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MSGVB Chapter 56.2

Predestined Fate + The Illness Got Better (Part2)

Translator: Hua

Chapter 56: Predestined Fate + The Illness Got Better (Part2)

“What are you doing, sir, don’t scare me!”

Since the video of “him” jumping from this building came out, even the stairs leading to this place on the first floor had been closed.

Now there were only two of them on the rooftop. Jing Xun’s voice had become a bit louder because of fear and anxiousness.

At this moment, Shen Yijin turned around.

The facial features on the overly handsome face were still beautiful, but the usual cold and indifferent eyes had some obvious stupefaction.

He looked at the young man’s head full of soft hair and felt the young man’s tension. He immediately realized it, and hugged Jing Xun in his arms again.

“Sorry, I scared you.”

His chest vibrated. Shen Yijin’s voice was low and hoarse, with a trace of guilt.

“…As long as you don’t want to do stupid things.” Jing Xun was afraid to let go.

The usually weak young man could also have a lot of strength.

Shen Yijin was hugged harder by the youth. He couldn’t help rubbing his chin against the soft fur on his head.

The husky, textured voice was so gentle that it was out of character at the moment: “Sorry, I just want to test it.”

“Test what?” Jing Xun still hugged him and didn’t let go.

“I want to see if I’m still afraid of the rain.”

While talking, Shen Yijin returned a firmer hug and said, “Jing Xun, thank you.”


Jing Xun was dumbfounded.

No longer maintaining the posture of dragging the other party’s waist firmly, Jing Xun slowly straightened up: “…So sir, doesn’t feel anything now?”

“En.” Shen Yijn’s voice was pouring from the top of his head, with a rare and somewhat warm smile: “As long as I think of Xiao Xun, I don’t feel it anymore.”

“That, that’s great, ah.”

It was great that he had such a change.

Determined that Shen Yijin didn’t want to take his own life, Jing Xun let go of his strength and instead lay in the other party’s arms.

The young man who no longer exerted his force had become soft again. He shifted almost the entire weight of his body to Shen Yijin, which made his hug look more like he was acting spoiled.

Shen Yijin took a deep breath, calmed the frightened young man more patiently and meticulously, and couldn’t help kissing his hair.

They just hugged like this for a long time.

Shen Yijin said, “Xiao Xun, let’s go back.”


They went back to the corridor they had just passed through, and then locked all the doors again. After returning, the first thing Shen Yijin did was to wash his hands in the bathroom.

Jing Xun, who followed up to the bathroom, saw that his back was wet. It should have been wet from the rain when he turned around and hugged him at the gate of the roof just now. Jing Xun couldn’t help saying, “Sir, take your clothes off.”


Shen Yijin, who was washing his hands, didn’t move until Jing Xun gestured behind him and said, “Your suit jacket is wet.”

Shen Yijin: “…En.”

Shen Yijin, who had washed his hands, automatically took off his jacket. He pulled on the necktie, and glanced at Jing Xun beside him, saying: “Xiao Xun’s clothes are…dirty.”

“Huh?” Jing Xun turned around and took a look in the mirror. He found that his shoulder had rubbed against something, it became black and very conspicuous.

He heard that the corridor just now was built many years ago during the war, and then it changed hands again and again. The internal structure was changed seven or eight times until it became the current style of bizarre passage.

There was no light inside, and it was narrow, so it was normal for it to be dusty.

Although Jing Xun didn’t mind, he still had a little cleanliness habit. He wanted to take off his clothes at this time.

He asked Shen Yijin: “Sir, do you have any clothes here? Lend me some?”

“En, I’ll find it for you.”

Shen Yijin wiped his hands clean, and returned to the room.

The innermost part of this room was the bed, next to it was a wardrobe.

But there were few signs of habitation here. Except for the necessary toiletries, Shen Yijin didn’t store any personal belongings here, let alone any clothes.

The only set of clothing was the one from the time he broke in by mistake… it was crumpled, but now it had been washed, ironed, and hung back in the cabinet neatly.

There was nothing else.

…Not even a piece of home clothes.

Mr. came to live here when he said he didn’t want to go home.

What kind of lifestyle is this?

He couldn’t help but feel even more curious about Shen Yijin’s previous lifestyle. Jing Xun suddenly remembered that last time he was here, sir didn’t even turn on the light, the smell of cigarettes and alcohol in the room was so strong.

…Was he likely to come here when he was ill just to sit all night?

“……” Upon such a simple thought, Jing Xun began to feel sad.

That’s so lonely!

Everyone said that Shen Yijin was indifferent, unkind, and difficult to get close to.

But that may be because he often sat alone in the dark all night long.

 ……And nobody knows.


In the past, Jing Xun couldn’t sleep when he felt unwell, so he often stayed up overnight. 

But at least he could still read in his head.

Later he got to know more people, and there were often seniors who accompanied him all night, telling him stories and sharing movie plots…

It was also because he was dying at that time, loneliness was a matter of many years ago, and it was too late to feel it again.

But now, the newly reborn Jing Xun seemed to be able to recall the feeling of having to fight everything on his own again.

Most importantly, when he thought of Mr. Longlegs sitting alone on the sofa in the darkness, his eyes red and frozen, and the cigarette burnt out between his fingers…

“Sir…” Jing Xun called out uncontrollably.

After drinking, his still reddened eyes almost blinked out tears. Suddenly Jing Xun, who was inexplicably emotional, felt that his nose was sour.

Shen Yijin had come over with his shirt. After seeing his appearance, he couldn’t help accelerating his steps.

“Xiao Xun? What’s wrong?”

Quickly walking up to the youth, Shen Yijin’s long and slender fingers touched his face.

