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MSGVB Chapter 53.1

Do you know who this is? (Part 1)

Translator: Hua

Chapter 53: Do you know who this is? (Part 1)

After screening through the information that Shen Yijin brought to him and finding some problems that he could solve, Jing Xun was taken by President Shen to several different laboratories.

Then somehow, the news that he was able to answer any questions spread like wildfire.

This was the reason why Jing Xun has been very busy these two days.

Too many people came to ask him questions, but he was only busy for two days, and the situation had improved significantly since then.

After all, Rome was not built in a day, and the same goes for the models and programs. These all take time.

He could only give some help on algorithms and models, but the implementation had to be done by the whole staff of each laboratory.

And Jing Xun was also very carefree when it came to work.

He was doing what he liked best, so just like playing a game, he often forgot to rest. Shen Yijin had to supervise him and remind him to take a break.

But because of this, Jing Xun’s work efficiency was amazing.

He alone could assist three or five laboratories to do procedures and data at the same time. Not only did he take over increasingly difficult and challenging tasks, but he also didn’t delay anyone’s work progress.

That’s why Jing Xun gradually became a myth in the company.

Of course, for talents of his level, the company consciously kept it secret.

In particular, the internal control of Yiwei had always been strict, and the review of employees was also very strict, so no one would talk nonsense to the outside world.

Everyone wanted to silently hold this rare consultant to solve problems as much as possible, work more and make more money.

It couldn’t be denied that, with the addition of Jing Xun, the research atmosphere of Yiwei Technology had become stronger than ever.

Jing Xun, who solved simple problems to the same extent, also began to live like a normal researcher, but he didn’t have the time and target requirement.

He had more freedom than average employees, and it was also less boring this way.

Of course, he was still a little different from ordinary employees–Shen Yijin had transferred a large part of his shares to his name.

In one leap, he changed from a normal employee to the company’s largest shareholder, not to mention, according to Yiwei’s current benefits, he would have at least a few million dividends at the end of the year, plus other bonuses…

Since then, Jing Xun no longer had to log in to those recruitment websites from time to time to look for recruitment information, or take on other private jobs.

He had a healthy body brimming with vigor. Now there was also a place to do what he liked… Jing Xun was so happy that he could fly every day.

Apart from work, it was quite nice to go to and from work with Mr. everyday. In terms of technology alone, they had endless topics.

Shen Yijin suddenly became busier than before in these two days.

It also felt pretty good when the two of them work separately without chatting.

Only occasionally, Shen Yijin still often had to go to the Shen Group for meetings or deal with things that required his presence.

At this time, Jing Xun would work in the office obediently, waiting for him to come back.

Only in rare cases would he go to the Shen Group Building with him.

One one hand, it wasn’t necessary. On the other hand, it was quite boring there.

…He went there once with Shen Yijin. The other party was too busy, so he could only wait in the office the whole time while reading books.

He could continue to look around, but Yiwei Technology had only seven floors, while the Shen Group building had fifty or sixty floors!

After all, it was a conglomerate. Shen Group had been involved in the medical, education, real estate and entertainment industries in recent years, so it was normal for the scale to be so large. 

This also meant that Jing Xun couldn’t finish looking around, he also had little interest.

Today Shen Yijin had a very important meeting at the company. Jing Xun didn’t follow him, but stayed at Yiwei alone.

He had already adapted to Yiwei’s environment. After having lunch with Mr at noon, Jing Xun was even coaxed to take a nap.

When he woke up again, Shen Yijin had already left. He got up and ate the new desserts that Secretary Mi had discovered near the company, and paired it with a cup of freshly brewed black coffee. The beautiful afternoon began with the aroma of coffee and the sweetness of cupcakes.

Feeling energetic, Jing Xun specially took a picture of afternoon tea and sent it to Shen Yijin, although he knew the other party should not have time to read it.

All in all, they often stuck together, and their WeChat conversations were still pitifully few.

But why send wechat when they meet each other everyday!

Jing Xun quickly exited the chat interface between him and Shen Yijin, then opened a small group chat where he usually interacted with the seniors on the previous project.

The project was over, but the small group was still there, and everyone chatted in it every day.

Jing Xun scrolled up the chat log, and after a while, his mobile phone rang. It turned out that Mr had replied to him——

[Mr: Wake up? ]

[Jing Xun: Hmm. ]

[Mr: Good]

[Jing Xun: [<Cats Sell Meng.jpg>]

[Mr: En]

Jing Xun:…

Okay, the awkward chat is over.

