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MSGVB Chapter 53.2

Do you know who this is? (Part 2)

Translator: Hua

Chapter 53: Do you know who this is? (Part 2)

“Could it be that you saw the wrong person?” Yan Guangzhuo looked at his nephew opposite, “How could Jingxun be there!”

“There is absolutely no mistake!”

Shi Tailin on the opposite side swore to heaven and earth: “I really saw cousin Xun entering the President’s office over there, and he even went in with President Shen! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come all the way here to tell you about it!”


Sitting in his office chair, Yan Guangzhuo still didn’t believe that son of his could get into any relationship with the Shen’s, but Shi Tailin added: “By the way, what if cousin Xun deliberately lies to you, uncle?”

“I think it’s possible.” Yan Guangzhuo’s son Yan Zhengbo said: “With his awkward character, the more you ask, the less he will say it.”

Yan Zhengbo: “But he was just a student who hasn’t graduated, he can at most be a temporary assistant or something. How can he help us? You don’t have to care about him.”

“That’s not what I said.” Shi Tailin obviously didn’t think so. He said, “In order to meet President Shen, I spent a month squatting at Shen’s building! Cousin, you haven’t been there, so you don’t know how high the threshold of their Shen family is! When you go to see President Shen, they say you need to make an appointment first, but that appointment is not available at all. Is that someone we could easily meet? It would be great if we knew an assistant by his side who could make arrangements! “

The more Shi Tailin talked, the more aggrieved he became. After graduation, he came directly to work with his uncle. In the past, his uncle treated him well. He thought with this connection he could live a life of leisure and ease, as a result his uncle gave him all the hard and tiring work while also calling it training. 

For instance, at present, his uncle wanted to play a big hand this year. He took a fancy to a piece of land and wanted to contract it to build a high-end community.

However, it wasn’t a trivial matter to contract the land for building alone. There were many difficulties to overcome from bidding to land opening and construction. In particular, when the bank loans were limited, If you want to become bigger and stronger, you still have to find the leader in the industry, Shen Group, to help with funding.

Everyone in the circle knew that Shen Yijin of the third generation of the Shen family had the final say in the Shen’s real estate business.   

As for Shen Yijin, everyone in the circle knew that he was ruthless, moody, and not the least bit merciful.

They once sent a copy of the cooperation proposal, and received a reply within two days—the other party rejected them. Obviously, their project and the conditions of expulsion were not enough to impress the other party.

The plan wasn’t impressive, and naturally there was no need to meet and talk.

Currently, it was difficult enough to meet President Shen, let alone persuade him to inject capital into their business!

But even so, his uncle was unwilling to give up the original cooperation and profit transfer plan, and also gave him full authority to do such a hard job of convincing Mr. Shen….

Thinking of this, Shi Tailin almost went bald under pressure every day.

Nothing could be done. The Shen Group, which had been taken over by Shen Yijin in the past two years, was a piece of fat meat, with powerful momentum.

The projects and enterprises that could be favored by Shen’s were all taking off and soaring.

Shi Tailin also knew that their company’s project was actually not high-quality enough for the Shen, but his uncle was in charge of everything in the company, he could only attempt to impress the other party with honesty and persistence. In order to impress President Shen, he squatted bitterly in the Shen Group for a month.

But on the first day of squatting there, Shi Tailin found that he wasn’t the only one who tried to impress President Shen with sincerity and perseverance.

Shi Tailin said to Yan Zhengbo: “Cousin, don’t you know? I wait every day in the small reception room opposite the secretary’s office. Every day there are five or six people waiting with me… If it weren’t for my quick-wittedness as I sneaked to President Shen office twice while the secretary didn’t pay attention, I wouldn’t have found cousin Xun…”

“Uncle, please try to ask cousin Xun again. If he can talk to President Shen, he might be able to give us a bridge. After the implementation of this project, although our company is not comparable to a group like Shen’s, the real estate industry must at least have your name, uncle, doesn’t it…”

His uncle really wanted to be among the real top figures, but his cousin Yan Zhengbo couldn’t listen anymore: “Why are you so sure that you saw Yan Jingxun? You can’t even see that President Shen, but Yan Jingxun can? I just can’t believe it?”

“Don’t believe me then. Cousin Xun and I grew up together when we were young. How could I see wrong?” Shi Tailin said, and couldn’t help but curl his lips.

He had long looked down upon Yan Zhengbo because he was the son of his uncle. He had just graduated, but he swaggered and did nothing in the company under the banner of not knowing anything. He said these words at this time to deliberately satirize Yan Zhengbo as a mistress born child who joined the Yan family later, and were not in the same class as them.

