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MSGVB Chapter 50

You Bite Me

Translator: Hua

Chapter 50: You Bite Me 

After resting for a while, he spent a long time playing in the AI laboratory after lunch. Jing Xun was still excited when he left.

For him, this Yiwei building was the real amusement park.

Just like a game console is needed for playing games, and a computer and internet is needed for online games, for Jing Xun, that supercomputer and other electronic devices were devices that could carry his interests.

It was just that the console(supercomputer) he really wanted to play was too expensive. And there were only a few in the entire world.

Even before he crossed over into this book, Jing Xun didn’t have the privilege to use the supercomputer on his own or do whatever he wanted. 

But now, over here, his pipe dream has come true!

He didn’t know before that transmigrating into the book had such an advantage!

He never had such a good time in his life!

But despite his excitement, after trying to run the data for a while, Jing Xun still suppressed the urge to continue experimenting and doing other things–this machine was still too precious, and staying here for a long time will disturb the laboratory, thus affecting the work progress of other people.

For this reason, Jing Xun chose to leave the computer after just a few attempts.

——He wanted to go back and think carefully, reorganize all his previous research, and see which one was really worth using this machine and then come back here to run the data!

According to the computing speed and functions of this computer in the company, many of the ideas he was forced to give up because he did not have the time, energy and financial support may be realized if he can use it to the fullest…

Jing Xun sharpened his knife1Being fully prepared in advance before doing something., and the whole person was ignited, so much so that when he returned to the office with Shen Yijin, he was still in a state of excitement.

Although he was always smiling and brimming with vitality, Jing Xun had never shown such a happy and contented expression.

He had always given the impression of a young person, but he was as light as a chrysanthemum2Describing a personality. ” People are as light as a chrysanthemum ” describe those who don’t claim credit and pride, they are plain, simple, and indifferent toward fame and fortune. .

You rarely see him getting upset, and you rarely see him particularly delighted because of what he got.

It was the first time Shen Yijin saw the youth so happy.

The corners of his long-stretched lips couldn’t help showing a trace of arc. He asked Jing Xun, “So happy?”

“Mm-hmm.”  The pointed jaw shook twice quickly, and Jing Xun nodded his head with bright eyes: “I’m very happy.”

Jingxun couldn’t help but come over, and walked around the large desk to the front of Shen Yijin. Like the supercomputer he had just approached, he now had a feeling of love3爱不释手[ài bú shì shǒu]: Love sth so much that you can’t bear to part with it.  for Mr. 

There are many powerful people in this world, but few have the courage and are willing to spend hundreds of millions, or even a billion, to research and build a computer.

After all, all research required a lot of money investment and time in the early stage. But the vast majority of the research failed to successfully transform into commercial value in the end. It may be a great contribution to society, but it cannot earn the same amount of money in return.

Jing Xun had seen too many examples, so he knew this point best.

But Shen Yijin precisely did that.

It could be seen that Mr. Villain was a courageous person, he was also a person who wanted to do big things.

Perhaps, Mr’s ambition was much greater than he thought…

Jing Xun subconsciously squatted in front of Shen Yijin–the other party was sitting there. He felt that at this time, he needed to look up to someone like Mr. Villain who had the courage to contribute to science and technology.

Jing Xun, who was squatting there, automatically grabbed Shen Yijin’s knees, with a well-behaved and pious expression. He didn’t know how to express his awe and excitement, so he could only look at the other party with bright eyes.

Shen Yijin looked at him naturally. The young man’s facial expression was completely smoothed out, and his fair face was facing him, like an extremely delicate and handsome rag doll.

And this rag doll was now lying on his knees, looking up at him intently…..

“…Jing Xun.”

Shen Yijin’s eyelids drooped suddenly, and his long, hard eyelashes severely covered the emotions under his eyes. His voice was low: “Get up. The injury on your back hasn’t healed yet.”


Jing Xun blinked. It was as if something had softly tickled his heart, making him feel a little itchy and wanting to laugh.

——The gentleman who had done such a courageous thing, was still worried about his back injury at the moment.

However, when applying the medicine this morning, the bruise was about to disappear, there was only a slight trace there.

Jing Xun touched his back, subconsciously stretched his waist and tried to stand up as he was told, and then he was picked up by Mr.


He was carried.

——Shen Yijin also stood up.

Jing Xun: “……”

The world spun, then his position was switched with Shen Yijin. He sat in a comfortable and spacious office chair, while Shen Yijin was standing next to him.

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

Shen Yijin naturally turned around, with his back to Jing Xun, and said, “Come in.”

The door of the office opened. It was none other than Shi Zhibin and the supervisor of their laboratory who walked in.

After the joint discussion of the whole group, the plan of the new model was made after several hours of rush work.

