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MSGVB Chapter 56.1

Predestined Fate + The Illness Got Better (Part1)

Translator: Hua
Quick note:
Shao or Shao ye = Young master
Er(second) Shao = Shen Bohan
Da(Eldest) Shao or Da Shao ye = Shen Yijin

Chapter 56: Predestined Fate + The Illness Got Better (Part1)

Shen Yijin said he should go upstairs to take a break, and Jing Xun naturally wouldn’t refuse.

“Okay then.”

The two got up as they spoke. As for Big brother Tang and Xiao Tang, who went down to play, they could ask Mr. Manager here to send a message on their behalf.

Anyway, this shop was also owned by Mr. Nothing should go wrong.

The aisle was narrow and crowded. Jing Xun, who was walking in front, was protected by Shen Yijin behind him. The two left the deck and walked to the staircase leading to the second floor.

Not far away, Lin Li and his friends were like two stone sculptures, stunned in the same place.

When Jing Xun and Shen Yijin were about to disappear at the corner, Lin Li came back to his senses. He quickly pulled out his phone and took two photos.

Although the periphery of the dance floor was dark, the photo could still capture Yan Jingxun walking in the front, while one of his hands was being held backward.

And Shen Yijin behind him was holding that hand.

The crowd was noisy, and the two people shuttling between them had a stiff posture that felt like pupils who went to the bathroom together during elementary school.

But the picture wasn’t ugly, and could even count as perfect–the shorter youth in front was youthful and sunny, with a thin waist and long legs.

The man in the back was dressed in a suit and had an extraordinary aura.

The two people was holding hands while walking towards the back of the stairway, there was a feeling that…they weren’t doing anything good.

“…No way, normal people don’t hold hands like this when walking, right?” Lin Li’s friend became stupid, “Not to mention that it is Shen Yijin!”

“…Who the hell knows what’s going on!” Lin Li opened his mouth in annoyance and cursed.

They were going to get Yan Jingxun in trouble, but now they suddenly saw this scene…the impact they received wasn’t small. 

Lin Li felt that he couldn’t take this blow by himself, so he sent both photos to Shen Bohan who was still sick.

[Lin Li: Er Shao, it’s terrible. What do you think I found? Does Yan Jingxun know how to plant Gu1Gu[蛊] is a Chinese mythical poisonous insect/worm/parasite that appears in a lot of Xianxia novel. The person who is poisoned with Gu insect is under control of the one who cultivate that Gu.? ? ] 

In the hospital, Shen Bohan, who had a high fever for a few days and finally got better, was still very weak at the moment. He didn’t have the energy to pay attention to his mobile phone.

But as luck would have it, when he heard the phone ringing this time, he reluctantly raised his arm and grabbed it from the head of the bed and glanced at it.

With a glimpse, the look on his face became terrible.

The content on the photo was clear and bright. For fear that he wouldn’t be able to discover the blind spot without careful attention, Lin Li edited it later and circled the part where the two people were holding hands.

With one glance, Er Shao almost fainted again.

Lin Li on the other side was excited and continued to send him a long voice message: Can you tell where this is? Is your elder brother being stimulated by something? Is he into men? Crap, crap, crap, if I send this photo to others, the whole circle will be blown up…

“Cough cough cough cough cough!”

A violent cough echoed in the private hospital ward.

The sound mixed with pop dance music continued, but Shen Bohan threw the phone away heavily, he didn’t want to hear another word.

It was a pity that the quality of the new mobile phone wasn’t bad. After being smashed on the wall, Lin Li’s harsh and unpleasant voices continue to be heard.

Shen Bohan: “…..”


The room Shen Yijin reserved for himself was at the corner of the corridor on the second floor.

The entire bar covered an amazing area, the upper and lower floors added up to about three or four thousand square meters.

On the first floor were public areas such as the dance floor and several small private rooms, while the second floor was completely converted into private rooms of different sizes, which was equivalent to small KTV rooms that were more suitable for private parties.

Shen Yijin’s room was a bit special. It was completely independent of other small private rooms, and it was the only room around the corner.

There was no room number. The shape of the door was very low-key and unremarkable, the location was even more secretive.

Jing Xun entered the room. The area inside was quite large. It seemed that two or three small private rooms had been merged and renovated. Except for the bathroom, the whole place was like an open layout, which was equivalent to a small flat floor of 70 or 80 square meters.

