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MSGVB Chapter 55.2

Displaying Affection Compilation (Part2)

Translator: Hua

Bonus chapter~
Thanks @ForWhatItsWorth and @MochiSpiider for the ko-fi  <3

Chapter 55: Displaying Affection Compilation (Part2)

His gaze swept across Shen Yijin’s face, all the way down, and finally he paused for a while on his Mr’s fingers. It was not until Shen Yijin called him that Jing Xun hurried back to his senses. 

But what Jing Xun didn’t know was that his own presence was also very strong.

Two days ago, his hair grew long, so Jing Xun went for a haircut. It was still a refreshing and delicate student hairstyle, but after a special design by a senior barber, the short hair was very artistic, which matched just right with Jing Xun’s handsome face and prominent facial features.

He was likable and honest. The new hairstyle was as restrained as he was, gentle and unassuming.

This made Jing Xun completely unable to blend into the nightclub style. But his unique handsome appearance was undoubtedly a breath of fresh air here. Because he was different, he attracted more attention.

In this way, sitting with Shen Yijin, who looked abstinent, they became the strongest combination.

Even though their table had been designed to be more secretive, the line of sight directed to him didn’t decrease.

Jing Xun, who wasn’t keen in this regard, didn’t notice the eyes of others. He finally chose a cup of blue Hawaii, which had a rather refreshing color.

Knowing that the boss would come, the manager of the nightclub had already made preparations. He had also specifically asked the waiters to be more dexterous, so the cocktail Jing Xun ordered was quickly served.

The ice-blue liquid was placed in a cocktail glass with a lot of decorations on it. It was beautiful and dreamy, which was Jing Xun’s favorite style.

The salt grains dabbed on the mouth of the glass balanced the taste of the cocktail very well. There was almost no alcohol taste, only a salty, sweet, and sour fruity aroma.

But Jing Xun did not dare to drink too much. As someone who had been successfully knocked out by a few glasses of beer, he didn’t have so much confidence in his drinking capacity.

Most importantly, he was more interested in the whiskey in Shen Yijin and Tang Li’s glass.

“Sir, I want to try this.” Jing Xun said with bright eyes.

He had never drunk strong liquor and had little concept of high strength alcohol. Jing Xun just thought that the light coffee-colored liquid soaked in ice cubes was also beautiful in the bright round crystal glass.

The hand holding the glass was very beautiful, and Shen Yijin’s appearance when drinking was also beautiful…

Therefore, the love for the house extends even to the crows perching on its roof1A metaphor: When you love someone, that love extends to people or things related to them. Similar to the English proverb Love me, love my dog.. It also made him interested in the light-colored liquid that was swallowed by sir. 

Hearing his words, Shen Yijin’s light colored eyes looked over, a smile suddenly appeared in the bottom of his eyes: “Want a taste?”

“Then drink it.” Tang Li said on the side.

Tang Li had already drunk two or three jugs of sake during dinner. He had no intention of going home if he didn’t get drunk today. Just after sitting down, he drank two glasses of hard liquor in a row.

He was probably a little drunk right now, so his words and deeds became more and more eccentric.

He waved to the waiter: “Come, come, bring another glass.”

The manager, who had been consciously or unconsciously watching the movement here, quickly ordered someone to bring another glass over, but Shen Yijin said there was no need. He just picked up his own glass and handed it to Jing Xun, saying:” Xiao Xun can’t drink too much.”

It was sort of a way to explain to others why he didn’t use another glass.

It wasn’t the first time he drank something from Mr.’s glass, so Jing Xun didn’t think there was anything wrong.

Moreover, the light in the bar was dim. In normal times,  his sense of shame would make him more cautious in public places. But in the dark, hot, and noisy environment, plus a little alcohol ingestion made Jing Xun want to indulge a little at this time.

Without much thought, he took a sip of the wine in Shen Yijin’s hand.

…It’s really strong.

The bright red lips opened and closed, becoming redder in an instant.

Fortunately, Jing Xun was somewhat mentally prepared before drinking. He swallowed it calmly without any excessive reaction.

However, after the strong liquor passed through his throat, it instantly heated up his stomach. The round almond-shaped eyes immediately covered with a layer of mist. It was truly hot and uncomfortable after drinking.

Jing Xun wrinkled his nose and said decisively, “No more.”