This kind of thing should be done as soon as possible. Any great innovation needed to race against time to seize the first opportunity. The supervisor did not dare to delay, so he took Shi Zhibin to send the plan to President Shen for review.

Then after entering the office, they saw…

President Shen was standing aside.

While Mrs.4The author used the title that refers to women. 夫人[fū ren]: Lady; Madame; madam; concubines of an emperor etc. Yikes I don’t like this. Shen was sitting at his desk.

Supervisor & Shi Zhibin: “……”

They really didn’t know before that President Shen wasn’t single.

Compared to gossip, their company had always been more immersed in work.

From top to bottom, all employees didn’t have the habit of inquiring about each other’s private affairs, let alone anything related to President Shen……

Putting the plan on the table, the supervisor couldn’t help but glanced at Mrs. Shen in the seat.

….How stupid I was just now, trying to recruit the boss’s wife into the laboratory as a subordinate!

Now it seemed that the lady boss was obviously just here to inspect!

He just gave a helping hand during the inspection and helped their department solve a small problem.


Well, it’s not a big problem.

When the model was really made, it may instantly double the company’s market value…..


At the thought of this, the supervisor was so excited that he wanted to roar.

In fact, they had already seen the prospect of this model when they discussed it… After all, the last company that successfully built a new mining algorithm model made a fortune with this patent, and instantly became a well-known website in the world!

With this kind of lessons learned, it was already possible to foresee the future. Who can control their excitement!

Of course, President Shen and Mrs. Shen were still quite calm.

But in this way, Mrs. Shen and Mrs. Shen indeed looked good together.

Upright and first class look didn’t matter. The most important thing was that they had to be talented, magnanimous, and have the same ambitious goal.

The supervisor’s brain had automatically made up the scenes of President Shen and Mrs. Shen meeting, knowing each other, and finally getting together because of the same interest.

Although, from his face alone, Mr. Xiao Yan was a little unbelievably young…..

But who cares about that.

With such a lady boss, the supervisor’s confidence in doing things had become more than a little bit.

They were most afraid of encountering bottlenecks in their research, because there was no teacher to answer them. All the questions must be discussed and researched together to create methods.

But now that they knew the strength of the lady boss, they could still find a solution for the problems they can’t solve…

Next to him, Shen Zhibin didn’t have such intricate thoughts like the supervisor…..He subconsciously stared at Jing Xun behind the desk. He was so absorbed that he didn’t think about anything else until President Shen spoke again.

Just a while ago, Shen Yijin had already scanned all the contents of the plan.

His indifferent brows and eyes were deep and reserved, like a king who was about to lead an army into battle. His expression was calm and solemn, saying: “Start building the model from today. The staff will be assigned according to this form. The previous work of your group will be handed over to the fourth group to continue. I will let them go over to arrange the transfer process with you.”

Supervisor: “Okay, President Shen.”

“If you need anything else halfway, you can report to me directly.” Shen Yijin didn’t close the plan, but spread it out and placed it in front of Jing Xun.

He tapped his slender fingers on the brightly reflective table and said to the two employees in front of him: “I hope this model can be built in 20 days. At least it must have a complete prototype. Can it be done? “


The supervisor hadn’t spoken yet, and Shi Zhibin had already responded.

Shen Yijin’s gaze naturally fell on him. The unique dignity of the superior made Shi Zhibin pull his attention away from the person sitting there, and suddenly realized what he had said, his face turned pale.

….20 days was a bit demanding.

It was rare to receive such a “focused” gaze from President Shen, which made him feel overwhelmed and a little scared.

Shen Yijin’s eyes were deep and his expression was still: “Okay.”

“You proposed this model? Very imaginative and well done.”


The first time he was praised by the president himself, Shi Zhibin inevitably felt a little embarrassed.

Although he was already thirty, President Shen was even younger than him…..

Shen Yijin said some encouraging words, and immediately made a series of generous promises. He also directly issued a huge check for the research funding of this project.

He had never been stingy with talented people who could contribute to the company.

There were no unrealistic empty words, all rewards given to employees were real.

The employees also knew this, that’s why the work and innovative atmosphere was so strong.

Just like now, there was originally no extra expense for this research, this check issued by President Shen was actually a cash bonus paid to everyone in advance.

President Shen was generous, and everyone was willing to work for him. The supervisor didn’t say much and immediately promised that he would be able to hand in the model in any case within 20 days.

When Shen Yijin was signing the check, Jing Xun, who was sitting there, took the opportunity to flip through the plan.

He felt that in terms of the staffing situation and overall plan listed above, the twenty days given by Shen Yijin was quite appropriate.

It was one of those situations where it wasn’t too difficult for the researcher, but just enough to achieve maximum efficiency.