Regarding the fact that Mr didn’t use any express packs, Jing Xun had long been used to it.

He had seen Shen Yijin’s cell phone, which had not stored any emojis at all.

In fact, he never saw Shen Yijin chatting with people on WeChat.

Mr.’s WeChat account was quite lively, occupied by all the assistant secretaries, supervisors and clients.

It’s just…..According to Secretary Mi, no one had dared to send President Shen an emoji pack while talking about work.

And if it’s not about work, no one would dare to chat with President Shen at all…..

So he should be considered one of the very few people who dare to send Shen Yijin content outside of work?

Thinking like this, Jing Xun typed a few more words:

[I’m going to work, so come back soon when you’re done.]

Shen Yijin quickly replied to him:

[En, okay]

He put down the phone. After the afternoon tea, Jing Xun started to work.

There were two more white boards standing in Shen Yijin’s office.

Jing Xun wasn’t accustomed to using paper drafts. He had always used the whiteboard to record ideas and procedures, which was also convenient for communication with others.

Fortunately, President Shen’s office was big enough to put two more.  

However, in this way, the office that had always been simple and cold, had a little more academic atmosphere, which matched the overall atmosphere of the company at this time.

Jing Xun was standing in front of the whiteboard to formulate new ideas when there was another message alert on his phone.

[Assistant Tang: Xunxun, did the boss tell you? My brother is back, let’s eat together tonight! ]

Jing Xun knew this because Mr had told him about it during lunch.

What he didn’t expect was that Grandpa Shen would have his birthday next month, and obviously there was still some time, but Assistant Xiao Tang’s brother came back more than ten days in advance…

But when he came back, Shen Yijin, as the old classmate, should welcome him. And as Shen Yijin’s…fiance, he was invited, and it seemed that he should also go.

Jing Xun said he had heard about it, and then asked about Xiao Tang’s brother’s current situation.

There should also be a driver on Xiao Tang’s side. The two of them were chatting on WeChat. Jing Xun learned that the other party was on the way to the airport. He heard the excitement in Assistant Tang’s voice and couldn’t help but smile.

Just then, his cell phone rang.

Seeing the name displayed above, Jing Xun did not pick it up immediately, but was startled for a moment.

Because it showed….. Not to mention him, even the original owner hadn’t received a call from this person for a long time.


[Mr. Yan]

This was the note the original owner had marked for his real father.


“Xiao Xun.” There was a mature male voice on the other end of the phone, calling him as soon as he picked up, and quickly asked: “How have you been?”

“I’m…pretty good.”

When changing the phone, all the numbers were directly copied to the new phone, and the remark of this number was naturally saved.

In fact, Jing Xun hadn’t noticed that there was such a number in his address book.

But this “Mr. Yan”, if he remembered correctly, the last time they contacted was when the original owner just entered college.

That was three years ago.

As the tragic little white flower in the book, the original owner’s life experience wasn’t particularly dog blood, but it could also be called tragic.

The scum father, that is, Mr. Yan who was on the phone, was caught cheating when the original owner was very young. Ms. Luo had a strong personality and couldn’t stand this kind of injustice, so the two divorced directly.

In order to fight for custody, Ms. Luo gave up almost everything.

They also learned afterward that the scum father already had someone else outside a long time ago, and also gave birth to a son and a daughter. Even the boy was two years older than the original owner. In fact, they didn’t mind that the original owner was taken away by Ms. Luo.

The reason why the divorce lawsuit lasted for a long time was mainly because he didn’t want to pay alimony.

So they hardly contacted each other since then.

In the original owner’s memory, he saw that Mr. Yan only a handful of times.

Three years ago, the original owner just received the admission notice from the University of Science and Technology, at the same time, his step brother Lei Tianhao was diagnosed with leukemia.

The high medical bills were like a bolt from the blue for a family that could only be classified as average. There was no remaining money to pay for the original owner’s tuition fee. As a last resort, the original owner found this father who had never raised him and wanted to borrow a sum of money as an emergency.

At that time, his biological father, Mr. Yan was also doing very well in Dragon City. It was said that he made a fortune in building material business in the early days, and then he started doing real estate business. Now he could be regarded as a person among upper class circles.

