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MSGVB Chapter 18.1

Sorry for coming back late.

Translator: Hua

Everyone knew that the second young master had a bad temper. 


Before when he was annoyed by Yan Jingxun, he would let them humiliate Yan Jingxun with words, How come today…


After he exploded with foul language, Hu Xiaopeng and others dared not to speak any more, but Shen Bohan obviously didn’t plan to stop.


This time he looked at Hu Xiaopeng and the others: “Can’t you have some virtue on your f*cking mouths? What kind of place is this, can you joke casually? Do you have any discipline or upbringing?!”




The people in the hospital came and went, and they were directly scolded by Shen Bohan like this. Some thick-skinned people couldn’t bear it, let alone Hu Xiaopeng, who usually relied on them to get into the rich second-generation circle to show off, a man who valued his face more than his own life.


Hu Xiaopeng’s eyes immediately flushed, and he didn’t dare to look at Shen Bohan. He just wished to drill into the cracks in the ground to hide from others’ eyes.


It was a pity that the second young master was obviously not a person who would show compassion toward the weak1The idiom here is 怜香惜玉 which meant to have compassion for womanhood. But Hu Xiaopeng was a man so I changed the word to weak instead. 


He already regretted not protecting Yan Jingxun last time, and now his mind was full of Yan Jingxun’s pale face. For a while, he felt pity for him, and naturally he couldn’t tolerate others bullying him.


Actually they hadn’t seen each other for a few days, and Shen Bohan also calmed down.


People are very strange. As long as they didn’t meet or get in touch for a few days, they were like strangers. He felt as if he was about to lose that person… All those things that once made him sick of Yang Jingxun seemed to be less distinct.


After venting his anger on his companions, Shen Bohan turned his head back again, wanting to continue showing concern to Yan Jingxun.


But…when he turned his head back, tthe only thing he saw was Yang Jingxun….turning away and left? ?


……What does this mean?

Shen Bohan was pretty sure that Yan Jingxun had seen him.  


So now he didn’t even want to meet and say hello? !


There was a burst of anger, amidst the anger, Shen Bohan felt frustrated again. He went straight after him in that direction.


The person was still in his field of vision a second ago, and after he bypassed the emergency desk and chased him over, the person disappeared.


There were wards all around, and the corridors here extended in all directions. There were families and patients everywhere, and there were even sickbeds in the corridor…


Where to find him?


After a round of searching, he didn’t find the person. Shen Bohan returned to the guidance desk, feeling a little confused.


Hu Xiaopeng who stood in place was still aggrieved. This was the first time he saw the second young master chasing someone in such a panic, he was a little unconvinced, and muttered: “Second young master… that person, Yan Jingxun, he is actually not as pitiful as you think. Do you remember the picture I took a few days ago, the man who was with him…”


Shen Bohan couldn’t hear anything right now.


He recalled the details of his meeting with Yan Jingxun just now. He always felt that, before turning around, the other person looked at him with scorn and contempt.


But how is it possible? When did Yan Jingxun ever treat him like that? !


He couldn’t understand it. As a result, he was boiling with rage.   


Shen Bohan interrupted Hu Xiaopeng, and continued to criticize him: “F*ck, If it weren’t for you guys, how can there be so many things going on!”


This time he poured out his anger on his companions: “I’m telling you, don’t provoke Yan Jingxun again in the future, Do you hear me? Especially you, Hu Xiaopeng, who the hell do you think you are? I tell you, if you dare make groundless accusations and gossip again in the future, I’ll kill you!”  


Soon after turning around and leaving, Jing Xun’s phone rang. Even if the person had been deleted, but with the memory of the original owner, he also knew that this was the number of the scum gong.


Without even thinking about it, he just pressed the phone off and blocked the number.


Influenced by the original work, Jing Xun’s filter was as thick as a wall.


And he didn’t wrongly blame him either–not only was the second young master indirectly causing him to jump off the building and taking the drug at the beginning, in the subsequent video incident, Shen Bohan tried to push him out to take the blame for the rich second generation. The act of whitewashing was also an undeniable fact.


Besides, the brother of the original owner had not been hospitalized for only one or two days, and the scum gong still didn’t know that there was such a thing… It could be seen that his usual attitude towards the original owner was just playing around and he never really cared about it.  


So there was nothing to say about this kind of person.


It was not like they were really in love, and there was no such dramatic scene of looking at each other without saying anything. 


Jing Xun was a decisive person. When they met again, they didn’t even have to say hello.


But he obviously underestimated the second young master’s dedication.


——He blocked a number, and Shen Bohan called with another unfamiliar number. 


“Hello? Yan Jingxun, why are you avoiding me?” Shen Bohan’s voice came through the microphone.


Jing Xun was silent when he heard the sound, but the other side said to him: “Let’s talk, I know you are still in the hospital, have you encountered something? Why don’t you come to me for help, huh? “



Jing Xun was annoyed to death. 


Especially by the other party’s last tone “Huh?”


At that moment, a pair of peach blossom eyes suddenly appeared in Jing Xun’s mind.


It was clear and indifferent. Occasionally, there were some expressions.


… They were obviously a pair of brothers, but they don’t look alike at all. The personality was also much worse.


Jing Xun said directly: “If I remember correctly, we have broken up, second young master.”




This time it was Shen Bohan’s turn to be stuck and speechless.


The other party took a deep breath and said calmly, as if he had made up his mind: “Where are you? Let’s meet and talk.”


Jing Xun didn’t want to save his face at all, he said calmly: “But we have nothing to do with each other.”


The implication is: what else is there to meet and talk about?


Shen Bohan was blocked again.


… But when Yan Jingxun said this, there was a trace of resentment in his tone, and the second young master was rendered speechless. The other party tone was flat. He didn’t want to say a word to him.


The Second Young Master had never been a good-tempered person, especially when he had spoken to Yan Jingxun in such a proactive and humble manner!


“Yan Jingxun, don’t be ungrateful2不识抬举[bù shí tái jǔ]: fail to appreciate someone’s kindness..” Shen Bohan’s words contained a warning, with a touch of arrogance.


Since he didn’t pretend to be poor, his arrogance had increased day by day.


He didn’t pretend to be poor because he had played enough, and the reason he called the original owner’s name in this tone at will was also because he had played enough. 


To put it bluntly, he had never regarded the original owner as a person, so he did not need to respect him. In his eyes, he was just a toy, or a thoughtful animal or pet.

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  • 1
    The idiom here is 怜香惜玉 which meant to have compassion for womanhood. But Hu Xiaopeng was a man so I changed the word to weak instead. 
  • 2
    不识抬举[bù shí tái jǔ]: fail to appreciate someone’s kindness.
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    Thank you very much~❤️❤️❤️❤️.

  2. Avatar Loni says:

    Day1 of wishing for Shen Bohan to be abducted by aliens and treated like a pet/object. What goes around comes around (´▽`)
    Thank you~

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    Wow. What utter scum. Thank you for the update.

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    I just knew Shen Bohan wouldn’t get out of Jing Xun’s hair so easily! ? Shen Yujin, you need to sort out your brother after you get back – he’s pestering your spouse-to-be.
    Thank you for the translation ?

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    Oh my god, I’m so annoyed rn while reading this, this beach! He should go to hell sooner (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

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