Yan Zhengbo was so angry that he wanted to curse at him, but Shi Tailin was not afraid of him, and continued: “The main reason is that cousin Xun looks good. Since childhood, there has been no better-looking person than him. I can recognize him at a glance. How? Besides, cousin Xun is different now. You didn’t see what he wore that day…”

“If you recognized him, why didn’t you go forward and talk to him?” Yan Zhengbo retorted.

Shi Tailin was stabbed at sore spot, “Fuck, it was because of President Shen… you’ll know when you come to Shen’s with me someday! Wanna go talk to him? A group of bodyguards will separate you directly. The internal secretary staff is not easy to mess with either. They will directly invite you back to the reception room!”

“Alright, don’t make any noise!” Yan Guangzhuo got a headache because of the quarrel. He roared, and then said to Shi Tailin, “I know you had a hard time during this period, but if you want to grow in business, you have to go through this process! Okay, I’ll keep an eye on Jingxun’s side, but don’t get your hopes up. Even if he is an intern at Shen’s, an assistant may not be able to help. You still do what you have to do, and try to get another meeting with that Shen Yijin, this time I’ll go talk in person.”

“Uncle…” Shi Tailin still wanted to argue.

He wanted to say what he saw that day…..he felt that the relationship between cousin Xun and President Shen wasn’t ordinary at all.

Although he just glanced at it hastily, if he hadn’t mistaken, when the two people entered the office, it was Shen Yijin who opened the door for Yan Jingxun. It was his cousin who went in first, and President Shen followed in behind.

…Even if he hadn’t had the opportunity to formally meet him, President Shen’s iconic height and appearance were there, he wouldn’t have recognized the wrong person.

Besides, the two people actually entered the President’s office back and forth, the place that he could never dream of entering.

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, Shi Tailin would not let his uncle contact his cousin with such a big fanfare.

But that scene, how to describe it….Speaking of it, he himself couldn’t even believe it!

Just when Shi Tailin didn’t know how to narrate, Yan Zhengbo said, “Don’t you just want to meet Shen Yijin once and talk to him in person?  What’s so hard about that? Just wait and see.”


At night, Shen Yijin hadn’t finished his work yet.

However, he didn’t forget about the evening gathering.  So he made arrangements early for the driver to pick up Jing Xun from the company to the dinner place, and specifically called Jing Xun to notify him.

“Ohhh.” Jing Xun tidied up the office while holding the phone, intending to leave: “Assistant Tang and Mr. Tang are already there, right? Okay sir, I’ll go downstairs right away.”

“En.” Shen Yijin’s deep voice came from the microphone: “Be careful. Let me know when you arrive, I’ll be there soon.”

“Okay.” Jing Xun responded.

After closing the doors, windows and lights in the office, Jing Xun came out and took the elevator all the way downstairs. As expected, the uncle driver was already waiting at the entrance.

After getting in the car, Jing Xun was sent all the way to the meeting place.

The restaurant they chose was a very stylish restaurant with simple and low-key exterior decoration, but the interior was different.

The decoration of the entire restaurant was based on the theme of the ancient palace. The decoration style was unique and magnificent. The internal structure is row upon row of houses, imitating the ancient architectural forms of vermillion wall and flying eaves1.

Near the meal time, the restaurant was full of customers.

Jing Xun had just been led into the hall, when Xiao Tang, who had been waiting for him here, greeted him.

Only at noon did he know that there would be a dinner party in the evening. Jing Xun dressed casually today, with T-shirts and jeans, but he had an outstanding appearance and unique temperament. No matter what he wore on such occasions, he didn’t appear out of place.

“Xun Xun, you’re here!”

Assistant Xiao Tang was obviously very happy. He took Jing Xun to the private room and said as he walked, “My brother is already inside. The boss and Brother Zheheng said they’d be here soon? Are you hungry? What do you want to eat?”

They crossed a stone arch bridge built on an indoor lotus pond, and then climbed up the steps to reach the VIP room area.

Suddenly, Assistant Xiao Tang’s phone rang.

He glanced at the screen and explained to Jing Xun: “It’s Brother Zheheng.”

Then he picked up the phone.

He didn’t know what they were talking about, but Assistant Xiao Tang’s expression changed, as he stopped in his tracks: “What, Brother Zheheng, you’re not coming? How can that be! My brother finally came back…”

Jing Xun also stopped after hearing this.

He hadn’t met Big Brother Tang yet, and Shen Yijin wasn’t here either. Although he knew which private room it was, it was better for him to follow Assistant Xiao Tang to enter the private room on this occasion.

Assistant Xiao Tang was talking on the phone over there, and he stood nearby casually surveying the décor of the place.

With careful observation, the VIP rooms on this side were all built on a sightseeing boat2.

The boat was fixed in the lotus pond, not only was it surrounded by the sound of running water, but also encompassed by artificial fog.