After pushing open the inconspicuous door, Jing Xun keenly discovered that this door was not the same door he had entered and exited last time.

This is amazing.

But although the room was viewed from another angle, the furnishings remained the same. It was no different from the last time he came.

…At that time, although he wasn’t very clear-headed, he still remembered where the sofa was and where the bathroom was.

But without smart systems in the room, the lights had to be turned on manually, and the curtains had  to be pulled manually.

——It was only after entering the room and closing the door that Jing Xun realized it was raining again outside.

The summer showers slapped the glass windows hard, extinguishing the scorching heat that had been entrenched for a long time.

Jing Xun couldn’t care less about this.

He glanced at Shen Yijin, and immediately ran to the window, moving nimbly to close the window and pull the curtains.

…Now he knew why sir seemed to be a little off just now.

Turns out it was raining again. This thing was evil to say the least.

It seemed that every time it rained in Dragon City, Mr.’s mood became very bad.

It had nothing to do with where he was, or whether he knew it was going to rain.

Just as rheumatic patients could feel the rainy weather, Shen Yijin… how to describe it…it was as if he had a radar in his mind.

Of course, sometimes this kind of sense wasn’t accurate. The doctor said it was mainly related to the Mr’s thoughts and emotions.

….It seemed that for every premonition of rainy weather in Dragon City, he would feel very awful.

Jing Xun didn’t really understand this either.

But it became his instinctive reaction to pull the curtains on rainy days just in case.

There were several windows in this room. Jing Xun had just drawn the curtain of the last window when he turned around and saw Shen Yijin standing right behind him.


He wasn’t startled. Jing Xun focused all of his attention on Shen Yijin, and naturally heard his footsteps.

After turning around, he walked up to Shen Yijin with an air of ease, but secretly observed the other party’s eyes and expression carefully. He asked cautiously: “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Shen Yijin said.

Jing Xun couldn’t help but look up at him. He just drank a few sips of wine, but before he began to get confused, he was scared to sober up.

It was just that his flushed cheeks after drinking were facing Shen Yijin. His eyes were full of unconcealable worry, staring meticulously, making the youth’s face look more focused.

Shen Yijin liked his focused gaze very much, so he gently raised the young man’s jaw, lowered his head, and kissed him.

The thin smell of alcohol, mixed with the unique scent of Mr.’s body, added to such a location…it was inexplicably called Jing Xun to remember the scene when he was here last time.

His legs trembled slightly, but his waist was caught, and he was forcibly supported.

In the end, he was kissed so much that he could barely breathe before being released. Jing Xun fiercely inhaled, his cheeks were already flushing.

The red corners of his eyes also rippled, and the mole underneath made him look a little pitiful.

Shen Yijin couldn’t help touching his face, “Is Xiao Xun okay?”

“Remember to breathe through your nose next time.”

Jing Xun: “……”

After kissing so many times, of course he knew he should breathe through his nose!

But that’s not it… When he got nervous in actual combat, he couldn’t breathe for some reason! 

He was vaguely labeled as “no experience” in front of his lover, which made the blush on Jing Xun’s cheeks even worse.

But after the kiss, Mr.’s breath had eased a lot. Jing Xun looked at Shen Yijin with his still red eyes and asked, “Sir, do you feel better?”

“En.” Shen Yijin said, “It’s not bad.”

…..When he deliberately emphasized that it wasn’t bad, that is to say, it wasn’t really that good.

Jing Xun’s eyes lit up. His experience told him that he should talk to Mr. at this time to distract him.

So he pulled Shen Yijin onto the sofa, sat down, and began chatting casually.

Jing Xun: “Sir, do you come here often before?”

Shen Yijin: “I don’t come often.”

Jing Xun: “Sir…will occasionally live here?”

Shen Yijin: “En.”

Jing Xun: “……”

Jing Xun suddenly discovered that he still didn’t know anything about Shen Yijin’s past.

His hands on his knees clenched slightly. Jing Xun tried to ask, “Why were you living here?”

Shen Yijin: “Because… I don’t want to go home.”

Jing Xun: “?”

Which home was sir talking about?

Shen Yijin still answered all his question: “All homes.”

Jing Xun: “……”

This topic suddenly became a bit strange.

And somehow it felt a little heavy.

Jing Xun didn’t dare to dig into deeper detail. His bright eyes glanced into the distance, and he pointed to another door at the end of the room.