“Hahaha.” Tang Li, who had been watching Shen Yijin cautiously feeding Jing Xun the liquor, was amused by his reaction.

And the manager, who was standing quietly waiting on the sidelines, also looked at the youth sitting next to the boss in shock…

From the moment they came in, when the boy was looking at the menu with their boss, he felt that something was amiss.

As for President Shen who just used his own glass to personally feed the young man… At that time, the manager whole person became stupid.

President Shen didn’t come here often. He only came during specific days. Except for occasionally meeting some important clients or dealing with in-store matters, he would stay in the private room for the night.

Although it was overnight, the boss was always alone. He had never brought anyone up there, plus he had never seen anyone so close to their boss!

…Speaking of which, their President Shen really hadn’t visited for some time.

Jing Xun said it was spicy, then Shen Yijin automatically picked up a glass of water for him to rinse his mouth.

Tang Li, who had been completely overwhelmed by dog ​​food, pretended he didn’t see anything. He patted his brother and said, “I can’t sit here anymore, I’m going to stroll around and see if there are any nice little beauties. “

Xiao Tang: “……”

Xiao Tang felt that his brother was absolutely drunk. Although he didn’t like going out to play, Xiao Tang wasn’t unfamiliar with this kind of place. He planned to accompany his brother to go around.

In addition to worrying about his brother, the main reason was that he didn’t want to sit here alone as a light bulb!

The two left their seats one after another. Jing Xun took another sip of the cocktail in front of him, and then felt completely fine.

…He always heard people saying that they wanted to go to the bar to play, but when he was here, Jing Xun couldn’t see anything interesting.

Of course, he also knew that some people go out clubbing for a romantic affair, some were simply drinking with friends, and others chose to socialize in such a place.

He was bored just because these things were not of interest to him.

Other than anything else, let’s imagine they were here for a date… Since they were going for a date, of course it was more comfortable when he and sir were at home or in the company.

At least it wouldn’t be so noisy. Secondly, there wouldn’t be so many people next to him.

But this was also his first time in a nightclub with Shen Yijin

Out of consideration that one should enjoy the pleasure of life here and now, Jing Xun still patiently nestled beside Shen Yijin.

The whisky was too strong, and now that big brother Tang wasn’t there, Jing Xun pushed his cocktail in front of Mr and asked him to drink it.

Instead of moving the drink on the table, Shen Yijin raised his arm to rest on the back of the sofa behind the young man, looking very much like Jing Xun was half-embraced in his arms.

He said, “If Xiao Xun is bored, we will go upstairs and take a rest.”


Jing Xun asked tremblingly: “Upstairs is… the place I accidentally entered last time?”

Shen Yijin said, “En.”

“That room is always reserved for me, and no one else will be staying in it.”

The implication was that it’s fine if he wanted to sleep, Jing Xun could go inside to rest.

But what Jing Xun thought of was completely related to the “first time”…

After drinking, his face was already fully ripe.

At this moment, since the surroundings were dark anyway, he generously buried his head in Shen Yijin’s body and said, “I… let’s sit here for a while.”

“Okay.” said Shen Yijin.

The hot breath of the youth sprayed down on him. It seemed that he could even feel the other party’s trembling eyelashes through the collar.

Shen Yijin couldn’t help raising his hand to touch the young man’s soft hair.  

The lofty man sat in the highest place in the bar, his posture was like a king.

Shen Yijin glanced in one direction with indifferent eyes, then simply turned around halfway, and half embraced the young man in his arms.


Their location was supposed to be remote and not often illuminated by lights, so it should have been an extremely private seat. 

But since they came in, they had drawn a lot of attention, so that after a long time, their position was still being watched consciously or unconsciously.

Lin Li2Shen Bohan’s scum friend who provokes Yan Jingxun to jump off the building. came to this bar with a few friends and some followers as usual today.

The bar run by the Shen family was high-end. The stage equipment and environment, including singers and DJs that could be invited, were also top-notch. Therefore, young people liked to come here for fun. It should be one of the most famous nightclubs in the city.

Although Shen Bohan was sick and hospitalized during this period of time, it did not delay the friends around him from continuing to come here for fun.

However, when someone told Lin Li that Shen Yijin was coming, Lin Li still subconsciously wanted to hide because he was one of Shen Er Shao’s diehard followers.