The interior design of the sightseeing boat was also very elegant. Inside, there was a row of private rooms on the left and right sides. You can see red lacquered columns, oil-paper windows, and specially made ancient palace lanterns and high walls with murals along the way.

Although most of the private rooms on both sides were closed, it was foreseeable that the style inside must also be antique.

It was quite interesting.

He didn’t know what Jin Zheheng said over there, but Xiao Tang seemed very disappointed. While persuading Jin Zheheng to come over, he walked towards the exit he had just come from. His voice was much lower, as if he was afraid of being heard by Brother Tang in the box.

Jing Xun couldn’t help but cast a doubtful look. At this moment, the door of the private room behind him was suddenly opened. After hearing the door opening, Jing Xun subconsciously took two steps forward to get out of the way.

Yet at this moment, he heard a man’s voice behind him, saying: “President Shen will definitely come here. Believe me.”

Jing Xun: …?

Hearing this, Jing Xun turned around subconsciously and was met with the two people who came out from behind.

Both sides couldn’t help but freeze at the same time.

Jing Xun thought these two people looked familiar, but the two people opposite recognized him first.

“……Yan Jingxun?!”

Yan Zhengbo exclaimed. He didn’t expect to run into… his cheap brother here.

The last time he saw him was two or three years ago during the time he just went to college and came to their house to pay back money… At that time, WeChat transfer was popular, but he specially came to their house to return a measly 8000 yuan. What kind of idea his younger brother had could be guessed without thinking. It’s nothing more than fighting for their dad.

No one will easily miss a rich dad.

So the last time they met, he and his mother humiliated the other party severely, hoping that Yan Jingxun would be self-aware and stop showing up at their home again.

After that, Yan Jingxun really disappeared. Yan Zhengbo thought that they had completely cut ties with each other, but he didn’t expect to meet him here.


This time, Yan Jingxun’s appearance….was completely different from last time!

Honestly he wouldn’t remember what he looked like if they didn’t meet. 

This was also the reason why he thought Shi Tailin might recognize the wrong person.

After all, Yan Zhengbo only remembered the thin figure sitting on the sofa of their house, almost shrunken into a ball.

Humble and cowardly.

He was incompatible with their luxury villa.

But now Yan Jingxun…

The top was the latest Prada summer collection. The pants were from an unknown brand, but the shoes…that pair of shoes and the belt were obviously Hermès!

In addition to the clothes, the most important thing was that Yan Jingxun looked much more energetic than before.

The back was straighter and the eyes were brighter.

Although Yan jingxun was still so thin, although he seemed surprised to meet them here, the calmness in his expression came out of his bones and came naturally.

“Cousin Xun?”

Both sides fell into silence because of the surprise, instead, Shi Tai Lin called out again afterward.

He made an incredulous voice, which seemed to match Yan Zhengbo’s shock.

“You you you… why are you here?”

Yan Zhengbo said that he had used his contacts and found out that President Shen would be here today, at first he still didn’t believe it.

But after seeing Yan Jingxun here…or the brand new Yan Jingxun… Shi Tailin suddenly believed him a little.

He once again believed that he had not recognized the wrong person at the Shen Group before.

He also subconsciously felt that they might actually run into President Shen later.

But what’s the matter with his cousin, how did he change so much?

From a close range, Yan Jingxun’s appearance had not changed, but his temperament…really had changed too much!

He couldn’t help pulling on Yan Zhengbo’s sleeve, wishing to say directly: “Look at him, look at him, I told you I was right, the one who entered President Shen’s office is cousin Xun!”

Yan Zhengbo was getting annoyed.

For one thing, the current Yan Jingxun had given him a huge impact, making him feel a little irritable for no reason.

Secondly, it seemed that Shi Tailin’s claim that he saw Yan Jingxun at Shen’s was also vaguely about to become true. He felt like he had been slapped in the face.

So Yan Zhengbo shook off Shi Tailin irritably, and looked at the younger brother in front of him: “Why are you here? What’s with this outfit of yours? You…Which rich man did you follow?…”


Once the words were blurted out of his mouth, Yan Zhengbo only felt that the more he thought about it, the more this was true.

Yan Jingxun hadn’t graduated yet, how could he enter a company like Shen’s for an internship?

Even as an intern, it was impossible for him to enter the President’s office….He had a hard time finding connection within the Shen’s, but that person worked in the Shen family for more than ten years before climbing to the middle level!

So the only possibility was that Yan Jing came out to sell himself.

That appeared to be the case.

His younger brother was born with rosy lips and white teeth… Didn’t Shi Talin also say that he hadn’t seen a better-looking person than Yan Jingxun…

This appearance paired with a poor family and a patient to support, it was normal to sell himself.