It could be seen that Mr. was quite familiar with the model.

He not only understood its commercial value and dared to make decisions immediately, but also had a thorough knowledge of all the steps of model construction and a general understanding of the degree of difficulty in order to give the instructions so clearly…

It made Jing Xun admire Shen Yijin even more.

Is there anything Mr hasn’t mastered?

After Shi Zhibin and the supervisor left, Shen Yijin lowered his eyes once again, and found that Jing Xun’s eyes had become brighter when he looked at him.


His dull eyes were stained with a little bit of temperature. He liked the posture of Jing Xun tilting his neck to look at him like this, and he also liked such eyes…..being stared at so intently, maybe few people would dislike it.

Especially, at this time, the youth’s palm-sized handsome face was facing him, and his(jx) eyes were full of him(syj).

The corners of the sharp and stern lips lifted lightly, Shen Yijin said: “What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing.” Jing Xun shook his head quickly to avoid being regarded as a fool, and heard Shen Yijin slow down his voice: “Once the model is established, the company will earn hundreds of millions in return. What reward does Xiao Xun want?”

“Ah? I don’t want any rewards.” Jing Xun shook his head quickly. He was just interested in the model and couldn’t help but intervene.

He completely ignored the fact that if he hadn’t appeared in time, that model would have been abandoned and buried in denial. Jing Xun just thought that it would be nice to help Shen Yijin.

After all……

Jing Xun was outwardly shy, but in fact he was extremely happy and said: “It is already very good if sir let me use a supercomputer. I, I don’t want anything else!”


He didn’t know whether he was amused by his indisputable appearance, or was exasperated by his politeness, Shen Yijin suddenly revealed a smile.

Jing Xun saw it, and his eyes widened.

This is the first time he formally and comprehensively saw Mr. show a smile with his own eyes …… that feeling, how to describe it ……

In addition to the handsomeness that could overthrow all living creatures, it turned out that when Mr. smiled, his eyes were slightly curved.

He originally had a handsome face with a pair of eye-catching peach eyes, but every smile could charm a large number of top beauties. If he was placed in school, he was undoubtedly the school grass5Most handsome boy in school. level.

In the workplace, he must also be the face of the entire company.


Jing Xun looked a little dazed, but Shen Yijin, who was still smiling, raised his hand and touched the soft hair on his head.

Mr. Villain’s eyes were earnest and straightforward, with a hint of indulgence: “You forgot? This company was also Xiao Xun’s.”

The slender fingers moved from the top of his head to his ears. In Shen Yijin’s lowered eyes, it was as if something warm was pouring down, with less seriousness.

He said, “So in the future, you are not allowed to consider whether I allow it or not, and you are not allowed to ask ‘can I’, understand?”

Jing Xun: “……”

When they set off this morning, Mr. did tell him, and since Yiwei was a company founded by Shen Yijin himself, which was completely independent of the Shen Group, he had the absolute right to speak here.

Then again because they…..were about to get married, so rounding it up, Yiwei also belonged to him too.

But Jing Xun didn’t take it to heart at that time. He didn’t mind what fortune Shen Yijin had. He had never encountered a situation where such a big pie fell from the sky, so for a while, he couldn’t take it in….

Fortunately, Jing Xun’s mind was still turning fast.

Then it suddenly occurred to him: “In this case, sir doesn’t need to give me any reward.”

Yes, it was his anyway.

Then he should do something for the company!

Jing Xun had a smile on his lips, looking at Shen Yijin’s arched eyebrows, with a slight hint of small smugness.

Unexpectedly, Mr. did not object.

“It’s right to say so.”

With light in his dark eyes, Shen Yijin slowly opened his mouth, and his voice was as pleasant as a piano: “Then how about Xiao Xun give me a reward first?”


Mr. had done so many things and was willing to even share with him. It wasn’t too much to ask for a reward.

Although he didn’t know what he could reward the other party…..Jing Xun couldn’t help tilting his head, pretending to listen carefully, and asked, “What does the sir want?”

Shen Yijin thought for a while, and said, “Let me bite you?”

Jing Xun: “……?”

How can there be such a reward!

“Mr…..Where do you want to……” Suddenly regretting a little, Jing Xun subconsciously covered his neck.

In fact, what he wanted to protect the most is… But he was sitting now, so the whole back should be safe.

The second-best place to protect was the neck.

Shen Yijin’s peach blossom eyes narrowed, but did not move, only saying: “Or you…..bite me once.”

Jing Xun: “……?”

There are people who would make such a request these days?

Shen Yijin: “Yes, I want to be bitten by Xiao Xun.”


Mr. spoke in a tone that was too formal.

It was exactly the same tone as when he told Shi Zhibin to complete the task in 20 days.