The original owner borrowed money from him, but it didn’t go well…..the money was received, but his biological mother, Ms. Luo, was humiliated.

The reason was that when Ms. Luo left, she said “righteously” that she would not have any contact with him again.

Jing Xun didn’t know how this section was described in the book, he only knew that in the memory of the original owner, it was raining that day.

He carried a few thousand dollars borrowed to pay tuition, dignity fell to the ground, the whole person from the inside out was cold.

Maybe the growth of a boy happened at this moment.

The original owner did not give up on himself or stop studying in anger. He worked during the whole holiday. After school, he also worked part-time, including winter vacation. He didn’t even rest on the day of the new year.

He spent more than half a year in this way. Not only did he earn the living expenses of the second half of the year, he could also subsidize his family, and even paid the money back to his scum father.

But even so, the day he went to return the money, he was still humiliated.

This time, it was from the current wife of his scum father, and the illegitimate child born from her.

It was a snowy winter day.

School was about to start. He called his scum father about returning the money, but the scum father asked him to sit inside his house in an unprecedented way.

The original owner went without much thought.

Perhaps his hard work for more than half a year was seen by his father. On that day, Mr. Yan’s expression was still kind, he didn’t say anything serious, and even praised him.

Instead, it was the stepmother and the brother who had no sentiment, they turned to him with a barrage of cynicism and mockery.

Although they were later taught by Mr. Yan, the original owner was deeply aware that they were a family and he was not.

He remembered the luxury and warmth of that villa.

But back in the rental house where he was with his mother and stepfather, he still never contacted that father again.

 And then there’s the present.

Jing Xun didn’t know why this “father” was suddenly looking for him, but perhaps the original owner’s memory filter was too thick, he can not have any affection for this father as he did with Ms. Luo.

Mr. Yan on the other side said: “There is nothing special, just…you are about to graduate, have you considered where to work for your senior internship? Do you want to come to Dad’s company?”

“…..” Jing Xun drew a question mark in his heart, and then said, “I don’t need it at the moment. Thank you, Mr. Yan.”

Without waiting for the other side to make a sound, he asked again: “Do you have anything else?”

The other party visibly faltered and said, “Xiao Xun, you don’t need to be so polite to me. I hope you can understand that the feud with your mother has nothing to do with you.”

Jing Xun: …..

Jing Xun knew very well that his parents’ grievances had nothing to do with him, but during those long years, for at least ten years, this man had not paid any alimony. This is a fact.

It was also true that this man’s cheating caused the family to break up, so that the original owner never felt any fatherly love since he was a child.

When the two things were combined, Jing Xun directly rejected the man’s kindness to invite him to work in his company.

But Mr. Yan on the opposite side had already said to him: “Why don’t you take the time to come home these two days, let’s get together. And your brother and sister, they are your brothers and sisters after all…”

“Mr. Yan.” Jing Xun interrupted the other party. He said: “I won’t go there. It’s not convenient to go there anymore. I have already paid off the money I owed you last time.”

“Xiao Xun, you…”

Jing Xun: “If Mr. Yan has nothing else to say, then I will hang up.”

“Wait a minute, Xiao Xun, Dad has something else to ask you.”

The man said quickly over the phone.

He paused for a while, probably because he was worried that Jing Xun would really hang up, so he quickly said, “Did you…go to work at the Shen Group? Two days ago, your cousin said he saw you over there.”


When Jing Xun heard this, the hand holding the phone could not help but tighten.

He did go to Shen Group with Mr. two days ago, but cousin? What cousin?    

“It’s your cousin Shi from your aunt1Paternal aunt‘s family.” The man said, “He said he saw you enter the President’s office… You… Xiao Xun, did you become an assistant of the President or something?”


Hearing this, Jing Xun’s hand holding the phone loosened, and he immediately said, “No, he must have been mistaken.”

After saying this, Jing Xun hung up the phone on the grounds that he still had to work.

He was feeling a bit inexplicable here. On the other side, in the office of the original owner’s father, Yan Guangzhuo, who had just been hung up on, didn’t look good.

“Could it be that you saw the wrong person?” Yan Guangzhuo looked at his nephew opposite, “How could Jingxun be there!”

Hua: There will be several long chapters in a row (7-8k words which equivalent to two chapters), so I’m cutting them into twos. ( *︾▽︾)

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