Yan Zhengbo suddenly sneered: “No wonder you haven’t looked for our dad in the past two years. It turns out that you have degenerated for a long time.”

“Hey, what are you talking about?” There was a lot of noise on their side. Xiao Tang, who had just finished the call, quickly noticed, and immediately turned back and walked to Jing Xun’s side.

Xiao Tang stood with arms akimbo in front of Jing Xun: “Who are you, do you know who this is?”

Assistant Xiao Tang was a typical otaku. He liked 2D element more than going out to fool around. Moreover, the Yan family was at most a nouveau riche, not at the same level as the Tang family, so the two parties didn’t know each other.

Now he was also wearing brand name clothes and had a delicate appearance. Although he was sharp-tongued with an imposing momentum, he was still regarded as “the same type as Yan Jingxun” by Yan Zhengbo.

Yan Zhengbo likewise didn’t put him in his eyes in the slightest, he deliberately said to Shi Tailin next to him: “It’s just a duck3Duck is a Chinese slang word for male prostitute.. Now you know what’s going on, stop making a fuss.” 

Shi Tailin: “……”

Although he thought what Yan Zhengbo said was possible, something still didn’t feel right.

Mainly because… Wasn’t President Shen famous for being single in the circle? Even if Yan Jingxun was a kept man, it shouldn’t be President Shen…

To say he was a duck, that was even more wrong.

Someone like President Shen would bring a duck back to his office…?

Shi Tailin couldn’t figure it out, but Yan Zhengbo didn’t doubt it.

Once again, it was determined that Yan Jingxun couldn’t help his Yan family at all, so he didn’t even bother to have a conversation with him.

But when he thought of the afternoon in the office, his dad really intended to let Yan Jingxun go to work in their company…

Yan Zhengbo: “Say, what will happen if our dad knew what you did outside, my little brother.”

“…Damn, Xunxun, is this your brother?”

Jing Xun didn’t say anything, and Xiao Tang became more unable to listen. He directly shouted, “What is this guy talking about, bullshit. Where’s the security guard? Are there any security guards and waiters in this restaurant!”

“I don’t want to have a brother who sells himself like this.” Of course, Yan Zhengbo wasn’t afraid of security guards or waiters coming. He sneered: “Oh, by the way, you are not my brother. You are no longer a part of the Yan family since 15 years ago.”

The noise here really attracted some people, but it was not the security guard who came here, it was the store manager, two waiters, and those who were surrounded by them respectfully and cautiously…

Shen Yijin.

Due to the angle at which he was standing, Jing Xun was the first to see Shen Yijin in formal suit and leather shoes.

In fact, what Yan Zhengbo said didn’t affect him much. The reason why he kept standing here was because he overheard it just now… these two people seemed to come here on purpose to find Mr.

Worried about something, Jing Xun didn’t want to leave just like that.

It cannot be denied that the moment he saw Shen Yijin, Jing Xun’s heart just fell to the ground.

The corners of the youth’s naturally smiling lips rose unconcealed, his round almond eyes blinking in the distance, his eyebrows arched, greeting him in his own unique way. 

At the end of the long corridor, Shen Yijin also saw him.

President Shen speeded up subconsciously.

This man had a cold and unruly appearance, a stalwart and tall figure wrapped in an ironed suit, he was full of momentum and presence wherever he went.

So it didn’t take long when those with their backs to the entrance turned around subconsciously.

At the first sight of that figure, Shi Tailin’s mouth became very nervous—he didn’t expect that they would actually meet President Shen!

He couldn’t help looking at Yan Zhengbo in admiration. Receiving such a gaze, Yan Zhengbo was full of self-confidence. He gave up the conversation with Jing Xun, turned around and adjusted his suit, then deliberately put on a surprise appearance to greet him.

Yan Zhengbo: “President Shen?! Such a coincidence…”


Stiffly maintaining a half-bowing posture, the outstretched hand also stayed awkwardly in the air as Shen Yijin walked directly past him.

Under the dazed gaze of Yan Zhengbo and Shi Tailin, he walked directly… in front of Yan Jingxun?


“Xiao Xun.” In the corridor that had quieted down in an instant, Shen Yijin spoke up.

His tall figure almost obscured the sight of Yan Zhengbo and Shi Tailin, but this did not affect their hearing.

… Xiao Xun?

The two looked at each other and heard Shen Yijin say again: “Why are you standing here? Why don’t you go in?”

Yan Zhengbo & Shi Tailin: “…..”

What happened?

President Shen’s voice… Why does it sound different from what they know…

Isn’t this too gentle?

Just when the two people suspected that they had misheard, they heard the boy beside Yan Jingxun shout: “Boss, it’s them, they bully Xunxun!”


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    Duck is a Chinese slang word for male prostitute.
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