This made Jing Xun feel even more surprised. He couldn’t help but raise his eyes to look over…..Shen Yijin was tall, he could easily lean on the desk with a pair of long legs slightly bent. His movements were hard to come by and seemed a little unruly.

There was a strong sense of abstinence in this unruliness. In Jing Xun’s field of vision, the ironed trousers enveloped Mr.’s perfect leg shape, and above them were his lean and powerful waist, broad chest and shoulders.

Because he was facing the window, all the light from outside hit him. Shen Yijin looked at him like descending god.

Jing Xun’s voice went hoarse when he saw it, and after a while he said, “…Where does sir want me to bite?”

“Anywhere is fine.”

Shen Yijin actually maintained his posture half-leaning on the desk, letting Jing Xun choose at will.

In the closed office with only two people, his voice seemed to become hoarse.

“This is up to you to choose.”

“Then…” Jing Xun subconsciously touched his hot face: “Then I…will satisfy Mr’s request?”

….The other party made such requests, so he won’t be polite anymore.

That’s right, he can’t always be the one who got bitten, right?

He stared and studied carefully. Jing Xun finally stood up, his gaze rested on Shen Yijin’s tie.

“Sir, untie your tie.” Jing Xun said.

He felt that he was being very thoughtful. Mr. always bites his neck, then he will bite his neck too.

But the position where Mr. had bitten was very low, so he had to be low too, um, to save enough face for President Shen.

Yet Shen Yijin didn’t intend to move at all.

President Shen’s meaning was very clear. He had to do it by himself wherever he wanted to bite, depending on his ability.

Meeting Jing Xun’s incredulous gaze, he even pulled out a document and leaned there to read it calmly.

Jing Xun: “……”

No, obviously he was trying to fulfill Mr.’s request…..

Never mind.

Looking from the side, his attention was drawn by Mr’s long and straight eyelashes. Jing Xun felt that his eyes were so good-looking that he planned not to care about the other party.

He stretched out his hand and gently pulled Shen Yijin’s tie.

Of course, there was no need to completely untie it, just loosen it a little.

The tie was loosened, and Jing Xun tremblingly began to unbutton his neckline.

This is the first time he helped someone unbutton, somehow, Jing Xun’s hands were still a little shaky.

He was too concentrated, not even noticing that Shen Yijin had stopped the movement in his hands at this time and was half-leaning there motionless, looking at him more intently.


Finally, the button was undone.

The neckline was slightly open, and he could see Mr.’s Adam apple and a bit of prominent collarbone.

Jing Xun closed his eyes vigorously, and finally went down.

The afternoon sun was pouring lazily. In the bright office, the thin boy in a white shirt had a serious face, and his eyes were nervous. He slowly buried his head in Shen Yijin’s neck with a half-open collar.

His red lips were opened slightly, but just as Jing Xun was about to say something like “Ah Woo6Sound of dog howling?“, the office door was suddenly pushed open vigorously.

Two people rushed in.

“I’m sorry, President Shen… It’s the second young master…” The disputing voice just now came to an abrupt halt.

The two people who rushed in froze at the doorway, and Jing Xun, who was behind the office desk, was also completely stunned.


…..In fact, when Jing Xun just took a bite, he planned to nibble on it symbolically, without intending to actually bite.

But when he was a little nervous, his attention would inevitably be too focused.

At this time, a loud bang came, and the person who was concentrating on completing his task was naturally startled.

Therefore, he failed to spare his attention.

——His front teeth were knocking heavily on Shen Yijin’s side neck, and in an instant, there was a red tooth mark…

There was a hint of guilt on his already flushed cheeks. Jing Xun hurried to check on Shen Yijin, completely without looking in the direction of the door. Naturally, he didn’t notice at all that Shen Bohan, who had just broken into the office, saw this scene. His face turned green and he fiercely gnashed his teeth without saying a word.

Instead, the secretary who failed to stop Second young master Shen gave a small exclamation.

…..Inside the office, a young man with redden face was holding President Shen’s neck.

As for the originally cold and abstinent President Shen…..Although his expression was still calm and collected, his unprecedented tie was unraveled and his collar was half-open.


  • 1
    Being fully prepared in advance before doing something.
  • 2
    Describing a personality. ” People are as light as a chrysanthemum ” describe those who don’t claim credit and pride, they are plain, simple, and indifferent toward fame and fortune. 
  • 3
    爱不释手[ài bú shì shǒu]: Love sth so much that you can’t bear to part with it. 
  • 4
    The author used the title that refers to women. 夫人[fū ren]: Lady; Madame; madam; concubines of an emperor etc. Yikes I don’t like this.
  • 5
    Most handsome boy in school.
  • 6
    Sound of dog howling?
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