

    I hope the programming part is going to be over soon and focus on the romance part… It’s so cringy

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