“Sir, what’s the matter with that door?”

That door should be the same door he came in last time.

He didn’t want to mention this.

…But in order to distract Shen Yijin’s attention, he had to work hard.

“Does Xiao Xun want to go and see?” Shen Yijin suddenly stood up: “You came in from there last time.”

Jing Xun: “……”

This… Mr. didn’t need to be so sensible and remembered this matter so clearly.

At this moment, Shen Yijin had also pulled him up to his feet. When he reached the door, he lifted his hand and unlocked it like a treasure hunt. The door was then easily pulled open and they started walking inside.

Walking through a long and silent corridor, he opened another locked iron door again, and there was another iron door in front of them.

This place was like a stairwell. In this open space, the sound of rain outside could be heard again.

Jing Xun knew this was the last iron door, outside should be the open-air rooftop.

On their right hand side, there was a staircase extending downward. Looking down, it was dark and there was no light.

But surely, that should be the only way to go from the first floor to the rooftop.

Before he transmigrated, the dispirited original owner walked all the way up the roof from this staircase.

The scum gong’s small group followed and chased him all the way to humiliate him with their words.

Other strangers who simply watched the excitement also followed from here.

But now, this staircase was empty and the smell of dust was still heavy. It seemed that no one had walked by for a long time.


In fact, Jing Xun still had some impressions of the silent corridor that he had just walked through behind him.

At that time, he was in a bad state when he had just walked down the roof. In order to prevent those people from following him, he deliberately avoided going downstairs and chose to enter the inconspicuous small door opposite.

Now recalling that event, he felt very fortunate that he chose to open this door…

“This place was locked again after you left last time. Generally speaking, no one can enter that room from the outside.” Shen Yijin said.

Jing Xun: “…Eh.”

He seemed to suddenly understand why he was able to enter Shen Yijin’s room so smoothly last time without any bodyguard stopping him…

The reason was because the two doors were usually locked, but on that day, they were inexplicably opened by mistake.

No one knew the door was actually unlocked, so it didn’t even occur to anyone that the door should also be guarded.

And with so many people on the rooftop at the time, he was the only one who took the unusual path.

…… He didn’t need any calculation to realize how small this probability was!

“Because it is a small door.” Shen Yijin said that it wasn’t difficult to understand, “Few people dare to walk into this door in the middle of the night.”

“Xiao Xun was the first.”

Jing Xun: “……”

He was a typical materialist. For him, walking into a dark and silent corridor was much better than being captured by the scum gong’s friends, so at that time he didn’t feel very scared.

But now looking back at the small door they just got out of…If it weren’t for Shen Yijin, he would really not go inside.

In dim light, he was met with Shen Yijin’s interested and measured look. Jing Xun felt that he should explain that he wasn’t an odd person.

He said with a straight face, “That only means that I have a fate with sir.”

As he said this, he laughed out loud himself.

In the dusty enclosed corridor, the youth smiled with a sunny radiant face.

——Surely, it was a fate that cannot be explained by probability and statistical calculations.

Jing Xun didn’t believe this kind of superstitious thing in the past.

But since he came into this book world, even if he didn’t want to believe it, he couldn’t help but believe it.


His Adam’s apple rolled up and down. Shen Yijin chewed this word carefully, his deep eyes gazing like a torch.

He looked at him with his lowered gaze. His expressionless face seemed to be full of emotions. There was only a dim light above his head. Jing Xun couldn’t clearly see the other party’s face.

He could only feel the other party grabbing him and holding his hand.

Their slender fingers intertwined.

He still felt like it wasn’t enough. Finally, Shen Yijin opened his arms and took him into his embrace again.

He was hugged tightly. After a while, Shen Yijin suddenly let go of him, then turned around, and directly opened the iron door leading to the rooftop.


The rain outside was still falling, there was no thunder, but the rain was heavy.

Under the pouring rain, the neon lights downstairs illuminated the rooftops into a snowy brightness. In Jing Xun’s field of vision, Shen Yijin had his back to him and was facing the light.

…As soon as he thought of the rooftop outside, Jing Xun could hardly think about other things. He had already rushed forward and encircled Shen Yijin’s waist from behind.

“What are you doing, sir, don’t scare me!”


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    Gu[蛊] is a Chinese mythical poisonous insect/worm/parasite that appears in a lot of Xianxia novel. The person who is poisoned with Gu insect is under control of the one who cultivate that Gu.
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