The relationship between Shen Bo Han and Shen Yijin wasn’t close, which people in the circle were well aware of.

The aura surrounding Shen Yijin’s whole body was too cold and sharp, it was really scary.

Fortunately, according to the rules they learned, even if Shen Yijin came, he was either here to deal with important things or went directly into the small private room, and rarely appeared in the hall.

Lin Li and the others deliberately avoid him. As long as they got into the center of the dance floor or simply set up a private room to stay for a while, they generally wouldn’t encounter him.

Unexpectedly, the little follower who reported to them said, “Yan Jingxun is here too…”

“What?” Lin Li shouted immediately and put down his glass: “He dares to come here again?!”

Because the video of Yan Jingxun jumping off the building was exposed on the Internet, he got a good beating and scolding from family, and was also grounded.

After regaining his freedom, he automatically counted this incident on Yan Jingxun’s head…Er Shao said that the incident had passed, and it was not allowed to be mentioned again. They also didn’t look for Yan Jingxun again during this time. It was as if the two people had been completely broken up.

But this person even dared to come here…… Lin Li immediately stood up.

There was more than one rich second-generation youngster who had the same idea as him. The person who suffered the same fate as him and was also grounded couldn’t help but say: “Yan Jingxun…He’s not here to find Er Shao again, right?”

“No way, didn’t the two of them break up already?”

“Who knows, I feel that Er Shao has been very mysterious recently, haven’t you discovered it? Even Hu Xiaopeng has disappeared these days.”

“I guess he is busy taking care of Er Shao in the hospital, he’s trying to please him…hahaha. Yan Jingxun should go to find Er Shao at the hospital as well.”

“Hey, don’t you think that Er Shao seems to be in a bad mood recently, and he doesn’t contact us much anymore.”

“Come on, he was having a fever until he was hospitalized, how can he feel good?” Lin Li scolded his companion.

He didn’t intend to defend Shen Bohan. He sometimes hated Shen Bohan’s arrogance, but their small circle was centered around Shen Bohan. In this case, the more Er Shao was absent, the more he could stand firmly.

Lin Li asked the little follower: “Where is Yan Jingxun? It just so happens that Er Shao wasn’t here today, so let’s entertain him for Er Shao.”

“Uh…” The little follower suddenly became hesitant. After a long time, he said: “Brother Li, what I want to say is that… Yan Jingxun is sitting with Eldest young master Shen.”


“They came in together. Now they’re sitting at the top deck with others, but it looks like… he is following Eldest young master Shen…”

Then Lin Li and his group pushed their way up through the crowd and approached the upper deck location.

Afraid that their number would reveal their goal, they even deliberately spread out, forming several pairs in twos or threes, pretending to look up inadvertently.

The light over there was dim. They couldn’t really see anything from beneath, but occasionally when the spotlights swung… What did they just see?

Shen Yijin was personally feeding a young man.

Shen Yijin half-embraced a young man.

The eldest young master of the Shen family was easy to recognize, they couldn’t be wrong. As for that young man…

That young man… is undoubtedly Yan Jingxun.


The night was getting darker, and the bar became more and more boisterous.

The newly changed DJ dance music was deafening, and the stage was boiling. But despite this, Shen Yijin felt that many people were still looking in this direction of him and Jing Xun.

He raised his hand quickly and pulled the tie around his throat.

Feeling his movements, Jing Xun thought Shen Yijin was feeling hot, so he lifted his head and slightly opened the distance between them.

Jing Xun unnaturally squinted his eyes when his gaze glided over the other party’s sexy Adam apple. It just happened that the song had been changed, and the dance floor seemed to become more lively. He couldn’t help looking around to see the situation below.

Suddenly, a hand fell on his waist.

Shen Yijin buckled him back to his side. With a clear intoxicated breath, he called him in his ear with the crisp smell of alcohol: “Xiao Xuan.”


The heat and enthusiasm on the dance floor couldn’t cover up Mr.’s hoarse voice.

Jing Xun heard him say: “Let’s go upstairs and take a break, en?”


The author has something to say: 

Tang Li: President Shen has changed! He has to ask his wife’s opinion for everything!


  • 1
    A metaphor: When you love someone, that love extends to people or things related to them. Similar to the English proverb Love me, love my dog.
  • 2
    Shen Bohan’s scum friend who provokes Yan Jingxun to jump off the building.
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