Jing Xun didn’t dare to let Shen Yijin see anything abnormal. He hurriedly averted his eyes: “It’s nothing.”

But with his current appearance, a weeping beauty with red eyes like a pear blossom bathed in rain, the lethality wasn’t ordinary.

Especially at a glance, the slender eyelashes with a few tiny drops of water trembled wildly, showing more grievances, making people’s hearts broiled in turmoil.

Shen Yijin randomly tossed the shirt aside, and hugged Jing Xun while looking down to carefully examine the youth’s eyes: “Xiao Xun?”

“I’m okay, sir.” Jing Xun wiped his face carelessly and backhandedly hugged Shen Yijin. He said: “Anyway…..I will accompany you wherever you go from now on.”

When Jing Xun said this, his intention was only to make sure that Shen Yijin wasn’t lonely.

He seemed to ignore the fact that without any premise, it sounded like…clingy words of love.

But when Shen Yijin listened, not only did he not feel clingy, he even laughed.


He answered, then raised the young man’s head and dropped a kiss at the corner of his red eyes.

The thin lips then went all the way down, and the young man’s wet eyelashes trembled even more.

Finally, he felt Shen Yijin biting on his neck again. Jing Xun suddenly thought of something, and after a small cry, he pushed him away slightly.

“I, I, I will change my clothes first.” Jing Xun said in a low voice, “My clothes are still dirty…”

“Okay.” Shen Yijin’s voice was hoarse and his eyes were deep.

“I’ll change it for you.”

With that said, Jing Xun’s T-shirt was directly lifted and taken off.

…Shen Yijin was tall and strong, so he could easily fiddle with him back and forth.

Without his top, Jing Xun’s breathing became slightly deeper and heavier. Moreover, they were too close.

And for some reason, sir suddenly carried him and sat him on the sink. Then he began to get closer and bite his neck.


Oh my.

Could it be that they’re really going to revisit old haunts today?!

His throat felt a little dry for a moment. Jing Xun had no choice but to raise his jaw high.

In the mirror, Shen Yijin’s tie was completely torn off by himself, and the collar was also loose. The other party’s slender and straight back was slightly arched with graceful lines, like a beast ready to strike.

The shadows of the two people completely overlapped under the light.

But after lingering in a certain position for a while, sir suddenly stood up again without any prior notice.

Afterward, the white shirt that belonged to Shen Yijin was draped over his shoulders.

Returning to his senses, Jing Xun was brought down and stood with his feet on the ground.

Jing Xun: “……”

The bathroom echoed with his own panting.

Shen Yijin drooped his eyes to look at him, his expression still showing no emotion.

Jing Xun: “…………”

Sure enough, his illness couldn’t be cured in a day.

Although Mr. didn’t have any depressed emotions anymore, he had restored his tranquility, which meant… all his emotions were gone. As usual, he was calm and self-restrained, like an ancient well without waves1Have no s*xual desire

No desire meant no desire.

The medical report indicated that the state of Mr. Villain was originally two extremes.


Alas, forget it, forget it.

Not feeling any discomfort during his episode was already a great improvement.

Jing Xun didn’t think that aspect2Having s*x was important.

He always felt that it was enough to have experienced it once. Only spiritual pleasure could last forever. This wasn’t half bad.

Jing Xun didn’t feel anything at all. He looked back at Shen Yijin’s eyes and still smiled gently.

In order not to make Mr. embarrassed, he deliberately came forward and also nibbled on the other party’s neck a few times.

En… Just think of it as a kind of intimated game play…you bite me, I bite you.

Sir, as you can see, I just took a few bites and didn’t continue to do anything.

So it’s nothing.

Jing Xun felt that he was really thoughtful.

Shen Yijin stood there and let him bite, even holding his waist tightly with one hand.

Jing Xun wasn’t aware that, in the mirror, Shen Yijin’s dark eyes were filled with a helpless and indulgent smile.

He said: “Xiao Xun, I think we…”

Before the voice fell, an intensive knock on the door suddenly sounded outside, and then there came the manager’s voice: “President Shen.”

Hearing the sound, Jing Xun looked out of the bathroom. Someone knocked on the door at this moment, then something must have happened…

“Let’s take a look.” Jing Xun said.


Shen Yijin slowly released him, and pulled the shirt that was draped over his shoulders, covering all the traces on his chest.

Mr.’s long and straight eyelashes drooped downward: “Put on your clothes first.”

Jing Xun: “!”

Waiting for Jing Xun to put on the shirt, Shen Yijin walked over and opened the door.

“President Shen…” The manager was standing outside the door. He was shocked by Shen Yijin’s imposing manner when opening the door. He rarely saw President Shen in such a disheveled state, and was slightly taken aback.

It was only when Shen Yijin asked him what happened that he remembered what to say.

“It’s Tang shao ye, he has drunk too much, you should go and see…”

At this time, the youth who went back to the room with President Shen also appeared behind him.

The manager noticed sharply that the young man had changed his clothes!

Looking at the size of the clothes, obviously, that was President Shen’s shirt…

The author has something to say: 

Shen Yijin: ? There seems to be something wrong with this plot.

Question: Facing the overwhelming President Shen who “can’t do it3Can’t have s*x”, What do you think? 

Jing Xun: It’s not that sir “can’t do it”. It’s only due to his psychological problems. [Serious face, Strongly denied.]

Shen Yijin:…………


Jing Xun after the formal marriage:………………[Thanks for the invitation, too tired, don’t want to respond]


  • 1
    Have no s*xual desire
  • 2
    Having s*x
  • 3
    Can’t have s*x
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